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Chase 5/24 Rule Explained In Detail – What You Need To Know

The Basics

Chase has an unpublished rule that applies to most of the credit cards they offer. The rule is an apparent attempt to limit people that sign up for credit cards for the rewards. It’s as follows:

  • When it was officially added it stated: You will not be approved for this card if you have opened 5 or more bank cards in the past 24 months.
  • Our previous interpretation: If you have five or more new accounts (credit/charge cards) on your credit report within the past two years you will not be approved

This rule was originally implemented on Chase branded cards (e.g Freedom & Sapphire Preferred) in June of 2015 and then extended to most co-branded cards (e.g United/Marriott) on May 23rd, 2016.

What Cards Count Towards The 5 Card Limit?

It’s important to note that Chase counts all new accounts on your report, not just Chase accounts. So if you have applied for and been approved for three American Express cards & three Bank of America cards then you’d likely be denied for a Chase card (affected by this rule) due to being over 5/24.

Another thing to note is that it’s based on new accounts being reported, so applications that are denied won’t count towards your total and neither will some business cards that don’t report on your credit report (more on this below). Because new accounts will be reported to all three of the nationwide credit bureaus, it doesn’t matter what particular credit report Chase pulls.

Because authorized user accounts usually show on your credit report, these will also be counted as a new account and count towards the 5/24 rule. Although it’s possible to get some representatives to not count them when calling reconsideration.

[Read: How Does Being An Authorized User Affect Your Credit?]

What Cards Does This Affect?

Chase has a lot of credit cards, this 5/24 rule applies to the following cards:

What Cards Aren’t Affected?

The following cards don’t have this rule applied to them:

Why Aren’t These Cards Affected?

We don’t know for certain, but I assume it has something to do with how these partnerships are structured. Two things that are interesting:

  • These cards do not have business versions available (Marriott does have a business card and that isn’t affected)
  • These cards do not allow you to generate referral links (apart from the Disney card that does)

There is nothing to say that this rule won’t be applied to these cards in the future. Similarly there is nothing to say that this rule will be applied to these cards in the future.

How To Get Around This Rule

There are a number of exemptions to this rule and ways to get around it.

‘Selected For You Offers’

Online it’s possible to see if you have any offers that have been ‘selected for you’. We discuss this in great detail in this post.

Chase Private Clients (CPC)

Update: This is no longer working unfortunately.

If you’re a Chase Private Client, then this rule likely won’t affect you. Frequent Miler has shared his experience about that in this post here. There are also other reports of this happening elsewhere. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you apply online or in branch.

See Using Chase Private Client Status to Get Approved for Credit Cards for more details.

In Branch Offers

Some people have been approved despite being over 5/24 when they have applied for a card at a Chase branch. Most successful reports have been of people that have been told they were pre-approved for a credit card (without them prompting the banker to look for pre-approved offers). This leads me to believe that if you receive one of these ‘pop up’ offers in branch then 5/24 is unlikely to apply – but if you specifically ask for them to check for pre-approved offers they are basically just using the online checker and this doesn’t circumvent 5/24.

Some people have been approved even when over 5/24 and specifically asking for pre-approved offers – so this might work as well. It’s by no means guaranteed though. I’d wait to see if they say you’re pre-approved before asking for offers as that should give you a better success rate.

ReadChase PreApproval In-Branch Frequently Asked Questions

In Branch BRM Paper Offers

If you’re able to find a BRM (business relationship manager) banker and get them to submit a paper application for a business credit card this might bypass the 5/24 rule as it goes to a different department that doesn’t enforce this rule. We discuss this in more depth here.

Targeted/Invite Offers

Some people have been able to bypass 5/24 when they have received an invite offer in the mail with an invitation code. These offers look like this (thanks to  E* from Demflyers):

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.54.22 PM

Notice the invitation number at the top right. Doesn’t seem like these are really being sent out anymore and if they are might no longer bypass 5/24.

Random Success

Recently some people have been able to get around the 5/24 rule randomly, we’re not exactly sure why this is the case. At first we thought it might have been because they received a targeted sign up bonus or mail out offer, but then plenty of people with those offers have also be denied so that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Business Cards Not Reporting

Not all business cards show up on your personal credit report. This means that theoretically you could have 10+ business cards and none of them would be counted towards your five card limit. You can view what business cards do/don’t report by clicking here. Keep in mind that even though Chase business cards do not normally report, they will still be counted as Chase has this information internally. Update: It seems like Chase business cards aren’t count.

Authorized Users & Reconsideration

If you have five cards reporting as a new account within the past two years and ONE of them is an authorized user account then it’s possible to call reconsideration and plead your case. They have the ability to approve you if this is the case, but it’s still up to the credit analyst to make the call. You can view reconsideration numbers by clicking here. You can also read this post on how to remove authorized user accounts from your credit report.

[Read: Tips For Reconsideration Phone Calls]

Our Verdict

It was getting a little confusing having this information over multiple blog posts, so I hope it’s helpful to have it in one place. I’ve also expanded on some of the ways to get around this rule. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.


Do charge cards count towards the limit?


Do store cards count towards the limit?

If the card can be used outside of a specific store (e.g it has a payment network such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) it will be counted. If it can only be used for a specific store, it will not be counted. Data points: 1, 2

Do auto loans count towards the limit?

No they don’t count. Unsure, although I’d assume they wouldn’t because they aren’t a bank card.

Do mortgages/home loans count towards the limit?

No they don’t count. Unsure, although I’d assume they wouldn’t because they aren’t a bank card.

Do student loans count towards the limit?

According to this data point, they do.

If I’m at 5/24, does the rule apply to me?

Yes, you need to have 4 new accounts or less showing on your report otherwise the 5/24 rule will apply to you.

How do you removed authorized user accounts from your credit report?

This page has detailed information on how to do this.

Can I apply for two cards at the same time when I’m at 4/24 and get approved for both?

According to this comment it is possible. And another datapoint.

How is 24 months calculated?

It goes by calendar months, for example say if you’re under 5/24 on January the 8th you actually won’t be eligible until February the 1st. Data point and another datapoint. Another data point suggests you’ll be eligible on January 1st & another & another.

Not 100% sure why there is a discrepancy in this. One theory is that Experian reports account openings at the first of the month. So if they pull Experian only then they would use the January 1st date, otherwise it would use the February 1st date.

Can You Call Reconsideration After You Fall Under 5/24?

Yes, in the example above if you accidentally apply on January 9th then you could call reconsideration on February 1st and then get approved.

Does applying for a banner offer on through the Chase app bypass 5/24?

The Chase app sometimes shows banner offers (see image below), these do not bypass 5/24. More information here. Additional DP says if you’re pre-qualified through the app it does bypass 5/24.

chase app offer

297 Responses to Chase 5/24 Rule Explained In Detail – What You Need To Know

  1. Yochiek93 says:

    There are reports of getting approved for the Marriott card while being over

  2. projectx says:

    I’m sitting right at 5/24. Won’t be at 4/24 until February. Ugh.

