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[New Card] Capital One Savor and SavorOne Card Review, 0 Signup Bonus and 4% Dining & Entertainment Category

Capital One launched the Savor card in October, and today the bank announced an enhancement of the Savor card with 4% on dining & entertainment and a 0 signup bonus. They also announced a brand new no-fee SavorOne credit card.


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Capital One Savor

Direct Link to offer

The Savor card comes with the following signup bonus:

  • Get 0 when you spend ,000 within three months from account opening.

Card earns the following rewards rates with no earnings limit, no minimum redemption, and no rewards expiration:

  • 4% cashback on dining and entertainment
  • 2% cashback on groceries
  • 1% cashback everywhere else

Card Details:

  • annual fee, waived the first year
  • No foreign transaction fees, like all other Capital One cards
  • Access to premium experiences in dining, entertainment and more

Capital One SavorOne

Direct Link to offer

The SavorOne card comes with the following signup bonus:

  • Get 0 when you spend 0 within three months from account opening.

Card earns the following rewards rates with no earnings limit, no minimum redemption, and no rewards expiration:

  • 3% cashback on dining and entertainment
  • 2% cashback on groceries
  • 1% cashback everywhere else

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sounds great.
but applying at Capital One seems like a waste of time.
they refuse to issue me a card.

My experience with Capital One is that they will only approve you if you have an outstanding balance on at least one credit card. This includes any promotional 0% balance transfer type cards.


Chuck, I’m seeing that the annual fee is $95, not $59…

Where did you hear previous savor customers are grandfathered in?
I’m a current savor customer… that sounds amazing! 4% and no AF?! I’ll take it.

Capital One has some kind of 5/24-like rule that they don’t publicize which will block most churners from being approved. It’s not worth the hard pulls from all three credit bureaus just to be denied…

I’ve literally never been approved for a Capital One card in my life.

Last denial listed:

Too few revolving accounts with balance, too many new revolving accounts, income is insufficient for requested credit

If anyone manages to make this application work, let me know.

Are you sure that it’s exactly 5/24? I’m at 5/24 now so no Chase but I would really want this. I have never had Capiial One card before.

No, I said “5/24-like rule.” Nobody’s been able to nail Capital One down on exactly what their approval criteria is, and they won’t tell us – all we know is that they reject a *ton* of people with 800+ FICO scores, so they’ve clearly established some kind of hard auto-reject formula, likely based on a high number of recent inquiries. We just aren’t sure what their timeframe of recent is, or their definition of too many inquiries, or if they’re willing to let those rules slide if you have an established banking relationship with them. There’s just a lot of unknowns.

If you’re not bothered by three hard-pulls on your credit report, then go ahead and try; the bonus here is certainly valuable. Just be prepared for a possible denial.

I got the Venture card back in December 2017 after being 8/12 and 3/6 with a 730ish Fico. They also only pulled TU and EX (not the normal triple pull). It’s definitely a bit of an aberration from all of the other data points I’ve seen—especially at the time.

As with everything I guess, YMMV. But I do advise against applying for most with recent inquiry/new account activity. It seems their UW becomes more strict when the SUB increases and the AF is waived.

Forgot to mention, I had no prior relationship. Aggregate utilization was 8% (of $100K) or so, as I let some balances report that month. Average Account Age – 7 years.

At the time though, there was a huge thread elsewhere with a string of denials for people with impeccable credit. Josh makes a very good point. I’d say they want a moderately thick profile with a balance reporting on a card in the 1%-9% range and few account closures, if you’re like me and have some recent inquires/new accounts. Purely speculative, of course.

I was approved for the VentureOne back in Feb at 14/24. ~700 credit score

Annual fee is $95 not $59

What counts as entertainment? Movies and sporting events ?

It’s there within official page on the bottom! “Buying tickets to a movie, play, concert, sporting event, tourist attraction, theme park, aquarium, zoo, dance club, pool hall or bowling alley. Also, making purchases at record store and video rental locations. This excludes non-industry entertainment merchant codes like cable, digital streaming, and subscription services.”

They give 4% back on reading all the denial reports in this thread, I’m told 😛

Gosh I would love this card for the signup bonus and cash back categories but I’m almost confident I would be denied at lol/24. Ive tried 3 or 4x for the venture card over the years and no dice.

Applied for Capital One but got rejected. Perfect score. Under 5/24. Ouch this hurts!

Denied. Credit score is 820.

2018 has been a tough year for churning.

We all have high credit scores, can you tell us other details. ?/6/12/24? Amount of CL compared to Income?

I can never get my score above 774 or 764 even though I pay off my bills every month and have never been late on a payment. Could it be longevity of my credit cards? No mortgage?

DD the highest score only with Credit cards as I know is 785. You must get a loan or mortgage to boost it up.

I’ve been stuck on 798 without loan or mortgage payment history.

They are not ethical. Worst customer service. Changed my card which I was not authorize and eventually I had to close my card. And customer service lie!!! I am done with them.

Applied and denied. I’m at lol/24 (somewhere over 20 approvals, not quite sure though). Didn’t expect an approval, but alas, $500 was a little too tempting.

Same, couldn’t resist. Been on a good streak, so push it till someone says no. Instant no.

lol/24, FICO high 700s, new loan and multiple CCs in past 1 month (refi etc), balances carried (0%, but they don’t know), already a holder of a capital one CC.

My application is under review. Nearly 2 years since I last opened a credit card.

thanks for the post – i am benefiting from the “Grandfathered” perk – great news all around 🙂 Glad i did a product switch when this first launched.

What did you PC from? I wonder if I could switch from QuickSilver 1.5% card.

I switched from Quicksilver a couple months back. Looks like that will be beneficial

did you receive a communication from them? does it reflect in your account? i’ve not received any info from cap1 and my account rewards section still says 3% dining

Just applied and got approved. I’ve successfully applied for two personal and one business this year,

what’s you ??/12 and ??/24 thanks!

If anyone actually manages to get approved, I wonder if they’d allow you to PC from the Savor to the SavorOne after the first year to avoid the AF.

I did this with a Venture when my annual fee posted for year 2. I called and they were able to refund and PC to a Quicksilver.

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