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Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by William Charles


Citi AA 50k Mile No 24 Month Language Updates: Bonus In Mail & Getting Second Card

Currently there is an offer for 50,000 miles on the Citi American Airlines credit card. This is a standard offer, but what is different is the fact that this offer doesn’t include the language that prevents you from getting the bonus if you have opened or closed a Citi American Airlines personal card within the past 24 months (you can read more about this rule here).


There are two updates I’d like to give:

  • People that applied when we first posted have reported receiving the offer details in the mail clearly stating the 50,000 mile bonus and making no mention of the 24 month restriction. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the bonus (this is Citi after all) but it does mean that you have clear physical evidence if they try to deny you for the bonus. This was first posted on /r/churning.
  • Citi has strict application rules, they are as follows:
    • You can only apply for one Citi personal card every 8 days
    • You can apply for no more than two Citi personal cards every 65 days
    • You can apply for one Citi business card every 95 days.
    • Some people are also being limited to one Citi card every 60 days, but this doesn’t seem to be a hard rule

This means that some of you will be eligible to get another American Airline card with the 50,000 mile bonus (using the same link) again. When you’re eligible will depend on when you applied, make sure to leave 8 days between applications. As always if you have any questions about Citi credit cards, please read this first. If you have questions about this specific deal, read our post (and the comments) here.

115 Responses to Citi AA 50k Mile No 24 Month Language Updates: Bonus In Mail & Getting Second Card

  1. vv says:

    can I apply for the same card after 8 days?

  2. DCjoe says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Can’t believe this is still alive. Citi being Citi. Applied and approved on 12/27, gonna take another shot on 1/4. Why not?

    • frank says:

      haha i love it! can you please let us know about the second application?

      • DCjoe says:

        Will do. I recently took DoC’s advice and went for a slew of BofA cards over the course of a month, all based on the same original credit pull. Ended up with 4 cards- Alaska, Merrill+, and the 2 Amtrak cards. Go big or go home.

        • Kishan says:

          HI ..i was just reading the comments..and found your comment interesting..could you please tel me how you got the 4 cards with the same credit pull…or could you please share the link if its already present..that really helps a lot for me..


        • Sikachu says:

          I did that too! But they only gave me Merrill+ (._. )

          Oh well, I think it was worth a HP.

    • Matthew says:

      I was approved on 12/27 too, tho I may wait for someone else to apply on 1/4 before I do mine.

    • DCjoe says:

      Followup on this- after reading a good reminder on reddit, I lowered the credit limit on my 12/27 card from just over 20K to just under 10K to open up some space. Applied again and told to call, did so, and after about 5 minutes, but no questions, approved for another card with a line just over 20K!

      Be the data point you want to see.

      • DCjoe says:

        And thanks again DoC! This site is truly the best.

      • PhatMiles says:

        Do you call to lower your CL? Do they ask why or any other questions to lower the CL? Any DPs on soft/hard pull when lowering?
        I know when increasing CL citi does almost a hard pull (sometimes to do soft but mostly hard)

      • CF says:

        I had to call in to reallocate credit from other Citi cards. The representative approved me, then told me that I wouldn’t be eligible for the bonus because I’ve gotten one in the past two years. Hoping she’s wrong.

        • Ken says:

          Wait till the welcome letter arrives which should have the bonus. Citi agents are notoriously unaware of even their own policies. But do not call.

  3. P says:

    Got denied. Waiting for letter, but I think it has something to do with me just getting approved fro the business card version a month ago

  4. J says:

    But the 24 month restriction is given in AAdvantage portal ( under the “card offer”. Please check it out once.

  5. Jazz says:

    Got Approved, got approval email. No mention of bonus in email. Will wait for letter in mail and update.

  6. Anup Goenka says:

    Got a 7-10 days message or to call for immediate result. Shall I call? I have a Citi AA Mastercard and a Citi AA Amex that is active.

  7. MAG says:

    Have we put to rest the 1 card every 60 days theory?

