Posted by William Charles on January 14, 2016
Bank Account Bonuses

Published on January 14th, 2016 | by William Charles


Chase Checking ($300) & Savings ($200 Bonus) – Available Nationwide (Mostly)

  • Maximum bonus amount: $500
  • Availability: Nationwide (must open account in branch)
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum. Click here to view what triggers this bonus
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Not available when opening in branch
  • Monthly fees: $10-12, waivable
  • Early account termination fee: Bonus taken back if closed within six months
  • Expiration date: Varies based on coupon purchased

The Offer

Offer requires a purchase of coupon on eBay, most seem to be going for $5-$10

  • Receive a bonus of $300 when you open a Chase total checking account and set up a direct deposit.
  • Receive a bonus of $200 when you open a Chase savings account and deposit $15,000 or more in new money within 10 days and maintain a balance of $15,000 for 90 days.

chase $500 bonus

The Fine Print

  • Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, or those who have had accounts closed in the last 90 days (or with a negative balance)
  • Direct deposit must be received within 60 days of account opening
  • “Direct deposit must be paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government”
  • Must open account in branch
  • Bonuses will appear within 10 days of meeting the requirements (batch processed on a Tuesday)
  • Interest rate on the Chase savings account is 0.01%
  • You can only receive one Chase checking & savings account per calendar year and only one bonus per account

Avoiding Fees

Savings Account

The Chase Savings Account comes with a monthly service fee of $4 in most states and $5 in CA, FL, GA, ID, NV, OR and WA. Monthly fee is waived with any of the following:

  • Keep a minimum daily balance of $300 or more.
  • Have at least one repeating automatic transfer from your Chase checking account of $25 or more. One time transfers do not qualify.
  • Have a linked Chase Premier Plus Checking, Chase Premier Platinum Checking, or Chase Private Client Checking account.

Checking Account

The Chase Total Checking account comes with a monthly service fee of $10-$12 which is waived if complete any of the following:

  • Have monthly direct deposits totaling $500 or more
  • Keep a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more
  • Keep an average daily balance of $5,000 or more in any combination of qualifying Chase checking, savings and other balances

Early Account Termination Fee

If you close either account within 6 months of account opening, you will forfeit the bonus.

Our Verdict

This bonus usually becomes public once or twice a year, the reason I’m posting and why it might be worth paying the $5 fee for a coupon is the fact that this bonus is churnable, with two rules:

  • Cannot receive the bonus if you have an open account or have closed it in the last 90 days
  • Can only receive one bonus (checking & savings account) per calendar year

Because it’s a new calendar year, I suspect a lot of people will be eligible for this bonus again (especially since the last public bonus was in June of last year). I personally just suck up the $5-$10 fee of buying a coupon so I can get this bonus done early each year (in case they change the terms), the main downside to this is you need to go in branch and the bankers can see your history of opening and closing. I’ve never had a problem with this personally (presumably because it helps to pad that bankers numbers).

Because of how cheap these coupons currently are and how easy it is to complete this deal, we’ve added it to our list of the best bank account bonuses. It can also be found in our complete list of all deposit account bonuses.

284 Responses to Chase Checking ($300) & Savings ($200 Bonus) – Available Nationwide (Mostly)

  1. Adam says:

    does Chase or any of the major banks ever have bonuses for opening up Business Checking & Savings accts?

    I dont think I’ve ever see you post about that. I think that might be more feasible in terms of churning. I really dont wanna close my long time primary accts w/big banks just to get a bonus again.

    so yeah whats the scope on Business deposit accts? appreciate if you could look into it and possibly find juicy offers like this for the personal accts.

  2. Kody says:

    Some may like this data point: Military and veterans have fees waived and do not have to hold a minimum balance for the Preferred Checking Account (I’m not sure if this is true for the savings account).

    I recently opened PCA account (2 days ago) which took about 45 minutes.

    I have also opened two other accounts last week and decided to omit them when asked to list the bank accounts I have. It did not seem to matter much.

    • Rose says:

      Thanks for the tip, Kody about the military and veterans. It certainly would make the checking trouble free and fee free since I was thinking about making them my main checking account.
      Wish it was only 10K for the savings account:)

  3. Steve says:

    I love that there isn’t a Citibank branch or a Chase branch within 250 miles of where I live.

  4. britomart says:

    If you have an existing Savings account but close out the checking, will you still be eligible for the Checking bonus provided the other requirements are met? Chase has doesn’t restrict ACH links so thinking about keeping one account open.

  5. Mark says:

    You can only receive one Chase checking & savings account per calendar year and only one bonus per account

    Does currently having citigold account and receiving Citigold TYP bonus in 2016, affect any of the terms for this account or they are two different animals?

  6. Bryan says:

    Can you have a current open checking account but apply for the savings account and get the bonus?

    • I think so, but not 100% sure.

      • Bonus Lover says:

        Absolutely. I would not close my Chase Personal Account. But, I receive a savings bonus every year. Just waIting for a savings coupon keeping opening deposit for 10 days rather than 90 days.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          i may go the same route as you going forward so I have a question for you. Are you able to apply for the savings account with the bonus (assuming $200 one) online or is it branch only?

  7. Cowboyguy says:


    Do you think it’s worth it to churn the checking/saving account bonuses with Chase, considering you want to have a good banking relationship with them because of all their products?

    My SO did it 3 times and they closed her account, and probably also said something like she can’t open an account with them in the future.

  8. Victor says:

    Two questions: (1) When is the deadline to use the coupons? (2) Any data points on how long you need to wait to churn to avoid being blacklisted (i.e. forbidden to open accounts again with Chase)? I closed my accounts with them pretty much exactly 90 days ago; is it better to wait a while longer?

