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Which Card Issuers Will Reopen a Closed Credit Card?

It happens that a credit card gets closed due to miscommunication with a customer service representative. Other times a person might decide to close out an account, only to change their mind later. Can the account be reinstated after it was closed?

You can always go through the process of applying again for the card, but that will result in a hard pull and a new review.

Some credit card issuers will allow you to reopen the old credit card account upon request soon after it was closed. This is especially true if the card was closed by mistake, and certainly if it was the bank’s error.

A reinstated credit account should keep the original account opening date which will help the Average Age of Accounts for credit score purposes.

Note that banks will rarely reopen cards that were closed due to delinquency or suspicions of fraud. This article focuses on cards that were closed in good standing.


Alliant will only reopen a closed card if it’s been more than six months.

We don’t have any information on some other banks, like US Bank, or Well Fargo. Hopefully, we’ll have this post updated soon with more info from the comments.

Please share your experiences in the comments below.


Amex allows reopening a closed card without a hard pull and with the same account number (1), even a card that was voluntarily closed (2). This can be done for 30-days after closing (3) or possibly even up to a year (4).

Bank of America

According to this MyFico poster, BofA will reopen a closed account within six months. However, they’ll pull your credit before doing so.

A couple of posters from some time ago (1, 2) had success even after a couple of years.


Barclay’s will agree to reopen an account, even if it was closed voluntarily (1, 2). Others did not have success (2).

Capital One

Most don’t have success convincing Capital One to reopen a card that was closed voluntarily (1). There is one report of success, however.


Chase allows you to reopen a card soon after it was closed, even if it was closed on purpose, and certainly if there was a miscommunication.

Most people are told that it can be reinstated for 30-days, but others were able to reopen at 45 days (1), three months (1) or even 6 months (1). One person had success getting their Chase cards reinstated almost a year after they were shut down; their account number remained the same, and no hard pull was done.

Note that if you transferred over your credit line to a different card when closing, you won’t be able to get the old account reinstated. Worth leaving $500 credit line if there’s a chance you’ll want to reopen later.


Citi will reopen a closed credit card. You’ll keep the same card and card number. We don’t know exactly how long after it’s closed it can be reopened, but we know people who have done it successfully a week after closing.

There are conflicting data points (in the comments here and elsewhere) regarding the hard pull for reopening a closed Citi card. From what I gather, if the card was closed ‘by mistake’ (e.g. you didn’t know about a certain benefit) you should be able get it reopened without a hard pull, although it might need a supervisor and the correct department to process this reinstatement. If you decided to close the card and then changed your mind or if the card was closed for dormancy, it will often result in a hard pull to get the account reinstated.

A friend of mine closed his Citi AA card voluntarily and later changed his mind. He was able to get the card reinstated with no hard pull, but it did come with a new card number. In his experience, the close/open of the card reset the 12-month period necessary to be able to product change the card.


Some had success reinstating a Discover card after a few months, but a more recent report indicates the reverse.

Store Cards

Regarding store cards in particular, it seems to be prevalent that they’ll be willing to reinstate a closed account even after it’s been long closed. Here are reports regarding a Lane Bryant card and a VS card.

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42 Responses to Which Card Issuers Will Reopen a Closed Credit Card?

  1. David Dong says:

    FYI, I cancelled my Barcap Wyndham card and called a week later to reopen as I forgot I get 15K renewal bonus after AF.

  2. Jason says:

    I can confirm that Citi does reopen without a hard pull. I accidentally closed my Prestige card while asking for retention. Two weeks later, I realized it was mistake so I called in to ask to reopen my card. The rep’s first reaction was telling me that would have a hard pull. I said no, I closed it by accident and it was just two weeks ago. I respectfully asked her to reconsider. She went to talk to supervisor. When she returned, she said reopen without hard pull belongs to a different division’s authority so she needs to set up a case and send to that office, AND she will personally call me to tell me the results since that division only gives the results internally to her.

    Just a few hours later, I logged into my account and found my account has become active. I immediately used my card ( I have not destroyed it yet) to make an amazon purchase, it went through.. I knew it has been successfully reopened. Another three days later, the same rep called me to congratulate me for the re-open of my prestige.

  3. Kurt says:

    Had my oldest account, old Open Road Discover closed after a long period of inactivity >1 year(maybe). Called within a week or so rep said they couldn’t reinstate the account.

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks, added the data point. Seems Discover is YMMV.

    • Barb says:

      I had an Open Road card inactive for 18 months and I was pleasantly surprised with a snail mail that it has been PCd to Discover IT w/o me asking. They also gave me the double cash back promo on all accumulated CBs for one year to post on the 13th statement. I’m not sure if age of card had to do something with it was opened in 2001.

  4. Phill says:

    My Fido card was accidentally closed during the BOA/USBank transition. I was fortunately allowed to reopen the account with a written letter request.

  5. Dan says:

    I wonder if I can get my Chevron card closed in 2007 to be re-opened haha

  6. Sz says:

    called citi to reopen a card closed last month. was told that there will be a hard pull to reopen..and he is already the supervisor! will HUCA work?

    • Chuck says:

      I’ve updated the post. If you closed it by mistake (didn’t realize about a certain benefits, etc.) sounds like you can escalate and get it reopened without a hard pull.

  7. Carlos says:

    Citi prestige was closed by me and I decided to reopen it a week later.
    I can tell you that a hard pull was done and they even told me it was going to be done.
    Weird because I hold 10 other citi accounts.
    Had to wait by mail for a decision and I have a 800 plus credit score.

