Posted by William Charles on November 1, 2017
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Published on November 1st, 2017 | by William Charles


[CA Residents Only] Southwest Giving Away 100 Million Points

The Offer

Direct link to offer: Link 1 | Link 2

  • Southwest is giving away 100 million points to Californian residents. Once you’ve registered you’ll become a single player, you can also create a team with up to 20 friends and if anybody wins anything it’s split between your team evenly.
    • Daily sweepstakes. Every day they hold a sweepstakes and the prizes increase over time (click here for the break down). For example on November 29th they are giving away 10 prizes of 750,000 points and November 30th they are giving away 10 prizes of 1,000,000 points.
    • Instant win game. Every day you can spin the prize wheel and see if you’re an instant winner. If you win anything this is not split with your team if you’re in one.

The Fine Print

  • Ends 11/30/17 at 11:58 p.m. PT.
  • Click here for Official Rules, including multiple methods of entry, odds, and prize descriptions.
  • Void where prohibited.

Our Verdict

Southwest is making a big push in California, they’ve had California only fare specials and are also offering a companion pass after first purchase on the Chase southwest cards as well. I think the Sweepstakes are worth enrolling for, I doubt you’ll have much luck with the instant win prizes though. Feel free to share your team codes in the comments below, fingers crossed we get some big DAD CC Cards winners!

Hat tip to spriggen3245 on /r/churning

22 Responses to [CA Residents Only] Southwest Giving Away 100 Million Points

  1. Jon says:

    Did you see the “not a CA resident? Click here for an offer just for you” link at the bottom? Can enter a 100k point contest.

  2. sunny says:

    for the 100k sweepstakes it’s asking for last 4 social security number. weird
    i’d rather not put my social but that’s just me

  3. MIchael says:

    Alright, let’s increase the odds and share the wealth!

    Teams are limited to 20, so use this code on the team page to join the team “Patients of Credit”


  4. Ali says:

    Hey guys please join my team. Already got 4 people on there! Increase our odds.

  5. Ali says:

    Oops forgot the secret code!


  6. Bryant says:

    I mean we might as well win together!


  7. Uncle Sam says:

    In case you’re lucky enough to win, don’t forget that “Winners are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use.”

    You’ll owe income tax on the ARV of the points you win.

  8. cucupapa says:

    Lets win together! Team #Thor: 411450c1b732

  9. cucupapa says:

    Join my team!

  10. cucupapa says:

    Please join my team!


  11. Kapil Dev Tejwani says:

    Join this team, all earlier teams are full I checked, so use this code 398557938c5e

  12. GuessWho says:

    Sweet!!! Won on today’s spin. Had to fill out a form asking for contact info and SS# and required electronic signature.

    Some disclaimer on there said that I must not have won $600+ from Southwest promos within the past 12 months. I’m not sure if the form would be different if you win multiple days and/or they consider the value of the points > $600.

  13. gude2k says:

    I won 10k in today spin. filled the paperwork, now I think I owe money to Uncle Sam. 10k RR = $135 value according to Southwest.

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