  9. Peter says:

    I live in MD, where there are no Chase branches, but frequently travel to California, where they have plenty. Can I open an account in California, even if my mailing address is in Maryland?

  10. anthonyjh21 says:

    Thinking about picking this up, thanks for posting about this. I wasn’t expecting to see an offer right out of the gates but I believe I’m technically out of the woods (closed 10/8/15) and I’m wanting to try for the INK Plus CC (either through upgrading INK Cash or applying). I’d have to imagine having an account would benefit my relationship with Chase. I may even keep the account going forward, although that’ll depend on whether or not ACH is accepted as DD going forward to avoid fees.

  11. Victor says:

    Posted my coupon to eBay for $4.00 if anyone is interested. Titled “Chase $500 Bank Bonus Promo Coupon exp 2/29/16”

  12. Kerri says:

    What happens to the direct deposit if you are self employed?

  13. Rose says:

    Received a targeted mail offer from them ending March 3, 2016, probably because I opened a Chase Freedom card last year.

  14. Wicked Gringo says:

    My offer from Chase is only $200 for opening the checking or savings. There is a bonus $100 if I do both, so I can still get the full $500

  15. Lorenzo Yniguez says:

    So i currently have a Chase checking account. I am recently married and my wife and I are looking into opening a joint account. Would we be eligible for this bonus or would we be disqualified because I already have a chase checking account?

  16. kraja says:

    can we open the account online with the coupon? on the application page there is an option to enter coupon

  17. shybenny says:

    I bought the Chase Savings coupon on eBay and I went to the Chase branch to open the Savings account yesterday on Friday, 1/22/2016. The application process was already started and then the personal banker took the coupon to the back of the office then she came back and said that my name did not match with their system. So, the account was not able to open.

    I bought the coupon from eBay last year and did not have such problem when opening the account.

    Chase mailed a coupon to my mother in law and I used her coupon with her name on the mail. Her name did not print it on the coupon. I used her coupon and was told the same thing: my name did not match with their system. Again, the account could not open with using my mother in law’s coupon or the coupon that I bought from eBay.

  18. ff says:

    no need to buy from ebay. here’s a link. only 1 per email address. this is premier plus

    • Premier plus is much harder to keep fee free, that’s why it’s worth paying for the Total Checking. I removed that link because it’s an affiliate link as well.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        Wish the premier fee waiver requirements weren’t so steep. I really dislike having to go into Chase to open an account as it always takes 1+ hours set aside to go and take care of it. Sure the hourly is good, just saying. The last time I went I had to wait a while just for a banker to be available. Still will do it because the bonus is worthwhile but I’d be elated to see the Total Checking $300 offer via online application.

  19. Wyle says:

    Pulled the trigger today with my coupon. No glitches. It was a 20+ minute wait and a 20+ minute process, but I had nothing else that paid $300/hr on today’s schedule. That’s what I get for going on a Friday afternoon.
    I was surprised by a few setup questions. “What day of the month would my DD occur?” “What average balance would I expect to have?” “Would this be my primary checking account?”
    I don’t remember these type of questions when I had the last Chase checking, but that was a couple years ago. Could be related to having 2 Chase checking accounts in the past or opening 6 checking accounts in the past 45 days. Obviously, I didn’t ask.
    They also led me through installing their app on my phone so I could consent to paperless statement delivery. I didn’t mind, but I did think it was a little intrusive of them to “require” that. I imagine you could push back on that if you wanted.

  20. Mike says:

    I heard they batch process bonus so anyone know when and how often?

  21. Wyle says:

    The deal is definitely still active.
    After opening a Total Checking account last Friday with a paper $300+$200 coupon that came in the mail, I get an email today with another coupon and extended offer date (4/4/16). Looks like they’re specifically targeting people with Chase cards, “As a Chase credit card customer, you can enjoy even more value from your relationship with us! Get $300 (for checking) or get $200 (for savings) or get $500 for both!”

  22. Anandha says:

    Hi Doc,

    I got $300+$200 coupon when i received usps change of address kit. I done it online with fee of $1.05. But can get free kit in post office.

  23. Alan says:

    Why can’t you do this online? There is a field to type in the coupon.

  24. Bob says:

    I’m in PA and there aren’t any Chase branches here. This might be a dumb question but buying one of these coupons on eBay and then driving an hour to a Chase branch in Ohio is not a problem, is it?

  25. Nick says:

    I wonder if I’ve accidentally stumbled upon a little loophole to 6-month early termination fee here.

    I helped my family member open a Total Checking acct in branch with an eBay’d $300 coupon about a month ago. We went ahead and processed an external ACH push to qualify for the checking acct bonus and the bonus was credited soon thereafter. Everything proceeding smoothly. Plans are to let it idle with the minimum $1500 for 6 months.

    Meanwhile, the family member had an existing savings account with Chase from a previous bonus offer. Since the savings account had surpassed the 6 months, we called in and instructed the CSR to transfer the remaining balance over to the checking account and to close the savings. Logging online after the call, we saw the balance for the savings was $0 by “Teller initiated transfer” with all the funds now consolidated into the checking acct. I didn’t look into it any further.

    Two weeks later, we just received a cashier’s check for the full balance of the checking acct. Logged in online and the checking acct had disappeared from online view, but savings acct (still) showed $0 balance. We called in to see what was happening and the CSR said the checking acct had been closed about a week ago (!), while the savings acct was still open (!).

    Basically the previous CSR had mistakenly closed the _checking_ account instead of the savings and thus liquidated all the funds back to us. But there was no early termination fee nor reversal of the $300 bonus, as we received the full balance in the cashier’s check. We asked the CSR about whether we should fix this mistake and re-open the checking acct to avoid the early termination fee and the CSR said she’d have to inquire about reversing the acct closure but let it slip that accounts closed within 30 days of opening aren’t assessed the acct closure fee (!)

