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Published on October 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Now Limiting You To One Card Per Family/Brand? – Datapoints Wanted [Seems Unlikely]

In late August Chase introduced a new rule for Sapphire credit cards limiting you to one Sapphire card and restricting you from getting the bonus if you had received a Sapphire bonus in the past 24 months. Within the past few days several readers have let me know they have been denied new card applications and product changes for the same reason but with brands/families other than Sapphire. One reader received the following note regarding a product change:

  • When selecting the credit card that best meets your needs, please remember that our policy no longer allows for  customers to have more than one credit card in the same product. Applications for a card product you already have may not be eligible for approval. (this isn’t new language)

Another reader was told of the same rule when calling reconsideration on a Chase Southwest card. It’s possible that this is only affecting cards that aren’t instantly approved and it’s due to customer service representatives not differentiating between the Sapphire rule and other card brands but that doesn’t look to be the case. If you’ve recently applied for a Chase card (since let’s say Monday October 9th) please let us know the following in the comments:

  • If you have another card within that brand/family (and if so what card it is)
  • If you were approved instantly or denied (and if denied what happened when you called reconsideration)
  • Anything else you think might be relevant

It might also be a cause of this affecting brands under the 5/24 rule and other brands. I guess we will find out when we have more datapoints.


We are only interested in data points from Monday October 9th onwards, any datapoints from before this data are irrelevant.

130 Responses to Chase Now Limiting You To One Card Per Family/Brand? – Datapoints Wanted [Seems Unlikely]

  1. Vince says:

    This doesn’t apply for the Freedom and Freedom unlimited right?

    • No idea, the previous Sapphire rule didn’t apply. It’s possible Chase is grouping together the Freedom card’s now as well?

    • Mondez says:


      I tried to product change from the Slate card to the Freedom (10/13 about 12pm) but the rep said that it was not possible. They could however change me to the Freedom Unlimited, a card I just recently acquired. I informed the rep that I already had a Freedom Unlimited. Before the call, I sent a secured message to check the product change path.

      I then asked the rep what was the product change path for the Freedom Unlimited, since converting the Slate card would give me 2 Freedom Unlimiteds. I was informed that I could receive the Slate, Freedom, or Sapphire cards. I didn’t inquire which Sapphire card. I’ll have to call again to see which one. The rep also informed that I would not get the introductory offer once I product changed to the Freedom. The Freedom intro offer was ONLY for new applications. I told her not to convert my current Unlimited card.

      Like I said,I have to call again or message to see which Sapphire card the Unlimited can be converted. I knew I did not what to lose out on the Freedom points.

      • The CSR PC change path also needs to go to CFU 1st. You may be able to do a Slate > CFU > CF.

        You might be a good DP as to 2 cards in Freedom familty being allowed or 2 CFUs being alllowed.

        Do let us know how you end up PCing.

  2. Daisy says:

    I PCed to a Chase Freedom card on Wednesday with no issues and I have a existing Chase Freedom

  3. Kasey says:

    This is a little outside your time frame, but in the event it’s useful I’ll post anyway. Applied for ink cash on 10/6 after already having ink preferred. App went to pending, and I assume was approved soon after because I just got the card today.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey DoC can you clarify what you mean on the Ink+ DP or provide the source of the DP? I’m not sure what you mean by it, was the person trying to PC an Ink+ to an Ink Preferred while already having an Ink Preferred/Cash?

  5. Ben says:

    PC’d from CSR to regular Freedom on about 9/15 (not sure of the exact date) via secure message. No problems.

  6. Rob says:

    A little outside your time frame but I helped my friend get on the path to the companion pass. She applied for the SW plus card 9/27, auto approved and SW applied for premier 10/2, auto approved

  7. kerrigjl says:

    Applied for CIC via paper app with BRM Oct 2; I have CIP. Approved.

  8. Joe says:

    If they won’t let you have two SW cards could you get one card, make the spend and cancel and just apply for the 2nd card around June ? 18 months of Companion Pass beats nothing.

