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Published on December 15th, 2014 | by William Charles


Card Issuers That Combine Multiple Credit Pulls/Inquiries

Update 4: Added more on Citi personal and business

Update 3: Added data points for U.S Bank

Update 2: I have added data on what happens with multiple applications for both Wells Fargo & Capital One.

Update: As numerous people in the comments have pointed out, it’s not actually the credit card issuers combining multiple pulls, it’s credit bureaus. If all of the information matches, the credit bureaus assume this a duplicate entry and delete it. The reason why some inquiries are combined and others aren’t is that credit card issuers won’t necessarily use the same data for each credit card. In this article I’ve still referred to the card issuers doing the combining, but that’s not what happens in reality. Thanks to all of the readers who pointed this out.


When you apply for a credit card, the card issuer will check your credit report. They rarely look at this credit report manually, but it’s used by scoring algorithms to see how worthy of credit you are (really they are checking your risk as a customer. How likely are you to default or become delinquent?).

When a credit report is pulled to aid in a lending decision (e.g when you apply for a credit card) this is known as a hard inquiry or hard credit pull. A hard inquiry affects your credit score (usually dropping it by 1-5 points for a short period of time, for usually no more than six months. It completely stops affecting your FICO score after a period of twelve months and will only stay on your credit report for up to two years), hard inquiries can also used by card issuers to determine if somebody is chasing sign up bonuses (these people are unlikely to be profitable cardholders) but this is uncommon.

[Read: Hard Vs Soft Inquiries, What’s The Difference?]

As you can gather, the less hard inquiries you have the better. The problem with this is that credit cards have some juicy sign up bonuses. One of the best ways to maximize the amount of sign up bonuses you get and minimize the amount of hard inquiries you receive is by applying for multiple cards from the same card issuer at the same time. In some cases, card issuers will only do a hard credit inquiry once even if you apply for two or more cards.

Warnings & Tips

Below is a list of card issuers and whether they combine credit pulls or not. Before that a few tips and warnings:

  • Find out what credit bureau a card issuer is likely to pull. As well as worrying about which card issuers combine credit pulls, you should also try to spread out your inquiries over all three of the consumer reporting agencies (CRA). Here is how to find out which card issuer will pull which CRA, remember that it varies based on your state.
  • Your mileage may vary. Just because a credit card issuer has only pulled once for other people, doesn’t mean the same will happen to you (“past performance is not indicative of future results”).
  • You’ll usually be denied at the auto approval stage. When you’re applying for multiple cards, you’ll generally be denied when they make their instant decision. This means you’ll be required to call the reconsideration department, if you don’t feel confident doing then this method is not for you. If you’ve never called the reconsideration department before, read our tips and gain some practice before attempting this. You can view the phone numbers for the different reconsideration departments by clicking here.
  • Opening lots of new cards will also drastically reduce your average age of accounts, regardless of how many hard pulls appear on your report. This will negatively affect your FICO score and other credit scoring models.
This is an advanced method. If you’ve struggled with credit card debt in the past or have a thin credit report then this method is not for you.

Remember that hard credit pulls stay on your credit report for a period of two years and affect your FICO score for one full year in a negative manner.  Make sure you do your own research and only use these methods when you feel comfortable.

How To Apply For Multiple Cards At Once

  • When trying to combine multiple credit pulls, you want your credit card applications to be close together as possible. The closer the applications, the more likely the card issuer will only pull your credit report once. This is because every time they pull your credit they have to pay one of the consumer reporting agencies (or credit bureaus) a fee.
  • The easiest way to apply for multiple cards at the same time is by using multiple browsers. The best method is to open a new browser (e.g Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) and fill in all of your information for all the credit cards you want to apply for, then you can click submit in a rapid succession a few seconds after each other. If you apply earlier in the day you give yourself more time to deal with reconsideration requests.
  • Always hit apply for the most important card first. Whichever card you apply for first has the highest chance of receiving an instant approval, so make sure to apply for that card first and then the others in order of important.
  • When talking about this people will often use the acronyms 2BM, 3BM or 4BM. The BM stands for browser method, so a 3BM would be three  browser method. The number of browsers used is the same as the amount of credit cards the person is applying for. If you see somebody saying “Was successful with my 3BM with chase”, they are saying they applied for three credit cards using three separate browsers and were approved for all three (presumably only with one hard credit pull done).
Always use the different browser method if you can.

Sometimes card issuers will not do a second pull as long as you apply the same day, but by using a different browser and applying in rapid succession you should find you have a chance of being instantly approved.