  3. Kurtle says:

    Numerous reports of getting approved for the Marriott Business card while being well over 5/24.

  4. Srajk says:

    Does Auto loans also count against the 5 new account limits?

  5. Brad says:

    Stupid question, but let’s say I’m 4/24…. and I want to apply for 2 cards. Can I apply for 2 Chase cards the same day (Maybe 1 Hour gap inbetween?) and be approved for both – since as far as my credit card is concerned I should be 4/24 regardless of the first or second. Obviously when both are finally reported I would be at 6/24

    • Chase will count the first application immediately if it’s instantly approved from what I understand, so do the card you care about most first.

      • Dave says:

        I would be interested to know if there was a 5/24 circumvent for some sort of double application as well. I would like to apply for Southwest Business/Premier when I get to 4/24..

        • Like I said, doubtful but could be possible. Chase would count the apps as they come through, there isn’t really a delay on their system.

          • James Kunz says:

            I have great news, guys! I just tried this the other day and stumbled upon this thread today. I was at 4/24 and then applied for 2 chase cards in one day (SW Prem and Sapphire). I got delays on each, called for one at a time throughout that same day, and got approved for each. (By the way, last time I did this, the bureau combined the inquiries)

            William, I LOVE this site. You do a great job. I use it all the time!

          • @James, thanks added this to the post

          • Brendon ONeal says:

            Just another DP as of today exactly I was at 4/24. No store cards or business cards. All showing on all 3 credit reports. App’d for CSR and was instant approved (after being denied on 8/23 due to 5/24, oldest of the 5 was opened 9/17/14). Right after approval opened an incognito tab and app’d for Freedom and was also instant approved. Looks very possible to sneak a 2nd card in at 4/24.

  6. Maddi says:

    I got the personal Marriott card in April and I was at 17/24 + 1AU (not instant approval-it sat for a few weeks and I did not call). My spouse got the United & SW and was at 13/24 (both instant approval). Maybe we got in before the rule change? We do reduce our credit lines after approval to a more reasonable number, and I pay in full before the statement cuts for all cards except 1 ( sometimes 2 if I mess up). I also got a business card at the same time and I am at 5/24 for business cards.

    • Maddi says:

      Oh, and in the past we have had auto loans and a mortgage with Chase. Maybe that’s a factor.

    • Zzzzzz says:

      5/24 applies at about May 24. You got your card at April so it is not related with 5/24. By the way, you said “I am at 5/24 for business cards”, did you mean you have more than 5 business cards? How many business card do you have with chase?

      • Maddi says:

        I now have 4 with Chase, 1 with Amex, 1 with Citi and 1 Amex that I closed. I I guess I was 6/24 when I was approved.

    • Dan says:

      Yes, you got in before the rule change. Prior to May 2016, Chase co-branded cards (i.e. Marriott, Southwest Airlines, etc) were not under the 5/24 rule.

    • Updated post to indicate when this went into effect on the co-brands to make this clearer.

  7. Zzzzz says:

    Hi DOC,

    Thanks for your post. I am going to chase branch to ask for pre-approved offers so this information is very important for me. “This leads me to believe that if you receive one of these ‘pop up’ offers in branch then 5/24 is unlikely to apply – but if you specifically ask for them to check for pre-approved offers they are basically just using the online checker and this doesn’t circumvent 5/24.” I thought there were some internal system for the bankers to check pre-approved offers if you asked them? But as you mentioned, they were also using online checker which can’t get around 5/24, and if there is no “pop up offer”, I should not ask.

    I saw some data points indicating that they were opening checking account in chase branch and after that asking if there are some pre-approved offers for them, then they got approved for it. I will think this is “no pop up offers but ask for offers”?

    • Some people have been approved when asking for pre-approvals as well, so I’ll update the post.

      • Angie says:

        How do you ask for the preapproved offers/get the popups without asking them to do the online check? Do I need to say it a specific way? I don’t want to confuse the banker with what I’m asking.

  8. Hmmm says:

    Is it 5/24 besides the new card you’re applying for, or including?

  9. Kyle says:

    Just tried for the CSP last night and got it with being over 5/24. I believe it was because I had the pre-targeted offer come up when I went to Chase’s website and accepted the offer.

  10. Gman says:

    I was approved for Chase Marriott Business last week. I am at 15+/24. I wasn’t instantly approved and had to shift credit from my Ink card.

  11. Max says:

    Question- What counts as a “new account?” for example if I happen to apply for and get a new auto loan, does this count towards the 5/24? is it anything? or just limited to credit cards?

  12. Diamond Vargas says:

    Any idea if AU cards that have since been canceled will remain on one’s report?

    • Not 100% sure, sorry. I believe so though? Anybody know for sure?

      • Matt K says:

        I likely won’t be 5/24 eligible anytime soon in my lifetime but I too would like to remove some of my one year AU cards like amex cards I’ve added just for benefits or amex offers. From what I understand it’s possible with amex (all other issuers are easier) but they are pretty reluctant. May have better luck after the primary card has been cancelled and then call in to remove. Or last option is to request from the bureaus to remove. My plan is to have my wife sit out most cards and she’ll be the “Chase spouse” lol. But hoping I can add her on some good AU opportunities and then remove from credit report when we pull trigger on Chase cards.

  13. Blam says:

    That’s weird. I got my sw plus approved in May 2016 and have had 7 credit cards from other banks approved.

  14. John Stevens says:

    Do auto loans and/or mortgages count toward the limit?

  15. Eric says:

    You meant to write 2 years here I’m sure.

    “If you have five cards reporting as a new account within the past five years”

  16. Gina says:

    What’s the best way to see how many “new accounts” you have in the last two years?

  17. brian says:

    I have had more than 10 new accounts in the last 2 years and still got approved for the SW plus in Mid May 2016.

  18. Red says:

    “This leads me to believe that if you receive one of these ‘pop up’ offers in branch then 5/24 is unlikely to apply – but if you specifically ask for them to check for pre-approved offers they are basically just using the online checker and this doesn’t circumvent 5/24.”

    This was not my experience. I specifically walked into a branch in NYC to check pre-approvals and apply for the Freedom Unlimited. My first question was to ask them check for my pre-approved cards, there was no opportunity for anything to “pop-up” before that. As I don’t have checking, he asked for any of my current Chase cards to do the lookup. Despite my having NO pre-approved offers available online, the banker showed me a long list that included the CSP and Freedom Unlimited, along with Spanish versions of the same cards (I didn’t catch the rest of the list, but there were others.)
    I applied for the Freedom Unlimited and was approved. The approval included a phone call from the banker but I didn’t pick up the substance of the conversation. No discussion of my number of current accounts (15/24 at that point)- it could have been fraud alert related- I had one credit bureau frozen (Chase pulls two for me).