    • I mention it in this post (I’ve given it it’s own line now to make it clearer) 1 in 60 is definitely a thing but doesn’t affect everybody so not really a rule. Hopefully we work out when it is/isn’t applied.

  8. Steve F says:

    I was approved for my first AA card on 11/4/16. I was matched to the 60,000 offer by online messaging. I then applied for this link on 12/31/16 and was approved again on 1/1/17 after calling in to confirm my identity.

    My wife got her first AA card on 12/8/16 and applied again on 1/1/17 for this offer. She was approved after verifying her identity.

    Thanks DOC!

  9. Glenn says:

    I assume the 8 days is from Approval to Application, correct? From some of the stuff on FT it looks like its Application to Application…

  10. Max J says:

    Can you get the same card as you already hold?

  11. Raul says:

    Was thinking of this strategy last night, I was like hey if I can get multiple amex gold biz cards when they put out the links without the once per life time language then maybe I can do the same with this citi offer.

  12. Abey says:

    8 days between applications
    This is sweet
    So since i applied/approved 12/27
    I will apply again 1/5, If i have to call up
    I will say, i love American Airlines so much.
    And i only wanna use this particular card for all my expenses
    But i wanna keep certain spend seperate
    So i need 2 of the same cards.
    If i get approved again and get both 50K signup bonuses i will send two $100 amazon gift cards to DOC to raffle it off to us 😊

    • Hi Abey, thanks for the kind offer but keep the Amazon gift cards for yourself!! We have lots of sponsors coming up donating prizes and the site is here to save you money not cost you it! Very kind offer though 🙂

  13. Michael says:

    Just app’d and got an instant approval! My second AA card, I got one back in March ’16.

  14. Abey says:

    Today i recieved the Citi AA Platinum account approval motice.
    It has the last 4 of the new account
    And among others it states: (and i quote)
    Earn 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles after spending $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.
    So just save this letter in case any issues comes up.

  15. jimmy says:

    Got denied. Did recently went on a spread with Chase biz Marriott, BoA Merrill and Amex Blue for Biz. Have multi Citi card, FICO 770+

    “Thank you for applying for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World EliteTM MasterCard®.

    After careful consideration, we are unable to approve your application. You will receive written notification with the reasons for the decision.

    Thank you for considering Citi.”

  16. Maury says:

    I just got my card in the mail. I called and confirmed that my card has the 50k miles offer attached. I currently have the no fee Bronze version open.

  17. Tom says:

    Received my Aadv Plat card today. I also received a separate letter for the approval showing 50k miles after $3k spend. Strangely when I activated the card and added to my online profile, there is no evident of the spend tracker….is this an ominous sign? Does everyone else have the spend tracker shown?

  18. quasimodo says:

    just got letter, no card yet. Does state 50,000 bonus. Has anyone who got a letter ever been denied?

  19. Mike says:

    applied Dec 27 approved. Applied Jan 4th approved.

  20. John B says:

    Has anyone been approved with 2 plats already open? Or would I be better off closing my first and then applying?

  21. vv says:

    I applied for this card on 12/27 and got approved after pending notification and the rep on phone confirmed sign on bonus. I applied again today and got a pending notification so i called in and the first question the rep asked me after my information is if I applied for sign on bonus and I said no and he said I will not receive the bonus since I already applied for one last week. I got approved for this on too so do you think I will get the sign on bonus for both or atleast one?

  22. Abey says:

    Good morning. So i applied again just now, and just like 8 days ago, It went to pending.
    I called up and before she asked me anything,
    I said, Hi my name is … and i applied for this card again because i love american airlines so much and i plan some trips in the summer and since this card gives 10% back on points redemption, i wanna put all my spend on this card but to keep certain spend seperate i would like to have two platinum accounts if possible thank you very much.
    And she right away said, thats perfectly fine although you wouldn’t get any special bonus miles.
    And i said without hesitation
    Ye of course, thats no problem.
    (Me churning? Never 😉)
    So she put me on hold and then she said i was approved for $1,500 and if i want i could shift credit for a higher credit line.
    So i asked her if im supposed to have $8,500 like (they told me for) the other card (8 days ago)
    She said, No, its however you like.
    So i shifted $3,500 from old TY Prefered to get it to $5,000.
    And congratulations approved.
    She didnt read any disclosures.
    So the question is, is she right or wrong?
    Will i still get the bonus or not?
    And should i swipe $3K within 3 months?
    What do you think?