Rules For Each Card Issuer

American Express

American Express does combine credit pulls, here are the rules:

  • They’ll allow a maximum of one credit card application per day, doesn’t seem to be a limit on charge cards.
  • All cards need to be approved in the same day, otherwise multiple pulls will be done (e.g sometimes when you call they’ll say that the application will be reviewed in a few days time. When it’s reviewed another hard pull will be automatically done. You should be able to cancel the second application when doing this if you want to avoid the hard pull).
  • Usually will be denied on auto approval, you’ll need to call reconsideration.
    • When calling reconsideration only ask for approval for one card at a time.
    • You’ll need a valid reason as to why you want each card
  • Representatives will often state the system allows only one per day, which is why you only want to deal with one card per call. It’s not hard coded into the system to allow only one approval per day, so just hang up and call again if you have this issue.
  • Can mix personal and business applications and it should only result in one pull

Bank of America


Update: Recent DP are saying that pulls are not being combined.

Barclay will combine multiple pulls, but some things to consider:

  • Possible to do up to three cards at a time, but usually they’ll only auto approve you for one card and approve one more after you call reconsideration
  • Barclay is primarily a UK credit card issuer, as such their days are based on GMT. Keep this in mind when making your applications.

Capital One

  • Pulls all three credit bureaus for every application you make.
  • Multiple applications will be combined if they are processed on the same day.

Recently, Capital One stopped processing more than one application per six months, rendering moot the issue of combined inquires.


Chase will combine credit pulls, but there are a few rules you need to be mindful of:

  • Applications must be received in the same day
  • Mixing business and personal applications will result in separate pulls (e.g if you apply for two business cards and one personal, they will pull your credit twice). [Update: Recently, a couple reports indicate that business and personal may be combined, see this Freqentmiler report and this comment.]
  • Usually difficult about opening more than three cards in a single month (some representatives state that the limit is two per month, but you should be able to get three). If you run into this problem, ask them to approve one of the cards (the one you want the most) then hang up and call again
    • Call and give them the application ID, they might not be able to see your recent approved cards
    • Applications stay in the internal system for a period of 30 days, you might be able to use this to get around the three cards in a month rule


  • Citi only allows you to apply for a credit card every eight days, but you can apply for one personal and one business on the same day (FrequentMiler). When applying for a personal and business at the same time, the inquiries are not merged due to the fact that the inquiries come from different departments of Citibank (FrequentMiler via personal communication).


  • You can have a maximum of two Discover cards and need to have the first one for twelve months before you can apply for the second one so no possibility of merging inquiries.

TD Bank

U.S Bank

  • Update: Reader Electroman applied for the personal and business Club Carlson cards in the same day and the inquiries were merged into one. This means that it should be possible to apply for any two cards from U.S Bank and the inquiries will be merged (e.g personal and business cards are merged). U.S Bank is notoriously difficult for getting approved for even one card, let alone multiples in a day. Remember to freeze your IDA & ARS accounts before applying. Another DP here and another.
  • Amex_Fangirl was told that if you apply within 30 days of the first app they will use the same hard pull. This was then confirmed when only one hard pull showed up for the second application.

Wells Fargo

According to this post on Flyertalk, it looks like Wells Fargo will combine multiple hard pulls. Another DP.

Smaller Card Issuers


Will reuse the same hard pull for 30/45 days.


Did not combine Cathay Pacific & Stash hotel rewards inquiries.


My partner hates calling reconsideration, what can I do?

You can try to convince them that the pros outweigh the cons and this is how you’re able to generate extra income and travel on the cheap. That being said, some people just don’t feel comfortable calling reconsideration. In that case you can ask your significant other to call and then state that you may speak on their behalf before passing the call onto you.

You can also try a conference call where your significant other is on the phone but doing none of the speaking. Once the card is approved you can also get them to install you as an official proxy, this can be done online at American Express here and via phone for Chase (this won’t give you any power for future reconsideration calls though). I’m not sure about other card issuers, if you have any experience then please let us know in the comments.

Final Thoughts

This can be a useful way to rack up loyalty points and cash sign up bonuses without damaging your credit too much in the short term, less hard pulls will also look better on your report when applying for credit cards in the future. Doing a 3BM can be somewhat time intensive if you have to hang up and call again multiple times to get approved, but I think it’s worth doing.

Please feel free to share your experiences and recent data points in the comments section below.

