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Published on March 26th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [CA & TX only] Premier America Credit Union $100 Referral Bonus For Both Parties – Direct Deposit Not Required

This bonus has expired and is no longer available. Click here for a list of the best banking bonuses.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $100 for both parties
  • Availability: Locations in California & Texas [Branch locator]. In branch only (maybe not)
  • Direct deposit required: Optional, $100+
  • Additional requirements: 3 debit card transactions per month for 90 days
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft (make sure you opt out of overdraft protection)
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: Yes, varies by product (at least $500)
  • Monthly fees: $0+
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit:  None mentioned
  • Expiration date: None mentioned

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Premier America Credit Union is currently offering a $100 referral bonus for parties when the person opening a new checking account completes ONE the following requirements:
    • Enrolls in monthly direct deposit of $100 or more OR
    • Makes at least three monetary debit card transactions per month for the first 90 days
  • This is the referral form that needs to be completed

premier $100

The Fine Print

  • Referring member and new member earn $100 each when the new member opens a checking account and enrolls in monthly direct deposit of $100 or more; or makes at least three monetary debit card transactions per month for the first 90 days.
  • $100 will be paid after 90 days if the checking accounts remain open and in good standing.
  • Offer is subject to change or end without notice.
  • New members and accounts are subject to approval.
  • Existing members who open checking accounts are not eligible.
  • Premier America reserves the right to disqualify any referral in circumstances where we reasonably believe they are not made in good faith.
  • $100 incentive will be reported as dividend income.
  • Other restrictions may apply and must be 16 years or older to qualify.
  • An initial deposit of $5 in a share savings or $250 in a business savings account is required to join Premier America. ederally Insured by NCUA.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

The easiest account to keep fee free is the totally free checking account, as it doesn’t have a monthly fee. I wasn’t able to find an early account termination fee in their fee schedule.


Reader Shawn signed up for the account with no bonus so he could refer people. E-mail him to get more information:

Our Verdict

This bonus is significantly better than I first thought as a direct deposit is not required and it’s a soft pull to open. Even better if you can refer some friends & family members as well. This will be added to our best checking bonus page.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

62 Responses to [Expired] [CA & TX only] Premier America Credit Union $100 Referral Bonus For Both Parties – Direct Deposit Not Required

  1. eclipsor says:

    Anyone wanna refer me? funny thing is I actually literally worked there for 2 weeks at one point ahaha

    • eclipsor says:

      thanks! btw do you have a lot of recent chex inquiries? not sure how sensitive they’ll be

      • Shawn says:

        I had 14 new checking accounts last year, and 1 this year. We will see, I need to mail in sig card and it will be finalized. I may be jumping the gun by giving out my member number already (although the account does show a balance)

    • shawn says:

      Realized you need more information than just my member number. To anyone interested – email me at

  2. MoreSun says:

    I’d consider giving it a shot too if someone has a referral.

  3. CM says:

    This is not CA && TX, it’s LA and Houston only. 🙁

    • Chris says:

      You have to open the account in-branch for the offer? DoC, might want to put that in the post if that’s the case. Here’s the membership requirements. It looks like anyone can join by signing up for an Alliance for the Arts membership. Of course, if you still have to open in-branch, that’s still limiting. I’m in Riverside, CA. Might drive to a branch for this if we can get some more info (like whether it’s a hard pull).

      • Added in branch, thanks Chris!

      • cm says:

        Oh, nice, thanks, Chris — totally missed Alliance for the Arts option, just saw the limited geo qualifier. They even have Shared Branch, so, I’d be interested in this one.

        Any fee for joining Alliance for the Arts? Any HP or CC funding?

        App mentions that “The total maximum funding for all your selected accounts must be less than or equal to $25,105.00.” 🙂 Would work for me!

        Anyone has referrals?

        • lingua says:

          Also will be needing a referral, or will sign up myself since I’m close to a branch but am waiting on a new card to arrive soon for spend through funding.

          On a side note, how does one add an avatar to our names on this site?

  4. shawn says:

    Went through the sign up process in hopes of sharing my member number here, and on the final page was given this:

    “I certify the accuracy of the above information and authorize Equifax Secure, Inc. to access my credit file to authenticate my identity and facilitate the processing of this application for this Premier America Credit Union account only. I understand that I may be asked questions based on the information in my credit file as part of this process. I also understand that Premier America Credit Union may review my credit history and past banking relationships before accepting this account.”

    I’m assuming this means a hard pull? I did not proceed with submittal.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t know about that. I think I’ve seen similar language on other bank account applications that were confirmed soft pulls. They *are* accessing your credit report, but if they tell the bureau it’s not for an offer of credit it’s a soft pull. But unfortunately I think the only way to find out whether it is hard or soft is for someone to take the plunge and check their credit report afterwards.