    Looking back at our records, sure enough, the checking acct was opened and closed within about 25 days.

    Anyhow, hopefully other folks out there will be daring enough to reproduce things for us. If this turns out to be the case, it would significantly shorten the churning turnaround times for folks — no more waiting 6 months to close the acct and waiting 90 days before a new acct.

    • Personally I’m not willing to risk it, bankers can see when accounts are opened and closed. I’d rather they see that I had the account open for six months rather than less than thirty days.

  26. shybenny says:

    I went to a different Chase Bank branch to open the Savings account yesterday, 2/8/2016 which was the Chinese New Year and presented the same promotional coupon. This time, the representative just entered the coupon code into the computer system without verifying whose coupon does it belong to or whether that coupon was targeted.

    If you buy the coupons from eBay and the representative say that the coupon does not belong to you or your name is not in the coupon, then, please do not argue with them. Just go to another different Chase branch to open the account.

    I love bonus.

    The Chinese New Year usually takes place in every February.

  27. Craig says:

    Wanna do the chase savings bonus but 2 things:

    Already have a chase checking
    Don’t have 15k to open a savings

    Does that mean I won’t be able too?

    • Jan B says:

      @ Wyle. RE: extra questions during the process.

      Actually, when I did the $10K last year (2015), I did have some extra financial questions that centered on household income, if I remember correctly. I guess they do take the opportunity to get as much out of the interaction as possible for Chase marketing.

    • You can close the Chase checking and then wait 90 days and you’ll be eligible.

  28. Mike says:

    Anyone receive their bonus for this year yet? I opened mine and did ACH deposit more than a month ago and still see no bonus posted. Wonder if ACH is dead and need real paycheck deposit now.

  29. dan says:

    Got $300 earlier this month with a $25 pulled from discover checking

    • Thanks, added data point.

    • Tom says:

      Just got my $300 cking bonus. ACH was from my Santander checking, looked like this:

      Type: ACH
      Description: SANTANDER BANK PAYMENT (MY NAME) ********6

      The number did not correspond with the account number. After counting the asterisks and the 6, I realized it is my social security number. So even with my name on there it worked.

      Got my coupon on ebay.

  30. David says:

    I forgot that Alliant no longer counts as DD so last week I pushed $300 from NFCU which has always worked in the past. No bonus today but I will give it one more week before trying another ACH from a different bank.

    • David says:

      It looks like NFCU didn’t work either.

      • B says:

        No bonus so far…. I pushed from
        Ally ( posted as p2p & Web ID)
        Discover (posted as p2p & web ID)
        Redbird ( posted as PPD ID)

        May be it will post later today? not sure …

        • B says:

          I am sorry…just checked chase…I am seeing $300 entry for new checking as pending…I don’t know what triggered…may be Redbird as it came as PPD

          • dan says:

            Likely from discover; mine got the bonus with a $25 pulled earlier this month

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            My guess is any of the 3 would work. I know it works w/ Ally and Redbird is as good as it gets as a pseudo-DD.

          • Wyle says:

            I pushed $40 from Ally. It posted on 2/8 as P2P and no bonus after 2+ weeks (including 3 Tuesdays). Currently have pending $40 push from Discover, but it’s also posting as P2P. Guess I’ll find out next Tuesday. Also have setup in works to do push from Fidelity.

        • When did those ACH post?

          • B says:

            here are details..

            02/11/2016 Ally Bank P2P MYNAME WEB ID:#####
            02/16/2016 Serve Enterprise Exchange PPD ID:#####
            02/19/2016 Discover Bank P2P MYNAME WEB ID:#####

            Serve enterprise was Redbird push

            apart from above Ally bank and Discover bank TRIALCREDIT posted with PPD ID on 02/08 and 02/10 respectively.

            what do you think?

  31. Jason says:

    I have a chase checking account now, can I still get an $200 open account bonus if I open a chase saving account without closing my checking account? (I saw it said “a new custom”)

  32. David says:

    02/10/2016 ACH Credit NFCU ACH P2P $300.00
    02/03/2016 ACH Credit Alliant CU. ONLINE WD PPD $200

    Neither of the above worked. Going to try sending from Serve and TechCU.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Let me know how TechCU works for you.

    • Surprised neither worked, let me know when you trigger it so I can update our data points.

      • David says:

        Pending Misc. Credit $300 for New Checking
        02/25/2016 ACH Credit SERVE ENTERPRISE EXCHANGE PPD $50.00
        02/25/2016 ACH Credit TECH CU ORIGINATED $325.00

        Just last year Chase closed my checking account and said I was barred from ever having a deposit account with them again.

        • anthonyjh21 says:


          • David says:

            Last year I signed up for my annual Chase checking account bonus. My Chase online access was then suspended on the Tuesday that the bonus was supposed to post on. They held the funds in the account hostage for a few weeks and then sent me a check. I have a Freedom and CSP that were not closed but I couldn’t access them online. I was able to get my online access restored after about 10 different phone calls to the executive office over the period of a month. They would not tell me why my account was closed but that I was no longer welcome as a deposit customer with Chase.

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            Wow, that’s news to me. Sorry to hear that happened. i assume you’re referring to a bonus in someone else name or were you able to successfully earn the bonus this time around after being shut down last year?

            Few questions though. Did you use MO? Were you using it as a hub for MS? How many years had you churned the checking account previously? How old is your overall relationship with Chase?