154 Responses to Card Issuers That Combine Multiple Credit Pulls/Inquiries

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    These informative postings are exactly why I check your site daily. Too many sites are barely disguised fronts to generate credit card referral fees. Thanks!

  2. James B. says:

    Another great blog post!!! I second Beckett’s comments. Too many blog sites have sold out to affiliate revenues. Double thanks!!!

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  4. AZTravelGuy says:

    So long as I added myself as an authorized user when applying for credit cards in my wife’s name, I never had any trouble handling all the phone communication with Chase, Citi or Bank of America. I just had to give them my mother-in-law’s maiden name (or whatever I set the password in Citi’s case). I’ve done this on behalf of my mom’s accounts too.

  5. Jay says:

    Hi William,

    Question: Can you mix one personal chase and one business chase to count as one HP?

    • Hi Jay, if you’re going to attempt this make sure you read the post in full. From the post itself:

      “Mixing business and personal applications will result in separate pulls (e.g if you apply for two business cards and one personal, they will pull your credit twice).”

      So no, it would count for two pulls.

  6. Brandon says:

    Thank you! Great post!

    Could you please post the link to what credit cards pull what credit report? That link doesn’t seem to exist for me.

  7. anthony says:

    I was planning on applying for the capital one venture card. I’m considering the quicksilver too for the sign up bonus (better than nothing) but only if the hard pulls are done once. I notice your section on Capital One is basically unknown. Is this still up to date?

    • This post is kept updated regularly, I haven’t seen any data points on multiple Capital One applications. Why not try it yourself and let us know?

      • anthony says:

        I was just approved for the Capital One Venture card. I did not apply for any other Capital One cards as I don’t need the Quicksilver that badly and didn’t want to risk all three bureaus being hit twice by two applications (I plan on more credit card applications this year that have better bonus value than the Quicksilver).

        I checked creditkarma and it appears Capital One ONLY pulled from Equifax. I don’t know if this information changes or is updated over time (I checked 15 minutes after applying) but as of right now, there is only one hard pull for the single application. I’ll update accordingly if this changes.

        To further your data point, I have 793 FICO and I live in California.

  8. Devon says:

    ANy other sites you recommend for finding out about pulls? The data I’ve kept in my own spreadsheet over past 3 years is better than the Credit Pulls board for Kentucky where I live. I tried Indiana since I’m right on the border and it’s not much better.

  9. Andy says:

    Hi William,
    I enjoy your site and loved the post where you share how to get 100k Amex Platinum Business. With that being said, I do think this post contains wrong information. I would suggest you do more research/experiments. Two things I can tell you now:

    Card issuers don’t combine inquires. Each application requires one credit pull. Two things I did that support this, and you could try yourself:
    – Credit Karma (or I assume any good credit monitoring plan that monitors real time) usually show two notifications: “A new inquiry is added. You now have x+1 inquiries on your report” and “A new inquiry is added. You now have x+2 inquiries on your report”
    – After applying for 2 cards from the same bank, I called recon for a 3rd card from a different bank and also asked how many credit inquiries they see and what they are. The rep told me that I have 2 inquiries that day from that bank. The rep might or might not reveal the information, but most of the time, they do.

    It’s the credit bureau that combines pull when they see 2 pulls with exact same information.
    – I pull Credit Karma report the next day, the number of inquiries is x+1 and not x+2 as indicated by the notification the previous day.

    • I’ve spoken about this before, I’m not sure it’s really relevant who combines the pulls the bureau or the card issuer. If it was the bureau, then why does it combine for some issuers and not others? As long as the actual information (e.g which card issuers gets multiple pulls combined and the rules regarding that) is correct – I’m happy. Make sense?

      • Andy says:


        Please take this as a constructive comment. While you’re correct about which card issuers get multiple pulls combined, some of your information is just wrong. That’s similar to getting the right results when the method is wrong.

        To answer your question, they don’t get combined because information of the two inquiries don’t match 100%. Chase inquiries (1 business and 1 person) don’t get combined because the phone numbers don’t match. If you look at the details (Creditor Contact Details), you will see that both inquiries are “CHASE CARD WILMINGTON, DE 19850”, but phone number of one is “(800) 432-3117” while the other is “(000) 000-0000”

        Another example: Citi for instance. While Citi doesn’t allow you to submit 2 apps in the same day, it’s still possible to have Citi process 2 apps in the same day. If you apply for 2 Citi AA Executive card, two inquiries will merged, but if you apply for 1 Citi AA and 1 Citi Hilton, I’m gonna bet you have two inquiries from Citi.

