Posted by William Charles on August 8, 2017

Published on August 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Chase Pay: Earn 10x/10% At On Up To $250 In Purchases

This deal has expired and is no longer valid.

Reposting this as it’s not actually targeted (confirmed with Chase’s media team). All Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cardmembers are eligible. Also confirmed that there is a limit of $250 in spend (2,500 points or $25 cash back and not $2,500 as some representatives were wrongly stating).

The Offer

  • Chase is offering 10x points or 10% cash back on purchases made on using Chase pay from August 1st until August 31st. Limit of $250 in spend (2,500 points or $25 cash back total)

Our Verdict

Shame that there is a spending cap of $250, this one should be pretty easy for people to meet. Nothing in the fine print says that gift cards are excluded, just keep in mind that Walmart loves to cancel gift card orders. You can read some tactics to avoid getting these cancelled here. Don’t forget about shopping portals as well, current best rate is 5%. Just remember that gift card purchases will not work. It’s also worth remembering that Chase Pay doesn’t seem to work if you have a combined personal/business profile.

Hat tip to Captain___Obvious & bihesad on /r/churning

226 Responses to [Expired] Chase Pay: Earn 10x/10% At On Up To $250 In Purchases

  1. RP says:

    Wasnt the Amex offer only till 7/31?

  2. MoreSun says:

    Got this email for my Freedom Unl but not my Sapphires.

  3. anameofaguy says:

    I never get any promos like this by e-mail from Chase. Is there a trick to it? I *think* I’m opted-in to everything on their site.

    • Aubrey says:

      I did get this from Chase, but I never get any of the good AMEX offers! I have five cards and no idea why I rarely get the good ones everybody talks about!

      • NinjaX says:

        you have MR cards or cobrands? MR gets the most then its cobrands. sometimes its biz only or AU only or its clearly based on spend.

        • Aubrey says:

          Thanks for the tip. I have a Plat, EDP, Delta Gold, SPG personal and Biz, and Hilton. I suppose I don’t put heavy spending on any of them. Is that what you have found gets targeted for the lucrative offers?

          • NinjaX says:

            targeting criteria is always changing based on DP. u never know, but its clear MR cards get way more offers than cobrands which make sense. you only have 2 MR cards. thats a big reason. get more MR cards and more AUs and u will see a change. also, personal plat can get 99 free gold AUs.

  4. fiveoh says:

    When I tried to check out with chase pay it says “Hang on-Chase Pay isn’t available for you quite yet.
    (Code 6516)” Any ideas?

  5. Bryan says:

    During checkout, after I select my card from ChasePay, the summary says I’m paying with a card ending in a different last 4 and expiration date from my actual card (the last 4 and expiry showing in the summary don’t match any of my Chase cards). Is this a security measure, or has anyone else encountered this when checking out on Walmart?

    • Elmer says:

      Citi IT found a way to make the payment for you. It’s their new “We know what your thinking” campaign.

    • Colby says:

      I had the exact same problem, and then when I click ‘submit’ on it says it was not authorized.

      • Mark O says:

        Me too – anyone have a work around on this? This is stupid….Chase’s system all messed up???

        • Mark O says:

          Ok they called me 10 minutes after my failed number

          3530 or whatever that shows up is the Chase Pay number and will show up no matter which card you use.

          If you are denied (I think this will happen if you sign up for chase pay and then use it right away) it is because of fraud and the card needs to be cleared for you to be able to make the purchase.

  6. NinjaX says:

    fukn chase. send me an empty E-Mail:

    “Have you tried Chase Pay?” (

    inside has nothing but BS ads on how to use chase pay.

  7. Shawn says:

    Did not receive email, but I sent a secure message and received this in return!

    Hello Shawn,

    Thank you for reaching to us about the offer on your

    I am pleased to confirm this offers is available for your
    Chase Sapphire account ending in XXXX. With the Walmart
    10X offer, during the month of August if you use Chase Pay
    at, you will receive a total of 10 points on
    up to $250 in purchases.

    Please contact us anytime if you have more questions. We
    appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Chase.

    Thank you,

    • Interesting, I wonder if it’s actually for everybody and they haven’t sent out all e-mails yet.

      • 86 says:

        I haven’t received anything from Chase about the offer but they told me I’m eligible after looking into it. The CSR I spoke with didn’t know anything about it until now.

      • Eduard says:

        Here is the response I got from Chase:

        Hello XXXXXXX,

        I will be happy to assist you with your inquiry regarding
        the promotion for Chase Pay.

        This offer is eligible for any Ultimate Rewards Consumer
        Customers who have either the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom
        Unlimited, Chase Sapphire, Chase Sapphire Preferred and
        the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card.

        XXXXXXX, both of your cards are eligible for the

        We appreciate your business and thank you for being a
        Chase customer.

        Thank you,

        Chase Email Servicing


        I also emailed them about whether it was per account or per card. Specifically stating whether there was limit of $250, or $500 for 2 accounts. They confirmed that it was per card! Woohoo!

    • Tianchen Zhang says:

      I sent a secure message and got the same reply

  8. Jay says:

    Got this on my Freedom card. Can it be combined with the Chase shopping portal for an additional 4x points that’s offered for Walmart?

  9. UPS guy says:

    DP on this offer. Wife just got the email for her regular Freedom card. I currently hold every personal UR point card and didn’t receive an email. I called Chase through my Reserve card. The agent on the other line was aware of the promotion fully. I asked if any of my cards were eligible for the offer and she stated that the Freedom and Sapphire lines were all available to use for this promotion.

    I then asked her to confirm that I would get the promotion under any of those aforementioned cards, she put me on hold for 2 mins, and came back to state she checked with two other reps and that the Sapphire or Freedom lines were all eligible, even without an email offer being sent.

    I did not however inquire if the offer was only per account or if it was eligible for the bonus on each individual card.

  10. joe says:

    Didn’t receive the email, but I have confirmed with Chase that our cards are eligible. My wife has the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and the Preferred…. can she spend $750 and get 7500 UR or $250 and 2500 UR? anyone know?

  11. Joe says:

    I’m surprised more people are not excited about this offer. I received no email but chase confirmed two of my cards were eligible. If my spouse qualifies also, we are looking at a very easy 7,500 UR points.

