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Published on August 9th, 2017 | by William Charles


Capital One $200 Checking & $200 Money Market Bonus, Nationwide & No Direct Deposit Required [YMMV]

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200 for checking & $200 for money market
  • Availability: Nationwide, but does contain targeted language (not enforced in the past)
  • Direct deposit required: None
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft, as long as you opt out of overdraft protection
  • ChexSystems: Mixed
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None
  • Expiration date: Must deposit $1,000 by September 30th, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Capital One is offering up to $200 when you open a checking account and $200 when you open a money market account. To receive the bonus you need to deposit $1,000 in each account.

The Fine Print

  • These cash bonuses are only available to you if you received our offer in the mail and if you do not have an existing 360 Money Market, 360 Checking or 360 Savings account.
  • To receive any of these bonuses, you must be the existing primary or secondary account holder, and account(s) must be in good standing (not in default, closed or suspended).
  • If you open an account through a business, it may be subject to closure/conversion.
  • Bonus is only available for one 360 Checking account and one 360 Money Market account, and multiple new accounts will not qualify.
  • You must have a valid Social Security Number to open a 360 Money Market or 360 Checking account.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them
  • Open your first Capital One 360 Checking account or 360 Money Market account online and deposit at least $1,000 per account opened no later than September 30, 2017, 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • Capital One will deposit the $200 cash bonus into your checking account approximately 10 weeks after you accept the account terms and conditions and complete the above conditions. Once it’s deposited, the funds will be available immediately.

Avoiding Fees

Both accounts have no monthly fees to worry about. There is also no early account termination fees.

Our Verdict

In the past the targeted language has not been enforced, but there is no guarantee that this is the case with this promotion (but I suspect it is). They have also offered $400 and $300 bonuses for the checking account before so I wouldn’t seriously consider that option. The money market bonus is a lot better than previous offers though as it only requires a deposit of $1,000 rather than $10,000 (although cumulative deposits worked previously so wasn’t a huge issue). Bonus doesn’t expire for awhile so hopefully a few readers will try the bonus to see if it’s actually targeted or not. For now I haven’t added it to our best bank promotions due to the targeted language.

Big thanks to reader, Preserve who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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125 Responses to Capital One $200 Checking & $200 Money Market Bonus, Nationwide & No Direct Deposit Required [YMMV]

  1. Chris says:

    The exclusions are not quite clear. I have a checking and savings with them. Can I open the money market account for the bonus?

    • Mike P. says:

      I think we’re SOL.

    • Mike P. says:

      That being said, I’m going to try it anyway.

    • Kola says:

      I agree it isn’t very clear, but this line makes it pretty explicit: “if you do not have an existing 360 Money Market, 360 Checking or 360 Savings account”.

    • At the very least I’d close the savings first, but report back if you go for it.

      • Flame says:

        Got an email from them yesterday about 360 Money Market – says targeted customers only with email and a code – (MY200)

        You need the 360 Money Market® account from Capital One®. It’s everything you want in a savings account—and more.

        • You’ll earn 1.30% Annual Percentage Yield on accounts with balances of $10,000 or more. It’s one of the nation’s highest savings rates, and it’s not some short-lived promotional rate.
        • You’ll earn a $200 bonus when you deposit $10,000 or more by October 31, 2017, and use code MY200.
        • There are no fees, so what you earn is what you keep.

  2. sonia says:

    So can i open either or do i have to open both in order to qualify?

  3. Daniel says:

    Like really. I am still struggling about how to trigger dd requirement for previous promotion. All of sudden this offer comes out.

  4. nickpete says:

    Just tried signing up but after I entered my information it said there was a problem with the data I entered. I’ve had a capital one money market account maybe 9 months ago and wasn’t targeted. Not sure if it’s because of the previous account or not being targeted.

  5. Joe says:

    I opened the checking account for $400 earlier this year. I’ve taken the plunge on the money market and will report back what happens.