      • +1, doesn’t mean it’s a hard pull.

        • Shawn says:

          Ok, I went through with application. Opted out of overdraft protection, and was asked the standard identity verification questions.

          When should I check my credit report? In a few days?

          My member number is [removed] I will post replies to the others asking, feel free to delete them if you consider it spamming. I did not get a bonus for being the guinea pig, so please use my number! Thanks.

          • cm says:

            The pulls show up on the reports right away, once performed.

            Were you able to fund via CC? Did they open account in full? Did you have to pay anything for the Arts, and, if so, how much?

            P.S. Best way to get pull info is sign up with CreditKarma for TU/EQ, and FreeCreditScore for EX; they’ll then automatically give you alerts if any HPs are performed from there on.

            P.P.S. Did you just give your ACH credentials to the whole internet?

          • shawn says:

            Did not fund with CC, but was given option of either ACH from another account or card funding. I just used my debit card for the minimum.

            Did not have to pay to the arts since I reside near a branch.

            I will wait a few days after sending in signature card, just to be certain before checking credit report.

            The member number I posted is different from my account number. But William, if you read this, could you delete the posts where I share my member number? Any interested can just email me

          • Removed that for you.

          • cm says:

            * No, as I said, you don’t have to wait to check your CR. Even if they do pull later on, the aforementioned services would automatically send you the alert.

            * Are you saying they require a signature card? That’d be annoying, most banks don’t.

            * I’m still confused on the procedure here. If we’re opening the account online, what good is a PDF with the referral information? Is member number fields available anywhere during the online application process? Or do you have to send in the paper form somehow?

        • shawn says:

          CM –
          * I just signed up at credit karma and do not have any inquiries on my report (an hour after applying, on a Sunday). Hopefully that means it’s a soft pull.

          * This promo is only available in branch, which means you would take care of the signature while there. I opened online, without the promo. I am the first to do so in this thread and did not have a referral. Now that I am a member, I am able to supply my member code to those of you willing to apply in branch for this promotion (and hopefully I will receive a bonus that way).

          • shawn says:

            You may try asking if it’s possible to open over the phone and fax the referral form, as it only states “New member must present this slip at account opening.”

          • Thanks for taking the plunge, I’ll add your e-mail into the post. Can you check your Experian report quickly for me? It’s free: /whats-best-cheapest-way-monitor-credit/

          • shawn says:

            Experian is showing no inquiries.

          • shawn says:

            Also William,

            The fine print shows monthly direct deposit OR 3 debit card purchases per month, making it much easier.

          • Good point, will update and repost. No DD make this so much better.

          • cm says:

            The application process has “How Did You Hear About Us?”, which, in turn, has “Friend/Family”, which, in turn, has a then-mandatory “Who referred you?” field.

            E.g., it may as well be possible to open it completely online; T&C don’t appear to require a branch visit.

            I’m waiting on my Ink app to go through, then perhaps will try to see if I can open this with 25,105. 🙂

          • Anony Mouse says:

            Just FYI, Credit Karma pulls your credit from TU and Equifax once a week, so it’s entirely possible that a hard pull wouldn’t show up on your CreditKarma account for days. I assume that they pulled a fresh report for you since you just signed up, though. 😉

  5. Abhijit Mitra says:

    hi, can anybody refer me to open a new account?

  6. MontyFC says:

    I just signed-up online. If anyone needs referral please email

    CC funding is available online. Each product has different min and max. I signed-up using 500 each for checking and savings. Doesn’t show up as CA on my CSP. If you add additional products, I assume you can fund them as well.

    No HP yet on my credit karma. Doesn’t look like Chex sensitive as I have 6-7 accounts in last 6 months.

    Would appreciate if others can use my referral.

    • MontyFC says:

      Few other things:
      – Remember to opt-out of overdraft. It is selected by default
      – When opening online, they may ask to send a signed document confirming membership of Alliance for the Arts
      – The Chex verification questions were pretty straight forward (some of the recent bonuses shared on this site had much more tricky questions)

      @William Charles
      I see that Shawn has also signed-up for this offer online. Do you mind adding my email as well to the post, so that I can also refer folks (I signed-up online to provide a DP, so no sign-up bonus for me).

      • cm says:

        Are you saying that each product has a maximum funding?

        Wait, so, where are you supposed to get a signed document w.r.t. Arts? Doesn’t the app say that you can join this org as part of the app? (Besides, a Google reveals that there may be a whole bunch of orgs with a name like that, which one they want?)