  12. Brad says:

    Anyone have DP on if gift cards will work? Would like to buy gift card and use for Sam’s gas

    • Eduard says:

      Would love to know this as well. Might be worth getting a small gift card and if it goes through, ramp it up some. Walmart cards are pretty much like cash to me. Got a free $80 with 8x Amex offers. Was able to get all the orders through with enough patience and time. A few gift cards a day went through.

  13. DH7 says:

    Can Chase Pay stack with Discover Deals portal (or any portals)?

  14. Jerry says:

    Not sure why but my payment through chase pay keeps getting declined even though I am already enrolled in Chase pay.

  15. Frank says:

    This bonus sounds great until you realize you’re going to waste an hour of your time and your payment won’t go through. The POS app would freeze up and payment at walmart.con wouldn’t go through as well. Whoever designed Chase pay is a moron.

    • PD says:

      My Walmart app never worked with ChasePay, but the website did eventually. I also had it error out the first time or two I tried, and then it worked. I didn’t switch browsers or do anything differently. I’d say just try it again on the regular website via a computer.

    • Steve F says:

      I agree this is some aggravating shit! Random error on the website says to try again, then mine AND my wife’s online accounts are both locked and have to call to have them unlocked. I call that number then after verifying my identity and listening to 10 minutes of BS, she says she cannot help and has to transfer me. So instead of speaking to some lady I can barely understand, I hang up and call the Chase number on the back of my Ritz and get an American (hurrah!!) Opps, too fast, she can’t help either! Now both her and I are on hold waiting for an “online specialist” to unlock my account. Well over 45 minutes into this and nada. Complete waste of time. FU Chase and stick your 5/24 where the sun don’t shine!

      • Eugene says:

        I am experiencing the same PROBLEM with using Chase Pay on the website. After choosing Chase Pay, it allows me to log into my Chase account but not allowed to pay after choosing one of my Chase cards. On the phone with Chase for over 50 minutes as I write this. They cannot figure it out. They have reset my suspended account twice already.

        Chase Pay with Walmart is a failure.

  16. PD says:

    When I asked them which cards were eligible, they listed the Freedom and Sapphire products, but then also said this interesting thing:

    “As per the offer, you get up to 10x Ultimate Rewards bonus points when using Chase Pay at May earn up to $250 additional cash back on eligible purchases. Earn standard Ultimate Rewards points for each product and then up to 8.5% additional Ultimate Rewards points for purchases.”

    My first gift card purchase hasn’t cleared yet so I haven’t tried an additional one.

    • Aimee says:

      I emailed to ask about this deal and also got the same reply: “earn up to $250 additional cash back on eligible purchases”. I was confused if it’s $250 spending (which most people mentions) or $250 cash back so I asked again and got the reply below:
      1) In order to earn the $250.00 cash back (which equals to 25,000 points) you will need to have a spending amount of $2,500.00
      2) Since you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card as well as the Freedom cards, you will earn $250.00 cash back on each card.

      Which means each card can earn 25k UR!!!

      • Mimi says:

        I’ve seen posts online where they bought a little over $250 and got 10x on $250 and 1x on the remaining balance. It sounds too good to be true if Chase will indeed give up to $250 cashback per qualified Chase card but the simple test is easy to find out and if one gets 10x on $251 purchase, they can simply buy up to $2500 to earn max profits.

    • Janet says:

      I emailed Chase yesterday to see if I was eligible on my CSP and got the following response:

      “I confirm that your account is eligible to
      receive the offer for receiving up to 10x Ultimate Rewards
      bonus points when using Chase Pay at

      The offer date is from 08/01/17 to 08/31/17. You can get
      up to 10x Ultimate Rewards bonus points when using Chase
      Pay at You may earn up to $250 additional
      cash back on eligible purchases. Earn standard Ultimate
      Rewards points for each product and then up to 8.5%
      additional Ultimate Rewards points for

      So another mention of up to $250 cash back.

      • Janet says:

        So I tested it out by buying 2 $200 visa vanilla gift cards. I only got the 10x points on the first $250, and 1x points on the remaining amount. I’m going to complain to customer service, because I have it it writing from them that they said I could EARN up to $250

  17. Ninja421 says:

    We’ll chase completely f’ed my accounts up while I was trying to use chase pay. The Walmart transaction appeared to go through but then they completely locked my accounts due to a “fraud” flag (using their chase portal and chase pay products!). So had to waste 45 min on the phone to get them to unlock it and they even made me change all my login IDs and passwords. Not doing this again

    • Steve F says:

      Yup, same shit happened to me. On hold for 30 minutes now waiting for an “online specialist” with another 7-8 minute estimated wait. Wow chase, you suck!

      • JVP says:

        Did you purchase through Chase Portal? Using a computer in their website or by phone?

        • Mimi says:

          I bought a $200 VGC via Chase portal and received 10x on $206.88. I’ve been reading more and more DP that they did not get 10x beyond $250 on each card but you can use your other cards that qualify to buy up to $250 and get 10x UR.

          Seems like there’s confusion among Chase reps that they’re giving misleading info regarding the max CB earned but in reality, one can only earn up to $25 CB per account.

          If it was me I won’t complain getting the max $250 CB to avoid eyeballs on my account(s). $25 per card is good enough for me.

  18. 86 says:

    I’ve tried to order a $200 VGC but kept getting an error message when I confirmed the shipping address. The CSR told me that that particular card is blocked from being mailed to my state. Worked fine with a $50 Amex GC.

    • 86 says:

      Nevermind. The CSR was wrong. It can’t be shipped to a PO Box. That was the problem. It pays to call back and talk to another CSR sometimes.

  19. dave says:

    Getting this error msg when trying to check out: Hang on-Chase Pay isn’t available for you quite yet.

    (Code 6516)

    Had to spend 20 mins on phone just to get Chase Pay set up with my CSR. Then get this msg. I guess they don’t want me to rack up more URs

  20. Chris says:

    Just wanted verification before ordering, Vanilla VGC good for MO’s at Walmart/PO?

  21. Ben says:

    10x? If I use CFU, 1.5×10=15% back?

  22. Gadget says:


    I believe this is spam.

  23. JVP says:

    Any DP on extra Chase Portal points?

