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Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase & Starbucks To Launch Co-branded Credit Card

Starbucks has announced that they plan to have a co-branded card with Chase this winter and a prepaid card at some stage later. In early 2016 Chase & Starbucks said a prepaid card would be launched by years end but that product never materialized. Both the prepaid and credit card will allow customers to earn Starbucks reward when they spend. The exact earning structure of this card is unclear at this stage. Chase didn’t have any additional comments or information to share, Starbucks provided this statement:

  • …we will be launching new financial service products in the U.S. with Chase. The first product, launching this winter, will be a co-branded Visa credit card, enabling customers to receive Starbucks Rewards with their purchases both in, and out of Starbucks stores. The second product, a prepaid Visa card we have discussed on prior earnings calls – will be introduced shortly thereafter. Both products will offer a rich rewards proposition for customers and we look forward to sharing additional details as the products come available.

Chase has offered some deals in partnership with Starbucks in recent time, for example:

Starbucks did have a co-branded card in the past called Duetto, this was launched in 2003 and discontinued in 2010 and was issued by Bank One (now part of J.P. Morgan Chase). This card earned 1% Duetto dollars on all purchases and 3% Duetto dollars on Starbucks gift card reloads.

16 Responses to Chase & Starbucks To Launch Co-branded Credit Card

  1. CHao says:

    hopefully its not under 5/24

  2. I had this card back in the day….or at least the old card when it was issued by First Bank…it was called The Duetto card..and you got Duetto Bucks to spend at Starbucks… Should be interesting!

  3. Avi says:

    I wish Chase went Dunkin though. Starbucks is just overpriced hot water for snooty people.

  4. Nil says:

    Singup Bonus:- 5 caramel frappuccino, spend bonus- upgrade to a venti. No thanks.

  5. CreditGuy says:

    Yes, can’t wait!! Hopefully Ill get a starting limit of $15k to purchase all the PSLs

  6. MoreSun says:

    Weird. I love Starbucks but seeing as I haven’t hit lol/24 I see no place in my wallet for a Starbucks credit card. Unless they have a ridiculous sign up bonus but even then… gonna have to be a hell of a lot of free starbucks (and not under 5/24!) to get me interested…

  7. Rob says:

    A prepaid card maybe, but a starbucks branded credit card is just a horrible idea, it will absolutely flop. There is no product starbucks offers that is worth enough to prop up a new reward currency that can compete at the 2% rebate level. What makes the travel cards able to sustain their own currency is that the travel rewards are high ticket and aspirational. Nobody is saving up to buy coffee or dreaming about the day that they spend enough on their credit card to earn a free bag of beans. It would essentially need to be a cashback card to compete and even then, the starbucks brand won’t resonate with cash back customers the way a financial brand does. It’s just a really dumb idea, my bet is this never happens.

  8. Harry Nguyen says:

    Man, Chase is going crazy with these new credit cards that’s coming out. I love it haha, so many credit cards coming out all the time haha.

  9. No bucks for Starfucks says:

    looks better

  10. Culinarykid92 says:

    The real question is will there be a Cashback option or only Starbucks Rewards? And can it compete with the Uber card, with 4% back? I don’t even use Uber, but with a Cashback option and great rewards, I applied for it. Besides, I might use it on a trip abroad that I’m taking.

  11. Adam says:

    How about $450 a year annual fee with $300 credit for Starbucks / Teavanna purchases.

    Signup bonus is a $500 Starbucks gift card or $400 cash.

    Separate line for Starbucks card holders. Instant Gold status. One free drink and bakery item every month.

    Card has same 3X bonus categories as CSR. Receive earnings back as cash or get a 25% bonus to transfer to Starbucks gift card.

    And of course for shits and giggles let’s throw in a priority pass membership since every premium card has to have one.

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