        Nobody likes being wrong, but nobody is right all the time. Why do I bother? I do like your blog and want it to contain only the right information (at least, critical information) Since you moderate comments, you don’t even have to publish this comment, but I do suggest you refine this post.

        • Hi Andy,

          We don’t moderate comments. Your first comment goes into moderation automatically, but it’s always approved as long as it’s not spam. That’s interesting what you say and makes a lot of logical sense. I’ll do some double checking next weekend to confirm and then update the post. I don’t have an issue of acknowledging when I am wrong, I’m often wrong and I like to learn why and try to improve the site.

          In this case it does look like I’m wrong and if that’s the case I’ll fix it.

        • Jay says:

          With all do respect, I’m going to have to disagree with you.

          I applied in Feb 2015 for Chase SW Biz and Chase Biz United MP cards at the same time (two browsers) and only one inquiry shows on my Exp report. I was denied the United Biz card (too new biz). Had to call recon.

          I applied in Feb 2015 for Chase personal SW and Chase United MP card at the same time (again, two browsers) and only one inquiry shows on my report. I was approved for SW but denied for United because it’s 2 Chase cards at a time within 30 days. Had to call recon.

          So as you can see, inquires are combined, at least when applying with Chase. I plan on getting 3 Amex cards, I will report back with results.

          • Jay says:

            My last comment was in reply to Andy’s comment. Just to clarify.

          • Jay says:

            due *
            Hahah, by the way, I re-read you comment and it sounds like we’re on the same page.

            Quite frankly, I don’t care what the bank shows on their end, whether it’s 1, 2, 4, etc pulls. As long as on the report shows 1, it’s all good 🙂

          • Jay says:

            Man, I can’t spell or type today. Please, I apologize in advance for all the replies.

            Wish there was a way to edit the original comment.

  10. Bud says:

    Hi Jay, or anybody else, have you tried this with Amex yet? I want to apply for multiple cards from them soon but would like to see what peoples experiences are with report pulls first.

  11. Kurt Larson says:

    Just to make sure I understand correctly… If I were to apply for two chase cards at the same time, only one inquiry would show? I assume from experian since chase mainly uses this.

  12. GM says:

    Just a quick data point that the credit pull for the Fidelity Investments Rewards (FIA) credit card is separate when applying for other BOA cards so I ended up with 2 instead of 1.

  13. Elliot says:

    Do all CRAs combine HPs from different issuers that occur nearly simultaneously on the same day? For example, if I apply for one AmEx card and one Chase card at the same time (assuming they both pull Experian), will Experian only show one total HP?

    I ask because Well Traveled Mile seems to state that here:

  14. fred g says:

    for the gent that asked about cap one i recently applied and got approved for quick silver as well and venture. they pulled all 3 but only once. i did it simultaneously. hope it helps i am in ny

  15. Tom says:

    I’ve just applied and approved for the Chase Southwest Biz 60k offer today. Now considered going for the 50k Chase United business card.
    Just to confirm, if I apply for the United biz card today as well, it should result in only 1 hard pull? As such, is there any downside to attempting this or anything I’m overlooking?

  16. Electroman says:

    I applied for the US Bank Club Carlson business and personal cards on the same day. They pulled TU (like most lenders do in my part of the US), and there is only one TU pull showing on my CR for that day. So two cards for one pull.

  17. Peter says:

    So generally, this would only work (multiple cards, one pull) if you are applying to one credit card issuer? For example you apply for 3 Chase Credit cards, you can possibly get only one pull? But if you apply for one chase and one amex, this will incur to pulls? Thank you for your help!

  18. Ryan says:

    i did an Amex business (SPG) and personal (everyday preferred) at the same time SPG was auto approved other in review. I called in and the rep said there wouldn’t be a problem approving both of them, they were just concerned about 2 apps and needed to make sure it was me. That was Thursday, just checked and it’s still in review, are they gonna pull my credit again now? So 3 pulls out of this possibly?

  19. Adam says:

    @will – for BofA you mention upto 3 apps will be merged… but I’ve heard of folks doing anywhere from 4-7 and perhaps even more (crazier numbers) on myfico etc. not sure how many hits they’re getting. but are you saying anything above 3 will result in multiple inquiries? is it 1 HP per 3 apps, so 6 apps would be 2 HP etc?

    any updates or more insights would be appreciated if any folks know more about this, thanks!

    • Three was just what I’ve done/seen done. I imagine they are still only getting 1 inquiry but it’s kinda crazy doing 7 apps. I don’t believe in apping for the same card multiple times and they only have so many cards that interest me.