    • d says:

      I can confirm that this works.

      Made purchase of $39.40 via Chase UR portal and paid with Chase Pay with my SP. UR site shows:
      Rewards Earned
      + 1 Point per $1 earned on all purchases 39.4
      + 9pts per $1 Chase Pay bonus 354.6
      Total Rewards 394

      Shop through Chase shows:
      Amount: $36.35 73

      I believe the price difference is due to the exclusion of taxes from the shop through Chase amount, the dates on the transactions align and I have only done the one Walmart transaction.

  24. Jr says:

    All this for $25.00??

    • UPS Guy says:

      2500 x each Freedom, FU, CSP, and CSR. Maxing each card with gift cards would yield 10k UR points minus GC fee. Easy 10k UR points if you know what you’re doing, even easier if you’re already liquidating other VGC’s.

  25. trifecta guy says:

    Any idea if multiple cards will allow you to repeat offer several times or is it per chase pay account?

    • Benjamin says:

      I have received for my 2 and my wife’s 3 (sapphire reserve, sapphire preferred, freedom, freedom, and fu)

      • UPS Guy says:

        Thanks for your DP, processing my Freedom, FU, CSR, and CSP with $200 GC per card as we speak. I’ll move to my wife’s Chase Pay account after that, she only has the FU and Freedom however after two downgrades from CSP and CSR.

    • Should be a per card limit but not 100% sure on that.

      • Mimi says:

        I got a reply via SM it is per card since the rep checked all my cards that qualified and she said I can use each card and get the 10x bonus on each one.

  26. Dan says:

    I got an error message after logging in that said I may have to use a different username and password and to call Chase whereupon I was told that I could only use Chase Pay if I had a bank account. I thought Chase Pay was just a digital wallet. Does anyone know if you have to have a bank account to use Chase Pay?

    • JohnFromATL says:

      A couple things I think are required. 1) a Chase personal credit card; 2) an online login for the personal account (business accounts appear to not work for this).

      Some people have had issues where they merged the personal account with the business account and now Chase Pay does not work. I am not in this scenario as I have kept them separate so I cannot confirm if this is an issue.

  27. Frank says:

    After going through a bunch of bullshit and getting my cards locked up because of fraud concerns, I was able to complete my transaction and earn 10x points. I earned the base rate of 1.5x points on the Freedom Unlimited plus an additional 8.5x points for the first $250 spent. Additional spend did not qualify for the bonus but still earned at the usual 1.5x rate. Also received 4x points for going through the Ultimate Rewards portal which was good for the entire purchase excluding the taxes. All in all I earned about 4,000 points for a $300 purchase.

    Also I would like to add if your cards get locked up due to fraud concerns, can the number on one of the Sapphire cards if you have them. You’ll get much better service and you’ll actually be able to understand them.

  28. Don says:

    I ordered a $200 SW e-gift card and a $50 Uber e-gift card. Got the email within 5 minutes. Signed up chase pay ~3 minutes prior. Paid with CSP.

    I have CSP, Amazon and IHG cards with case. i’m not sure why Amazon was an option but IHG wasn’t.

    • Probably something to do with the contract Chase has with IHG/Amazon.

      • NinjaX says:

        first of all, cobrand cards are not even eligible so hopefully he didnt use IHG or Amazon for the 10x. because it wont work.

        second, people should understand how enrollment works with chasepay. its just like paypal. if u dont add the CC, obviously it wont show up. it has nothing to do with partnership contacts. you configure all this in ur chasepay profile or chase online login within the settings.

  29. Alex says:

    I also got flagged for fraud and had to go through a 45 minute phone call to make this deal work. Is that worth 7500 points for my 3 cards? eh.

    • tutoringalext says:

      Yup, went through this twice already. Chase promotes Chase Pay by giving a promotion that locks you out of your account. You gotta wonder how big companies can be so incompetent and somehow still stay in business.

  30. danny says:

    also just got locked out of my chase account for trying to do this deal. what a pain in the ass.

  31. Daniel says:

    If everything works, yes, the deal is nice.
    But Chase Pay is so paranoid like Paypal that it likes to lock account for fraud very easily.
    It happened to me and my family.
    The thing is I’ve been logging in to from same computer with same IP address for years.
    I didn’t have problem with Chase Quickpay worth thousands of dollars either.
    But their fraud department is flagging the account for $50 purchase…
    Until they get their acts together, this deal isn’t really worth it.

  32. Mitchell says:

    Any idea if (online grocery/pickup) will work?

  33. Sent SM to Chase/JPM and am told the JPM Reserve (not the Sapphire Reserve) does not qualify. Think this only affects a tiny % of readers but thought it was worth noting.

  34. NinjaX says:

    its always been 4pt/$. even up to 12pts/$ recently.

    here is a clean link for anyone interested in BA:

  35. anthonyjh21 says:

    I’ll try to keep this nightmare short. I have business and personal on the same login. I wasn’t able to complete a purchase using Chase Pay so I called the number on the page and was eventually given a separate login with my personal cards.

    I try again and this time my account is suspended. I had to call in and get ping-ponged around and go through security checks including a 3-way call to an external bank that was used to pay a card. I haven’t even checked to see if the account was unlocked because I’m too irritated with this ordeal and needless to say I will never use Chase Pay.

    It was the most pissed I’ve ever been with any situation/support call(s), including Comcast or Dell. I spent over two hours on this and I may very well need to still call to have them remove my personal cards from my primary login because they left them on both logins which is probably the issue.

    I highly recommend people stay far away from this deal if you have your accounts mixed. Honestly I’d stay away from it all together no matter your circumstance due to fraud alerts with Walmart and Chase. Most reps didn’t even know what chase pay was (twice thinking I meant billpay). Between their incompetence and throwing us into what feels like their fraud-happy beta testing I just don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time. It’s frustrating just writing this but I have to leave this data point for others to read. I actually hope this turns into a separate DoC post because I can see I’m not the only one dealing with Chase Pay BS.

    • Ben says:

      I have had a similar experience with being locked out and an hour plus on the phone today. Situation still unresolved. Not only locked out but declined my wife’s purchase today at the grocery store. I dont have any business cards on personal logins so that wasnt the issue for me. 1st attempt said system error when I tried again I was locked out of everything. Had completed deal on all but 1 card and wish I would’ve been happy with that and stopped.