  19. Dana Louise says:

    Just my opinion, but I think one reason the non-Marriott hotel cards were excluded from 5/24 is that they were being “swept under the rug” from all the publicity of the possible Marriott-Starwood merger as well as Hilton’s upgrade to Diamond status offer. Most people would prefer a stay in an upgraded Hilton room with breakfast than the complimentary IHG or Hyatt Platinum status which offer far less value.

  20. Andrew says:

    Does this mean that if you are sitting right at 5/24 then you will not get approved? Or once you go over 5/24 i.e. you have six cards then you will not get approved?

  21. Tim says:

    I have the same question as Gina above. In real terms, I have opened like 8 new CCs in the past 18 months (2 batches of applications) plus 1 mortgage inquiry. But, Credit Karma and Credit Sesame only show 1-3 inquiries. I assume I am still golden with Chase as long as I keep the Credit Karma (Equifax) below 5?

    I’m in the market for Chase IHG card, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire Preferred, and perhaps the United card if I could get at least 50k. Trying to figure out what my best bet is for approvals. Would I want to apply for several Chase cards on the same day?

    Credit Karma (Equifax) = 3 inquiries (Chase, Citi, mortgage)
    Credi Karma (Trans Union) = 2 inquiries (mortgage and Barclays)

    Credit Sesame = 1 inquiry (mortgage)

    I have an account at but when I login the page is blank and has been like this for weeks.

    • Inquiries don’t matter as mentioned in the post, it’s about the number of new accounts showing on your report. The 5/24 rule would apply to you due to the 8 new cards, unless a lot of them are business cards not reporting. I assume a lot of your cards pulled your Experian report which is why the inquiries aren’t showing.

  22. Diamond Vargas says:

    Based on your description above, you would violate 5/24 and would not be approved. The “5” is not inquiries, but rather new credit cards opened, and those show up on all three credit reports. You might be ok if some of your 8 new cards are business cards, but you’d need to cross-reference those with the list above of card issuers that don’t report business cards on personal credit reports.

  23. aic173 says:

    Has anyone had luck calling the reconsideration line without having a card added as an authorized user? I am right at 5/24 and just got denied for the United card. I had an invitation in the mail so I’ve thought about calling in, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the time.

  24. jackie says:

    So, does Comenity bank store credit card counts here?

  25. Paul says:

    So the pop up you write about is when? I do most of my banking online with very little brick and mortar visits. How can I find out other than by asking them to check.

    • Usually bankers will mention it in branch, you can just go in and pretend to be asking about another one of your cards and they’ll usually say something if an offer is there.

  26. hardy says:

    I got my 1st chase ink buss on Oct 2013 & 2nd chase ink on Apr 2014. Now i want to get current bonus on ink 70K Points. But the offer details says can’t get it if you are currently having this card or received bonus in past 24 months. I asked customer service & in branch also. Now i m thinking to close my 2nd card which i got in Apr 2014. & then apply for new one to get bonus. Does anybody know how much time (how many months), I should wait to reapply & receive bonus? This 70k bonus is mouth watering, but it’s only till aug.

  27. borgdrone says:

    Do all new amex cards show up on your credit report with a new open date?
    There were a few amex cards i got last year, that are not showing up on credit karma. Those would definitely put me above 4. Want to get the csp.

  28. Lindan says:

    Hello, I have a home mortgage last year (resulting in three hard inquiry) and a credit card limit increase (resulting 1 hard inquiry). I also applied three new credit cards last year (three hard inquiry). Am I already over 5/24 rule? Thank you.

    • The mortgage should count as one new account at most (if it does count), credit limit increase won’t account and the new cards will also count. So if the mortgage counts then the 5/24 rule would apply to you, otherwise you’d be in the clear. Let us know what happens if you apply.

      • hardy says:

        I got my 1st chase ink buss on Oct 2013 & 2nd chase ink on Apr 2014. Now i want to get current bonus on ink 70K Points. But the offer details says can’t get it if you are currently having this card or received bonus in past 24 months. I asked customer service & in branch also. Now i m thinking to close my 2nd card which i got in Apr 2014. & then apply for new one to get bonus. Does anybody know how much time (how many months), I should wait to reapply & receive bonus? This 70k bonus is mouth watering, but it’s only till aug.

  29. Some guy says:

    Targeted Chase Ink mail offer was not able to overcome 5/24

  30. Square says:

    “ONE of them”
    Not my experience, I was able to successfully reconsider with more then 10 AU reporting.

  31. Gaurav says:

    Applied for united Explorer and denied, reason cited by chase on phone is 5/24.

  32. Jorge says:

    Applied for the Ritz Carlton card and was approved instantly for a 5K limit. I’m way beyond 5/24, I’ve had 12 credit cards opened in the past year to be exact.

  33. Bowen says:

    Received targeted offer with invitation code for Southwest Preimer Credit Card. Opened more than 5 credit card in the past two years and got denied due to too many credit card in the past two years.

  34. Michale says:

    I also got the invitation code for Marriott Premier Credit Card and I opened 6 credit cards last year. Got denied due to too many cards in 24 months and called the recon which offer me nothing. They said the invitation number now will not be able to pass the 5/24 rules from this month.

  35. jen says:

    I’m sitting right at 5 new credit cards since last May/June 2015 (and 2-3 additional authorized user accounts). I opened a checking/savings account today at Chase and asked if I was prequalified for the CSP, and the banker said yes. I was thinking I might get rejected because of 5/24, but I said I wanted it and he printed out a sheet for me to sign and asked for authorized user info, and that was it. He told me I had been approved with 20k+ credit limit, and my card would be arriving in a week. Took less than 5 minutes all in all probably. The paperwork he gave me was for my prequalified offer – it doesn’t say specifically I had been approved but it seems like I was able to get around 5/24 to get the CSP.

  36. Taryn says:

    Are you sure chase IHG does not follow the 5/24 rule? Someone I know was denied for it citing the above…

  37. Jay says:

    Fresh data point:

    Approved for Hyatt and BA same day despite being way over 5/24. Applied for the Hyatt first, went to pending for about 6 hours before it was approved. Then decided to push my luck and apply for BA under a combined pull. Pending and approved an hour later.

    Yeah, I know it’s not the best BA bonus right now, but who knows when it’ll become part of 5/24 land…

  38. Whoknows says:

    Will an email offer bypass the 5/24 rule?

  39. sam says:

    How on earth do student loans count and other loans not? If that’s the case, I hope they end 5/24 soon or I’m out longer than 24! lol

  40. Alienviking says:

    Does the 5/24 rule apply to open accounts only, or do they look at closed accounts as well? In other words, if my credit report currently show 5 active accounts opened within the past 24 months, could I close one recently opened account to become eligible for a Chase card?


  41. Chao says:

    Applied Hyatt credit card in August, pass 5/24 ( Csp was rejected due to too many applications) not instantly approved ( did not call recon either), after 5 days, receive an email that got approved with 5k limit. So Hyatt card def not under 5/24 rule

  42. Jerry says:

    I am over 5/24 rule and was recently denied a personal Marriott Rewards pre-approved offer. If I want the new Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and I want to convert my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to the new card, do you think Chase will do that?