  6. P says:

    “Open your first Capital One 360 Checking account or 360 Money Market account online and deposit at least $1,000 per account opened no later than September 30, 2017, 11:59 p.m. ET.”

    What’s the “or”? Is it significant? Do you get disqualified for the bonus if you open both?

  7. sam says:

    If i have a Checking account do i qualify for the money market promo?

  8. Ferris says:

    I already received the $400 Checking and $200 MM bonus earlier this year. Do they ever do specials for the “Savings” which is different than the MM?

  9. captainsave says:

    Already got the bonus for saving and checking. Just signed up for the MM.

  10. nate says:

    Is there a promo code? Or just follow the link?

      • MP says:

        Hi, Will.

        How did you even get this link – ? Is it from a legitimate offer sent to somebody? Because I can’t get to it through browsing the website or under my account, so I can’t quite see how one can pretend to have received it… And all other CO’s offers for 360 accounts I’ve seen recently specifically state that you’re not eligible for the bonus if you have or even have had ANY Capital One accounts, not just 360.

        I have an ax to grind with Capital One and I’d love to get those, but I’ve had a regular savings account with them for years, probably even before they acquired ING Direct. I knew you couldn’t get any decent interest rate anywhere and since theirs was slightly better, I just kept the money there and wasn’t paying attention to this market. Just recently I started reading about better interest rates being available, and, to my surprise, discovered that CO has been paying 2 to 3 times higher rate (well, it’s all pitiful, but still…) on their 360 accounts and was all too happy to keep me in the dark, never offering to convert my account to 360 or just open 360. Ever since I took most of the money out of there, CO noticed and I started getting some attention from them. Even got some pretty letter offering 360, but not a bonus. I kept this account open because I might need it for one reason or another in the future.

        So, do you think I’ll be able to get these bonuses? I clicked on both “apply” links now and in both cases there’s a link on the page – Click here if you already have a Capital One Account – which takes you directly to CO’s log-in, where all my existing information is filled-in and there’s no mention of any bonuses. I guess it’s not difficult to try, but I doubt I’d get anything… Since the savings account has the same rate as Discover’s, where most of my savings are, it doesn’t matter so much that some of the money stays at CO, but I don’t feel like opening a checking account for no good reason. Then again, it’s kind of worth $200, particularly since one doesn’t have to deal with DD’s or other annoying transactions.

        • Yes, it was sent to somebody. It’s a legitimate link, it’s on the Capital One domain. Not sure if you will be eligible, sorry.

          • MP says:

            Thanks, Will. I don’t believe it’ll work for me or anybody who has or has had CO account… They’re not particularly friendly to begin with.

  11. Chap says:

    Are these once a life time? I thought previous 360 promos were always once a life time or am I incorrect and you can churn these as long as you do not have a 360 account currently open?

  12. RB says:

    I just called in and was told that I would not be eligible for this MM offer because I have a 360 checking account. She explicitly said that this offer was only for people who did not have any 360 accounts. I would proceed with caution for all those jumping on this.

  13. dave says:

    does the money need to sit in the account till the bonus posts?

  14. john mccann says:

    If you’ve had an account with them before-you can’t get these bonuses.

  15. Jason says:

    I’d feel better about the chances of success for existing account holders (adding money market for the $200) if there were a promo code for the funding screen. Without that, I think it is quite likely this promo will only work for straight up new customers.

  16. Joe says:

    I alredy have a 360 Checking but decided to try it anyways. opened with 1100 funded with chase. will report if i get bonus.

  17. Kola says:

    Is there a promo code that appears on the funding page for those with new accounts?

    • Jack says:

      Not sure if this is what you’re asking, but when you are setting up a new account it gives you a promo code “BUN875” autofilled. Also, as far as whether this will work with a previous Capital One 360 acct, I signed up for the 300$ 360 checking offer two weeks ago (but not savings act offer) and was also able to sign up for the money market account yesterday. I have obviously not received the bonus yet, so I am not certain that it will pay out, but it looks like everything is fine so far.

