Posted by Chuck on December 31, 2015
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Published on December 31st, 2015 | by Chuck


$150 Bonus for Tech Credit Union, Ends Today

For more accurate info, see this updated post: $150 Tech CU Checking Promotion – Available Nationwide

Just a quick heads up for California residents: There is a $150 bonus available for opening a checking account with Tech Credit Union when receiving a direct deposit and making a bill payment within 90-days. Must use code: moveon during account opening. Offer ends 12/31/15 – that means soon.  🙂

Direct Link

Membership availability details found here.

There may be a hard pull for joining the credit union. There is $1,000 in credit card funding which is nice; no Amex though.

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11 Responses to $150 Bonus for Tech Credit Union, Ends Today

  1. Glt says:

    More comments back here:/150-tech-cu-checking-promotion-available-nationwide/

    I applied at that time, received bonus promptly. No hard pull shown on credit karma; other commenter said chexsystem

  2. mk712 says:

    Doesn’t seem to end today:
    “To qualify for offer, a new membership and Tech CU checking account must be opened by July 31, 2016.”

  3. Jay says:

    after clicking the direct link i was taken to a page where at the very bottom it says offer ends july 31, 2016, so looks like this offer was extended

  4. arch says:

    Not necessary to be a Cali resident. Join the Financial Fitness Association for $8/yr and you’re eligible. That may be its only value but maybe there are other benefits to joining

  5. Jay says:

    Do you have to use a credit card in your name to do cc funding or can you use a card under someone else’s name?

    • Fiby says:

      I have never heard of that working for any bank account (except when it was a joint account, and the name on the cc was the person opening the account with you).

      You should get yourself an AU card from that person instead.

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