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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on October 4th, 2017 | by William Charles


Best Bank Account Bonuses For November, 2017

Below we’ve listed favorite checking & saving account bonuses in order from best to worst for November, 2017. We’ve also included a little bit of information on each bonus, make sure you click through and read our detailed posts on each offer before signing up – that way you won’t be caught unawares of hidden fees.

Note: This page is updated monthly and keeps the same URL, so feel free to bookmark it or link to it knowing that it’ll be kept up to date. Because of this the comment section might contain discussion about deals that are no longer current, please keep that in mind. You can view the most recent changes by clicking here.


Best Checking Account Bonuses

Chase $300 Bonus – In Branch

Direct link to bonus

Frequently offered and can be paired with a $200 savings bonus as well. This is the highest Chase offers and is for the total checking account (easier to keep fee free than the Premier account). If you live near a branch this is a must do especially as you can churn it once a year.

Citi $300 Bonus

Direct link to bonus

There was a bonus for $400 with less strict requirements in the past but given that this $300 bonus has been extended I’m not sure we will see the $400 bonus again. It’s also worth noting that you can get the bonus again if you haven’t held a Citi account within the past 180 days, so this bonus is effectively churnable. You also need to be able to deposit $15,000.

Wells Fargo $200 Checking Bonus

Direct link to bonus

There was a better $250 offer earlier this year, but who knows when that will (or if it will) come back. This one is still pretty easy and good value.

Bank of America $100/$300 Checking Bonus

Direct link to bonus

Lots of people targeted for the $300 checking offer, so make sure to check if you’re targeted for that first. If not then the $100 bonus is worth doing. The only downside is that most of the direct deposit data points we have are old and out of date.

Charles Schwab $100 Bonus

Direct link to bonus

Usually bank bonuses with a hard pull don’t make it to this page, this one is interesting because the account is quite useful (e.g ATM fees reimbursed, no fees for foreign transaction withdrawals) and you can also get this account and a brokerage account at the same time for one hard pull. The brokerage account then gives you access to the Charles Schwab credit cards. Obviously not for everybody, but a pretty good combination.

Christian Community Credit Union – $200 Bonus – Must Be A Member of A Christian Ministry

Direct link to offer

The Christian Ministry requirement seems to be enforced and will rule out a lot of people, if you are eligible though this is a great deal.

Best Saving Account Bonuses

Discover Savings $150/$200 Bonus

Direct link to offer

Requires a deposit of $15,000 for $150 bonus or $200 for $20,000 bonus, but no minimum deposit length. Great deal, but only once per lifetime unfortunately.

Discover AAA Savings $150/$200 Bonus

Direct link to offer

Same as above, but you can do both once per lifetime. Exact same bonus as above but with AAA branding, in the past people have successfully gotten both bonuses without issue so I don’t see why it would be an issue this time.

Discover AAII Savings $150/$200 Bonus

Direct link to offer

Same as both of the above. People have successfully gotten all three of the bonuses.

Chase $200 Bonus – In branch

Direct link to bonus

Frequently offered and can be paired with a $300 checking bonus as well. Requires a deposit of $15,000 for 90 days. They also have a smaller bonus mentioned below.

Chase $150 Savings Bonus – In Branch

Direct link to offer

Requires a deposit of $10,000 for 90 days. They often offer $200 for a deposit of $15000 for 90 days.

Huntington Bank $150 Savings – OH, MI, IN, PA, KY, WV, IL & WI

Direct link to offer

$10,000 deposit required for 60 days. Should be able to stack this with the checking bonus when it is offered as well.

Fidelity Bank $100 Savings – Northeastern PA only

Direct link to offer

Can be combined with the $100 checking bonus they also offer.

First Tennessee $100 Savings Middle Tennessee and North Carolina

Direct link to offer

Can be combined with the $300 checking bonus.

Hancock Whitney $100 Savings Bonus – LA, MS, FL, AL, TX

Direct link to offer

Can be done with the $300 checking bonus mentioned below, but note that this $100 savings bonus is better than the $100 savings bonus mentioned with that $300 offer. This requires $10,000 to be deposited for a $100 bonus, the good thing is that it looks like you just need that balance on a certain day.

Best Business Bank Bonuses

There are a lot less business bank bonuses than personal bonuses, you can view all of them here. At the moment there is only one that I’d recommend:

Wells Fargo $300 In Branch Business Checking Bonus

Only requires a deposit of $500 to get the bonus, also relatively easy to keep the account fee free. Amazing deal if you’re eligible and don’t live too far from a branhc.