      • Jack says:

        However, with S/O account I am seeing “code not valid” so today I am second guessing myself and I am not sure that mine didn’t give me the same warning..

    • dogmeat says:

      $200 + $200 deal from direct link above populated promo code field with CRJ100.

  18. Demitri says:

    Can someone clarify this:
    “These cash bonuses are only available to you if you received our offer in the mail.”

    How does the system check if I’m targeted or not ?

  19. Brandon says:


  20. Adrian says:

    Opening a 360 checking back when they had the PLUS400 promo. Closed it shortly after they confirmed I wouldn’t receive the bonus for not being targeted.

    Just opened the MM yesterday, trial deposits confirmed and $1k sent today. Not holding my breath but it’s worth a shot. If not, I’ll just close this one too and be done with Capital One for good.

    From the fine print:
    These cash bonuses are only available to you if you received our offer in the mail and if you do not have an existing 360 Money Market, 360 Checking or 360 Savings account.

    To me this means targeted (YMMV as always with them) and that you cannot have an existing checking, MM, or savings meaning CURRENTLY open. Doesn’t say anything about previously having account, in last 12 months, lifetime language, etc.

  21. Brandon says:

    Does the MM signup need a promo code? Current Checking account holder giving it a try.

  22. James says:

    There’s no promo code or anything and that page just brings you to the normal sign up application

    I don’t think it’ll trigger the bonus unless you got it in the mail.

  23. Matt says:

    I never get this kind of mail 🙁

  24. John says:

    Got $200 MM PROMO for $10K earlier in year. Act. closed. Looked @ applying for both, but since it’s someone else’s targeted application did not apply thru it. Called them & was told it is targeted either via snail mail or email sent out monthly. Kinda would like to @ least try checking for $1K deposit thru link above, but as mentioned it’s not targeted for me & after reading above some indicated “if you ever had a previous Cap One 360, then you’d be disqualified. Any thoughts?

  25. MichaelN says:

    Did anybody receive a bonus yet for this?

  26. alex says:

    I called in regarding my existing 360 checking and the agent confirmed that I am eligible for the 200 bonus if I opened money market.
    In case anyone else is in the same situation.
    Use code 200SMART

  27. Adrian says:

    Has anyone received this bonus yet? What’s CO’s typical turnaround time for bonuses, are they batch processed?

    My $1k posted last Thursday and just curious. Probably won’t get it though like the last time.

  28. CharlieAlpha says:

    I got a message to cal because “there is a problem with the data you provided”. Turns out that I didn’t receive the offer but the big deal apparently is that way back in the dark ages of the internet, I had a Netbank checking account.

  29. Andrew says:

    Like Joe, I opened the checking account in July for $400 earlier this year.I was not targeted, but still received the bonus. I’ve taken the plunge on the money market and will report back if anything happens.

  30. Matt says:

    Did two DD from employer.
    Opened: 7/13/2017
    1st DD: 08/07/2017
    2nd DD: 08/14/2017
    Cash Bonus: 08/16/2017

    So are these capital one accounts very churnable? I understand there are no early termination fees, so would it be safe to ACH the funds into another account and close it at this point?

    • Preserve says:

      Capital One bonuses are usually once per lifetime. Which promotion did you do – the $200 + $200 does not require DD so I feel like that is not the one you tried?

      • Matt says:

        My mistake, you are correct. I did the recently expired bonus for $300 360 checking. However I believe the termination terms are the same besides the funding amount. I just wanted to get someones input if its safe to close the account right after the bonus posts. Don’t want to experience what a bonus clawback is like.

  31. Peter says:

    Looking for any DPs for folks who have had in past Cap One 360 checking accounts which are active or inactive and are able to qualify for this $200 Money Market bonus.

  32. Julia says:

    Has anyone received their bonus for this new promo even if you had 360 Checking and Money Market accounts in the past and closed them? Please keep us updated if you’ve had any luck.