    • Daniel says:

      I agree.

      My sister was even asked to come to the Chase bank branch to fully verify.
      Even there fully verified with ID and debit cards, the CS associate was on the phone for 45 minutes being ping-ponged around different departments. The associate was very frustrated and confused at the unnecessary complexity of the problem. The gist is they wanted new email, new id, new password all set up claiming that page that my sister was on was “fraudulent website” and she needs to run antivirus program… Sheer incompetency and lack of tech literacy.

      I’m glad the associate stood up for us and actually demanded to the phone rep what she can do for us to fix the problem.

      This is not worth the risk to get 2500 UR points per card. Unless there’s proof that Chase Pay rectified their spastic fraud algorithm, I’m going to stay away from Chase Pay.

      One of the more disappointing services in recent years…

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        That’s complete overkill that she had to go through, really sorry to hear that.

        Glad you commented though because it might’ve been us (or your sister) this time but next time maybe we’re saved from doing a “deal” which appears to have significant risk/time investment. Everyone has to figure out what’s worthwhile to them, but many of us who see this many issues with a promo will say thanks but no thanks and move on. The more data points the better.

        I do wonder if this is something to do with walmart as well considering their trigger happy order cancellations. Either way I hope that anyone who hasn’t touched Chase Pay will be aware of the risk of using it at this point in time.

    • JTS says:

      I have been locked out since noon today after having made a purchase yesterday. like everyone else here around 45 min of phone call being bounced here and there did NOT resolve the issue still. The closest to getting anywhere was when I called the securities department 800-686-5657 but then they transferred me back to online support department, who keeps needing confirmation of who I am even though I’ve confirmed many times prior. This deal def is a bust and to think I was going to use it on the total of 10 cards we have in my household on this, no wonder chase pay has a 2 star review on the appstore…

  36. NinjaX says:

    people who are upset that this promo is actually for SPENDING UP TO $250 vs getting $250 CB (aka $2,500 spend) just cant read. look at the damn post. its obvious. incompetent CSRs are just confusing you.

  37. boogieforward says:

    Tried to buy a $15 Starbucks GC and $15 Google Play GC, only $30 total. Walmart cancelled my order immediately after I checked out. Not sure why, and not sure it’ll work at all. This deal’s a bust for me.

  38. JTS says:

    Just an update to my ordeal for the day.
    TL;DR: spent 2+ hrs and 90% of phone battery with chase; STAY AWAY from this deal if you value your time at all.
    So the most useful phone call today was to 888-745-0091 after being advised to run virus scan and change personal email password (I didn’t because I know nothing was compromised). After confirming that virus scan was “done” and email password was “changed” I was put on hold many times (one time she even asked to hang up and called me back 5 min later) and we finally proceeded to changing my username and password.
    What’s interesting is that she listed several attempts to access my chase online account from other countries/states (but when she mentioned access attempts again later she wasn’t listing the same places). She then proceed to confirm transactions to all my accounts and even at one point ask if i want all of them changed (I have 7 accounts with chase) and of course I said no.
    It’s just too much of a coincidence to NOT be related to chase pay IMO. At least my VGC shipped and hopefully I got 2000 UR out of this…

    • JTS says:

      btw I also hope DoC can post a caution of some sort so that people know what they are getting themselves into.

    • JTS says:

      omg fraud alert lady just called me back again and asked to cancel and replace all of my credit card accounts. again stating the fact that there were log-in attempts from out of state.
      I convinced them not to they just said they will continue to monitor my account for now…I hope that’s the end of this nightmare…
      STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEAL i can’t stress enough…

  39. Mark O says:

    Man I am shocked everyone had suck issues. I was proactively called by chase fraud this morning and after they cleared the alert they stayed on the phone while I made the purchase and it went through fine….now if it properly tracks that is a different issue! Guess I just got lucky!!

    • JTS says:

      Just as I finished writing my comment I was thinking whether there were counter-DPs to what people are experiencing, I guess you provided one!

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Not to be a negative Nancy but I personally wouldn’t consider having to deal with any fraud alerts/calls as a success though. Not for 2500 UR (and my guess is you’ll increase fraud/suspension risk for any subsequent cards used). And I know my wife wouldn’t call or deal with this so that cuts down from 4 to 2 eligible cards.

      Fingers crossed your Walmart order goes through (I had orders cancelled and $0 balance gc mailed to me).

      • Mark O says:

        The VGC has already been marked shipped. It only took 5 minutes out of my day so if it tracks it was worth it to me.

  40. captainsave says:

    STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS. Should have listen now on the phone being transferring left to right trying to fix it.

    • captainsave says:

      They keep transfering me to different department saying the next one will help me then after verifying they send me to another fucking department

      • JTS says:

        call 888-745-0091 and tell them you were told that you need to change username and password, and when asked you’ve done virus scan and changed your personal email password. It’s the only number I called that didn’t attempt to transfer me.

      • captainsave says:

        So after 40 mins on the phone and transfer to 10 different departments they gave me a number to call back. LMAO!!!

        • JTS says:

          Yep they have ZERO IDEA what’s going on with the damned chase pay all they know is that our accounts APPEAR to have been compromised.

          • captainsave says:

            Yea i was getting annoyed after the 4th verifying text message. Like i just they did with all the other person before you! Lucky i have two logins 1 all personal and 1 personal/biz, all personal got suspended. Dont think its worth the trouble calling them back to get it back.

  41. JVP says:

    I have no biz account with chase, only personal cards. I bought a VGC and some laundry detergent (Persil, it’s great), paid with Chase Pay on desktop being a first-time user of both Chase Pay and I used the Chase UR portal. The transaction took 2 days to process and ship with Walmart, posted yesterday with Chase and 10UR/$ pending.

    Sorry for the folks who had issues.

  42. JTS says:

    Did those who got locked out place their orders on desktop or mobile?
    I did mine (200 VGC) on mobile and was locked out about 12 hrs after the order was placed, but order is now shipped.
    Curious to see what triggers these “Fraud” alerts. I mean I’ve had fraud alerts from chase before and those were easily cleared up with a text or a short 5 min phone call. Never experienced anything like this though…

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Was on PC.