  20. Alexander Nguyen says:

    Just applied for 3 chase cards, but got shot down trying to get the third. Called twice, and they both mentioned the two-card-approvals-in-a-month thing.

    Also lectured me a bit about they look for people who have constant use on the cards, and hold them > 12 months.

  21. Tom says:

    Instant approval for the Chase Hyatt card, then applied for the British Airways card and got pending. Do I need to call today? If I don’t call today, or call at all, will they pull my credit again when reviewing the application, or are hard pulls only done on the date applied?

  22. Shan says:

    Just wanna share this. I went for both SPG and everyday card. SPG was auto-approved, got pending for everyday. I called the recon I was told system placed 2nd application on hold and I have to wait for five days. The point is I just gave the tracking ID. Still they could see both application. I doubt we could circumvent this to get approval on the same day for second card if not yet auto approved.

  23. PorkIsKing says:

    It’s not totally clear from the Amex rules whether I can apply for 2 personal cards on the same day. I’ve successfully done 1 personal and 1 business charge, and 2 business charge cards. They got merged into 1 inquiry. But I’m guessing “They’ll allow a maximum of one credit card application per day, doesn’t seem to be a limit on charge cards” means “They’ll allow maximum of one personal credit card application per day. No limit on the number of charge cards per day.”

    I suppose it doesn’t matter too much because the decline won’t show up as a pull on my credit report anyway. But I’d rather not piss off Amex if I don’t have to.

  24. Credit Noob says:

    Quick question, so today I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card for a 5k limit but was denied the auto reply for the Chase Freedom Card. I called and asked for reconsideration and was denied after they had recon because “at this time Chase feels that the 5k I was approved for initially is sufficient”. Would you recommend to call again or at this point do you take the loss. Enjoy the website, thanks again.

    674 TU, 675 EX, 706 EQ

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Can’t hurt to try once more. Probably won’t go though. Next time!

      • Credit Noob says:

        Appreciate it Chuck, I think I might give it one more go but they definitely took their time reconsidering (12min of waiting). I’ll keep you all posted, I just don’t understand how I would be approved for their more exclusive card, yet rejected for the mickey mouse one.

  25. Credit Noob says:

    One quick question, how long would it take for the bureaus to merge the hard pull? Thanks again!

  26. Barclays Guy says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great thread! I wanted to see if I applied for a CLI for my Barclays Card and applied for a new Barclays Card would the hard pull merge just as one? or would it cause a double whammy? Thanks in advance!

  27. happy_harry says:


    Me and my wife are from India. The advantage there is it’s not easy for americans to figure out our gender by our names. So since I started the credit card churning I have never asked my wife to call anyone. I always call on her behalf and give her name when the CSR asks my name. This way it saves her all the hassle and she doesn’t get involved at all.

  28. Credit Man says:

    Thanks for this website. I applied for Venture One and was approved. Read the comments from this article and applied for the Quicksilver 3 hours later and was approved. Will let you know if it only pulled once.

  29. henry says:

    I applied for 2 x Venture in short order and was declined for both and got 2 hard pulls one week apart.

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  31. cj says:

    Re: spouse calling – when I worked at bank of America’s loan center about 10 years ago, the rule was you could not question the caller if they could validate all info on the account. If a woman called saying her name was John, and could validate the info on the account, we proceeded with the phone call. Just some info which may or may not prove useful..

    • j says:

      Barclaycard definitely doesnt do this. They will question you to death and insist on sending in DL, SSN, any professional licenses held, etc. Trust me, dont screw with barclays and they will be good to you.

      • gandalf says:

        I have called on behalf of my spouse many many times to Barclays. In fact I just got my wife’s Arrival plus downgraded today without any problems.

  32. m says:

    Careful on BOFA combining inquiries supposedly. I have found that the inquiries do NOT combine if 1 personal and 1 business (separate pulls to EXP and TU for example on Alaska business and personal cards at same time), and also do NOT combine if 1 FIA card and 1 BOFA card (e.g. FIA Fidelity Amex plus BOA Alaska pers).

  33. The Man says:

    Applied for 3 Amex and all 3 were instantly approved.

  34. Tina says:

    I was rejected from chase for opening too many cards in the past 2 years. Do you think if i wait a few months before opening any additional cards i might get approved for the saphire? I have excellent credit so hoping to get approved in a few months?

  35. Eric says:

    Does anyone have any recent data on BAC? I’ve been told by a couple of people that they may not combine hard inquiries anymore.