            I just opened my second Chase checking and I was already strongly considering keeping it as my brick and mortar bank going forward. At this point I’m thinking you made my decision easier.

  33. Mike says:

    Darn, I tried everything and can’t get the bonus to trigger. I finally decided to change my payroll but it will takes 2 payrolls to activate which will bring me out of the 60 days requirement.. feeling sad 🙁
    1) USAA ACH – not working
    2) PayPal – not working
    3) NavyFed ACH – not working
    4) TechCU ACH – not working

    Just did another ACH from Fifth Third.. hope this last bank I have will works

    Serve seem to work for others, unfortunately mine account got canned.

  34. Wade says:

    Data point: Push from Wells Fargo to Chase triggered bonus. Got the bonus on the next Wednesday just like they told me it would in branch.

    My Wells Fargo push coded as: ACH Credit | WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA PPD ID: INTFITROCS

    • Wyle says:

      Willing to say what the amount was? No mention of a minimum in the terms, but I’ve tried $40 pushes from Ally and Discover. Both coded as P2P though. I’ll give WF a shot, but I don’t want to be missing because of amount. Thx.

      • Wade says:

        I pushed $500.
        I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that that was the minimum, but don’t remember where.
        Also note, WF has a $3.00 (I think) fee on transfers to external accounts. I didn’t realize it until I was doing it, but it was the only account I could use at the time to transfer. 🙁

        • Garden says:


          I want to know if you push through the Walls Fargo SurePay or not. Cause SurePay does not ask for the $3 fee. Could you please reply? Thanks.

        • Vic says:

          I can also confirm that I got my $300 checking bonus using Wells Fargo transfer. Did exactly what Wade did, transferred $500(with $3 transfer fee) last week and got the bonus today. Thanks Wade and DoC.

          • Swan Chew says:

            May i know should i press the
            I acknowledge that
            I own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below
            I do not own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below.

            can i click on i do not own the non-wells fargo account even is my account? .

        • Wannie says:

          Hi Wade,

          may i know is there a verify my transfer account in wells fargo? cos To enable your account for transfers, additional security measures are required to verify your ownership of the account. It may take 2-3 business days to verify your account for use in transfers. Accounts that are verified for transfer are also enabled for payments. Fees may apply when transferring funds to your non-Wells Fargo accounts. )

          is that how you do? thank you

    • Nnnnh says:

      For your Wells Fargo transfer did you use surepay?

    • Swan Chew says:

      May i know should i press the
      I acknowledge that
      I own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below
      I do not own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below.

      can i click on i do not own the non-wells fargo account even is my account? .

    • ru zhou says:

      How did you do it?
      just transform the money form your checking account?
      or use the ach?

  35. Lee says:

    How much do we have to push to get the bonus?

    I keep hearing high numbers of $500 and $1000

    would it post with $100?

  36. David says:

    I have done as little as $50 in the past and it triggered the bonus.

  37. adam d says:

    one possibility to keep in mind to trigger bonus is if you drive for uber/lyft you can get direct deposit that way fast without having to change your real jobs DD.

  38. Jeff says:

    Venmo did NOT work for Chase bonus that should have posted today. Now that’s Ally and Venmo. It looks like they may have changed ACH window. Please post your experiences! Running out of options. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • adam d says:

      Sign up for uber if you have a 4door car usually takes 3 days, no interview/no car inspection needed. give one ride to a friend/family member for the minimum $4.20, you would get $2.25 of it commision. (you can request ride with their phone, accept with yours, wait 3 minutes or so and end ride, no need to leave house)comes in on bank as “edi payment”. direct deposit payee can be changed instantly. dd comes thru on wednesdays and rides towards end the previous monday at 4am. (churning sims for free rides/referral amounts is a whole another revenue source) uber sign-up is $225. If you like this info you can use my referral code or not up to you. my invitation code is GZ10W. (I did this on the first tennesse to activate bonus, and just signed up for chase)

      • Jeff says:

        adam, what do you mean Uber sign up is $225? You have to pay that to be a driver? Also, is it easy to cancel/delete your driver account?

        • adam d says:

          no its free to be a driver, bonuses depend on your city, chicago was $225 I believe when I did it(30 rides/30days rewuirement. if you just want to do minimum you wont meet uber bonus but you will get chase/other banks

        • adam d says:

          you can deactivate your account but theres no fees or minimum hours for driving so doesnt really matter. i made over $1000 in signup bonuses from uber/lyft last year.

          • Jeff says:

            adam, I may try this Uber method to get my Chase bonus. Do they do a serious check of your driving record and insurance? I read something about needing a special commercial driving permission on your insurance. Wouldn’t want anything affected.

          • adam d says:

            it is a legit payroll processor so it will trigger, just read up on what uber is offering bonus wise fornyourncity if you want to reach it or not

        • adam d says:

          no commercial insurance needed. unless you have a misdemeanor or felony on your record your good, they pay for the checks. if u do when you fill out an app just out my invite code/which is “gz10w” in the box at the bottom. if you dont plan on driving often its ok either way.

          • Jeff says:

            Thanks for your help. Last question: can you explain how to sit with a friend and request/take a ride for payment without actually going outside? (as you mentioned before). Thanks

        • adam d says:

          have whoever you live with download the ube app on their cell, turn your uber drover mode “on”, then have them request a ride, your car will be the nearest nnl youll get assigned the ride

          • adam d says:

            uber app*

            driver mode*

            youll understand when you see your cars icon at their location on their uber gps request

  39. anthonyjh21 says:

    Received bonus today. Used $300 coupon from ebay. Was the second year I’ve churned this bonus. May just keep it going forward though.