  43. Ryan says:

    Anyone have updated info about Marriott biz??? Really hoping this isn’t under 5/24z

  44. Hunter says:

    How long do you have to wait to drop from 5/24 to 4/24? I have a CC that had open date of 8/21/14…So if I apply on 8/22 for Reserve should I be in the clear or should I wait? 815 Credit Score and 48k in a Chase savings account..

  45. Paul says:

    Question. Can a person circumvent 5/24 by being the co-applicant on an application with a person not over 5/24?

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, not sure, I think there’s a good chance that will work.

      An easier method might be to just have the non-5/24 apply solo, and add the 5/24 personal as an authorized user.

  46. TJ says:

    Curious if closed accounts count? I am around 7/24, but 4 of them are closed, and 2 have been for a while.

  47. Stephen A says:

    One warning. I suspect Chase may be counting one of my Chase cards which shows on credit reports as opened on 11/14. Actually that account was simply renumbered from a long existing Chase Sapphire account which was fraudulently used.It appears that when Chase issues a replacement card for a lost, stolen, etc. card it is showing up as a new account. If I am turned down for the Sapphire Reserve (I have opened 4 accounts in the last 24 months), I will point this out to reconsideration.

  48. Brogdon C says:


    Mortgages and Auto Loans for SURE do not count. I was at 3/24 (really 4/24, but one was an Ink+), not counting AU’s, and recently got approved for both the Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred. In the last 24 months, I’ve bought a car, refinanced it twice, and bought a home. If those were included I’d be at 7/24 before the recent apps.

  49. Jobumonkey says:

    Approved for Ritz Infinite card with 10/24, 20K CL.

  50. Jules says:

    Chase 5/24 rule: After being denied for the CSR (I was at 5/24), I applied online for the CSP and was approved. I called the Chase reconsideration line to ask why I was approved for one but not the other and was told the 5/24 rule only applies to the following five Chase cards: Reserve, Freedom, Slate, Southwest, United. Hope this is helpful.

  51. Dan says:

    I am at 6/24 but by 13 October 2016 I will drop to 4/24. I have two cards opened on 1 Oct and 13 Oct 2014.

    Question is do I have to wait till 1 November to apply for a Chase card or can I pull the trigger let’s say on 15 October? In other words, does the system take into account the exact date or month only?

  52. Bdp says:

    Got denied for Reserve today after being at 4/24, the hard pull for the denial now put me at 5/24. Don’t get it. Credit over 800. Reconsideration line said I was denied due to having too many inquiries on my credit report from transunion.

  53. tim says:

    So just to verify – there are no Ultimate Rewards cards – personal or business, that are NOT 5/24? I have an INK business up for renewal and am way over 5/24, but thinking I should keep it because I’ll have no other way to earn these points

  54. Irshad says:

    Will personal loans counted towards 5/24?

  55. Corey says:

    I received a targeted offer in the mail exactly like the one pictured for the CSP. I was not instantly approved. I was at 6/24 with a score of about 740. I called recon and they basically gave me the go around, but the gist was 5/24 was reason for denial.

  56. Christian D Mason says:

    Does anyone know if a product change/downgrade (say from CSP To Freedom UR) will count as a “new card” for purposes of the 5/24 rule?

  57. Jan B says:

    Ok, so if I need more than Chase card opened, I try Chase first, then Citibank, for example, a few days later? And, then record my app dates and serve my “sentence” for next two years?

  58. Steven says:

    Chase Sapphire Reserve APPROVED!
    I am at 8/24 on personal cards prior to this card, plus 3 business cards (including Ink from Chase).
    Online I was not pre-approved for any new Chase cards, but I went in-branch and asked about pre-approvals. I was told that I was pre-approved, though my application went to pending. A phone call by the Chase banker didn’t get any further, with him telling me that it would be 5-7 days, as they were busy with the massive influx of applications. That was Friday. Today it is Tuesday and the account shows up on my Chase profile.
    I am nowhere near CPC, though I do have the minimum amount to keep my Chase checking account fee-free. No savings account. I stopped applying for personal cards in May (couldn’t resist the brief 100,000 AMEX Platinum).
    ~760 (Credit Karma)

  59. Spencer says:

    If I signed up for the Ritz card in 12/2014 (and then cancelled), but I want to get the Ritz again, can I sign up and wait until after 12/2016 to meet the minimum spending? Will this get around the 24-month language in the T&Cs?

  60. Mike says:

    Just an fyi, got instant approval for this card with student loans, so I do not believe that they count towards 5/24 as mentioned in original post.

  61. TRAVELER says:

    My wife will be at 4/24 on 12/2/16. Does she need to wait until January to apply ? She was turned down last month for to many cards opened inspited of the banker telling her she was pre approved.

  62. Tim says:

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to sign up for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I have a few questions about the 5/24 rule.

    I tried applying for the card when it first came out, but was rejected because of 5/24. I don’t live anywhere near a Chase branch, so going into the bank to apply (like some people have suggested) wasn’t an option.

    The good news is I signed up for one of the cards in November 2014, so if I did the math right, it falls off next month.

    So what I’m wondering is: 1) What are my chances of getting the card come November when my 5/24 period ends, considering I was already rejected by them once for this card? (Note: I have a good credit score).

    2) The card that is coming off I signed up for in late November, so does 5/24 apply until that exact date, or does it end on Nov. 1? I obviously don’t want to be rejected a second time because of 5/24, particularly if I would be approved just a few days later. At the same time, I want to apply as soon as possible.

    3) Do I have a better chance of getting the card if I submit an entirely new application, or should I call Chase’s reconsideration line?


  63. Pat says:

    Looking for a recommendation on if I should call Chase or not.
    I was at 4/24 and then applied for 2 chase cards in one day (Chase Sapphire Reserve and IHG Mastercard). I got approved instantly in-branch for the CSR. I then went home and applied for the IHG since some data points here indicate it’s possible to get two in one day. My application is pending.

    Would you recommend I call the Chase application status line to push things along? Or is it better to slow-roll and hope that it is automatically approved in 7-10 days? I heard the latter was a good technique for some with CSR when at the max 5/24….


  64. Pat says:

    Just another data point. Today I applied to two Chase personal cards in one day and was approved for both. I was at 4/24 before today. I went in the branch to apply for the CSR in person. Then I applied for the 80K IHG online and was approved after calling in.

    • matt says:

      Just a heads up, the IHG isn’t under 5/24 so this proves nothing. There are plenty of DPs though showing you can get 2 cards under 5/24 while at 4/24, yours just isn’t one.

  65. khad says:

    Target REDcard (which is NOT a Visa, MC, etc.) definitely counted toward 5/24 for me just a couple days ago. This was on recon for both Southwest business and personal cards with three different phone reps. Ultimately approved for both cards, but the reps confirmed that the Target REDcard (store card) was included in the count of 3/24 (after getting them to ignore a couple AU accounts).