    • Gandalf says:

      Don’t know if this is recent enough. Applied for following on same day and got only one credit pull.

      BAC Alaska Air Personal
      BAC Alaska Air Business
      BAC Travel Rewards

      • Eric says:

        When was that? Someone told me there’s a Flyer Talk thread about this issue but I couldn’t find it. Do you happen to know the link to it?

  36. anthonyjh21 says:

    Anyone have any data points on combining personal and business cards w/ Capital One? I’m looking at the Venture and the Spark (business card).

    • krtlarson says:

      Applied last month for Spark Cash and Venture on the same day. Only got one pull per report. Be sure to freeze one of your reports so that all three don’t get it with inquiries. I froze Experian and got approved instant. Single pull TU & EQ.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        Awesome, thanks for that much needed data point!

        Did you do one before the other or at the same time?

        • Krtlarson says:

          I did them one after the other. As long as you apply same day it shouldn’t matter since the pulls will be consolidated. Having them as close as possible doesn’t hurt though. Keep in mind if you don’t get auto approval on both cards and one is sent into pending, then chances are your credit reports will be pulled another time, meaning two sets of pulls.

  37. Holly says:

    Discover will only ding you once. You have a 30 day window where it will not pull another.

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  39. MAG says:

    Data points on Comenity? Looking for some Virgin America points. 15k for a HP is not worth it to me, but 15k plus 10k for getting both cards might be worth it.

  40. toknowjoyman says:

    I applied for an Apple Barclay card, and was approved after recon. Next day (hoping that Barclay was on GMT) I applied for the arrival plus and their basic card, was denied for both but also suffered 2 pulls. For a total of 3!

  41. Sergey says:

    Applied for Bank of America Alaska and Travel rewards on the same day. Check EX report 10 days later – 2 inquires from BoFa on the same day – one is listed as “Bank of America”, second is “BK of America”.

  42. Kevin says:

    Not sure if other people’s have been combined when applying for a Biz and Personal BOA or they haven’t look at all 3 bureaus but I applied for AS Biz and Personal in the same day and got a HP from Exp for the personal (all my other have been from there also) and a HP from TU for the Biz.

  43. PG says:

    Not sure if my wife could ever be convinced to do a recon call on her own, but she’s always happy to pass the phone over to me after the authorization process. Only time this ever backfired was when the Amex rep from India had the same birthday as her- he wouldn’t let her hand the phone over to me. Super sweet guy who got her approved, though…

  44. Sag says:

    Good info.

  45. Thanks updating the Chase section with a link to my post. The plot thickens a bit, though. In the comments of a follow-up post a reader asserted that he recently had duplicate pulls only when he applied for a business and personal Chase card, but not when he applied for two personal cards. So, I guess the final answer with Chase is: It depends (on what… I have no idea)

  46. James Kunz says:

    It appears I have gotten 3 inquiries for applying for 3 Chase cards in one day. Just a head’s up that as of right now, I received three alerts from Equifax. Perhaps the credit bureaus do the combining later on, though, such as when my statement comes to an end?

  47. MarcusMan says:

    I applied for two chase cards using 2 browsers IHG and Marriott. First one went through and was approved. Second one just said thankyou for your submission. No message about reviewing or approved etc.

    When I call in, all it says is I have been approved for the IHG and says nothing about another application. No email info either. It is hard to believe I fat fingered both an email address as well as SSN such that nothing shows up. I wonder what is going on here? Little reluctant to call Recon to see what they see because I don’t want to mess up the first one.

  48. emaw_yo says:

    Just a heads up, I applied for both a US Bank personal and US Bank business card today and it resulted in two hard inquiries on TU, contrary to what the datapoint on this post says.

    • What cards did you apply for? Both appear on the same credit bureau?

      • emaw_yo says:

        I applied for the Cash+ and the Club Carlson Business card and received pending for each. And yes, both appear on TU, both with the same date. I figured they would be combined, so that’s why I went with the second app. I’m curious if their policy has changed, or if there’s something unique about my apps. Maybe Club Carlson?

      • emaw_yo says:

        Or maybe Electroman’s combined since they were both Club Carlson. I’m surprised there aren’t more data points on this, but I hope mine helps.

    • emaw_yo says:

      Well, looks like a false alarm. Credit Karma definitely showed two TU pulls the same day I applied for both US Bank cards, but now it only shows one. I’m glad that it ended up only being one. That’s weird that it would even report as two temporarily.