    2/22 – Account opened
    2/29 – Ally Bank
    3/1 – Serve
    3/2 – PayPal
    3/8 – Bonus rec’d

  40. Tom says:

    Santander Bank ACH worked at Chase for my wife also, got $300 bonus this week, 6 days after ACH showed up in the Chase checking account.

  41. kraja says:

    Techcu ACH push worked for DD for chase 300$ bonus. Discover ACH push didn’t work.showed up as p2p in chase.

  42. Wyle says:

    I was 6 weeks into the 90 day bonus window and earlier pushes didn’t trigger the bonus, so I switched from sniper to shotgun this week
    Note: I reread offer and still didn’t see mention of any minimum amount required for DD.
    >500 ACH push from Ally – probably didn’t trigger as earlier $40 push didn’t. Coded as P2P.
    $40 ACH push from Santander – possible trigger. Did not code as P2P, but did contain name.
    >500 ACH push from Fidelity – VERY likely trigger. Coded as PPD.
    Bonus pending as of this morning (Tues, 3/15)

    • Tom says:

      I have seen Santander work twice for Chase, myself and my wife, we have separate accounts. Both deposits had our names and reference to our SS numbers, and were also from separate accounts. They both were over $500 however.

    • Fidelity Brokerage or Cash Management? says:

      May I ask if your ACH push from Fidelity was from a Fidelity Cash Management account or a Fidelity Brokerage account?

  43. heman says:

    opened account 3/4. Sent $500 from fidelity on 3/10 and $150 from first tennessee on 3/10. Fidelity posted at ach credit. first tennessee as account transfer. Fidelity triggered bonus, first tennessee did not. Bonus posted 3/15.

  44. Tom2 says:

    Ally didn’t work for me. It looks like I’m the third person within the last month or so to state this so I’d say it’s time to update the Chase list so others don’t waste time with Ally. Thanks.

  45. GG says:

    Ally also did not work for me.

  46. Matthew says:

    Ally and Discover didn’t work for me.

  47. Patrick says:

    Is it possible to fund the new accounts with a credit card? I know it is a long shot. Did anyone try and get rejected?

    • Chuck says:

      I think online Chase accounts can be funded with $500 in credit card, but most of the good bonuses are in-branch and can not be funded with card.

  48. Jeff says:

    FINALLY got the $300 bonus after several different attempts.

    2/17 – Opened account
    2/22 – Ally $500 push – coded as P2P
    3/3 – Venmo $250 push – coded as CCD
    3/16 – Citizens Bank $30 push – coded as P2P + my full name
    3/16 – First Tennessee – coded as A2A Transfr
    3/22 – Bonus Pending today

    So… Ally and Venmo did NOT work for ACH. It was either Citizens or FT that triggered the bonus. My guess would be FT but I’m not sure. It is unclear at this time whether Chase is just limiting certain banks from ACH transfers working or have put in code for things like “P2P” to not trigger the bonus. I was about to resort to getting a Serve for the first time, but bonus posted today. If anyone is still struggling, maybe try opening a “1-deposit” free checking from Citizens or FT. Or open a Serve. Hope this helps.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Thanks for the data point. Paypal is likely to still work, although I’m not 100% sure of it. Reason being I also used Serve but both were coded as PPD. Ally, just like you, coded as P2P. All three were done at once and one caused the bonus to post.

      I may just keep the FT account open for a bit if it helps out in a pinch.

      Other thing I’m now curious about is whether or not Ally will qualify as a DD as far as keeping the account fee-free. It set off my DD chase alert so I guess we’ll see.

      • Jeff says:

        Ally and pretty much any transfer count for DD fee waiver. They’re much more lenient about that

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Yeah that was the conclusion I came to as well. I’ve had this same account last year and Ally always triggered the DD and the fee was waived. This time around I may just keep this Chase as my B&M bank and to possibly help with my Chase relationship going forward.

        • mike1 says:

          So any transfer to chase that ends up with me getting an email about a direct deposit will waive my monthly fees..?

      • Jeff says:

        And I think they stopped PayPal a long time ago according to Doc, even though it coded like that. Looks like Serve worked for you.

  49. daniel says:

    Does Tech CU work for waiving the monthly $12 fee? thanks

  50. sara says:

    Does Discover work anymore to trigger the direct deposit requirement?

  51. GG says:

    Confirming that either Barclays or Fidelity (I suspect both) still work for the bonus DD requirement. Transfer from Barclays posted 3/28, transfer from Fidelity posted on 3/25. Both transfers were under $50. Bonus pending on 3/29.

  52. Lorenzo says:

    so my wife signed up for an account but works freelance. Would I be able to set up my direct deposit at work into her account to have it count? just wanted to see if anyone has experience doing this.

  53. Matt says:

    Didn’t see it on the list; just sharing that Schwab Checking (not brokerage) didn’t work for me as a direct deposit.for the purposes of this bonus.

  54. Jeff H. says:

    Any other datapoints on whether First Tennessee transfer triggers the bonus? I’m seeing conflicting information in the comments here. I’ve already tried Ally and USAA, if this doesn’t work I might have to run and open a serve account…

  55. Garden says:

    Same use the Wells Fargo transfer over $500 with $3 fee. Got the bonus finally.

  56. Sara says:

    Does the bonus post on a Tuesday in the morning or afternoon? Just trying to figure out if it will post later today. direct deposit just it yesterday. Is there a cut-off where it has to be in by in order to post the next day on Tuesday?

  57. Kevin says:

    Used bluebird last week still work trigger bonus today.

  58. daniel says:

    First Tennessee
    Tech CU
    Charles Schwab Brokerage

    Nothing works as direct deposit… T_T
    Anyone have any alternatives that still work? Thanks!

  59. Sara says:

    Does Capital One 360 Savings still work for the bonus?

