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Published on October 15th, 2016 | by William Charles


Citi Prestige Offering 50,000 Points Again

The Offer

Direct Link (You might need to open it in incognito mode for it to work)

  • Citi Prestige is again offering 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend within three months of account opening.


Card Details

Our Verdict

Previously this bonus was 50,000 after $3,000 in spend, then it went to 40,000 after $3,000 in spend and now we are back to 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend. Make sure to keep in mind the new rules with Citi bonuses, because of this most people won’t be eligible anymore. Also make sure you read about these things everybody should know about Citi credit cards.

Hat tip to Mujased on /r/churning

34 Responses to Citi Prestige Offering 50,000 Points Again

  1. Ron says:

    do you have the link? Thanks!

  2. Alex says:

    Does “opened or closed” reflect a change in status only (ex. can I have a Citi ThankYou card opened for 25 months, apply for this and get bonus)?

  3. Viks says:

    Has any one being successful of getting the 350 af recently… does it still exist… and can someone please update a list of Citi bank branches that allow the 360 af as I heard not all do… it will be a great help to future applicants and will save them some time… going from one branch to another.

  4. Lantean says:

    how exactly is this supposed to be competition to CSR???

    • Ash says:

      4th night free (at least until next year) which could be valued at 1000s if you travel alot (I have personally saved a couple of thousand dollars this year just thanks to that), AA lounges for now, $350 annual fee if you have a citi gold account.

  5. Dima says:

    Not eligible for another Citi TY bonus until July of 2017…hopefully by then Citi recognizes that this card does not compete well with CSR and offers a 100k TY point bonus.

  6. Elias says:

    IMHO it does compete with the CSR. The 4th night free is awesome and it has given me more value than any other card.

    • Scot Rosenberg says:

      You’re lucky because I got the prestige last April so I can use the fourth night free, I stay at hotels once a month for approx a week, and so far I have not found even once that using citi’s fourth night was cheaper than paying for the fourth night using booking dot com, therefore I have very mixed feelings if I should keep the card when it’s time to renew, I like the card because of its insurance products which are better than the CSR for example airline delay kicking in after 3 hours instead of 6, baggage delay is also much better kicking in after 3 hours and getting the full coverage amount of $500, where the CSR will kick in after 6 hours and it will only cover $100 per day for up to 5 days, extended warranty provides 2 years of insurance vs one year on CSR, CSR limits the extended warranty to items that the original warranty was 3 years or less, with Prestige the only limitation is that the Citi protection won’t go more then 7 years doing the manufacturer warranty was 5 years you will still get full 2 years extra.

      Chase does have primary Auto rental insurance which is not relevant for me because my rentals are usually outside of the USA I also have the Ritz Carlton card which covers as primary, therefore I see the Prestige as having better insurance coverage, but the CSR as having better rewards with a lower annual fee because of the higher airline credit.

      • Rich says:

        I’ve also had a hard time finding value from the 4th night free compared to online searches. Is there any trick to getting a better value from this perk?

  7. Dave says:

    Ditto what Elias said. the 4th night free can be really useful to those who don’t stay in hotels exclusively on points.

  8. Lisandro says:

    Link plz

  9. Bob says:

    I see this:

    Earn 40,000 bonus points after making $4,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.

  10. Jon says:

    Keep trying. I tried it probably 10 times before it worked. Shockingly, Internet Explorer finally came through for me. Now I have to decide if the offer is worth it.

  11. Rob says:

    Can anyone attach a pdf/jpeg or any file type of a screenshot of the 50k prestige offer? I can’t get the link to work and Citi is saying I just need to fax/mail them a screenshot so they will match the offer.

    That would be much appreciated

    • RY says:

      I had trouble getting it it work on IE by copying the signup link from Chrome and opening it into IE. But when I loaded this page onto IE and THEN clicked on the signup link, the 50k offer showed up!

  12. Amol says:

    Needed to help someone find a Citi Prestige bonus — if on a Mac, you can use Safari and open Preferences > Advanced > Click “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Then in the Develop menu setting, click ‘User Agent Internet Explorer 11’ … reload this page, then click the link. Showed 50K for us.

  13. Mark says:

    If I opened a card on 1/1/2015, closed it on 1/1/2016; are you eligible for bonus on 1/1/2017? or on 1/1/2018(24 months after closing) open close language is always confusing.

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