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  51. Moe says:

    Wanna order 2 BOA Alaska cards. Im just afraid looking at previous comments. Sounds like they DO sometimes pull 2 hard inquiries. Please update if possible.

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  53. jcb says:

    DP: applied for Alaska Personal + Business on the same day (July 8). Both instant approved. I now see two HPs on my TU, one on 7/8 and one on 7/16.

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  55. BT says:

    I got approved for 4 @ $8k limit, one at $4.7k. Instant approval for all 5. I’m gonna stop there. I’ll report back if it is two hard pulls. Did multiple browsers one after the other.

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  57. Lulu says:

    I applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred and a Chase Ink Plus Premium Rewards card for my mom the same day (she has only applied for 1 credit card the past 2 years, 800+ credit score, $100K+ income) and she was denied for both. When I called them, they said it was because she applied for both cards the same time so it showed up as she has too many accounts with them. They re-evaluated her application and she was approved for the Sapphire Preferred. I didn’t ask for reconsideration on the Ink card.

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  60. Mark says:

    I am considering applying for a Citi Double Cash card, but anticipate having to ask for a CLI immediately because rumor is they seem to issue low initial limits. I’ve read in the past that I would get dinged twice with 2 hard pulls, one each for the application and the CLI. But am I correct that according to what you say above, I should only see one hard inquiry as long as the CLI is requested within 8 days of the original application?

  61. Bonnita Carlisle says:

    Prequalified bank of America approved $5k,applied same day bank of america cb denied with a counter offer with a $35 annual fee cl $500,which I declined. Will I get 2 hard pulls?

  62. Ryan says:

    DP: applied for two Chase cards in one day and they pulled BOTH Transunion and Experian.

  63. Corey says:

    DP: Applied for a personal Chase card and business chase card. They did separate HPs, pulling both Experian and Transunion twice. My address is in Northwest Ohio.

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  67. payyoutuesday says:

    My wife applied for Barclaycard Arrival+ and Barclaycard Wyndham on the same day a couple of weeks ago. Two pulls from that day NOT combined (at least still showing on TU via Credit Karma). FWIW: Arrival+ instantly approved, Wyndham approved five days later.

    • Vik says:

      Yes a similar thing happened to me and also a friend. Applied for Arrival+ and Aviator, HPs didn’t merge with TU. Seems like a YMMV case for Barclays.

  68. Dave says:

    It’s already known but For Barclays applied for 2 using 2BM. TU initially showed two pulls but the next day it showed as one.

    One approved instant one pending. Solid credit and income.

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  70. Red says:

    “Barclay is primarily a UK credit card issuer, as such their days are based on GMT. Keep this in mind when making your applications.”

    Why does this matter if the credit bureaus are US-based and combined pulls are generally regarded as a credit-bureau-side phenomenon? Are you saying that for Barclays, combined pulls are bank-side? Even if the bank sent a second pull because it was the next day GMT but same day USA, wouldn’t the bureau combine it?

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  72. Leo says:

    Applied for an AMEX charge card and credit card same day. Credit card was approved, and charge card went pending for verification. Did verification a few days later. Only one hard pull.

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  74. Vik says:


    Please look into this: Barclays don’t seem to combine TU inquiries anymore. I applied for A+ and AAviator. Both approved on the same day. But it shows up as two inquiries.

    Some DPs above suggest that it initially shows up as two and later, merges as one. But it has been a week for me, they haven’t merged yet.

    This happened for my friend as well, same cards, same bank, but 2 pulls.

  75. A says:

    Any recent data points about applying 2 chase personal cards using different browsers at the same time.

    I’m at 4/24 and thinking about hitting both southwest premier and plus at the same time.

    Contemplating if I should use the 2 browser technique or just 1 at a time.

    Appreciate any insights

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  77. Jian says:

    Multiple DP: Recently applied for 2 Chase cards (Freedom Unlimited preapproved in branch and IHG online) same day and 2 US Bank FlexPerks cards (Amex & Visa), I have 6months account history with USB and froze the 2 credit reports. All cards approved with HPs for Equifax & Experian for Chase and only one HP TU for USB.

  78. Emil says:

    I just applied for the Wells Fargo Propel World (over the phone) and the Wells Fargo Visa Signature (online) and then immediately logged into CreditWise by CapitalOne and I’m seeing 2 inquiries from Wells Fargo from today. Is it possible that these will still be combined? If not, then WF doesn’t combine, which sucks for me, and the post should be updated.

    • Emil says:

      Credit Karma is showing just one inquiry. Not sure why CreditWise is showing two. Maybe it was combined afterwards by Transunion?