Bank of America $200/$300 Business Checking Bonus – Nationwide

Direct link to offer

Not as good as the $2,000 bonus they have previously offered in 2015, but a good deal none the less. They have extended this offer until the end fo 2017 so I doubt we will see a bigger bonus than this – but happy to be proven wrong. There is also a $300 in branch checking bonus that is somewhat YMMV but should work if you can go into a physical branch.

MB Financial Bank $350 Business Checking – IL, IN, or PA

Direct link to offer

Main downside to this bonus is the $5,000 deposit requirement, otherwise it’s very easy to get the bonus and keep account fee free. Worth doing if you live within the area.

PNC Up To $400 Business Checking – OH, MI, FL, AL, GA, MD, KY, IN, PA

Direct link to offer

I’d recommend the $200/$300 bonuses as the $400 bonus requires $25,000 deposited. The other two are much more manageable ($3,000 for the $300 bonus).

Flushing Bank $200 Business Checking Bonus – NY & NJ

Direct link to offer

Bonus requirements are easy to meet and there are no monthly fees to worry about.

Provident Credit Union $150 In Branch Business Checking Bonus – CA

Used to require a balance of $10,000 to keep fee free, but that is no longer a requirement making this bonus worth doing if you live near a branch.

First Tennessee $300 Business In Branch Checking Bonus

Direct link to offer

Needs to be open in branch and requires a daily balance of $10,000 to keep fee free, apart from that this is a great bonus and worth doing if you live near a branch.

Liberty Bank – $100 Business Checking Bonus – CT, MA, RI

Direct link to offer

Relatively small bonus, but no monthly fees to worry about and there are also no bonus requirements. Can also open a personal account at the same time for another $100 (this does require a direct deposit for the bonus)

Best State Specific Bonuses

In the past we haven’t listed state specific bonuses on this page, I thought it was worth listing ones that are definitely worth doing, so here they are.

Hancock Whitney $300 Checking Bonus, Direct Deposit Not Required LA, MS, FL, AL, TX

Direct link to offer

Can now officially been done online as well. Absolutely fantastic bonus, only downside is that the fine print does contain some targeted language but this has never been enforced before. YMMV as always.

TD Bank up To $300 Checking Bonus [CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, & VA]

Direct Link to offer

Excellent bonus, but does have quite a large direct deposit requirement to get the $300 and needs a balance of $2,500 to keep it fee-free.

M&T Bank AZ, CT, DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV – Lots Of Stackable Bonuses

Ok, so this one is a bit different than the others on this list because they currently have several offers and you should be able to get each one at least once. One of the best things about best things about M&T is that the bonuses post fast. Here are the current offers:

Keep in mind there have been lots of issues with multiple M&T accounts recently.

Popular Community Bank – $500 Checking Bonus South FL, NY, NJ

Direct link to offer

Keep in mind they are very ChexSystems inquiry sensitive so most people won’t even be approved. To get the full bonus it also requires a $10,000 deposit for 60 days, but you can get $200 without that requirement.

BMT (Bryn Mawr Trust) $200 – DE, NJ & PA – No Direct Deposit Required

Direct link to offer

No direct deposit or monthly fees to worry about. Account can also be opened online now, previously it was in branch only.

First Tennessee $300 Checking + $50 Referral – Middle Tennessee and North Carolina

Direct link to offer

Great bonus if you live in the target area, also $100 savings bonus but that requires $10,000 deposited and maintained for 90 days.

First Bank and Trust $300 Checking Bonus – LA, MS, FL

Direct link to offer

Always like to see a bonus for $300! Fairly easy to keep account fee free and only requires a $500 direct deposit.

Citadel Banking $250 Checking Bonus – PA Only – No Direct Deposit Required

Direct link to offer

Biggest problem with this offer is the small footprint: Must live, work, worship, or study in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia Counties, or the city of Lancaster, PA or if  a member of your family or household is already a customer, no matter where you live.

If you meet those requirements, this one is a slam drunk as it only requires three signature based debit card transactions

PNC $300/$400 Checking Bonus – AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV

Direct link to offer

It requires a direct deposit of $5,000 to get the full $300 bonus, but if you can’t manage then their are lower tiers available with smaller bonuses. One of the nice things about this bonus is that you can fund up to $2,000 initially with a credit card. We also already have datapoints that the Chase Sapphire Reserve code as a purchase – so this is a relatively easy way to knock out $2,000 in spend and also receive a $300 bonus. Might be able to get a $400 in branch offer as well.

