Posted by William Charles on February 21, 2018
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Published on February 21st, 2018 | by William Charles


Citi Offering Free FICO Score To Everybody For 90 Days

Since 2015 Citi has offered cardholders a free FICO score. They are now offering a free FICO score to anybody, there is no need to be a Citi customer. You can access this new website by clicking here or by visiting  It looks like this is a pilot program of some description as they are offering this score for free for 90 days with no option of extending it. This FICO score is based on data found on your Experian report and they are using the FICO 8 model. Discover launched a similar website in May of 2016, but without the time limited nature.

It looks like Citi will be using this site to show pre-approved and special offers. Fingers crossed for some higher than normal sign up bonus. The free FICO score itself isn’t very useful given how common this benefit is and the fact that Discover already offers free FICO scores for non cardholders.

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Not interesting. You can get Experian FICO 8 for free, with a free CR directly from Experian.

I know huh, not interesting at all. It’s just so terrible to have options. Hot damn it.

Sure, having subpar options is great. What was I thinking?

What makes this free offer subpar.

It’s 90 days.

just Citi being Citi

There are offers at the bottom of the page. Not substantially great.

As with this site does not work properly if you are using an ad blocker.

How often is it refreshed? monthly?

It asked me to log in with my Citi log in,but would not let me in.
I created a new account for the freebie and that worked.

Now I can save my monthly for anther day.

I’ll sign up in a few days, to see if Barclays reported my balance paid off. I need to call Chase to get a CLI on a card. I’m going to do two and I’ll report back. It will be interesting as I’m already a Citi cardholder. That and I’ll see if Chase combines hard pulls for CLIs.

800+ fico scores with all 3 bureaus!!

I only had offers for DC and Diamond Preferred with the free score site linked above. The Diamond Preferred offer came with 0% APR for BT for 21 months AND 0% for Purchases for 21 months. Public offer is 0 BT for 21 months and only 12 months for purchases.

Would this still work if I have my credit frozen with all three major and two smaller credit bureaus?

No, you’ll need to unfreeze/unlock Experian.

They do show offers, but they don’t appear to be actual pre-approvals. All APRs had ranges, not set, and there wasn’t any opt-out language.

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