  9. jim says:

    this is accurate..father was approved…mother was not..neither met 5/24 rule

  10. Vic says:

    Friend’s first hand DP:

    9/11 applied and approved Ink Cash
    10/2 applied SW Plus and approved
    10/2 applied SW Premier and pending (expected, due to 2/30)

    10/13 called for SW Premier recon (passed 2/30), and approved.

  11. Bret says:

    Wife auto-approved for SW plus on 10/5, and auto-approved for SW premier tonight.

  12. Mark says:

    If you have to freedom card, can you get category bonuses on both cards or is it one category bonus per social security?

  13. Ozzie says:

    9/15 PC’ed Slate to a Freedom #2

  14. the day “1/24 sapphire” rule gets extended to SW and even Marriott and United cards is going to a sad day. Unfortunately, (for most part) those beyond 5/24 won’t care and those under 5/24 will probably be too newbie to comprehend.

  15. Rockycore says:

    I pced my Chase Sapphire to a freedom unlimited and I already have the freedom. This was on 10/12.

  16. Mike says:

    applied for both southwest biz and plus on 10/4. approved for biz, had to call recon for plus. reason i went pending was because i’ve reached my max limit with chase. Moved credit around and was approved without any other hiccups. hope this helps.

  17. Sunny says:

    I pc form slate to freedom (2 freedoms)

  18. Mike says:

    Wonder how much abuse some of the co-brands will accept before shopping for a new credit card provider? Decide to, uh, Express themselves or visit the Citi, maybe?

  19. VL says:

    As long as business cards are considered a separate family it is still workable (as after CSP+CSR rule we have only one real opportunity for each personal and business card bonuses anyway).

    Let’s wait and see before we start crying 🙂

  20. Beth says:

    DP re Inks:
    already have Ink Plus, Ink Cash (was going to downgrade ink plus to another Ink cash but they gave me a statment credit)
    applied Ink Preferred on 10/3, was not auto approved but received card in mail about 9 days later

    • VL says:

      Who did you call when you received a statement credit for your AF on Ink Plus? I tried to get one for myself and my SO, and no success… multiple times, so I closed them (have Ink Prefs, and more, so was not too sad about it)

      • Beth says:

        I called the number on the back of the card in July 2017 and fully intended to downgrade to Cash (no reason at all to close the account when can product change to a fee free card with same 5% back at office stores) but they offered me a statement credit so I happily kept it.

  21. payyoutuesday says:

    This language (“our policy no longer allows for customers to have more than one credit card in the same product”) has been around for a while. This link shows examples of this back to March 2015:

    This is a link to a Reddit post from Sep 2016 that talks about this language and whether it means you can’t have multiple Freedoms.

    Chase certainly didn’t enforce anything like this language when I PC’ed to my second Freedom only yesterday.

  22. Ben says:

    my mom was auto approved for both SW cards on 9/30

  23. Pam says:

    Have Marriott personal and was approved for Marriott business yesterday.

  24. NinjaX says:

    we will see. we need more detailed DPs that can speak to the Citi rule. too often people give DPs that are totally useless. this is why FT mega-threads have to mock the n00bs and outline actually what is considered a helpful post.

    doc, i would suggest a similar outline template so people dont start saying stupid crap like “DP: applied for Amex EDP. under 5/24. instant approval. already have the CSR.”

    • That’s why I had this in the post:

      f you’ve recently applied for a Chase card (since let’s say Monday October 9th) please let us know the following in the comments:

      If you have another card within that brand/family (and if so what card it is)
      If you were approved instantly or denied (and if denied what happened when you called reconsideration)
      Anything else you think might be relevant

      Looks like people are adding dp from well before October 9th which isn’t particularly useful.

      • NinjaX says:

        that paragraph doesnt have enough circles and arrows with cat pictures and memes. ur not gonna get anyone to comply.

        also, u should bold and highlight and use bigger font like FT. people dont read. the barclay A+ 6/24 denial post became a circus. hilarious how stupid some of the DPs were.

    • Somebody in Gainesville says:

      @NinjaX, nobody ever has to mock anybody.

  25. David says:

    Geez Doc, had me scared there for a second!!

  26. UsExpat says:

    10/10/2017 – Applied and manually approved 3 days later for AARP, without calling reconsideration.
    I believe there is no other Chase card in this “family”, but there is another DP for everyone.