  66. Jonathan S says:

    In my opinion, the most important question right now for churners is whether Chase business credit cards count towards 5/24. Here’s another data point that suggests Chase business cards don’t count towards 5/24:

    I just got approved for Chase Ink Plus followed by the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I was sitting at 6/24 if you include my Chase business cards (technically 7/24 when I applied for CSR), but I was at 4/24 if you don’t include my Chase business cards.

    Here are my credit card approvals from the past 2 years:
    Jul 2015 – AMEX Hilton
    Jan 2016 – Chase United Explorer Business
    Jan 2016 – Capital One Venture
    May 2016 – Chase Marriott Business
    Aug 2016 – AMEX SPG (Personal)
    Aug 2016 – Chase Sapphire Preferred
    Nov 2016 – Chase Ink Plus
    Nov 2016 – Chase Sapphire Reserve

    I only applied for business cards as a sole proprietor using my SSN (no EIN). I applied for everything online (no pre-approvals). I also have a fraud alert on my credit report so I have to call in and they go through the application/verification with me.

  67. Brandon says:

    I have 2 targeted offers on my chase freedom account page. It says these offers are given to me because of my relationship with chase. They are definitely pre approved offers one for 16% interest for csp. The other is slate 13% interest . So right there you know they matched those offers with my credit report. Problem is I’m 8/24 or 9/24 do you think I should try for it? Or you think it’s a non starter?
    BTW piece of advise for people that use smart phone and have chase cards. There website now automatically routes you to the cray mobile version which you can’t see your offers on. So go to your settings on phone make sure you use desktop version.

  68. Dizzy says:

    I’ve never been approved for Chase before. Reasons given: income too low (have a better job now), score too low (was low 600s, last app was 700, now 730), too few accounts (2 cards w/18 mo history, 1 with 8 mo), and most recently (8 mo ago) “not paid enough on accounts”. I asked which accounts and the guy couldn’t tell me which (my credit cards were only at 15% balance at the time) so it sounded like it was the student loans (have not paid towards yet, though I am in good standing due to Pay As You Earn). He couldn’t tell me for sure. I am making more money now and my balance is at 0 now. Any tips to get approved? PS I am 3/24 so definitely this is not a problem. 2 of them will drop off in 2/17.

  69. J.M. says:

    I am at 13/24 so no chance of getting getting certain Chase cards. I am safe to be added as an authorized user to any new accounts my girlfriend opens? She’s at 0/24 and I want to cover the spend requirements with a card that bears my name.

  70. J.M. says:

    *Am I safe?* ^

  71. Bill says:

    Any idea if upgrading a card counts towards 5/24? Specifically, earlier this year I took an upgrade offer from Amex on my gold card to the platinum card.

  72. Sasha says:

    i am at 2/24 +(ink also biz). If I apply for the exemption caterogies Marriott, Hyatt, and ritz carton would that total 5/24? Can I stay under that limit by only choosing those that doesn’t count towards that

    • No, those cards still count towards the limit they are just excluded when you’re over the limit. I’d recommend picking the cards that the rule does apply to first and saving the others for when you’re over 5/24.

  73. Danyael says:

    5/24 is not accurate. I have opened close to 40 accounts (credit accounts) over the last 4 years and I currently have 4 chase cards.

    Just thought I’d point that out because the current information is false.

  74. Gabi says:

    Got a question I was told I couldn’t get the Chase FUL because I had three credit cards my first card was opened sometime back in 2013 I think it was ( store cc) my two new ones are a Best Buy visa and another store card . I should be ok right ? I’m almost to 700 credit score .

  75. duffman says:

    Datapoint. A family member had 3 Chase apps and 2 Synchrony apps (Old Navy & JCPenney) in the last 2 years and Chase wouldn’t approve due to 5/24. Tried calling back a few time and was given the same answer.

    Was told that the Synchrony bank apps are ‘credit cards’ and not store cards so they do count as valid new accounts. Bummer

  76. Dojo says:

    “In-branch” offers, not “In branch”.

  77. AD says:

    They counted my heloc. Not only did that out me at 5/24, but recon also stated that’s a big revolving credit which has high utilization. Explained to them I refied mortgage cuz I was getting prime -.5, but they disn Budge.

    750 score and less than 5% utilization on my actual credit cards and 150k salary. Highly disappointing…

  78. Dan says:

    Are people over 5/24 still getting approved fro the Marriott (personal or business), Ritz and BA cards? I am way over 5/24, probably 20/24.

  79. Isuru U Daulagala says:

    Do store cards (Amazon store card by Synchrony and Macy’s store card by citi) count towards the 5/24 rule?

  80. Raymond L says:

    Is Marriott Business card still not bound by 5/24 rule ? Any update …..Thanks !

  81. L T says:

    Have some cards that are listed as opened either on Jan 1 2015 on the credit report Chase usually pulls for me (Experian), when those drop I should be 3/24. Is it exactly within 2 years time that they backtrack to? If I apply now or a few days later, would I be fine? With the upcoming 100k to 50k points bonus change on Jan 12, for the CSR card, would be nice to get in before that changes.

    • Might be too late (you had to apply online yesterday for the CSR), but you can apply now and, if you get declined because of 5/24, call reconsideration on or after February 1 to get the app approved (Chase considers you over 5/24 until the end of the month). For example, I’m 5/24 through March 19, 2017. When I apply for the CSR in branch on March 11, 2017, I’ll likely be declined due to 5/24; When I call reconsideration on April 1, 2017, they should approve my CSR application.

      • OTL072 says:

        I wanted to provide some input from my own experience here.

        I was 6/24 until January 21 this year and then fell to 2/24. I applied for the Chase Freedom on January 22 and was approved instantly. So in my experience at least, you can go by the exact date.

      • d says:

        I am 5/24 with my Transunion Credit Report thru Credit Karma indicating 3 inquiries “removed by” Apr 2017. If I apply in branch Friday and get declined, I can call after 4/1/17 and conceivably be approved? How many days after I apply do I have to call for reconsideration? In other words, how long will Chase keep my original application active?

  82. LWT3 says:

    Is Hyatt still exempt from 5/24? I thought I read somewhere that the list of cards not subject to the rule was getting shorter.

  83. Prateek says:

    Is the list of cards not affected by 5/24 on this page updated?

  84. d says:

    I am currently at 6/24. At the end of March 2017 I will be 5/24. At the end of April 2017 I will be 2/24. Do I have any chance of being approved for the CSR? If I apply at the end of March 2017 and am not approved due to 5/24, is there a chance that I could be approved if I call recon? If not approved then is there a chance that I could be approved if I call recon at the end of April 2017 or the beginning of May 2017 when I will be 2/24?
    How long does Chase keep application in system that would allow for recon?
    I would like to apply in branch for the 100K.

  85. Sasha says:

    Does the SW business card count towards 5/24. Meaning, if I’m at 3/24, will picking up that card put me at 4/24 or still at 3/24? since chase biz cards don’t count towards 5/24.