  60. Ethan says:

    Can I use a photo of the offer card in branch to sign up for this offer? I would like to purchase one of off ebay for the $300 offer, but I will be near a Chase branch before it arrives in the mail. I don’t live near a Chase branch, and it is rare that I am, but I will be there tomorrow, so would like to open up an account with the $300 offer.

  61. Jeff H. says:

    Bonus finally posted today – the 60th day since account opening *phew*. Trigger must have been one of the following:

    – First Tennessee A2A transfer,
    – Elevations CU trial deposits, or
    – Pinnacle bank trial deposits

    I’ve seen a couple other comments saying FT did not work so I’m inclined to think it was one of the trial deposits… Strange.

    For sure did NOT work:

    -Ally transfer
    -USAA transfer

    Hope this helps.

    • jack says:

      Jeff: Would you mind telling if the three that triggered coded as P2P or something else? You should be able to see this info on chase. Thanks!

  62. chris says:

    I did not see, “Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, or those who have had accounts closed in the last 90 days”, anywhere in the fine print.

    I closed my chase checking account in late January, I can wait for 2 more weeks to open a new checking account. But I just don’t see the “90 days” language anywhere.

  63. JS says:

    Anyone knows if tax refunds DD work as well for this? Thanks

    • Elliot says:

      Tax refund did NOT work for me. Direct deposit of $750 from IRS was coded as a “PPD” transaction, and when I called to complain that it didn’t trigger the bonus, the chase banker looked into it and said it didn’t qualify. I also tried Venmo which didn’t work. Trying Vanguard, Google Wallet, and Amex Serve this week. Hopefully one of those works.

  64. alex says:

    Just wanted to chime and confirm that an ACH transfer via Amex Serve still works. Mine came in today.

  65. Blake Johnson says:

    I was denied the bonus because I got the bonus last year. I didn’t realize that it’s one year since you got the bonus not every Jan 1 you become eligible again. Hopefully this will help someone.

    • Mark says:

      Good to know, thanks Blake!

      Around what time last year did you receive the bonus? I almost signed up, but I received my bonus last year in July – good thing I saw your post.

  66. Swan chew says:

    I open the chase checking account though wanna get the $300 bonus. But get to known that my company didn’t do any direct deposit. Is anywhere I can do a direct deposit out of my company??? Help…..

  67. JS says:

    Just check as of this morning, no bonus yet triggered. Pushed 500 from WF. Hope its too early.

  68. JS says:

    DD from Wells Fargo work just as Wade exactly stated. Bonus pending around 9 am EST. Thanks so much!

    • Swan Chew says:

      Dear JS,

      may i know how you transfer from wells fargo? is using bill pay or surepays? or others? please help…
      Thank you

      • JS says:

        Swan Chew, you have to use the Transfers tab -> Between your accounts to transfer. I’m not sure if bill pay or sure pay works since it requires an ACH transfer.

        • Swan Chew says:

          Dear JS,

          After click Transfers tab -> Between your accounts to transfer, is it need to go click the (Transfers – To transfer money between your Wells Fargo checking, savings, brokerage or other eligible deposit accounts and your checking or savings account at another financial institution.
          Note: To enable your account for transfers, additional security measures are required to verify your ownership of the account. It may take 2-3 business days to verify your account for use in transfers. Accounts that are verified for transfer are also enabled for payments. Fees may apply when transferring funds to your non-Wells Fargo accounts. )

          and click as personal checking?

          • Swan Chew says:

            and is it need to click on
            I acknowledge that
            I own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below or
            I do not own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below.

        • Swan Chew says:

          and is it need to click on
          I acknowledge that
          I own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below or
          I do not own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below.

          Thank you

        • Swan chew says:

          im sorry, that i have too many question. But may i know which should i press

          I acknowledge that
          I own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below or
          I do not own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below.

          can i click on i do not own the non-wells fargo account even is my account? .

  69. M. says:

    Good morning!

    I have a question, hopefully you can assist me Dr.:

    I did the $300 bonus last July and I closed my account in February of this year; am I eligible now to open a Chase account to receive the $300 bonus even if I’ve continued to use Chase’s Quickpay service? Example: My GF and I split groceries so she sends me $ through Chase Quickpay which I accept and have deposited into my BOA account

  70. Mark says:

    Errr, why was my comment removed?

    I have a question; am I still eligible for the $300 bonus if I closed my Chase account, but kept using their Quickpay service?

    • Chuck says:

      If you are using Quickpay with a different, non-chase account, I’d think that you ARE eligible for a new bonus.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Chuck, you mention “non-Chase account”, but the thing is I am still using my old Chase log in information to use Chase QuickPay, but I just don’t have a checking account with them anymore.

        • Chuck says:

          I’d think that you are still eligible so long as the checking or savings account is new.

          • Mark says:

            Great, thanks.

            Unfortunately I see above that someone was not eligible because they had to wait an entire year to obtain the bonus again, not by calendar year – do you know if this is accurate? Sorry for all the questions.

  71. Panda says:

    Transfer from Vanguard Brokerage worked for triggering the bonus.

    4/26 Misc. Credit $300 for New Checking $300.00

    Vanguard does trial deposits for setting up a bank account; those did NOT trigger the bonus even thought they coded as PPDs. One caveat: it does take a week or two for Vanguard to confirm a new bank account, and they hold any new funds for a week before you can transfer, so plan accordingly.