    Currently have the IHG, and Marriott Business card (approved 8/2017).

    I’ve had every Chase card nearly, so now having to apply for cards I’ve never had yet.

  27. Maikar says:

    Insta approval for both personal SW cards on 10/4

  28. Ferris says:

    Will have DPs in November for this. I was scared this was for family as in household at first.

  29. Charlie says:

    After struggling to sift out the real data points from all the clutter that people posted in their responses, the only conclusions I can draw are:
    — Chase wants to phase out the Ink Plus, so they’re not letting people PC into it.
    — Chase is still trying to de-emphasize the Freedom in favor of the Freedom Unlimited.

    But we knew both of those things previously, so nothing new here.

    People! Stop posting clutter in your comments! Doc asked for specific data points, and most of you provided random responses that didn’t meet his clearly stated criteria.

    • Mike says:

      Someone tried PCing an Ink Preferred to an Ink+? That hasn’t been possible since last year December when the Ink+ was discontinued, so I’m not sure why that would be a new DP….

      You should be able to PC an Ink Preferred to an Ink Cash, and no DPs seem to be indicating that’s no longer an option

    • Beth says:

      Makes sense but then I wonder why they’d give statement credit for annual fee (retention offer) if they want to phase out the Ink plus? Especially to somebody asking to product change to Ink Cash–which means not losing the customer.

  30. KG says:

    I’ve had a CF for years…..

    9/22- applied for the Freedom Unlimited. Went to pending
    9/26- automated approval. Pending status was due to credit allocation

    Not definitive, but multiple products from same family was not an issue a few weeks ago.

  31. Cristi says:

    Approved for SW plus 10/2. Also applied for SW biz that day and was approved 10/6 after calling record (app was pending). My mom and dad, sister and her husband, and brother and wife all applied for SW plus and premier on 10/2. They all were approved for both cards though some of them had to call recon.

  32. Darv says:

    Forgive me but I’m not understanding the concern here. So the concern is that Chase is limiting the number of cards within the Ultimate Rewards family, as an example? So in that case if I am a new customer, I can only get one of the following–Sapphire, Freedom/FU? Or in the case of co-brandeds, I could get a Marriott Biz but not a Marriott personal? But the Marriotts would be one family, not lumped in with for example, the United cards?

    I would be shocked if Chase would restrict this way, if that’s the concern. That doesn’t make sense. I would assume they rolled out the Freedom/FU precisely to compliment the Sapphire brand and encourage people to get both. Why would they restrict it this way?

    Or maybe I’m completely misunderstanding the concern here. I understand restricting bonuses and could see that, but don’t understand restricting having different UR cards. Or I can even understand if they said your Freedom UR points can’t be pooled with your Sapphire points. But to restrict having both cards? I literally just laughed out loud.

    Maybe somebody can enlighten me.

    • NinjaX says:

      the answer to your questions is still TBD and anything is still possible. if I was the anal OCD manager in charge of cutting the artery of abusers, i would implement max 1 card per point family. no duplicates and no two cards with same point structure. its already been done with the sapphire group. thats proof. so its not crazy to assume chase will do it with everything else.

  33. Randy says:

    I tried to PC from Sapphire to a second freedom to avoid the AF. Was told that there policy was you could not have 2 of the same card. This was a month and a half ago. Have not tried to PC to the Freedom Unlimited & now not sure if I can.

  34. qmc says:

    DP: signed up for both personal SW cards on 10/4. Both approved on recon calls on 10/12.

  35. bob says:

    it makes sense that you can’t PC from an Ink Preferred to an Ink Plus, since the Ink Plus is no longer open for applications (it was discontinued, but if you already have one, you can keep it). I would be more interested in seeing if you could have a Ink Preferred to an Ink Cash, or apply for an Ink Cash while already having the Preferred.

    But if Chase makes it so that you can’t have an ink (or CSP/CSR) AND a Freedom, then whoops – all my non-bonus spending is going on my Doublecash now (or a Blue for Bizness when i get one)

  36. Mark says:

    Why are people after product change so much? other than if you have multiple Freedoms for example you can get multiple 5% category bonuses. Is that correct? So after you have received your minimum spend bonus, it makes sense to PC to Freedom without chase giving you a hassle under 5/24.