OceanFirst Bank $300 Bonus – NJ, NY & PA

Direct link to offer

$250 of the bonus doesn’t require a direct deposit. The $50 that does requires it to be maintained for a year, because of that it’s probably just worth thinking of this is an easy $250 bonus unless you can easily change your payroll for the direct deposit portion.

Fifth Third Bank $300 Checking Bonus – FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, NC, OH, TN, WV

Direct link to offer

Great offer if you live in the target area and definitely worth doing. Bonus recently increased to $300 from $200!

Huntington Bank – $200 Bonus – No Direct Deposit – OH, MI, IN, PA, KY, WV, IL & WI

Direct link to offer

Easy bonus with no direct deposit requirement.

Associated Bank – $150 Bonus – No Direct Deposit – IL, MN, & WI only

Direct link to offer

Another $100+ bonus with no direct deposit requirement, definitely worth doing if you’re in the area.

SunTrust Bank Up To $300 Bonus – AL, AR, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, WV, VA, and D.C

Direct link to bonus

$300 bonus requires a massive amount of funds to keep fee free but $200/$100 bonuses are much more managable. They have had better bonuses in the past but at this stage it doesn’t look like those are coming back.

KeyBank Up To $300 Bonus – NY, OH, CO, CT, PA, OR, WA, ME & UT

Direct link to offer

Offers of $100, $200 & $300. As the offers increase so do the amount of funds you need in the account to keep it fee free.

Wells Fargo $300 Bonus [Select Areas Only]

Direct link to offer

Excellent bonus for those in the target area who can fulfill the direct deposit requirement.

Wells Fargo $200 Bonus [Select Areas Only]

Direct link to offer

Nice, easy bonus for those who didn’t do the $250 deal earlier this year. Targeted area.

My Northwest Bank $200 Bonus – PA, NY, MD, OH only

Direct link to offer

You need to live within 50 miles of a branch to be eligible. Still a good deal if you do live within that area.

MB Financial Bank $250 IL, IN

Direct link to offer

Nice and easy bonus to meet the requirements, bit more difficult to keep fee free but still worth it for $250.

BMO Harris $200 Bonus – AZ, FL, IL, IN, KS, MO, MN and WI

Direct link to bonus

Requirements are fairly easy to meet and only requires eStatements to keep the account fee free. $1,000 in credit card funding is a nice bonus as well.

Unitus Community Credit Union – OR & WA only

Direct link to offer

No monthly fees to worry about, can fund with a credit card for a small amount.

Columbia Bank $200  – NJ

Direct link to offer

Bonus is a bit confusing (e.g there is a space for promo code, but they don’t give you a promo code) and you need to send in some documents to get final approval but still worth doing.

Clearview Credit Union $200 Checking Bonus – PA only

Direct link to offer

No monthly fee to worry about is nice. Bonus is quite restricted to certain counties in Southwestern PA.

First Tennessee $200 Checking + Referral – AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, or VA

Direct link to offer

Have offered bigger bonuses in the past, but not for some time. Keep in mind there is a $300 bonus if you live in Middle Tennessee and North Carolina.

Bridgeview Bank $175 Checking Bonus – IL only

Direct link to offer

Downside to this offer is you must open in branch and there is no credit card funding. Upside is you can also open this 5% APY account at the same time. They also have a $150 checking bonus that can be opened online.

Andigo Credit Union $150 Referral Bonus For Both Parties – IL Only

Direct link to offer

This is a great offer, especially if you know the person referring you and they offer to give you some of their referral bonus as well. No monthly fee to worry about and small amount of credit card funding as well.

BOKF $150 Checking Bonus – OK, CO, TX, NM – Direct Deposit Optional

Direct link to offer

Direct deposit isn’t required but might be difficult to meet the debit card transactions according to the fine print. Account needs to be opened in branch or by phone.

Pinnacle Bank $100 Checking Bonus – No Bonus Requirements – KS, MO, NE, IA, WY, CO

Direct link to offer

Really good bonus as it doesn’t have any requirements but there is a $4 monthly fee that cannot be avoided.

South State Bank $100 Checking Bonus – GA, NC, SC – Direct Deposit Not Required

Direct link to offer

Not the biggest bonus but direct deposit isn’t required.

MidFirst Credit Union $150 Bonus – Direct Deposit Not Required – OK only

Direct link to offer

Direct deposit is not required and can be opened at any OK

Orange County’s Credit Union $100 – Direct Deposit Not Required – CA only

Direct link to offer

Direct deposit not required and can fund a small amount with a credit card.

Unity Bank $200 In Branch Bonus – NJ & PA only

Direct link to offer

No monthly fees to worry about and only requires a direct deposit of $250.