  8. Abey says:

    Amex is 90 days.
    I once closed my Amex gold
    Because of the annual fee
    Then i realized i couldve downgraded it
    I called back to re-open. But he said
    It has been more then 90 days.

  9. David M says:

    Unfortunately for me, I was unable to reopen my Chase MileagePlus because according to the CSR, the line of credit had been transferred. So I think the caveat is you can reopen a Chase account as long as you have not transferred the line of credit to another chase card. I hope that helps!

    • Chuck says:

      Ah, that’s a good point. Maybe ask them to transfer it back?

      • David M says:

        Tried. Even got to a supervisor. Chicken or the egg problem. They can’t transfer credit to a closed account and you can’t open an account without a credit line. So…. A bummer.

        • Chuck says:

          Ah, let me add that point

          • Joe says:

            So unfortunately I think I’m in the same boat. I’m military and was tasked for a deployment. I didn’t figure it would be worth keeping open the Sapphire Reserve so asked to cancel it and transfer the credit limit. After closing it, it appears a SCRA credit was applied for the annual fee. The card still shows on my account with a -900 balance showing SCRA MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUN.

            Anyone have any advice. I just sent a secure message about reversing the action.

    • George says:

      I just had a similar experience. I tried to get a Sapphire preferred card reinstated, but they said they cant do that. I had called to transfer credit onto another card and close the account 7 days earlier and they said the only way to reopen the account would be to listen to the call and if the account was closed in error. I know that I said to close the account, so I didnt bother with listening to the call. I told them that I think I misunderstood the call representative and couldnt they reopen it because I misunderstood, but they said they can only open it back up if it was a Chase error.

  10. Derek says:

    Requested to reopen my Chase Amazon card after having been closed for 30 days. Denied and suggested that I look at available credit card offers to submit a new application.

  11. dave r says:

    Any recent data points for bank of america?

  12. Ray R says:

    I closed my Wells Fargo Platinum card after paying it off. I later realized that it actually affected my fico score. When I asked to reopen the account, they said I would have to get a new card.

  13. Welder says:

    Anyone have experience with reopening Amex cards and Amex offers? I recently closed an Amex (and a few of its AUs) before I remembered to use some of the Offers I had saved on it.

  14. Paul says:

    My datapoint. I had a chase southwest card that was accidentally closed when an agent misunderstood a request to move some of the credit limit from the card to another. Instead they moved all the credit and closed the account. Had no luck via SM, and took a few calls, but I was able to get them to open it back up using some of the credit moved back from the other card.

  15. DSP says:

    DP from today. Called # on back of SW card, rep said cannot re-open and was firm about it. I asked if a supervisor had that ability and she transferred me. Supervisor got me on the phone with Chase Lending Dept and they did a soft pull. After softpull, asked for updated employment info and income. After a few more minutes on hold she reopened the account. This was for a card I had close ~3 months ago because I had a handful of referrals that showed up after the card was closed and the points were locked up on chase’s end. Here’s to hoping the 25k points currently listed as “Points currently unavailable for redemption” will shuffle into my RR account now.

  16. Jay says:

    Anyone have success recently with reopening a Discover IT? Seems like it’s YMMV and the most recent incident being a rejection, but would like some kind of assurance before closing and trying to reopen.


  17. James says:

    DP: Thought I needed to reopen Amex Platinum to get MR points posted. Chatted with rep and he said there is a $25 reinstatement fee. I asked for a courtesy waiver but he said no. Luckily, I confirmed MR points post still because I have other MR card accounts. So did not need to reopen.

  18. Synchrony Sucks says:

    I’ll tell you who doesn’t reopen accounts under any circumstances – Synchrony

    My account was automatically closed due to 3 consecutive declined payments (it was a Paypal anti-fraud system error, nothing on my end). Despite the fact that I have amazing credit, have never missed a payment for anything in my life, and have been a loyal customer of theirs for 3 years, the Synchrony customer service agent told me flatout “we are not able to reopen accounts. EVER. However, you can reapply in 4 business days”.

    You know what I said?

    “Nah, I think I’ll pass. I’m not exactly clamoring for your service after this debacle. If I’m going to apply for a credit line and take a hard hit to my credit report, I’d rather do it for a company who won’t suddenly and without warning close my PRIMARY LINE OF CREDIT permanently. Absolutely ridiculous” *click*

    Seriously, that shit should be illegal. Fuck those guys.

  19. ChesterMortlock says:


    Bank: Chase
    Card: CSP
    How long closed : 45 days

    So I closed this card as opposed to downgrading because the first CSR wouldn’t let me downgrade for whatever reason. Frustratingly, I told her to just close it. Fast forward a month and I realize this was a dumb move on my part and should have just HUCA as this was one of my older cards and would affect my AAoC. I sent a SM asking if the card could be reopened. They verified my income and after a soft pull, they reinstated my card. My plan is to downgrade it from here.

  20. Devesh shukla says:

    I want to know that earlier I was the credit card holder of Amex & standard charted bank {around 10yr back}. Standard charted has settled my account but Amex never approach me for their dues yet. Now I want 5o reinstate my both cards what should I do.

  21. Tazz says:

    Had a lowe’s Synchrony card closed due to inactivity. They said I had to reapply, but Amazon, also Synchrony, reopened with no problem. Thinking it may have had to due with the age of the account also. Lowe’s was only a year old. Amazon was older.

  22. Robert Smith says:

    Comenity Capital Bank closed my 3 cards in good standing and then opened them again without my request, and I did know this event.

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