  23. Josh says:

    I applied 12/27 and was insta approved. Bonus letter in mail + confirmed over the phone. Reduced credit limit and then applied today, was insta-approved for second card.

  24. Df says:

    Applied Two weeks ago and went pending. Today received a letter asking me to fill out IRS 4506T so they could get a copy of my tax return. In addition the letter said by filling this out it would authorize them a SECOND pull on my credit report

    Wow. 810 FICO, strong income. I called and AFTER a lot of back-and-forth they agreed to take something IE W2 as long as it had my full social on it. But she was very vague on whether or not they would run my credit report. Again. Very disenchanted. Think I’m just going to forget it

    • charles says:

      What happens if you don’t submit the 4506T? I have another card I’m working on minimum on with them, and want to get that AA bonus. Will any follow up apps automatically elicit me to send in a 4056T. Thanks!

  25. Abey says:

    On reddit i see a lot of people were approved the 2nd time.
    But no one was mentioned the sign up bonus like when they applied 12/27.
    So its a guessing game and worth to try to swipe $3K within 3 months.
    Also here is a very interesting comment from a reddit reader.

  26. Abey says:

    Copy/paste from reddit comment.

    Let me give one other tidbit I’ve learned managing 4 people’s Citi aps over the last 15+ years and probably 150 cards combined easily.

    Citi seems to establish a “profile” that gets updated about every year on how much they like you, that I’ve never been able to make sense their algorithm.

    In my case, me/wife have almost identical data, including age and income. The other pairing I mange is mom/dad who also same age and report their income same. All of us have high FICO and same heavy churn patterns.

    One year, it seems I and my dad get high auto-approves, and mom gets hers after a week. Next year, it’s me and mom auto approve, and dad waits but gets his. My wife? Citi fucking hates her for some reason 2 out of every 3 years, but the other odd year it’s either auto-approve or wait and approve.

    I’m a stats geek with tons of data and I’ve never figured out what the fuck is going on with their assessments.

    The point– if you’re getting approved (auto or wait and approve in a week) keep playing your hot hand. If you’re hand is hot, you can literally get 10+ cards/year from them (even the same damn card!). So yes, keep applying, but if Citi hates you, they may love you later but you’ll likely get consistent results for awhile.

  27. Zakon says:

    Data point – applied on Dec 27 and auto-approved. Lowered the CL on January 4 via chat. Applied for a 2nd card today (Jan 5) and was also auto-approved. Let the waiting game begin now…

    • Evan says:

      I also applied for my first card in late December and once I received it I called Citi to reduce the credit line. Then applied for the second card yesterday and was auto approved

  28. Eric says:

    Is there any way Citi can expedite the card after you are approved? Would like to get the card sooner but was wondering does Citi ever do this?

  29. Charles says:

    No bonus tracker for me. :-/

      • Charles says:

        Nope hasn’t yet, I’ll wait till it closes before I put the 3k on it. Thanks for the heads up, is this fairly common that you don’t see the tracker until closing. I thought it appeared regardless.

        • Charles says:

          Nvm, I had to call citi to product change another card, casually mentioned I couldn’t see it online. Person said they could see it on their side, and was good to go. Looking like a home run.

        • Yes statement needs to close first now I believe.

          • Mark says:

            1. Applied and was approved
            2. Got Welcome Letter with $3000 spend get 50000
            3. Did $400 in purchases for the first month
            4. Account Cycled on 1/10
            5. I am not seeing a “bonus tracker”… I see how they are going to give me Miles, but I don’t see something that says “you are 2600 away from hitting 3000, or anything like that”?