Tech CU $150 Bonus – CA only

Direct link to bonus

This bonus is really easy to meet, the only downside is that you’ll need to pay $8 to join an association if you don’t live within the limited target area. You can fund up to $1,000 with a credit card though which more than outweighs this downside.

Santander $150 Bonus – NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ or PA

Direct link to bonus

Was $225 just recently so this is a slightly smaller bonus. Upside is that these can be churned (can’t have had an account open in the last 12 months) so might be worth opening now rather than waiting for a $225 bonus to return.

Reliant Community Credit Union $150 Checking Bonus – NY

Direct link to offer

No monthly fee to worry about but you do need to live, work, worship, attend school, or volunteer in Monroe, Ontario, or Wayne counties located in New York State to be eligible. Small amount of credit card funding also available.

Stoneham Bank $130 Checking Bonus – MA only

Direct link to offer

Downside to this offer is we don’t know a lot about it, on the plus side there are no monthly fees to worry about.

Old Second Bank $125 Checking Bonus – IL

Direct link to offer

Small bonus and direct deposit is required for $50 of the bonus. Not difficult to keep the account fee free.

Liberty Bank – $100 Checking Bonus – CT, MA, RI

Direct link to offer

Relatively small bonus, but no monthly fees to worry about and also the bonus requirements are relatively small.

Crane Credit Union $150 – IN only

Direct link to offer

A lot of requirements for a relatively small bonus and also heavily location restricted.

Union Bank & Trust $100 – VA only

Direct link to offer

Main draw here is the $2,000 in credit card funding, otherwise the bonus itself is quite small and requires two direct deposits.

Fidelity Bank $100 Checking – Northeastern PA only

Direct link to offer

$100 less than previous years, but still worth doing as it’s churnable.

Highly Region Specific/Branch Specific

Star One Credit Union $120 Checking Bonus + $60 Per Referral, No Bonus Requirements – Santa Clara, CA only

Direct link to offer

It’s nice that you don’t have to do anything to get this bonus.

Recent Changes

If you know of any better bank account bonuses, let us know in the comments section and we will add them.

817 Responses to Best Bank Account Bonuses For November, 2017

  1. AE says:

    Suntrust just came out with a $100 checking bonus:

    Make a $500 or more direct deposit and we’ll give you $100 (within 60 days of account opening)

    Online via the link above only what what I see – Suntrust via online chat said – this account is a soft credit pull + Chexsystems.

    Unknown as to the duration of this offer.

    • m says:

      very interesting you can use any rewards card to redeem rewards for a direct deposit ive tried chase ultimate just press redeem rewards for cash and type in the amount you would like to redeem

    • Patti says:

      Dude, put down the crack pipe and get a real job.

  2. chuck says:

    Hey Doc, how do you go about opening so many bank accounts?
    I have a few that I’m very interested in doing (First Niagra, Santander, Chase), but I’m worried to try because I opened 4 in the past few months. I could always try and get denied, at worst, but then it would just be an additional inquiry.
    (Funny to talk about inquiries on Chex, when we’re used to talking about credit report inquiries.)
    What’s your experience been? Have you ever been denied due to inquiries? Do you make sure to space them out by a month or two? Thanks!

    • Hey Chuck,

      I’ve never personally been denied but this year is the most aggressive I’ve been. As you said at worse you’ll be denied, I’m not planning on opening accounts for any major reason (e.g a mortgage) and I already have an everyday account I’m happy with. That said, I probably wouldn’t do more than 8 this year.

      I’m trying to work out the sweet spot and which banks are inquiry sensitive and which aren’t.

      • Win says:

        Not sure that this information helps, but have been approved for 10 accounts now open for one year or more and 11 more which have been open less than a year (mostly checking). Some form of bonus paid on all of these except for one which I missed a direct deposit requirement. Expect to continue pursuing additional opportunities but am planning on closing some of the seasoned accounts which aren’t considered “everyday” accounts.

        • sue says:

          hi Win, I live in Wisconsin and was wondering if you would help me add some banks or credit union branches to receive bonuses?? I have Chase, Monona Bank at the moment. Thank you for your assistance

          • Win says:

            Almost all information came from DAD CC Cards. If I find a new account bonus, it’s sent to DOC so all readers are made aware of it. Thanks!

    • helpfulbuddy says:

      I’ve been personally denied at one bank, but I called to find out why. Some banks are more finicky than others, and are more stringent on their requirements from your Chex report. Just call, ask why you were denied, and as if they can review the application. Most of the time the denials are purely algorithm based. A human can reverse the decision.

  3. AE says:

    did you see the nationwide bank checking bonus $200?