  37. chaseaholic says:

    Hmmm I’m not sold on this quite yet (obviously your not either which is why you’re posting)

    but I’ve seen almost that exact same language before in an SM from Chase regarding a pc to another Freedom months ago my SO got. just sent another SM and was able to PC as usual.

    also what are we counting as a family? i.e UR or “Freedom” is CF/CFU, “Sapphire” is CS/CSR/CSP?
    clarifying that would help the DP’s. @ninja instead of bitching about noobs you could give DoC suggestions about clarifying what is and is not worthwhile. Not everybody who reads this blog spends nearly as much time on this stuff as us.

  38. mark says:

    I sent an SM to product chase from CSP to CFU, I already have CF; They said it has to be at least an year before you can PC and then same thing about new policy is to allow one CC of the same type. Not sure if CF and CFP are considered same or different? Also, do you guys know if you can PC from business cards to personal cards?

    • NinjaX says:

      what company would ever let you move from personal to biz and vice versa? no man. thats never allowed. not even credit reallocation. there are legal ramifications.

      CF and CSP are not in the same group. but they are both is the same UR family.

  39. NinjaX says:

    if chase is truly implementing this new Citi policy, then its highly targeted towards CF and WN. its pretty obv. but WN cards are not duplicates. its two similar cards in the same family. so you have potentially two different sweeping rules. NO duplicate cards and NO multi cards in the same point family. this is already true for Sapphire. There is no reason why chase wouldnt do this for everything else. this would kill all UR abuse.

    can u imagine chase limiting one product PER FAMILY? holy crap. thats worse than 5/24 or Citi or Amex. One UR, one CB, one WN. wow. thats end game.

    this is what a sub with 100k+ pple does w/ detailed manuals of how to abuse 5/24 slots…

  40. Ted says:

    What if I already have two Freedom cards? Will I be able to PC one freedom card to CSR?

  41. Michael T. says:

    Have the CSR and CSP, freedom unlimited, and INK preferred. Was on the 13th month in October of the CSP and asked to product change to regular freedom and was approved to do so. Just received my card in the mail yesterday and refunded my annual fee.

  42. Sapphire says:

    Product changed Sapphire Reserve to Sapphire in late September successfully. Have a Sapphire previously. My spouse did the same with no issues

  43. Joe says:

    Currently hold Marriott Personal, Applied with IA for Marriott business today ( 10/14 )

  44. Arnold says:

    Data point 1: People are idiots.
    Data point 2: I think your concerns about this “rule” are way overblown, misplaced, and are just causing hysteria. Not helpful.

  45. Mark says:

    Do you call in or send a secure message for product change? I have a CSP that I like to product change. What’s number to call?

  46. Gadget says:

    Pretty sure you want to call. I know when I thought about changing a Citi card, I SM’ed and got told to call. I would think they would want to confirm some information with you, new terms & disclosures, etc. I would just call the number on the back of the card.

    If you hate picking up the phone (I can relate), send an SM and see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?

  47. Elmer says:

    This thread is a complete cluster****! Amazing how few people can read the post, much less follow directions. I’m really surprised no one took the opportunity to post their Chase cc referral links! (“Oops! Honest mistake. I never read!”)

  48. PhatMiles says:

    First hand dp from a friend.
    Applied for CSR on 10/15 – approval after a phone call.
    Under 5/24
    Approved for CSR & CIP in the last 2 months

    • Elmer says:

      Again, how is this helpful? One is business one is personal. They were under 5/24. No indication that they have any other Chase cards. Can you explain the value of your “data point”???

      • NinjaX says:

        its ok man. ive already tried and people were crying about it. 99% rather take the blue pill anyway…

      • PhatMiles says:

        Sorry. My DP was not valid. I am sorry about the confusion.