  86. MH says:

    Marriott Business 1st message 2/22/17 says 30 days, 2 days later 2 weeks, now says 7 to 10 days.

    Waiting it out to see what comes or not, before calling. May have to shift some credit, can personal credit be shifted to business when opening an account?

    • Madi says:

      IIRC, 7-10 days on the recording is bad news. Mine always said 2 weeks until they were approved. Call in, but know your #s for your business. I remember being asked income/profits for the last 3 years. Make sure you mention how you will be traveling and staying in a lot of Marriotts. Good luck!

      • MH says:

        Generally I agree, though I’ve seen some recent reports of 7-10 days requiring anything from address verification to credit line allocation.
        I have two Ink’s and a Business checking with Chase, but about 24/24.

        I think I’ll wait it out.

        • Matt K says:

          I was at least 24/24 when I applied last month. I’ve got 2 inks, SW pers /biz, and 3 others. Went pending and waited it out. Ended up getting approved. So I’d suggest waiting it out from recent experience. Good luck!

          • MH says:

            Got the letter today, called in and was able to shift some CL.
            Not before I was accused of being an award seeker though. HAHA

    • Madi says:

      Was the letter a denial or a please call in?

  87. MH says:

    Re-confirms Marriott Business still not affected by 5/24.

  88. KMBanana says:

    Have a DP that contradicts how the 24 months is calculated.

    5th card on Experian credit report had open date of 3/1/2015. Applied for Reserve in branch on 3/07/2017 expecting to be denied but was approved immediately. Experian was the only bureau pulled.

  89. SuddenValley says:

    Another DP of a possible change in how 5/24 is actually calculated:

    Was exactly 5/24 with one card being an AU.

    Applied for CSP ~3/15/15 (my oldest account counting towards 5/24)
    Applied in branch and was approved for CSR on 3/6/17

    Interestingly, I also have had a drop in my income (went back to school) such that the new 10k line of credit put me at 75+% in Chase lines of credit of my stated income.

    Chase pulled EXPERIAN – living in New Mexico. I can add a reply to that thread as well if need be.

  90. 100K says:

    Way over 5/24 but keep getting online/paper offers for the Chase Sapphire Preferred so I applied. They sent a letter a week later saying Denied due to too many cards opened. So today I contacted Chase via Secure Message and they gave me a number to call. Spoke with person who couldn’t do much. I said it’s frustrating bc I get paper and online offers for Sapphire Preferred telling me to apply, even though in small print they warn you.

    She said best chance is pre-approved offers and I could go to an actual Chase bank and talk to them. She sort of said they can look at you in context of you as their customer. She said that my online application (for Sapphire Preferred) had been closed therefore it couldn’t be reconsidered. I would have to apply again. I told her that I had already taken a hard pull on that application which makes in more difficult to have to reapply.

  91. 100K says:

    Way over 5/24 but keep getting online/paper offers for the Chase Sapphire Preferred so I applied. They sent a letter a week later saying Denied due to too many cards opened. I contacted Chase via Secure Message and they gave me a number to call. So today I spoke with person who couldn’t do much. I said it’s frustrating bc I get paper and online offers for Sapphire Preferred telling me to apply, even though in small print they warn you.

    She said best chance is pre-approved offers and I could go to an actual Chase bank and talk to them. She said they can look at you in context of you as their customer. She said my online application (for Sapphire Preferred) had been closed therefore it couldn’t be reconsidered and that I would have to apply again. I told her that I had already taken a hard pull on that application dropping my credit under 800. So even with great credit they are being careful.

  92. Kunj says:

    I am 6/26. But 3 of them are store cards. Macy’s, TJMaxx and Commenity. Do I have a chance to prevail over the 5/24 rule? Just applied for CSP.

    • Jennifer Hattery says:

      I have a similar question. Newest cards include CSR 1/17, Victoria,s Secret 11/15, Lane Bryant 11/15, Maurice,s 10/16. Will Chase consider me 4/24 or 1/24 seeing as those cards are only able to be used in their respective stores?

  93. Tim says:

    I opened a BMO checking account last year and was automatically given a $2000 line of credit account that I did not authorize. I eventually closed the account, but it’s now on my credit report. Will this be counted toward the 5/24 rule?

  94. db says:

    Applied to CSR on 3/10/17. 5th card on Experian credit report had open date of 4/21/17, called recon on 4/1/17, three times they all rejected me saying I have to wait until either 4/22 or May(!!).

  95. Adam D says:

    Opened a chase total checking $300 coupon promo a few days ago, was “pre-approved” for sapphire preferred, unlimited freedom and slate. Looked on screen, said apr 19.24+ variable, I shoulda went with my gut but applied anyway…got the john deere letter today. dont make the same mistake. well over 5/24. i read before if the apr isnt fixed its not a true approved offer but the way it appeared on the screen made it look like it was somewhat. Chase also oulls transunion and experian for metro chicago area at least with this inquiry and application going back the past few years.

  96. John H says:

    For the cards that aren’t affected under the 5/24 rule such as “Chase IHG” and “Chase Hyatt”, I understand that those cards don’t count towards your 5 cards within 24 months.

    But are we able to apply for those cards not affected under the 5/24 rule? Even if we’re over 5/24. Thanks!

  97. Cal P says:

    DP about how the 24 months are calculated — Going by exact date, I was set to drop to 4/24 on April 30, 2017. (My earliest account in the twenty-four month period was opened on April 29, 2015.) But, because of what I read here and elsewhere, I went ahead and applied on April 3, 2017, and the application was approved. This suggests that 5/24 is calculated roughly by month.

  98. Shyam says:

    28 personal cards open in 24 months.
    Applied for Sapphire Preferred as it was pre-approved in branch. Went to pending, got a call from Chase fraud prevention after 2 days of applying and was approved over the call.
    This is my 5th Chase personal card.

  99. Matt says:

    Got an invite offer in the mail with unique invitation code for Personal Marriott w/100K bonus. Did not get me around 5/24. Got a hard no on reconsideration call.

  100. gary says:

    do secured loans count to the 5/24? I had opened an alliant secured loan to bring my score up (current balance $30.00 )

  101. Joe says:

    I was denied the United 70k offer I applied for on May 1 for being at 5/24. I had the rep read my cards and she listed all 5 ibhave, going back to May 2015 which was the first one. She told me because Experian is showing my card was opened in May of 2015, it counts towards my 5/24 status. I told her Equifax shows the date as May 1, 2015, which is the date I opened it, but she said the Experian report they pulled only shows May 2015, no day, and that it counts even though we are in May 2017. I asked it if could be approved in June based on what she was telling me and she said she could not guarantee that. I applied via a link that popped up when logged into my United account and I got the mailer yesterday about the offer as well.

    It sounds like 5/24 is really 5/25 or at least wait until the 25th month to apply.