  72. Stephen says:

    Does anyone know if you actually have to live within 30 miles of the nearest branch (New Haven, CT for me) in order to be eligible for the offer? Someone selling this coupon mentioned that but I don’t see it in the terms and conditions. I live about 40 miles away and I frequently travel to that location for other reasons (meeting up with friends, visiting family, visiting the city,etc…)

  73. Jan says:

    Is it possible to receive the bonus if my friend transfer her money from her wells fargo account to my chase account? Or does it have to be between my accounts in chase and wells fargo? Please help..

    • Chuck says:

      I imagine it would work the same if there’s a direct money transfer from your friend’s account or from your own account. But it could depend on how the ‘Send Money’ is processed.

  74. Mel says:

    I am trying to transfer money from my WF to Chase.
    After I enter the information of my chase account, there is a part where I have to click either,

    I acknowledge that
    I own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below
    I do not own the non-Wells Fargo account specified below.

    Which one should I click? Does it matter? Please help me.
    Thank you in advance..

  75. John says:

    Transfered $500 from AMEX Bluebird into Chase checking this week but it coded as PPD, so it’s not triggering the bonus!?!?
    Wtf, Chase keeps changing the rules!

    • Chuck says:

      Maybe give it another few days and see if it works?

    • Deborah Doctor says:

      Johne: Chase has not changed the rules, which say “Direct deposit must be paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government”. All these comments are from people who are not following these rules and have been successful…or not.

  76. Ashokz says:

    Amex Bluebird still works as direct deposit for Chase checking promo.

  77. Alex says:

    I am wanting to open the Chase Premier Checking for $400 bonus, however I was wanting to see if you can downgrade the account after let’s say 2 months to a Chase College Checking account to avoid fees. Anyone have experience with this?

  78. Samuel says:

    Hello All,

    I used the $500 coupon to open a checking and savings account. I got the $300 for the checking via the transfer from Wells Fargo, but it did not trigger the $200 for the savings. Does anyone have any experience getting the $200 for the savings account?

  79. averwind says:

    Interesting, today my savings bonus posted. So I logged in to park $1500 in checking and $300 in savings to meet 6 months deadline. And to my surprise my checking account was closed. Sent a message as well and apparently it was closed for having $0 balance for 60 days.

    Does this mean I am off the hook for minimum 6 month requirement for checking account? Or should I worry about them asking back the $300 checking bonus?

  80. Matt says:

    Does anyone know if I can DD my paycheck into my wife’s account and have that count?


  81. Coupon_clipper says:

    Dumb question: If I sign up for the $300 bonus, I don’t think they’ll send me a 1099-INT (correct me if I’m wrong).

    If I sign up for both bonuses (which I’m considering), does the $200 trigger a 1099-INT for the whole $500 (since the $200 is clearly interest)?

  82. David says:

    Can I write a 15k check to my wife’s Chase account from my Chase account and will that count as “new money?” I’m not associated with her Chase account at all.


    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, I would guess that works, but can’t say for sure. Maybe ask a banker at Chase.

      • David says:

        I did when I was there today and they couldn’t answer it. I think I’m going to have to transfer it directly from my Ally to that account, but I have to wait a few days and I don’t want the 10 day window to pass. The ACH from Ally to Chase for the savings bonus won’t be an issue, correct?

  83. David says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to make sure. I recently opened a chase checking account (last week) and i linked my bluebird to it. Did a 5 dollar direct deposit so it shows up as “bluebird EXCHANGE PPD”. Will that trigger the bonus? I was told bluebird supposedly no longer works….but wanted to make sure.

  84. John says:

    Hi everyone,

    Please, I wonder what is the cheaper Wells Fargo account to trigger the $300 from Chase Checking? (Way2Save, Everyday Checking, Preferred Checking, PMA® Package).

    And what kind of transfer (from WF) is considered a Direct Deposit.

    Thank you.

  85. Justin says:

    Does ACH Credit mean the same as a direct deposit? This is what it posted from Bluebird

  86. Alexander says:

    +1 for Bluebird

    For those who are wondering if Bluebird works as a direct deposit:


    I sent 50$ a week ago + from bluebird to my new chase checking account and today I was credited for – $300 for New Checking.

    • isabella says:

      do you know when you transferred? My bluebird posted on Monday 8/22 but I didn’t receive any bonus on 8/23 (tuesday) so I was assuming it didn’t work…

      Also does anybody know how strict they are on the 60 days? I actually did sign up to change my payroll ACH to chase but because I missed the cut off date it took over 2 paycycles which will be a few days outside the 60 day window… :((

  87. Applied in-branch today (southern CA), and opened both checking and savings. Tried funding the checking with a non-Chase credit card, but the banker said it was not allowed.

  88. sara says:

    I got this offer but am currently a “secondary or joint account holder.”
    I asked a banker in branch if that I want to remove myself from the account because I’m planning to open my own account and want to be eligible for an account opening bonus. He said, “I believe there’s no need to because I see you’re classified as a secondary and not primary.”
    I called in the telephone hotline and asked a banker to confirm this for me. He replied that I’ve been given the wrong information because since I’m even a secondary account holder then I’m considered an existing customer.

    Anyone had this experience? Which banker is right, the in-branch banker, or the telephone banker?

  89. Yet Another Redditor says:

    Chase Premier Checking account w/ $300 bonus for $15K + DD available to open online Anyone know about this already?

  90. says:

    An ACH transfer from my credit union was listed by Chase as “ACH Credit,” which I am assuming does not qualify for the bonus.

    It’s been a couple of days since the transaction posted to Chase; where might one look to see if the requirement for the $300 bonus was satisfied?

    I’ll do BB as a backup. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

    • Chase usually processes it on a Tuesday, if it’s still not working then let us know

      • says:

        Spot on… we ACH’ed the funds on a Thursday, they posted as an ACH Credit, bonus posted on the following Tuesday.

        Credit union was SchoolsFirst.