      Walmart already has a history of fraud sensitivity (most of us had cancelled orders during that amex offer promo) and Chase it seems doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing with Pay. Employees don’t know what it is and from what I’ve read here I’m guessing Chase has some tweaking to do with Pay because like you said these weren’t a quick purchase confirmation call. As I said earlier as part of a security verification they made me do a 3-way call to verify external bank was mine. Crazy thing is I had to answer several calls and be transferred again too.

      So yeah, there was nothing normal about this and unlike those quick purchase confirmation calls these lead me to believe they suspected ME of doing shady shit. Not exactly what I want to do with Chase and draw unwanted attention to my accounts.

  43. Niraj says:

    Just got an SM from Chase. CSR is still saying its upto $2,500 spend i.e. upto $250 in cash back. Per card is correct. As below –

    Let me share that as per the offer you will earn:
    -Get up to 10x Ultimate Rewards bonus points when using
    Chase Pay at
    -May earn up to $250 additional cash back on eligible
    -Earn standard Ultimate Rewards points for each product
    and then up to 8.5% additional Ultimate Rewards points for purchases

    Let me also share that all Chase Pay users with the
    following products mentioned below are eligible to earn
    -Chase Freedom card.
    -Chase Freedom Unlimited card.
    -Chase Sapphire card.
    -Chase Sapphire Preferred card.
    -Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

    • Very odd that reps are still stating that, I think they are just confused and the hard limit is $250 in spend. If you have a record of that though it will be hard for them to deny it to you.

      • Niraj says:

        True. For me it’s not worth the headache of disputing and time spent on that. Will assume $250 spend to be safe.

        Waiting for the transaction to post to see whether the bonus worked. How did you guys see the bonus instantly/same day in your accounts?

  44. Brandon says:

    Is it a $250 limit per eligible card or per account?

  45. Frank says:

    For the second time, in less than a week, with a different card, I had to call Chase again for fraud concerns.

    It amazes me that Chase would give extra UR points to try this service just so you can find out how horribly shitty it really is. Now that I know, I will never use Chase Pay again.

    All I can say for those of you who have yet to try it, you better get you phones ready.

    • Steve F says:

      I had that happen as well with a second card. I realized while speaking with the rep that I was logged into my online chase account in a different tab while trying to check out with walmart. I also noticed it’s not even at the final checkout stage that the account gets locked; it locks while selecting payment method then entering chase credentials. For some reason the first time I thought it was while authorizing payment, but that’s not the case. Anyways, the rep was already aware of the issue and they had been making excellent notes on my account as well so he was able to resolve it quickly this time. He also said he was escalating the problem too.

      For those like me with your account being suspended, did you by chance also have another tab open where you were logged into

      • JTS says:

        I placed mine on mobile and my account was locked about 12 hours after the order was placed. When I placed the order I’m sure on my computer there was a tab of open and probably so was my app on the same phone.
        Was the 2nd suspension as troublesome as the first one? Did you have to reset everything again?

      • JTS says:

        I got curious and tried it again on a different card. First time log in was able to select a card but was told that card cannot be used with chase pay, then return to merchant. Second log in attempt can’t even get me to card selection stage. Third log in attempt was the same. Then checked my chase online log in and sure enough – locked out again. On phone with rep now and hopefully it will get resolved quicker this time…

        Their system is somehow flagging these chase pay log-in attempts as fraudulent attempts therefore locks us out of online account access.

    • JTS says:

      Was the 2nd suspension as troublesome as the first one? Did you end up having to reset everything again?

      • Frank says:

        About the same as the first one. It took about 30 minutes on the phone to get it straightened out. Certainly not as much of a problem as many people are having. Still a pain in the ass.

  46. David says:

    Wow, really wanted to do this on both my card (freedom) & my wife’s cards (CSP, freedom UL), but I guess I’ll stay away as it appears 9/10 DP’s are showing fraud alerts, cancelled ordered, and huge time investment. 2 of the cards we have yet to complete min spend for bonus, and we can’t get locked out as we are about to travel. What a sham(e)!

    • JTS says:

      it surely is a shame since it stacks nicely with alaska dash for miles and shopping portal bonus. to be fair though the lock-out appears to only be for the online account access and not the individual cards themselves. I know this because while I was locked out of online access my AU was able to use the card for purchase without any problems.

  47. Rebekah Barney says:

    I just want to provide a DP different than all these-
    I tried using Chase Pay for the first time on the walmart website to buy $250 worth of Walmart gift cards to get the 10x points. It worked fine.
    Then I tried on my husband’s card. Same scenario. It worked fine.
    I have received the cards, activated them, and confirmed the 10x points.
    No fraud alerts. No phone calls. Nothing.
    I don’t know if I’m just lucky but I just wanted people to know that it IS possible.

    • Jackie says:

      I didn’t go quite all in, but I bought 100 Netflix GC and had no issues, received the E Gift Card pretty quickly and never got locked out of anything!

    • PSJc1eAmawCjwfbdf says:

      Did you do that today?

      I wonder if they finally caught up with all the issues and fixed it…

  48. JTS says:

    Just PSA if anyone else gets locked out again simply call 888-745-0091, which is the actual people who has authority to reinstate your online access. Don’t try calling the number on the back of your card or else you’d be ping-ponged between all kinds of departments going through all kinds of verification.
    Just went through a much shorter (about 20 min) and more pleasant experience reinstating my access again compared to the nightmare experience yesterday.

    • Daniel says:

      LOL You are one tenacious dude.
      How many times did you get locked out already?
      With that phone number, did you have to set up new account and new email all over again?

      • JTS says:

        Well when I saw the 10x UR the little devil over my shoulder keep saying “just try it one more time”…damn my greedy self haha.
        I got locked out a total of 2 times.
        The 2nd time they only made me change my username (I just simply changed it back to the original one) and asked that I make sure to change the password as well (which I didn’t do).

  49. yong says:

    DP: Bought a 200 VGC, got 2068 UR points today on my CF. It took extra 3 days to process the order.

  50. Nick says:

    Anyone ever figure out how to get this working if you have both Business and Personel accounts in one?

