Posted by William Charles on July 11, 2018
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Published on July 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Capital One Adds Social Security Number Alerts To CreditWise (Free Credit Monitoring) & Experian Monitoring

Capital One offers a free credit monitoring tool to CreditWise, this tool is accessible to everybody (there is no need to be a Capital One cardholder). They have added some new credit protection features today:

  • SSN Tracking. This tracks names & addresses associated with credit applications using your social security number. You’ll be alerted if your SSN is used with a new name or address.
  • Dark web surveillance. CreditWise will search the dark web for your SSN and e-mail address and will alert you if found.

Previously Discover added these types of SSN alerts, although they do require being a card member so it’s nice to see Capital One upping the ante. It looks like they have also added credit monitoring for your Experian report as well. Previously CreditWise was only monitoring TransUnion.

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Nice. Super easy for cardholders

Just registered, but didn’t see they monitor Experian yet.

Is the dark web more fond of certain ssn than others?


Up the ante, not anti

He meant to write antifa.

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