  33. Charles says:

    Both my SO and I tried to apply for the Money Market option. After we put in personal info – it tries to verify and a screen appears saying “we can’t verify your info…. ” “please call ….”. Has anyone else gotten this?

  34. Bo says:

    Has there been a change of wording from “If you have ever had …” to “If you currently have …”?

  35. MichaelNEL says:

    my deposit drops tomorrow i will post if i get the bonus anytime soon.

  36. Kala Nelson says:

    Just opened a capital one account, will update.

  37. Christopher says:

    My $1,001 deposit to the Money Market account posted on Aug 10. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get the $200 bonus.

    I received the $300 Checking bonus and $200 Savings bonus a month ago, so perhaps that is what disqualified me.

  38. No says:

    Don’t think anyone who isn’t specifically targeted got the bonus…

  39. Radar says:

    Did anyone get the bonus for this specific promo?

  40. Simba says:

    This link does not need a promo code, correct?

  41. MP says:

    Well, I called today to see if I’m eligible (I have a regular CO money market account). At first the rep acted as if she didn’t understand what I was talking about. When I told her about the link, she asked me how I found it. I was vague – just told her I came across the link when searching something about CO. Then she said that the offer was sent to some people via either mail or e-mail and some of them post it online (which is really the case). She claimed that neither she nor any manager can offer me this bonus even after I explained my dissatisfaction with CO. She also said I may or may not receive it in the future and that’s it.

  42. Simba says:

    Thats why you shouldnt call. Pls dont ruin it for others by bringing their attention to this link.

    • MP says:

      I never said where the link came from. Besides, why go through the trouble of opening the account if you’re not going to gain anything. While I do agree with not calling in some cases, I don’t think that’s one of them.

  43. jack says:

    Quick question.
    i applied for saving account. the promotion code is 200SMART.
    when i applied for 360 checking account the promotion code is the same, then it shows the promotion is not valid. I called their customer service. they told me that 200SMART is only for saving.
    so is anyone has some problems?
    or they have different promotion code for checking?

  44. Matt says:

    So when I did the expired 360 checking account. After my DD posted, and the bonus posted immediately after. Different deal then this but still the same institution. Still, I’m hopeful 🙂

    • dmoney says:

      Can you clarify your comment for me? Are you saying you just used the expired 360 promo code and still got the bonus? dates? Would definitely like to try that if it worked.

  45. Doll says:

    No bonus so far. Have deposited 1000$ each on aug 25th. New customer to 360 accounts.Used this link to open

  46. Radar says:

    deposited 1000$ each in both accounts on Aug 23rd. Just received interest but no bonus yet

  47. Radar says:

    new customer to 360 as well.

  48. P says:

    Still no dp of people getting bonus? Expires end of the month.

  49. Peter says:

    Checking on any successful Money Market DP. I haven’t come across any so far with this C1 campaign. I would assume that a good 4 weeks have gone by since folks funded the $1K.

  50. Ella says:

    I already have a 360 checking, can I apply for the money market to get the bonus? Thanks

  51. Rekha says:

    Capital one no bonus as of see 12th.

  52. Rekha says:

    Sorry sep 12 th

  53. Ryan says:

    Is the $1000 Direct deposit or just deposit (i.e. can I transfer from Chase and that will count as deposit?)

  54. Radar says:

    Just deposit. Not direct deposit. May be they will release bonuses in batch later? Dont know. Still waiting. Anyone targetted received their bonus?

    • Meri says:

      I put 1,000 in early Sept and have not seen any bonus. But, I found out it is for areas where the branch is closing. I do not even have one located in my area. I will still leave the money there and see.

  55. Peter says:

    Reposting my earlier Post since deadline for this promo is Sept 30th

    Looking for any DPs for folks who have had in past Cap One 360 checking accounts which are active or inactive and are able to qualify for this $200 Money Market bonus.