    • Shyam says:

      My friend has the same issue. Old inquiry was on 5/1/2015 (5/24) and when he applied the next day (5/2/2017) for the CSP he was denied for the same reason as Experian reports only May/2015.
      True, I’ll go ahead with 5/25 with Chase, not 5/24

  102. Max says:

    Just approved for CSR. Can confirm with the calculation of 24 month. The fifth credit card dropped on 5/6/2017 and applied both in April and 5/2.

    First application denied but the 5/2 one approved first with pending (2 week from status line) and became approved on 5/3.

  103. TomT says:

    Since the 5/24 rule is not applied to the Marriott business card, shouldn’t you say something about that on the bullet point “These cards do not have business versions available” similar to what you note about the exception of the Disney card being able to generate referral bonuses on the next bullet point?

  104. Tom says:

    I received an united mileage plus offer in the snail mail.. It says” invitation only offer 70,000 bonus miles” will this bypass the 5/24 rule? Should I go for it? Thanks

  105. scott says:

    My experience is that if one of your cards falls off in January that you have to wait until Feb. 1 to apply. This happened to me when one card came off around Jan. 20 and I applied a few days later. I got the Pending notice and called Chase. They specifically told me I had to wait until Feb.

    Also, the post suggests that cards that aren’t affected by 5/24 may have to do with their not being a business version, but the Marriott card listed is a business card.

  106. weedibix says:

    Over 5/24. Would applying via a referral link change anything?

  107. SuddenValley says:

    Hey DoC although this is confirmed I thought it’d be a good time to share this conversation I had 1 week ago over on /r/churning since you reposted this article:

    User gwyrth makes an excellent point in regards to Experian open dates although he does mention that they pulled his TU report as well and he was still approved; I wonder if they changed it because Experian just uses the first day of the month as the open date.

  108. Robert says:

    I just got approved for the CSP (3rd cc since last year), and plan on getting the CSR and another chase card. I also, want to add a AU to my CSP to get the 5k bonus points.

    Couldnt I just add a AU, get the points and remove them for a month? Or would this count again the 5/24 rule in the future?

  109. Angie says:

    ‘Dan’ provided evidence in December 2016 that 5/24 is no longer an “unpublished rule”: from /chase-private-client-statushigh-value-customers-no-longer-bypass-chase-524/#comment-324828

  110. Markie says:

    I got the Freedom unlimited with the mobile app banner at around 40/24 at the time last month. It says “prequalified” on the banner. Also had it on my online account but just did it through the app.

  111. arch says:

    You say: Amex does not report to the personal bureaus (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). Both credit cards and charge cards do not get reported.

    AND you say: F.A.Q Do charge cards count towards the limit? Yes

    This confuses me. Will my Amex business credit card and Amex charge card count towards 5/24 or not?

  112. moe says:

    I just spoke with a BRM and he said that he inquired about the In Branch BRM Paper Offers and that chase has caught on and no loner approves those applications. I wanted to get both Ink cards but doesn’t seem like I will ever get them. so frustrating

  113. Rotko says:

    Seems like the Marriott Business now falls under 5/24 according to Flyer Talk.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the others follow.

  114. Isaiah says:

    My theory is that the 24 months consist of the previous 23 months, and the current month. So for people applying this month, they’re looking at June ’15 – May ’17.

    My DP is 5th card was approved 5/26/15. Applied for Southwest Biz on 5/5/2017, and approved by 5/9.

  115. Nate8 says:

    Please remove the Ink plus from the list, it’s impossible to apply for now. Thanks!

  116. Pushkar says:

    I have more than 5 cards right now (2 from Chase), I can close a few of them right away because I don’t use them often. If I re-apply after I go down to 4 cards, will it still count as 5 opened within 24 months?

    • Bill M says:

      It doesn’t matter if you close any accounts. It also doesn’t matter if any your accounts are from Chase. The only thing that matters is the number of new accounts opened in the last 24 months. You must wait until there are only 4 new accounts opened in the last 24 months to pass this test.

  117. Karen says:

    I would like to cancel my CSP if I get approved for CSR. If I downgrade to the Freedom instead of cancelling, will the Freedom and CSP both count toward 5/24?

  118. YoLaViajera says:

    Chase no longer issues the Fairmont card. Shouldn’t that card be struck from the list?

  119. David says:

    Creditkarma just changed its website. Can no longer easily count 5/24 status. Any other sites that work easily?

  120. Jake says:

    Do chase cards count towards 5/24? I’m at 5/24 now but two of them are chase cards.

  121. Sandra says:

    Not sure if you addressed this question, But do Personal Loans count as towards the 5/24 rule? I have 3 personal loans on my credit report and 2 new credit card (Almost 1 year old as of today) would i be ok to apply for the Chase Saphire credit card – My Experian Fico is 754

  122. David says:

    DP: I had an account (opened on 6/05/15) fall off my 5/24 count recently to put me at 4/24. I read some posts here that said to apply in the same month so I did (on 6/15) and was APPROVED for the CIP! Initially the application went to pending but said to call is ASAP. I did have to call in to confirm some info but no questioning from the CSR.

  123. Calvin says:

    Just received targeted email offer for FU with $300+$25AU back on $500 purchases.
    I am over 5/24, so will this offer bypass it? (Link is prefilled with my info at the standard apply URL

  124. PJ says:

    Way over 5/24, saw a green check under “Your Offers”, applied and got the CSP.

  125. Daniel says:

    Hi DoC,

    I was wondering what the effect would be of double dipping at 4/24 while also at 1/30. From what i’ve read it’s very likely that the second application will be denied due to 2/30 and that I would need to recon for the second card once I’m back under 2/30. When I recon the second application once i’m back under 2/30 (within a week of application) would I then be denied due to the 5/24 rule or would the 5/24 analysis only be relevant at the time of the application?


  126. Ahmed says:

    I have a Macys store card and a Best Buy store card which are not visa or master card and cannot be used anywhere other than Macys and Best Buy.

    with these cards I’m 5/24. without them I’m 3/24

    I’m looking to apply for chase sapphire reserve cc. Do you think this Macy’s and BB store card will count towards 5/24 rule ? should I go ahead and apply for Chase Reserve ?

    Thank you

  127. AB says:

    5/24 Semi-Datapoint: I surmise that student loans do not count.

    Reasoning: Applied online (no branch pre-approval) and was instantly approved for Chase Ink Preferred on 8/12/17. Experian pull. Prior to applying, my 7 accounts opened in the last 24 months were:

    (Closed) Student Loan
    (Closed) Student Loan
    Citi Simplicity
    Student Loan
    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    Credit Union Personal Line of Credit (appears as revolving account on Experian report)

    Since the LOC appears indistinguishable from a credit card on the EX report, I was definitely at 3/24 without the student loans or mortgage. So at most, either the mortgage or the open student loan could have counted for 4/24, but both were definitely not counted. In any case, the closed student loans definitely did not count, though it’s not clear whether that’s because closed accounts don’t count or because student loans don’t count.

    Hope this info is at least slightly helpful in piecing 5/24 rules together.