          • Mark says:

            Did live chat… they said that I am signed up for the bonus… so I guess that is good news… won’t know for sure, until I hit $3000 spend I guess.

  30. payyoutuesday says:

    I received a Citi AA Plat through the recent “no 24-month language link”. Received welcome letter with 50k/$3k bonus language. No bonus tracker in my account. Completed min spending right away. Statement closed on Jan 5. Statement says, “AAdvantage® Miles Reported to American Airlines: 53,000.” Bonus hit my account on Jan 7.

  31. J says:

    Statement closed and bonus posted.

  32. Ryan says:

    Anyone apply for a second card through the link 9 days after the first? Any luck with second offer in 9 days?

  33. Pat says:

    I got the AA business card in December. It was instantly approved. Applied for the personal card on 1/3; approved after calling in. The letter came today with 50K miles after $3K spend mentioned. I won’t be able to go for another personal card until about mid March.

  34. Maury says:

    Statement closed and statement states the 50k. I currently have the Bronze open also.

  35. Ken says:

    I have 3 AAdvantage Citi cards open now. Has anyone gotten a 4th?

  36. Abey says:

    I was reading alot about this all over.
    And i see on reddit and flyer talk that some people are already up to 4 cards from the non 24 language.
    But its still unknown if they all got the 50K bonus points for each card.
    (When i got my 2nd card i had to call up and the lady specificaly told me that i will not get the sign up bonus but when i got the approval notice in the mail it clearly says earn 50K bonus miles after 3K spend and it has the last 4 of the new account on the letter).

    • Abey says:

      Also some of them have mesaaged or called Citi and some got matched to 60K.
      But i dont inderstand how they got 4 cards since Citi has its 2 cards per 60 days rule.

      • Eric says:

        I think most people are not implicitly saying individual cards for 1 person per say but like a husband and wife each apply for 2 cards each totaling 4 cards overall for the household.

        So when people say they have 4 cards, I think they are just referring that they control all 4 cards despite their name being only on 2 of them. Make sense?

        • Eric says:

          One more thing to add…never converse with the bank CSR about confirmation about the bonus. Even if the bank CSR sees that the link you apply under (which you should not give them the direct link to) does not contain the 24 month language, they are going to stick to what they were told by their supervisors on 99% of the remaining Citi cards about not honoring the miles bonus.

          It seems to me that the way the bonus miles get processed is automatically in the system from the link you applied which the CSRs do not control which is why IMHO it is useless to try to confirm the miles bonus with the bank CSR.

  37. Peter says:

    Applied for my 2nd card today. same drill, pending, called recon, shuffled credit lines and approved.

  38. Abey says:

    Lots of data points on reddit and flyer talk
    People already got bonuses on the 1st and 2nd cards.
    Some of them sent secure messages to Citi from their account and were able to get matched to 60K.
    This is amazing!
    100K to 120K AA points for literily nothing.
    Not even an annual fee.
    (With just 140K AA points you can book two round trips to Tokyo!
    With 150K points you can book two round trips to Australia!!)
    This is winning the lottery without even paying the initial lottery purchase 😂
    Thanks DAD CC Cards. Just incredible. 😘

  39. Abey says:

    Here is another Citi Card with no 24 month language.
    Citi Hilton 40K points after 1K spend within 4 months and no annual fee.
    How to find it? If you click on this link

    It will take you to Citi’s pre-qualified offers and just type in your info and even if you dont pre-qualify for anything it will show you the regular Citi credit cards you can apply for and among them is the Citi Hilton with no 24 month language.

    Here is a screen shot

  40. Abey says:

    Update: i applied and was instantly approved.
    (I recently did a product change from this Hilton card to the double cash)
    40K HHonors is not much but for this minimum effort (1K over 4 months) its well worth.

  41. Pat says:

    Looks like the link is no longer working.

  42. Roberto says:

    Got approved for a second AA card!