  4. Ramzi says:

    Any advice for handling the direct depoit aspect without Amazon Payments or a job that will let you switch your deposits temporarily?

  5. Sam says:

    I already have Chase checking, so not bothered. But I have $175 savings acct offer that I would like to go for. Can’t find just the $200 bonus for savings in e-bay. $175 a good deal?

    • Bargainator says:

      I would honestly wait for Chase to put out the $600 coupon bonus for $300 checking and $300 savings.

    • If you cancel your Chase checking account and wait 90 days, you can get that bonus. If you’re going to do the savings portion, I’d wait for a $300 savings coupon to come around personally.

    • Mike says:

      Sam, CHASE was my main bank for years. But after taking advantage of the CAP ONE, Wells, etc. promotions it simply made sense to close CHASE checking for two reasons:

      1) I don’t have to maintain it (spend time on some action every month or keeping a balance that waives the fee)

      2) Closing the account qualifies me for $300 ninety days later for reopening.

      So when you say you “don’t bother” you are stating that leaving CHASE for 3 months isn’t worth $300 to you (assuming the same promo will exist, and we have no reason to believe at this point it won’t).
      Just my opinion, but if I were you I’d close the account and come back in October and get BOTH bonuses.

  6. Ace says:

    Suntrust has a good bonus as well. I was able to sign up for it online here in Cali yesterday for the $200 checking bonus.

  7. Mil says:

    Thanks for putting together the bonuses information. Do you know if any of the above banks let you open a checking/saving with no SSN. I have only ITIN (tax id) and AMEX cc on my name (just got it last Nov with ITIN).

  8. R. says:

    Citi now has a $400 offer for opening a Citigold account, and storing $50,000 there for 15 days.
    Code CZGA.

    Saw it on hustlermoneyblog.

    • Mike says:

      Citi is jerking me around fulfilling the $400 bonus.
      Many emails a few phone calls. Every time I’m told another week, they provide a reference number. When that time passes I call again and get a new date and another reference number. Going on 120-130 days now, still no bonus

  9. Sharon says:

    Citizens bank has $100.00 bonus for new customers. Requirement is two bill payments (different bills) through citizens online banking

  10. John says:

    You forgot to mention Legacy Bank and Trust in iprofit account offering 4.00%APR on checking accounts with requirements that can be found here:

    • Ron says:

      Don’t see a way to open an account online so looks like you have to live in Missouri. Wish it were available to everyone.

  11. TJ says:

    Any new information on the ACH procedures potentially marking transactions as P2P and not being counted as direct deposits?

  12. Diamond Vargas says:

    It looks like the Capital One business savings account offer has expired — at least that’s the message I received just now when I clicked through and then clicked on the Open Now button.

    • David says:

      Diamond – I signed up my account on the 8th of this month (April) the payment did not post, I called them today and they quickly posted two $50 payments to my account.

  13. Noma says:

    The Citi offer has expired. Called in this morning (Apr 6) and rep informed me the offer expired. Strange thing is the code still seems to work but I’m cautious and don’t want to risk using the code unless a rep can confirm offer is still valid. Will try calling again later today to speak to a different rep.

  14. Vijay says:

    Hello Community,

    If anyone is in need to $300 Total Checking & $150 Savings Account coupon. You can email me @ and I’ll email you the coupon code. Looks like chase has taken down that offer but for helping people I saved couple of coupon codes.



  15. Vijay says:

    PS – I just saw a $100 Wells Fargo Coupon, req’s are very simple: do 10 debit card transactions before 60 days or $500 DD. Link below

  16. Gene says:

    Regions has a new deal for $300 going right now. No expiration date given at this time.

    You can get an extra $50 as a referral bonus for you and the person that referred you.

  17. Jan B says:

    Interested in setting up two military pay allotments as direct deposit funding to qualify for two of the bank bonuses mentioned. I can do $200 and $500 in two banks mentioned and still leave another $1000+ DD in a “main” joint account, per se.

    While I realize Charles may not have info on this, any reader out there could address the idea?

    Gene, One of the banks I am 95% considering is Regions. Referral is acceptable. Need the $300 bonus to replace the one my son missed out on with Chase because of inefficient DD handing by his work HR dept. We fronted him $ for his new phone and he was to use the Chase bonus to pay us back.

    Regions is in FL and TN, two states I frequent a lot, so choosing them makes sense. We are trying to step away from Chase, our main bank, anyway.

  18. Jan B says:

    Vijay, I would like one of those Chase coupons for a relative. As long as there are no state residency restrictions.

    There will be no DD but could have a military allotment set up.