  51. Chasesucks says:

    I get that Chase wants to protects it’s customers from feraudulant activity, but my god, did anybody actually test this system before they unleashed this to the public? This is a real sumple use case and does not fill you with confidence about there producsts and processes- he writes 3 hours after trying to check out on Walmart and on hold with the 10th CSR….

  52. fauxblogger says:

    For those attempting to use ChasePay at the first time, you can keep yourself out of the fraud ditch after logging in to your account by going to Profile and Settings —> More Settings—-> Chase Pay and see whether this message appears “Your Chase accounts aren’t eligible for Chase Pay right now”. If you cannot enroll in Chase Pay from this webpage then do not attempt to check out on using Chase Pay. This is one of several triggers which disables accounts, forces password changes, forces random Experian credit report answers from 7 years back, etc. The IT support team can adjust a server setting that “activates” your ChasePay account but that server-side change does not replicate in real-time to or to the ChasePay embedded app on checkout screen. Hoping that overnight processing pushes out this change so the web and mobile apps pick it up. Will update post if successful.

    • JTS says:

      I don’t see that error when I go to that part of the settings and I’m able to turn on or off my cards to use for Chase pay. However I’ve been locked out of my online account twice due to “fraud”. I don’t have personal mixed with business either.
      Are you saying it takes them a few days for chase pay to fully “activate” in order to be used on WM?

      • fauxblogger says:

        After IT support updated the server setting and after waiting for nightly job to push out the changes, my cards were not eligible for enrollment in Chase pay via the online account. I did not even check being able to authenticate on the Chase Pay mobile app, (incorrectly) believing the server side setting controlled both online and mobile. I learned today that the server side setting activates Chase Pay mobile app authentication which forces you to check the terms and conditions checkbox on the Chase Pay app, which then updates the online account which enables you to enroll in Chase Pay on your online account. Have not tested CP via, but assuming all good now unless fraud trips me up.

        I have two chase accounts, the first of which did NOT require Chase Pay mobile app setup prior to checking out via laptop via However, that scenario caused significant fraud drama which ultimately was resolved.

  53. John says:

    What a sh*t-show. My wife tried 3 times to order something using chase-pay on walmart. 3 times the Chase Fraud team called. She authorized it 3 times and still can’t use it.

    I’m going to try fauxblogger’s tip and see if it helps.

  54. Jonathan says:

    Thanks. Bought 3 $250 walmart gift card from 3 Chase cards without any issue. With previous 10 $50 walmart gift card from Amex offer. I got $1250 Walmart gift cards. Will spend them all on Sam’s in 2-3 months.

  55. Ben says:

    Just followed fauxblogger’s recommendation: first logged into my Chase account to setup Chase Pay, then placed an order on WMT. I also made sure to logout of in other windows, since there was speculation that could trigger the fraud alert.

    I successfully placed an order for $50 WMT gc plus ~$50 of random products. Everything looks good so far — no Chase lockout issues. Assuming it doesn’t blow up, I’ll hit this harder with a few more cards.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Fingers crossed that Chase might be fixing some of the issues!

    • Ben says:

      I appear to have hit the lottery…

      Ordered ~$100 on with Chase Pay. The order went thru fine and my items shipped (some have already arrived).

      Meanwhile the purchase showed Pending on I kept checking to ensure it posted with 10X points. After 4 days, instead of moving from from Pending to Posted, the charge DISAPPEARED.

      No alert from Walmart or Chase or anyone else that the payment was declined, and no sign that there is a fraud alert on any of my cards.

      Chase Pay seems like a real winner – charges you make magically disappear!! (????)

  56. AB says:

    Thanks DoC!

    I first set up Chase Pay by downloading app and entering verification code on smartphone. Then ordered Sam’s Club e-gift card via computer: $200 + $50. Chase Pay showed my actual last 4 CC digits but a different expiration date. Order went though with no problems – e-gift cards were in my inbox in about 1 minute.

    2 notes:

    1) I could verify the balance of the e-gift cards at Sam’s website immediately, but I could not add them to my WM online account. Message: “The gift card number and PIN you entered do not match. Please try again.” I tried again after 30 minutes and could enter them at WM online with no problems.

    2) There is no pending charge in my Chase card activity, nor any record of the transaction in the Chase Pay app that I can find. Maybe it’s just a Sunday maintenance delay, but I’ve never had that happen before.

    Will update when charge posts for confirmation of 10X points. Cheers!

    • AB says:

      Update: Charge showed as pending several hours after I received the e-gift cards. Posted today and transaction history shows 10X points. Thanks again DoC!

    • Ken says:

      So you ordered the Sam’s Club GC from the Sam’s Club website and it still worked?

  57. T says:

    From the comments I’ve read that chase portal pay out. Any DP on Top Cashback or Discover Deal, both of which should pay out 5x? If not, I’ll stick to Chase portal.
    Btw, how long does it take for gc to go from in process to shipped? Maybe it’s the weekend, it’s been almost 24 hours in process. Anyone else had luck choosing slow shipping for additional money off?

    • Mimi says:

      I didn’t try TCB knowing they don’t pay CBs on GCs. I tried yazing, will know later if I got CBs for my GC purchases at WM. yazing dashboard is not as easy to navigate as tcb but it was worth trying, I might get some CBs from the amex sync WM gc purchases and these ChasePay VGC purchases.

  58. zap says:

    Hehe, the gripes about all the errors encountered make me laugh. I used to work at one of those two parties involved. If you knew how things are run internally there, you’d probably never want to shop there (but there some of the competitors could apparently be worse, because their SNAFUs have ended up in the news). My boss there used to call it “strings and duck tapes”… and he certainly didn’t come up with that saying himself.

  59. paz says:

    Since no email notice was received, sent SM through the Chase website and has not received a response after two days. So, called Chase Sapphire, and was told there’s no such promo. Called Chase Freedom and was told it’s on my Freedom and Sapphire but not on my Amazon.

  60. paz says:

    Going by the suggestion of a slickdeal comment, I added my phone number to my WMT account, to prevent potential fraud alert lockout by Chase. So far 2/2 in getting WMT orders through Chase Pay without having my Chase online account locked.