    • Ralphy Boy says:

      Doesn’t look like we’re going to hear from anyone who opened an account when this was first posted on August 9 before the last day to sign up this Saturday, September 30.

      Since the terms state the bonus may not get deposited for 10 weeks after terms and conditions are completed, that puts the first of the bonuses being deposited well into October.

      Oh well, hopefully those that do get the bonus in October post it here, that will at least give some data points for the next Capital One bonuses that are sure to come.

  56. Radinator says:

    Does anyone know if the $1000 deposit has to sit in the account?. Can I put 1000 in and then use it to pay off my bills?

  57. Meri says:

    Ok, so it is targeted to people where a branch is closing. So it may not work for just anyone. There is no code needed.

  58. Michael J Nel says:

    It says in the terms “Capital One will deposit the $200 cash bonus into your checking account approximately 10 weeks after you accept the account terms and conditions and complete the above conditions. Once it’s deposited, the funds will be available immediately.”

    So hopefully this is why its taking so long to get the bonuses.

  59. Doctor Jelly says:

    My last account deal is free and clear to close as of yesterday. Let’s see if I can get the transfers into this deal under the wire! Hopefully they don’t deny me the bonus if it goes through by the 30th…

    • Doctor Jelly says:

      Annnnddd nope. Called, and they won’t clear in time. Additionally, the lady implied that without a code entered that it wasn’t going to happen anyway…

  60. Peter says:

    So we are into first week of October and lets call this Cap one 360 promotion fail. Not even one successful DP here or on reddit.

    • Ralphy Boy says:

      They have up to 10 weeks to deposit the bonus after the terms are accepted and completing the conditions.

      Even if someone opened it and was able to somehow deposit the $1,000 the same day when we first read about it here on August 9th, the bonus still wouldn’t necessarily be deposited until Oct 18th by my reckoning.

      Still holding out hope, though like you, have my doubts at this point in time.

      • Peter says:

        Haven’t seen any DPs yet, it’s been past 10 weeks.

        • RalphyBoy says:

          Find it hard to believe that no ones received a bonus though guess anything is possible.

          Maybe it’s like I’ve seen in other threads, once the bonus is received, they don’t bother to report back to let the rest of us know about it, especially since the promo period has ended.

  61. ADRIAN says:

    Finally received my bonus today, but via manual means.

    Opened account 8/5, funded $1k the next day (already linked to my Quicksilver CC login). Called 9/14 to follow up and was told to wait the full 8 weeks. Called again today to follow up. Rep confirmed I was targeted by being a current CC holder. She said it’s 10 weeks from date of deposit but she went ahead and processed the manual deposit.

    This is the only success story I have from CO360. Call in and ask for manual review if you haven’t received yet after 10 weeks.

    • Floyd says:

      Thanks for the DP! Glad to see someone finally getting their bonus, but I’m wondering if people who aren’t sure if they were targeted should wait it out longer in case the rep outright denies them because they weren’t targeted. Not sure, but hopefully more DPs come in as we are near that 10 week mark from when the offer first came public.

      • Adrian says:

        Yep, I’d wait for the full 10 weeks which for me was 10/18 with a DD date of 8/16.

        If 10-12 weeks have passed since meeting the $1k DD then I’d call and ask.

        I don’t get CO360 sometimes. I wasn’t targeted for the PLUS400 offer but I was for this one…

  62. radar says:

    Nope no bonus. if you are not a resident of certain state where the branches were closing, you wont get the bonus. 🙁

  63. radar says:

    They do have a system where they can check your zipcode and state information. And if it does not match with the state where they are offering bonus, then you wont get bonus. Look like Adrian lucked out, and happen to live in a state where this was targetted

  64. davis says:

    Virginia, several branches are closing, now with ATM deposit only, while other branches still have full service.

    Deposit $1000 on 08/15, 10 weeks already passed, no bonus. called in yesterday 10/29.
    Capital One 360 rep checked and told me there is no mail from 360 on my SSN within a year,

    No successfully DP.

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