    It seems to me a military allotment payment would function as an ACH deposit does. But, never done one before.

  19. kevin says:

    I am a F1 student. I wonder whether I need to pay tax for new checking account bonus and saving interest. Some people said F1 student don’t need to pay tax for interest and account bonus. Does this true? thanks.

    • Not sure to be honest, don’t see why you would be exempt, are you exempt from paying taxes normally?

    • NN says:

      as long as you have an SSN, you’ll receive 1099 form by year end / next year January and are required to report it when filing tax.
      unless your country has tax treaty with the US, I don’t see the reason why not

  20. john says:

    On the BOA $300 offer, does each direct direct deposit have to be over $2000 ? Or is it a total of over $2000 ?


  21. kevin says:

    Santander $20 Per Month

    This cannot open. it says that i must go to a branch to open it. Sadly, there no one at around

  22. Nate M. says:

    Interesting tips. I already have a Chase account, but I will look into closing it and re-opening in 90 days. Which bank account is your favorite to use?

  23. Pingback: [MI, only] Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union $100 Checking Bonus - DAD CC Cards

  24. zjts says:

    Any experiences with funding US bank account with Bank of America or US bank personal credit or charge cardss or small business cards (from any bank)

    • Bill says:

      The M&T folks are a class act. I’ve been impressed with their outreach to get me accustomed to their bank.
      As for the bonus, $100 direct deposited one day, and received the $150 the next day. No muss, no fuss, and I won’t mind sticking around with their bank to see what else they have to offer.

      • Mohammad M says:

        They told me I get 25$ to open a savings account and deposit 3x 25$ in 3 consecutive months. You may expect a similar deal for the savings product.

  25. Curtis says:

    The link to the offer for BMO $150 is not working. Can you please fix?

  26. Joseph says:

    I chatted with CapitalOne about funding my new Citi checking account with my Venture. They said they could send me a check for the amount I wanted, and deduct that money from my card (no hassle check). They said it would be just like a purchase, but would not earn rewards. Do you think it will count towards minimum spend??

  27. zjts says:

    I’ve asked in 3 separate calls to US Bank reps if funding USBank checking with a US Bank credit card would be a purchase or cash advance. 2 reps said purchase, definitely, 1 said cash advance, definitely. Anyone have a real life experience? concerning boa cc funding of USBank checking, I read in another forum “when I tried to charge my initial deposit after lowering the cash advance limit to $10, the charge was rejected. “

    • Patrick says:

      If your CC gets declined during the application, just try another one until it works. Just make sure your cash advance limit is lowered as much as possible.

  28. zjts says:

    Once a cc is declined for funding a USBank checking account, is there an option to fund with a different cc during the application process. If so, was this online or on the phone? tia

  29. Sandra says:

    I don’t know if this is new or it has been this way, but my dh and I opened a new Chase Total Checking in January for the $300 bonus and I figured out today that they did a hard pull on our credit. We did not get any type of overdraft protection. At the time I wasn’t aware of how credit pulls worked, but I was looking today at my Capital One FICO that is offered (thru my Quicksilver) and see that Chase did a hard pull on 1/26 (a Monday) and we went into the branch and opened the checking account on 1/24 (a Saturday – I remember because it was my son’s birthday). I remember them offering me a CC at the branch too (I hadn’t asked for any). Boo Chase.

  30. credit says:

    Any pointers to opening and funding a citi business checking account? The credit card funding # you have listed is only for personal account. I called citi business line to see if business accounts could be funded using credit cards, they said yes but only in the branch. I don’t trust people in the branch, they are usually clueless about things out of the ordinary.

  31. refund mania says:

    I signed up for the Citigold account per what you outlined. Instead of receiving a $100 credit against my annual fee, Citi refunded me the pro-rata unused amount of the annual fee, or about $420. Came as a statement credit under “refund of annual fee”. I’m not complaining. The timing seems right in that I got the Citigold account about 30/450ths of the way into my Prestige year. However, the refund seems like a mistake. Have you heard of anything like this?

  32. Ken says:

    BMO hasn’t been accepting new account applications online for weeks now, please remove it from your lists or at least note that it’s currently down at the moment.

  33. Scott says:

    Hi Doc, i got a question about Citi double cash back card, will I have that citi checking bonus by this card? Since they need TYP card to earn that bonus, so citi double cash would possible?

  34. Steve says:

    Has anyone run into an issue withdrawing all funds and then calling to close the account? I’m not sure if doing so would trigger minimum balance fees or cause a security freeze. Is there a best practice for closing out an account?