    Applied 1/5: Approved for $19k CL (lowered via chat to $9,500). Got matched to 60k
    Applied 1/16: Approved for $19k CL (was pending for 2 days). Awaiting card, then will attempt match to 60k

    Thanks DoC! Amazing, time to start planning a nice AA vacation in Biz/First!

  43. Randy says:

    I applied and was approved. Received letter with bonus language. However, I see no bonus tracker online. Is this bad news? I haven’t met full $3k spend yet, but have some spending on it. Any thoughts on this?

  44. Charles says:

    On card #1 bonus tracker never appeared for me. However, the statement meeting the 3k spend closed 2 days ago and the 50k miles posted the same day. The bonus tracker still does not appear on card #2. I’m working on the 3K for that one. Can’t thank you enough Doc! I’m considering trying the business card now. I’ll just have to review the Citi rules to see how long I have to wait.

  45. Jessi says:

    Does anybody know or has anyone tried to use their AA number for their spouses application to combine the points? Is this against their terms of service or no big deal?

  46. Abey says:

    Link is dead, it comes up system error, was fun while it lasted!
    7 weeks later and i got 126,000 AA points for swiping $6,000 and not even an annual fee 🤣👍👏😂
    (Was thinking to go for round 3 in 2 weeks after the 2/65 🙈

  47. Logan says:

    How do these no 24 month links even happen? Like how do people find them. Seems like someone inside Citi leaking it. Anyways I hope another no 24 month personal link happens. I’m finally 0/65!! Please Citi, leak it one more time..

    • Ken says:

      How long did it take for you to get to 0/65?

      • Logan says:

        trick question? 65 days past my 2nd application.
        I am still 1/90 for business so can’t touch that offer until next month and i doubt its still around by then. I guess I need to get lucky and get a mailer code or find a link without 24 month language.

  48. Heather says:

    An Urgent question, about Citi AA Platinum personal card.

    I have 2 different offers with invitation codes and my name on the offers for 60k and 50k promotions.

    Can i apply for both today, and be approved and get both promotions or i can apply for only one of these offers?

    Moreover if i apply for both, will credit inquiry be combined and show up only as one card opened on my 3 bureau credit report or show up as 2 different cards (more important due to chase 5/24 rule)?

    • Ken says:

      You can only have 1 Citi app in 8 days and 2 in 65 days. Biz app is 95 days between apps.

      • Heather says:

        Thanks Ken. Meaning i can apply for 2nd card (same card with 50k bonus) after 8 days of applying for same card with 60k bonus, Correct?

        • Ken says:

          The Chase 5/24 rule counts card accounts opened in 24 months, it does not count inquiries.

          I would not risk doing that. Mailers with 9 digits work better than 12 digit mailers. Make sure there’s no 24 month language on the mailer. Apply now, do the spend, get your points, reduce credit limit to $2k, and then apply using the other mailer.

  49. Amanda says:

    I applied for citi personal 60k card via an invitation code received in mail with no “24 month rule restriction”. Got approved and am in midst of making the spend to get bonus.

    Meanwhile i got another citi personal 50k offer with another different code and no 24 month restriction.
    Can i apply for this 2nd card/same product(50k offer) even though i got same card via 1st offer (60k offer) just recently?

    If Yes, when should i make 2nd application? Will i get the 50k bonus on the 2nd card too?

  50. Raol says:

    Help Guys………….I recently applied and got approved for Citi Business AA 60k Offer (my 1st ever Citi business AA card application) completed the spend and did not get 60k bonus……..when i messaged CS thru my account, they said i will not get bonus as i got it in past……………

    I never ever have applied for this card, infact i do not even have an AA number……and citi has gotten things messed up/confused on their end.

    I was an authorized user for someone else’s CITI Business AA card in past (that account has been closed and my AU info has been removed from that account after requesting info to be removed via creditkarma and direct contact with Credit Bureaus)…….. but never had this card individually under my Name and SS.

    How can i rightfully claim and get this Bonus…….any people i can write to at Citibank to get this 60k bonus for my CITI Business AA card? Or should i file a complaint with CPFB or file a Legal case against Citibank?

    Please advice……..

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