        With Chase, it often seems that with the brief official descriptions their software puts on various transactions displayed on the Chase Web site, there is a lot of behind-the-scences stuff that matters, yet is not readily available.

        For example, bonus-earning transactions on their various UR-generating cards (e.g., Freedom, Ink Plus) can only be clearly seen as bonus-generating when viewed via the Chase UR portal. I see “work related” transactions on my IP on the Chase side, but when viewed on the Chase UR side, no bonus, even though they are auto-classified as “work related.” In this case, my ACH transfer triggered the bonus, but the only way I know is because I was watching.

      • Student says:

        Credit Union works again!

        Transfer at 10/20, and 300$ bonus posted today.

    • sara says:

      Why would you assume ACH credit will not qualify? I see upthread (Alexander) that his Bluebird transaction coded as ACH and worked for the bonus.

  91. field says:

    Anybody knows how to make ACH from Fifth Third to trigger the bonus, choose make payment or transfer funds from online bank?

  92. Roberta says:

    You can only receive one Chase checking & savings account per calendar year

    Does Chase consider the calendar year – 1 year from your date of opening the account


    the real calendar year January – December?

    Thank you

  93. Eric says:

    Did $25 TD ameritrade ACH on December 2nd. $300 miscellaneous credit for new checking is “pending”. I think that means it’s good to go, because when I click on the icon next to “pending”, it says that it’s already been authorized, just hasn’t been processed yet.

  94. Peter says:

    I had Chase Total Checking for 2years. I closed this acount a week ago. I still have Chase credit cards. Should I buy this card from ebay now? I understand that i can open new chase checking account on about March1st 2017. So ebay card/coupon gives me right to get $300 but regular chase coupon only goves you $200? Last time I only got $200.

    • Vince says:

      Post says

      “Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, or those who have had accounts closed in the last 90 days (or with a negative balance)”

  95. Cynthia says:

    So, the link to ebay takes me to an offer that says it expires Jan 31 2017. Is this legit? I thought this $300/$200 offer had expired.

  96. Dan says:

    So banker reversed my deposits and put 15k in the checking… Can I pull that money out and re-deposit into saving? Ideas?

  97. Jim says:

    As of today, Feb 11, 2017, does anyone know if an ACH transfer from Wells Fargo to Chase checking will still trigger the $300 Chase bonus? How about an ACH from Ameritrade into Chase?

  98. Jeff G says:

    Similar to Jim’s Wells Fargo question:

    1. Does it work from Wells Fargo?
    2. If so, can I ACH transfer $500 from Wells Fargo to Chase, then withdraw the $500 the next day back to Wells Fargo and then ACH again the next month? Rinse and repeat?

  99. Paul says:

    Some DPs:

    Linked Wells Fargo to account – trial deposits did not trigger bonus.
    IRS tax refund deposited – did not trigger bonus.
    $50 from WF to account – trigger bonus.

  100. Milena Stanislavova says:

    Used WF checking to transfer $500 on April 3rd and received $300 this morning.

  101. Harry says:

    I got this coupon in the mail as part of a coupon mailer packet (called by the name ValPak) which they send every month. If only I had known this is the source of the coupons, I would not have thrown all of the past ones away. At least now I do not need to buy on ebay.

  102. Olivia says:

    I used this offer in March 2017. I funded my savings with 2000 in cash and 13000 from Discover bank. Now I wonder, does 2000 in cash qualify for new money?

  103. Bill says:

    So, obviously after the savings account bonus is credited, you can move all but $300 out of the account until you hit the 6 month period, when you can close the accounts without penalty. My $200 bonus is posting today, so I’ll move the funds out tomorrow.

  104. jz says:

    DP: Went to one branch in Manhattan at 42nd st and 9th ave. The manager told me i’ve been open and closed the account with coupon code. He said he didn’t want to open the account for me. I had to walk to the other branch on times square to open my account.

    I’ve opened the saving account a couple months ago. However, the guy opened the Chase PLUS saving account for me. I just received the bonus. Can I downgrade my plus saving to regular one?

  105. Ed says:

    Please help yourself to my coupon code. Exp 8/5


  106. Chris Baxter says:

    Does currently having a business checking account disqualify you from a new personal checking bonus?

  107. jz says:


    ACH from Serve and Charles Schwab on the dates below. The bonus shows pending on 6/27. I’m not sure which one triggers it. Probably both did.


  108. amillar says:

    DP: opened both checking and savings on June 14 in branch. Took about 45 minutes. Banker wanted to move me up to next level accounts (Premiere Plus Checking and Savings Plus). I assume he gets commision so I said yes. I’m getting free money from it, so he can have some too. I’ll downgrade after bonuses are done.

    ACH transfer from Goldman Sachs Bank ( worked for direct deposit requirement on checking account. Account shows $300 signup bonus pending deposit today. Yay!

    Now waiting for savings bonus.

    Next bank will be BMO Harris.

  109. BigDave says:

    DP: received checking bonus with ACH from my SchoolsFirst account.

  110. Chris says:

    So having an open checking account will disqualify you from this new account bonus. Does that apply to both personal and business accounts? Just wondering if I need to close my biz account and wait another 90 days.

  111. John L. says:

    I signed up for the account with the free $200 promo code, I got a refund of my financial aid from school as a DD into the account. That was last week mid-week and Tuesday passed and I still don’t have my $200. Does a student aid direct deposit not count? It shows up as “ACH credit”. Someone I know did this promo and got their $200 the very next Tuesday, which is why I am concerned. If this doesn’t count, what is the best way for me to fulfill the obligation to get the $200? I’ve seen people on here talking about various methods, but I wondered which was the best method. Any information and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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