      • Jason says:

        Hi Emil, did you figure out the problem? How many HP eventually? Thanks

        • Emil says:

          HPs combined. Creditwise is only showing 1 inquiry now from WF. Though I was rejected for the 2nd card and received a letter stating I didn’t have enough history with the newly opened card.

      • charles says:

        What happened with the HP’s. With the new info on the 200 dollar WF CC’s, I wanted to do the World over the phone, and then grab another card online. This would be a valuable data point.

        • Emil says:

          HPs combined. Creditwise is only showing 1 inquiry now from WF. Though I was rejected for the 2nd card and received a letter stating I didn’t have enough history with the newly opened card.

  79. Bemywife says:

    Received prequalify letter of Arrival+ yesterday, just applied and it pull my TU. I’m in NJ.

  80. Jim says:

    What would be considered an “average” number of active hard pulls on someone’s credit report who churns credit cards as often as, say, the Doc himself?

    • Bob says:

      15-20 on the most used bureau is common

      • Jim says:

        Wow! Here I thought about half that amount was too many, given that I’ve read that just one hard inquiry can lower one’s credit score by ~5 points. If you say someone can have 20 on there, that’s close to a 100 point hit (?)

        • Bob says:

          FICO scoring is not linear or proportional. The effect of inquiries on the score also decreases at 6 mo and disappears at 12 mo before they fall off at 2 years. A churner’s score goes through peaks and troughs on a cyclical basis. It sounds like you need to read up on credit scoring to understand the nuances.

          • Jim says:

            You’ve pretty much answered my question, thank you. And, um, yes, most people ask questions in a comment field because they aren’t experts on the subject. No need to be snarky.

  81. arch says:

    “Recently, Capital One stopped processing more than one application per six months, rendering mute the issue of combined inquires.”

    Although silence is golden, think you meant “moot”

  82. Joey says:

    DP for US Bank

    Applied for US Bank Altitude Reserve and US Bank Flexperks Gold Amex on the same page (both personal)

    Reserve auto approval Flexperks Amex approved automatically couple days later. Pulled Experian, only 1 pull showing on credit report.

  83. Kevin says:

    I have a question about combining inquiries with BofA. I applied for the Cash Rewards card on 4/17. I’d like to get the Travel Rewards card too. Is it too late to count as 1 inquiry?

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  85. Jason says:

    Applied two Barclay Credit card today. one is approved right way.One is pending.But credit karma Showed them round my credit history twice..Called them dispute. need to mail the letter to their credit department. So saddly.

  86. DP says:

    Applied US Bank Cash+ on 8/5. Approved on 8/12. Then applied Altitude on 8/19. Pending now. Sadly, US Bank pulled my Experian again. Called US Bank before application and CSR promised that bank won’t pull my credit again if I had credit app within past 30 days. Doesn’t seem true in my case.

  87. Julian Banks says:

    Applied for Barclay Arrival+ and Aviator about 5 seconds apart. I’m showing two HP on my Transunion, both dated same date. It’s been a week, but I’m hoping they’ll somehow merge…

  88. Dusa says:

    Applied for BOA Premium and Travel Rewards card online and got approved at the same time. Premium CL: $17K and Travel Rewards CL: $14.3K.
    Profile Details: Credit Score: Approx 750, Past BOA Cards: Merrill+ since April 2017, no other accounts with BOA, New CC Accounts in 2017: 2, Pulls in 2017: 3, Total pulls: around 4-5. Salary: $90K. I think they pulled my Experian since Credit Karma didn’t record any hard pull. Just hoping the pulls get combined. Hope this DP helps!

  89. Jose Marques says:

    Thank you so much for your advise and for all the comments, I recently apply to the Bank of America cards . I applied to 3 cards at once in different browsers, I got approved to 2 cards one I got approved for $6,000 On the cash back card and $16,000 on the travel rewards card, got denied for the alaska card. I got only ONE credit pull on my experian credit report. THANK YOU así much for this good advise.
    I will now call for re consideration to see if they approve me for the 3rd card with the same credit pull as the other ones.

  90. zd says:

    DOC: perhaps it would be valuable mentioning the new BOA 2/3/4 rule in this post. There is no way anyone could open a 3rd card in a 30 day window.

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  92. Mark Zhang says:

    I applied for two US Bank cards on the same day, and network error led to yet another duplicate application. I called to withdraw the duplicate one and they processed the two applications afterwards. My monitoring apps reported only one HP.

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