        Another DP:
        Holding CSP & CIP
        Applied for CSR on 10/15/2017.
        Denied. Phone rep said “New policy changed in September and anyone can hold only one Sapphire card. Did not give more details than that”

    • NinjaX says:


  49. Mj says:

    Spouse approved for 2nd Freedom through “your offers” on Thursday. Last freedom approval 3/2016


  50. Amol says:

    I just changed a Sapphire Preferred (I have a CSR as well) to a Freedom (I already have both a Freedom and CFU). Still waiting for the new card but was able to activate 5X

  51. Gus says:

    Can we safely conclude that the restrictions on the “Sapphire family” do not similarly apply to the “Southwest family” or the “Freedom family” (yet), and also “Sapphire family” and “Freedom family” are separate?

  52. Ira says:

    Wife applied for Chase Ink Business card on Oct 7th for her business. I have had an Ink business card for years for mine. She was rejected yesterday. Has excellent credit and does not violate the chase 5/24 rule. calling for reconsideration tomorrow

  53. airgypsy says:

    10/5/17 = approved for Ink Cash
    Pre-approved in branch for Ink Cash
    – under 5/24
    – already have Ink + and Ink Preferred

  54. JASON says:

    My dad is currently having 2 regular Freedom cards and one Sapphire preferred, I would help him PC the Sapphire preferred to the 3rd regular Freedom this week and will report back if that’s allowed.

  55. jeffery says:

    Was able to change a freedom unlimited to my second freedom on 10/15

  56. Jesse says:

    Re-posting from one of the Chase SW threads:
    9/30 – I am 5/24 including an authorized user account I have never used so 4/24 primary. I applied for SW Business Premier card. Got email that I would receive a response in 30 days. Called recon number and could not get them to approve me (all my cards have been opened in the last 6mo). Even with moving credit from my CSP they weren’t willing to because of recency of accounts. I was able to explain away the auth user account so they were OK with # of accounts.

    9/30 – Later in day I made a rash decision to apply for SW Personal Premier, thinking I could MS my way to CP early in 2018. Got email. Too late to call recon.

    10/2 – Called Business recon number and got them to approve me by shifting $8K from my CSP CL to SW card. I then called the Personal recon number and early on proactively said I would be willing to shift some of my CL from CSP to my SW Personal Premier. Rep said “No problem, let me work on that and verify for you.” I was on hold for maybe 15sec and he came back to say I am all approved and they moved $8K from my CSP CL to my SW Personal Premier. I was a little suspicious that the $8K was the same amount so I asked them to clarify the exact card they were talking about and they confirmed it was Chase Southwest Premier Rapid Rewards. I said OK and thought that was that.

    10/9 – I received the Chase SW Personal Premier in the mail, activated it.

    10/11 – All along I had been concerned the Business card approval that I was given was actually for the Personal card, since when I called the business recon number, I assumed that’s what we were talking about but I never had them confirm the exact card name. After not getting the business card in the mail, I finally called into the business recon number again and they confirmed I was denied, and no amount of moving CL, increasing my income (wife got a new job with raise since my initial app) would allow them to approve me. I’m dejected, thinking I royally screwed things up by not just applying for both personal cards on the same day instead of biz+personal.

    10/11 – I’m a real 5/24 now while looking like 6/24 due to auth user account. On a whim, I figured why not just apply for the SW Personal Plus card, maybe I can catch a break with recon and all I have to lose is a hard pull. I applied, got email, and instantly called recon. I got the right guy. Call took 30 minutes, mostly on hold, but after answering a bunch of questions and only shifting a $2K CL from CSP to the SW Personal Plus, I was approved and he said I should receive the card in a week! This puts me at 6/24.

  57. RBM3 says:

    I already have the Chase Ink Plus. I applied for a Chase Ink Preferred on 10/13. I was declined. reason for denial, too much credit extended. I called recon today 10/20 to move credit around and was approved. So I now have both the Plus and the Preferred.

  58. Jay says:

    Applied for both SW Plus and SW Premier on 10/1. Got a message that it is being reviewed. Got a letter that both are rejected due to too many cards within a short period. I am 4/24 for Chase cards. Not sure if I should go for a recon. Experian score is 770.

  59. phantasmic says:

    already have the Chase Ink Plus. applied for a Chase Ink Preferred on 10/23. instant approval.

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