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Published on December 12th, 2016 | by William Charles


Citi Store Credit Cards – List Of Cards, Best Cards Available & Easiest Cards To Get

Citi offers a number of store credit cards to different retailers, I’m posting about these cards for two main reasons:

They usually offer two variations of each card, a classic store card that can only be used at that specific store and also Visa/Mastercard/American Express that can be used wherever those payment networks are accepted. Sometimes they will only offer a store card.

Keep in mind that the standard Citi rules apply, if you want more information I’d recommend reading this post.


List Of Citi Store Cards

Best Cards

The most interesting cards are the ones that offer a true credit card (rather than the store card only), as these often come with targeted spending bonuses that can be used every where the payment network is accepted.

Easiest Cards To Get

All of these cards should be pretty similar in terms of how easy they are to get. In general the true credit cards (e.g ones that are Visa/Mastercard/American Express) will be more difficult to get than those that are plain store cards. If you have bad credit and just want an easy card to get approved for, you’re better off getting a Comenity Bank card using the shopping cart trick.

Our Verdict

From my point of view the Best Buy & Sears cards are really the only ones worth considering, please let us know if we missed any other cards in the comments below. Synchrony & Comenity are the two other card issuers that issue a lot of store cards.

19 Responses to Citi Store Credit Cards – List Of Cards, Best Cards Available & Easiest Cards To Get

  1. Ben says:

    So you don’t think the Bloomingdale’s Amex is worth it for the Amex offer ability? Is that b/c of Chase’s 5/24? I was thinking about it, but I’m not sure it’s worth it b/c it can only get the Amex twitter-available offers which is less valuable than having access to all Amex offers.

  2. Gnarly Cow says:

    Macy’s also has an AMEX card.

  3. Point says:

    Nothing to see here…..

  4. Abey says:

    Nice post. Ty

  5. Abey says:

    How about one long long list
    Of every card from every bank? 😊

  6. Vic says:


    Do you know whether the “true credit card” ones count against 5/24?

    A friend on mine is either 5/24 or 4/24 depending on how the Citi Sears Mastercard is considered.
    She has already applied for CSR in branch and got pending, and of course lending dept. keeps telling her that the Citi Sears counts toward bank card.

    Do you have other DP regarding this?
    Do you think it possible to persuade the lender that it’s actually store card?

    • Chuck says:

      A true store card is YMMV. You should be able to convince them not to count it.

    • I believe they count, but don’t think you’ll have much luck in convincing them.

      • Vic says:

        Thanks Chuck and thanks Will!

        I think Chuck meant to say “true credit card”?

        Will, I am not to hopefully in those not being counted either. On her report it’s listed as CBNA, just like a normal credit card.

        I feel bad for her cuz she had to drive 3 hours to a branch.

        • Chuck says:

          Nope, I meant a true store card, meaning one that can’t be used outside the store. From what I’ve seen, the computer counts it but you might be able to convince them not to count it.

          • Vic says:

            Got it.

            Yes that is what I understood as well.

            My comment was referring to what Will wrote in this post about the “true credit card”, like those Store branded card with MasterCard or Visa logo.

            Have you seen DP about these ones?

          • Chuck says:

            I think those are full-blown credit cards. You can use them outside the store, right? So that will count completely.

            Of course, it’s possible that a rep will get convinced not to count it, but it’s a hard case to make.

  7. Angel says:

    Citi Bank also have the Costco Citi Anywere Visa and Costco Citi Anywere Visa Business in a replacement of the Costco AMEX by Capital One (descontinued).

    Here’s the link:

  8. Georgi says:

    The shell cards are also business too and was easier to get the tractor co application needs to b mailed or faxed

  9. Donald R Garretson says:

    Citibank just tanked my credit score by lowering my available credit on my Sears store card and Home Depot store card. I had made large purchases and paid them in full on both cards. I had 0 balance on my Sears card for 4 months when they decreased my limit $3,500.00 and around $200.00 on my HD card when they decreased my limit $2,500.00 citing my “low” credit score.
    From whay I can tell, this is a common practice of Citibank.
    I highly recommend staying away from any Citibank retail card if you are trying to build up your credit. They may start you out good, but if they don’t make quick money (very high interest rate, almost the highest available) off you, they will hurt your building credit score later on.
    The other two banks mention are much safer bets, and they judge you more by your ability to pay them how much they make of you.

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