  35. Steve says:

    Capital One 360 Business Savings Bonus appears to be gone. (Link doesn’t work, and I couldn’t find anything on their website)

  36. Rich says:

    Hey Doc, I just contacted Bank of America regarding the $2000 business checking bonus and they said they have never heard of it. Any ideas on how to be registered to receive the promo from a small business agent(as it reads in the terms)

  37. jay says:

    Been three weeks since my two bill pays processed. Still not seeing the bonus. Does it matter who I paid? It was Amex card and Comcast. One reader says that he received bonus around a week after bill pays. Just wondering if I didn’t paid to qualified merchants, although I dont think there is such thing.

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  39. Pingback: [IL, MN, VA & WI only] Associated Bank $150 Promotion When You Open A Packers Checking Account, No Direct Deposit Required - DAD CC Cards

  40. Vijay says:

    Hi William Charles,

    Was surfing the net and found this new BB&T $150 Checking Bonus link. Thought of sharing so that you can post it for our community.

    Good Luck!

  41. Carlos says:

    Passed by a Santander yesterday and in the window was a new $150 bonus for checking accounts.
    I will get by there when I can to view details.
    Wonder if they made a new change.

  42. Carlos says:

    Yuck the fine print stinks.
    No P2P deposits or paypal.

  43. mockingjay says:

    My data point :No ETF when I closed the account in the branch in DC, I opened he account 2 months ago.

  44. Douglas says:

    Here’s a link for $400 fifth third business checking account.

    Called in to go over the specifics, it goes until 11/20. For residents in their footprint. Can be opened over the phone or in branch but opening deposit has to be done at branch. chexsystem, no credit inquiry. No cc funding for opening deposit. $400 will be deposited 10 business days after requirements are met. No dd is always nice, but have to leave $5k in for 60 days which is a pain. Will probably go for it since it’s still more then 6% checking for 2 months. However $50 fee if account is cancelled.

  45. Carlos says:

    TD bank now offering a free smart phone with opening a checking account.
    Very easy requirements.
    Only thing is activation with contract required.

    • Ken says:

      There’s nothing free about a phone with a 2 year contract. Do the math.

      • Carlos says:

        Times have changed, providers are charging an arm and a leg for a phone now.
        I did the math, if my phone was up or I wanted to switch carriers I would jump on this.

        • Ken says:

          I can’t find anywhere on TD’s site where they mention plans or terms for the phone besides a 2 year contract requirement, so how are you doing the math? Where are you getting your numbers from?

          Also, you can buy a cheap, under $10 phone to trade in for the $300 offer. Doing this deal and locking yourself into a 2 year commitment for a trade-in phone is a terrible idea.

  46. Carlos says:

    Furthermore this phone could be worth $300 if you switch to a provider who is offering $300 to switch if your turning in a smart phone.
    There are many ways to go about this offer.

  47. troll says:

    when will this page be updated for Nov?

  48. george smiley says:

    Time to take this one down. No new accounts.

  49. Jay says:

    Re: the chase $600 combined coupon vs chase $500 combined coupon

    Isn’t the $600 combined coupon one for chase premier checking ($300 bonus) and savings ($300 bonus)? So that means you have to keep $15k in your chase premier checking account for at minimum 6 months (assuming you cancel account after 6 months) to avoid fee, plus you have to keep $25k in the savings account for 3 months (then cancel after 6 months) in order to get both bonuses. Having to tie up $40k for 3 months, then $25k for another 3 months.

    This is all for only $100 more than the chase basic checking ($300 bonus) and savings ($200 bonus). And for this one you only need to keep $1,500 in the checking account for 6 months, and $15k in savings for 3 months. Seems like much less hassle. In my opinion I’d just forgo the $600 combined coupon for the $500 coupon offer. Plus I get mailings for the $500 coupon and have never gotten the $600 coupon in the mail.

    William what do you think?

    • No, sometimes you can get a $600 bonus for total checking ($300) and savings ($300). Doesn’t have to be attached to premier checking.

      • Jay says:

        Is that one also a coupon received in the mail?

        • Yup, but usually a working link becomes available once or twice a year.

          • Jay says:

            I see, thanks.

            I read somewhere that in addition to only being able to get the bonus once per calendar year, that after closing your chase accounts you have to wait 6 months before applying for new checking/savings accounts in order to get the bonus again. Is this confirmed or not? I ask because I received the bonus for 2015 and closed my chase accounts back in Oct 2015. Would I be able to apply for new accounts once its Jan 2016 and get the bonus?

          • Different offers have different fine print, but you’re right it’s usually one bonus per calendar year and then 6 months in between accounts as well.