  61. Emily says:

    No problems. Earned 5000 points so far on Freedom and CSP buying Walmart GC, the actual cards and having them mailed. The cards arrived two days later and show the correct balances. I buy groceries and RX at Walmart often and this is the most I will ever make on those. Combined with the United back to school offer through the portal so I’d make the spend requirement for the 3000 extra miles.

  62. Curmudgeon says:

    My first attempt failed and had to deal with the fraud dept at Chase. Got that straightened out and second attempt worked.

    From earlier posts I read adding something to a gift card order might help, so I bought a $2 snack, plus two $200 VGC, using Chase Pay and my Freedom Unlimited card.

    Got the cards today. Checked my Ultimate Rewards page and the charge is showing 2500 points for the $250 max purchase, plus 1.5 UR points for the amount above $250. So I ended up with about 2750 points for just under $14 in fees or a net of about $13, or $11 if you count the cost of my snack.

    Probably not worth the effort, but it’s good to know that gift cards will get the 10x bonus.

  63. Ani says:

    I am always getting an error when using chase pay from tried different browsers. Same error. Not good.

  64. Lisa says:

    i tried to make non-gift card purchases and got an error saying my payment couldn’t be authorized. i don’t have a business card, i have my number in my wal-mart profile, no chase tab open, enrolled in chase pay for a few days now etc. and still got my account suspended. i’ve been on the phone for more than an hour and there’s still no fix.

    • JTS says:

      This is the DP I was afraid to see. I got locked out twice, first time the order did go thru and i got my sweet 10x for the GC purchase. Second time straight locked out and wasn’t even able to check out.
      Been contemplating whether I should try again since I have two other UR cards I can do this with in my account alone, not to mention my family members’. But if you seem to have done everything “right” and still got locked out then I am not sure if it’ll work for me then.
      BTW you should call 888-745-0091 to unlock your account, it’s the only number/department I’ve talked to that don’t attempt to transfer you and have the authority to reset your username/password.

      • Lisa says:

        i hung up and called that number. took them 5 minutes to get everything sorted! even after i still had trouble using on the desktop site. i ended up having to order through the mobile browser.

  65. Phill says:

    If you had a Fairmont card converted don’t forget to reap the benefits of your new *prefered* card as well. 😉

  66. Phill says:

    If you had a Fairmont card converted don’t forget to reap the benefits of your new *preferred* card as well. 😉

  67. nonimmigranth1b says:

    Just sent a secure message to find out if i am eligible for promo. I have not received the email.
    Was told that all of my chase cards are eligible.
    easy 10K UR.

  68. paz says:

    Both GC purchases have posted with 10x UR points. I don’t see the 2x UR portal (AKA Shop through Chase) points though. I do see “You don’t have any recent Shop through Chase or promotional offer earn activity at this time.” and “Note: New Shop through Chase transactions may take up to eight weeks to appear on your activity page after the transaction has been billed to your Chase card account.”

    Also, don’t forget to choose slow shipping for a few tens of cents off GC purchases. I saw it when I had a single GC in my cart, but forgot to do it when I added another (I don’t remember seeing that option). The savings probably could’ve covered the cost of the MO I’m going to buy with the GC.

  69. Mendel says:

    First time using Chase Pay
    Confused it with Visa Checkout
    Went back a week later to try Chase Pay on desktop through chase portal…got an error
    Not available now…something like that.
    Yes I did unlock by logging into my account about 1 week ago…not sure what the problem is

  70. JTS says:

    I’m beginning to think that the lock-out fiasco is location-based. Since the first lock-out I’ve gotten it to work 2 more times and both were at work, but same account/attempts failed and resulted in lock-out all happened at home. Good news is I’ve gotten pretty good at getting un-locked (took about 10 minutes this morning) but bad news is is out of the $200 VGCs…

    • R says:

      I have the same issue as you. My account got locked trying from home but I was successful at work twice. I’m not as good as you are for getting unlocked. Chase told me that I have to wait for a call from them. They gave me some stupid verification question asking what county a random address was in. Couldn’t answer that.

  71. JTS says:

    Anyone know if I can use walmart GC to buy VGC at

  72. Mendel says:

    Got locked out even after setting up Chase Pay by logging into account.
    Took about 5 mins to reopen account
    Nothing extra by using CFU or Chase Portal
    Bought $200 Amex GC since it has least charges compared to Visa GC

    8/21 WALMART.COM $206.24 2,062.4 Bonus earn –
    Pending Rewards
    + 8.5% Chase Pay bonus1,753.04
    +1.5% (1.5 Pts)/$1 earned on all purchases309.36
    Transaction Date:8/21
    Statement Post Date:8/22
    Total Rewards 2,062.4

  73. JTS says:

    This morning my half-asleep mind allowed myself to log into the chase pay app instead of the regular chase app and BAM my regular chase online account got locked out again…Called fraud department and due to the extensive notes they have for my account they swiftly unlocked my account after only a verbal password verification, all within 5 minutes. Of course I then promptly deleted my chase pay app…good riddance!

  74. stacker says:

    Order went through fine by adding some grocery items with the gc.

  75. Viikraman R says:

    ordered a 200$ visa gift card and 50$ walmart gift card each on my sapphire preferred and freedom cards and got 2500 UR points on both.

  76. Maddi says:

    Called in because my account was frozen. I think it was because recently I had changed my CSP to a FU. They were very concerned that I had received that card (even though I’ve used it multiple times already). Maybe that’s why. I was told to wait til tomorrow to try again once their system updates.

  77. hi says:

    what if you have more than one freedom card?
    will it work with multiple accts if they are under the same login?

  78. Corbangus says:

    Anybody know if this works with in store pickup? Asking for a friend.

  79. Daniel says:

    DOne with this crap.
    Seriously, WTH is wrong with Chase?
    I was already locked once, and had to go through an hour of chat through my personal banker.
    Next time, I managed to buy with Chase Freedom card fine.
    But a few days later, I tried to use my CSR in exactly same computer with same setting, and BAM, it’s suspended. I called the number that JTS provided, and still it was a good solid 15 minute chat to get it unlocked.
    Not worth it at all. Never thought there would be a worse service than Paypal.

  80. Linda says:

    Many thanks to JTS! I was locked out and used the chase number he provided. Worked like a charm, the problem was resolved in less than 10 minutes. Greatly appreciate your help!