        • MontyFC says:

          When I went through the process, I had selected 1 checking and 1 saving account. When it came to funding page, the table listed both accounts with min and max funding allowed. The total funding cannot be more than 25K (or something as quoted above). Both checking and saving had max funding of 500, for a total of 1000.

          I selected employer as “Alliance for the Arts” (available in the picklist on the qualification page) and location as CA (my current State). After completing the process, it gave me link to download 2 forms – one for Arts membership and another for signature card, which have to be mailed to a provided address.

          Does that answer your question?

          • cm says:

            Thanks! So, what does the Arts form is about? Does it require a fee? Is there any more identifying information about which of the “Alliance for the Arts” orgs is it?

          • eclipsor says:

            they probably don’t but do you know if they said they Amex was okay for funding?

          • MontyFC says:


            No AMEX option when I opened it online.

        • MontyFC says:

          I see only 1 entry for AftA. Are you seeing multiple entries here – The form I received highlights it as “Alliance for the Arts, the official non-profit fundraising arm of the Thousand Oaks Civic Center Arts Plaza.

          I think there is a $5 membership fee (not sure about the amount though). I haven’t paid it explicitly yet and I assume it would be deducted from my account once they receive my completed AftA membership form.

          I will keep this discussion updated as I get more information.

        • MontyFC says:

          They canceled mine. Then asked me to re-apply in-person at one the branches.

          @William Charles
          Sorry no referrals from my side until then. Can you remove my email until this gets sorted out at my end.

          Folks who emailed me for a referral, sorry but I can’t provide any at the moment. Please use other members’ referral.

  7. MontyFC says:

    I see only 1 entry for AftA. Are you seeing multiple entries here – The form I received highlights it as “Alliance for the Arts, the official non-profit fundraising arm of the Thousand Oaks Civic Center Arts Plaza.

    I think there is a $5 membership fee (not sure about the amount though). I haven’t paid it explicitly yet and I assume it would be deducted from my account once they receive my completed AftA membership form.

    I will keep this discussion updated as I get more information.

  8. MoreSun says:

    Not living in an area where I can reasonably drive to a branch I’m just gonna bow out of this one. The fact that the “Premier America reserves the right to disqualify any referral in circumstances where we reasonably believe they are not made in good faith.” is clearly stated right there in the referral disclosures & it just unnerves me too much, I feel it gives them way too much wiggle room to deny bonuses if you don’t live in an area where you can access a branch in person. Best of luck to everyone going for it though!

  9. shawn says:

    Received phone call from bank today, inquiring about my many bank accounts. Told them I go after who has the best rates and promotions. This seemed to satisfy although they were skeptical. Employer received a call as well.

    • Mike says:

      “Employer received a call as well.”
      Asking what? Did they call HR or your work number?

      • shawn says:

        I signed up under the pretense I worked in an eligible county. I believe the call was just to verify. They called the work number I gave them.

  10. Gene says:

    So, is this only for LA and TX? The offer fine does not specify so thought I should ask…

    • lingua says:

      The offer does not restrict locations, credit union membership does.

      Try to join and “be the data point you want”

  11. jmendez says:

    Opened an account yesterday. Another cofirmed soft pull and did not attempt CC funding.

    Will confirm Chexsystems sensitive so be wary if you’re 10+ in the last 6 months I’d say. YMMV with this. Of course will welcome and appreciate use of my referral. Shoot me an email. Thanks!

  12. imus says:

    I dont know if this is the right organization i am looking at, but it seems the Alliance for the Arts is $55 to join as a member?

    if so, the offer seems much less attractive for those who live in area without branch.

  13. SA says:

    Please reply here or contact me at if anyone is looking for a referral to open a checking account with them and get $100 bonus.

  14. az says:

    APY for checking > 5000 is 2% without any restriction? APY for saving is 1.5%? That’s really a good rate.

  15. Savannah says:

    I can send a referral as well if anyone needs it. Email me at

  16. lingua says:

    Yall read the 90 days for bonus to post as being after opening or after the reqs are met? Seems vague enough to be either. Been >90 days since opening and nothing.

    • shawn says:

      Still no referral bonus for me as well… I’m assuming 3 debits per month for first 90 days means first 3 months, and we just need to wait for this month to end. Let us know what you find if you communicate with them

  17. Jason says:

    Just Dp opened online with them already opened 12 accounts this year
    funding Merrill+ 500 each product checking saving and money market total 1500 code as purchase

  18. Shawn says:

    Bonuses appear to be posting on the last thursday of the month

  19. eclipsor says:

    as a DP I tried applying a few days ago and got rejected due to many inquiries, it seems that for anyone who has 3+ inquiries within 90 the past days they get flagged and they need approval from their risk management department. was also informed that the promotion is ending within a week.

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