  128. StillGettingCards says:

    DP: I am way over 5/24 and not even applying for Chase cards, EXCEPT those that are still being given out such as this post covers. I am focused on getting every card that is not subject to 5/24 rule.

    Yesterday I applied for the Marriott Premier rewards Business card and was not auto-approved.

    However, I dialed into the application status line and found out I was manually approved.


  129. Paul says:

    Approved today for the CSP in-branch via pre-approval (also pre-approved for CSR and the Freedom card) despite being at about 10/24. Per a tip on a blog somewhere (here?), I had updated my income on the Chase site a couple weeks ago. I had not checked for pre-approvals before, so I don’t know if this had an effect.

    • Darv says:

      Will you please confirm you were pre-approved for the Sapphire Reserve? You’re the first datapoint I’ve seen in a long time that says he had a pre-approval in branch for this card.

      • Paul says:

        Yes, I was pre-approved for both the Preferred and the Reserve. Given that both featured $50k bonuses and I didn’t need the travel credit / Global Entry benefits, I went with the lower annual fee.

  130. Austin says:

    DP: I am at 12/24 but applied for the Chase Marriott Premier business card and was not initially approved. Called in right away and just verified some public record info and I was approved manually. Seems like this card still gets around 5/24!

  131. Richard says:

    DP: The ink preferred business card 100K deal will end at the end of August confirmed with the business relational manager at chase branch. Also, my first card in two years was 8/30/, but when I applied today 8/24, I got approved immediately, so I think it depends on when the credit union reports the card opening date.

  132. Chasing says:

    What does it mean by ” Update: It seems like Chase business cards aren’t count.” under the Business Cards Not Reporting section?

  133. Enrico says:

    DP: Chase Freedom unlimited denied because of too many accounts in 24 months. They of course didn’t tell how many accounts they count but told me to Google it. 🙂

    Call with reconsideration revealed, 5/24 is a hard/fixed rule and has no exceptions (maybe the guy wasn’t fully trained but that what I was told).

    They explained on how the 24months work/count. They count full months. So account opened in July (any date) means it expires on August 1st (after 2 years) and you can then try it again.

    I didn’t get information or asked if I can call back in a few weeks later with reconsideration to get a approved then (when I’m past the 5/24 rule), but they talked more like I need to apply again (probably another hard inquiry).

    • augias says:

      you have 30 days after application to call reconsideration — only if you’re past 30 days will they require a new application. So just wait a few weeks until you’re in the clear. Good luck!
      Also, the representatives on the phone often don’t know everything. Always take what they say with a grain of salt.

  134. Angel Williams says:

    I am at 4/24 and then applied for Chase southwest business card and Blue Business card from AMEX.

    My Credit report still shows 4/24 as these 2 above Business cards do not show up on my credit report.

    Question is if i apply for another Chase card, will it be 4/24 for them or 5/24 for them (as Chase will be able to see my Chase SW Business card opened with them) despite it not showing on my CR?

  135. Patrick says:

    I’m over the 5/24.
    One of the cards counted towards the 5/24, according to the associate at the reconsideration line, is my Lowes card.
    This would seem to contradict the statement that store cards do not count.

  136. Angel Williams says:

    REPOSTING THIS AS No response/reply to my question yet………..Is Site owner that Busy? Kindly respond………………………….

    I am at 4/24 and then applied for Chase southwest business card and Blue Business card from AMEX.

    My Credit report still shows 4/24 as these 2 above Business cards do not show up on my credit report.

    Question is if i apply for another Chase card, will it be 4/24 for them or 5/24 for them (as Chase will be able to see my Chase SW Business card opened with them) despite it not showing on my CR???????????????????????????????????

  137. David Hoffer says:

    Anyone know can you get closed cards removed from your account? Like if you wanted to get past chase 5/24 could you close all new cards and ask credit bureaus to remove them from your account if in good standing?

    • A says:

      There is absolutely no chance of that happening, David. Closed cards will remain on your credit report for 10 years.

    • SRW says:

      David Hoffer, what A told you is untrue. You CAN have closed accounts removed from your credit report. I have done this successfully with a chase card in fact. However, you have to write to the credit card company and request that they cntact the credit card bureaus to have the credit line/card deleted. Hope this helps.

  138. David Hoffer says:

    Anyone know can you get closed cards removed from your account? Like if you wanted to get past chase 5/24 could you close all new cards and ask credit bureaus to remove them from your account if in good standing?

    thanks in advance

  139. David Hoffer says:

    figured that much. Just though I would ask. wondered if there was anyway to remove closed cards if you request it.

  140. Luckbox says:

    I’m unclear on whether I’ll get denied based on 5/24:

    CreditKarma/TransUnion shows 2 hard inquiries (new CC accounts at USBank and BofA)
    CreditKarma/Equifax shows 2 hard inquiries (new CC from Chase, AT&T phone svc)

    My Experian free report shows 3 (new CC from Chase & 2x CC from Amex)

    The Chase CC on Equifax & Experian is the same card.

    So if they look at both TransUnion and Experian I’m at 5 new CC’s, but any other combination of two bureaus has me at less than 5.

    Or am I being too optimistic since all 5 new CC accounts do appear on Experian, just not the hard inquiries attached to them?

  141. Ryan says:

    Got an invitation number to apply for southwest credit card, applied, and got a hard no 5/24

    • Eric says:

      I am right on the brink for 5/24 but got approved.
      Had exactly 5 cards opened within 24 months, the oldest dated 10/21, 2015.
      Applied for the Southwest rapid rewards card and got approved online, feeling very lucky 🙂

  142. a$]-[u says:

    Got declined (after recon) for Hyatt for having 13 c/c open in last 24 months! Don’t know if it moved to 5/24 as well.

    • AR says:

      Hyatt card still not part of 5/24. I applied just before the change from the 2 nights at any Hyatt to the bonus points and I was approved at well over 5/24.

  143. Steve says:

    Why are we not talking about boycotting Chase and all their services until the change this idiotic rule. I applied for a United Club card and was denied because of the 5/24 rule even though I carry no balance and have a credit score of 840 with average age of accounts at over 11 years. They get away with this because consumers individually have no voice but collectively we do. Why don’t we fight back as a group and demand changes to this?

    • Jason says:

      5/24 only applies to the miniscule fraction of their customer base that churns, which I bet they (and other banks) would love to get rid of. They would love a boycott.

      We have no entitlement to signup bonuses or credit card accounts. Take the wins where you can.

  144. BW says:

    Denied due to 2/30. Applied for both SW personal cards while still at 60K each knowing I had applied for Ink Business less than a month prior. Had to take the chance since the bonus was dropping to 40K each.

    Anybody call Recon line more than once?

    Any DP that having a lot of cash in chk/savings can help approval?

  145. Garrett says:

    If I have 5 approvals but have closed an account (now I only have 4 cards open). Does this matter?

  146. Andrew says:

    Does opening a Schwab checking account (since it’s a hard pull) count towards 5/24?

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