  81. Lela says:

    Chase pay system is reported totally down 12-7amET tonight to attempt repairs. Don’t bother signing up tonight and loosing 20 min on the phone! At least they have figured out all the FRAUD troubles are their own screwed up system and don’t act like I the customer did anything wrong! 30 attempted logins attempted my ass- that was one login attempt before I picked up the phone and called JTS’s number! HAHA

  82. Lela says:

    Great News, called Chase Pay to sign up tonight- rep said he hadn’t been getting tons of phone calls today about the issues so that makes it seem like they fixed their problems- he said it was because of all the troubles they’d had with the Walmart Chase Pay promo. He checked through each of my 6 cards to make sure they would all work. It didn’t work. Next rep looked and saw that my card already had “clearance” placed on the account. So I would recommend phoning in before even trying your Walmart purchases. He said all the necessary clearances were on my cards but somehow he refreshed it and my first purchase went through. I used the Chase portal on all my purchases (cashbackmonitor first of course, cuz he’s a nice guy!), and bought a $200vgc, with a $7 fee, a $40wmgc and an about $2-$6 needed item, about $250 total each. In store pickup was allowed for all extra items, NOT for either gift card. Everything looks good to go now.

  83. Lela says:

    Thank you to everyone else for dealing with all the bugs so I wouldn’t have as much heartache! (Hopefully) Once in a rare while there are benes to coming late to the party.

  84. Mr. Wise says:

    Everything works fine, got 2250 + 300 points for a $300 purchase on No issues signing up for Chase Pay during checkout. Used a CSR. Didn’t buy gift cards, so can’t comment there.

  85. JTS says:

    Finally chase pay is working seamlessly on, went ahead and maxed out wife’s cards (CSR, CSP and F) and mom’s cards (CSR and CSP), all GCs (mix between VGC and walmart GC)
    Of course they fix this on the last day of the promo now I can only hope everything ships and all the bonus points post…It would be sweet justice for all the hours wasted dealing with fraud department haha

  86. Lee says:

    I totally forgot about this and today is last day. If I make a purchase today, can I get 10x points?

    • JTS says:

      I did about $1350 across 7 cards today on through chase pay hoping that they would count.
      I have received all the bonus points from my few previous successful attempts, so we shall see.

    • JTS says:

      So far some transactions from 8/31 have posted and they’ve all received 10x points. This is looking pretty good!

      • DoB says:

        I purchased about $875 worth of gift cards on 8/31 (over four cards; I had already spent $125 on one). Two are still pending (still showing a date of 8/31), but the other two just posted, and show a date of 9/1, with only 1x points.

        Needless to say, I’m more than a bit upset.

        • JTS says:

          I just realized the same thing for about $300 worth of purchases (mix of walmart GC and merchandise) that were made on 8/31 but posted on 9/2 (today) did not get 10x UR.
          Just SMed for each account (7 of them within my household), I figured if I can a few or the reps budge and award me the account it wouldn’t be a total loss.
          Will report back if I have any luck!

  87. Electroman says:

    Only through this offer was I exposed to the horror that is Seriously, their shopping experience is terrible. I had no problems with Chase Pay, though.

  88. JTS says:

    BTW for those who received the email for this promo did the fine print mention anything about the transactions have to post by 8/31 or just purchased on 8/31?
    I only know about this promo from here (no targeted email) and anything posted before 8/31 has received 10x

  89. JTS says:

    So far 2 for 7 in getting the bonus. the same rep that responded to two of the 7 SMs gave us 9x UR as “courtesy points” and 1 rep said no straight up. Both reps said the purchases had to post by 8/31 to qualify though, so again, wondering if those who received the email can shed some light on the T&C in the fine print.

    • YRK says:

      The FINE PRINT of the offer

      During the promotional period of August 1 to August 31, 2017, you will earn a total of 10% cash back when you use Chase Pay to complete your purchases using your Chase Freedom® card. This means that in addition to your every day 1% base, you’ll earn an extra 9%, for a total of a maximum of 10% cash back. You’ll earn the bonus until you spend a total of $250 in purchases. Please note that purchases from Walmart affiliate businesses, such as, are excluded from this offer and will not earn bonus rewards. To qualify for this promotional offer, your card account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This promotional offer is non-transferable. For more information about your rewards program, see your Rewards Program Agreement.

    • DoB says:

      I tried calling Chase regarding one of the transactions. The rep insisted that the transaction date was 9/1, so he couldn’t help me, but he suggested that, since I have an email receipt, I could try calling the fraud department when it opens in a few hours.


      • DoB says:

        I tried the SM approach on each of the four accounts. At first, one rep asked for my receipt and the other three turned me down. I provided receipts for all four, and all four agreed to add the missing points.

  90. YRK says:

    The FINE PRINT of the offer

    During the promotional period of August 1 to August 31, 2017, you will earn a total of 10% cash back when you use Chase Pay to complete your purchases using your Chase Freedom® card. This means that in addition to your every day 1% base, you’ll earn an extra 9%, for a total of a maximum of 10% cash back. You’ll earn the bonus until you spend a total of $250 in purchases. Please note that purchases from Walmart affiliate businesses, such as, are excluded from this offer and will not earn bonus rewards. To qualify for this promotional offer, your card account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This promotional offer is non-transferable. For more information about your rewards program, see your Rewards Program Agreement.

  91. JTS says:

    Thanks YRK for the fine print.

    More updates from today. 4 more responses stated that they will review and get back to us within 2-3 days.

    I decided to respond to the one that told me no yesterday. I informed them that the purchase was made on 8/31 but didn’t post until 9/2, and that chase pay had issues until 8/31 and I couldn’t fully participate. The rep that responded to that still insisted that since no transactions were on 8/31 they cannot award me the points. To that I responded with a screen shot of my order confirmation (which showed the purchase date, card used for payment and 3x $15 walmart GC that I ordered). They responded by awarding me the additional 9x UR.

    I guess it really depends on the rep who is responding and seems like order confirmation showing GC orders are also okay to them for this promo.

  92. JTS says:

    Latest update:

    Last few reps requested receipts, supplied them those and within minutes the points all posted.

    All in all 20k UR points from the 8 total cards we have in our household from this deal (1 had been maxed out earlier in the month).

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