  50. Ida says:

    DO GO WITH CHASE! Have had 2 accounts with bonuses that were not paid when promised. Had to chase the first bonus around for 3 months before they would pay after I left the money for a year. 2nd bonus they say I have to leave another 6 months after I already left for a year. Not worth the hassle. Going to a bank that is more honorable and trustworthy and not giving you the runaround to get the money you have earned.

    • Carlos says:

      As much as I hate Chase I have received all bonus when supposed to.

      • Eric says:

        I’m just curious, if everything’s gone well why do you hate Chase?

        • Carlos says:

          Lets just say one time had my account frozen for no reason and was accused of money laundering.
          Had to pretty much tell them about my ebay business and show them where the high deposits were coming from.

          • steven says:

            Have to agree with Carlos. Chase sucks for many various reasons including freezing accounts, making you bring an id just for depositing cash into your accounts, random holds on funds, placement of order of charges to make go over your balance, processing payments for their credit cards and posting them after due dates just to charge you a late fee.Get the point. However, they always pay their bonuses.

  51. Jay says:

    Hi William,

    Was gonna reply to your comment but couldn’t find the reply button. I just read the chase coupon bonus card I have and it only states that “offer is not available to those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or with a negative balance”. I guess this is the only fine print, so I guess the waiting period is only 3 months, not 6 month.

    • Vijay says:

      Looking in to the coupon terms and conditions and mostly likely the below fine print might be there…

      “You can receive only one new checking account related bonus each calendar year and only one bonus per account.”

      You cannot open an brand new account which was closed just 90 days back. Ex, If you had opened an account by Mar of this year and you closed it after 6 mos (i.e. Sep of this year), you will not be eligible to open again a new account after 90 days from Sep. since March falls under the above condition (i.e. within one year). You will be eligible to open an new account only when you hit March of 2016.

      William, Correct me if I am wrong here…

      • Ken says:

        Did you miss the calendar year part? If you open an account in March and then close Sept 1st you have 90 days from the closure, and not during the same calendar year. So you can open a new account Jan 1st.

        • Vijay says:

          Yesterday, I went to bank and whatever I’ve mentioned above is what the banker said. One Checking account promotion per calendar applies from the day “the account was opened”… I wish that’s not true so I can open one by Jan…Now, for safer side I plan to wait till March….

          • Ken says:

            I don’t think your banker understands what a calendar year is (Jan-Dec). I think you could rely on the fine print, and not what somebody interprets incorrectly. I also received a $500 bonus for Chase (2 actually).

          • Vijay says:

            That’s an useful information. I’ll take it..Thanks!!!

  52. Jay says:

    Once again I can’t reply to my own comment lol! Is there a limit to number of replies to a comment?

    Anyways, yes I agree with Ken. In his example if you opened an account on March 1, got the bonus in lets say April, then closed the account in Sept 1, you would be eligible for the bonus 90 days from that date, so Dec 1. But you already received a bonus for this calendar year, thus you cannot get another. The soonest you can get your next bonus would be Jan 1 of next year. This is how I interpreted the fine print anyway.

    Although the only unknown would be, if I opened the new account on Dec 1, then deliberately waited until after January of next year for my bonus to post, that would technically still meet the rules of the fine print which state 1 bonus per calendar year. But then I have not seen any data points regarding this so to play it safe I’m waiting until Jan 1 to open the new account.

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  54. Ken says:

    Somewhere somebody had advised that the Chase bonus calendar year stipulation was based on the time the account was opened, but the paperwork I got with my new account states that a bonus can only be earned once per calendar year. Is that based on the opening of the account or the posting date of the bonus? I have a feeling it’s when the bonus is earned since they on’y issue a 1099 once the bonus is triggered. I opened a savings/checking account yesterday, but I’m worried it will prevent me from getting another bonus for 2016.

    • Jay says:

      If you just opened your savings/checking yesterday, I assume you wont satisfy all requirements before 12/31/15, which means your bonuses will post in 2016. In that case I’d say that would make you ineligible to get another same bonus for 2016. Did you receive the same bonuses for 2015? Did you previously have checking/savings and closed them recently (sometime in 2015)?

      • Ken says:

        Someone here mentioned that the calendar year was based on when you opened the account, and that I should open it before the end of this year. Unfortunately, it seems it’s based on when you earn the bonus. Oh well, live and learn. One of the offers expired Dec 28th so we needed it done now anyways.

        Neither of us have earned a bonus form Chase in 2015, but my wife closed her account a while ago. I’m not sure if it was even in 2015 that she closed it, but either way more than 90 days ago.

  55. Vijay says:

    William Charles,

    Saw an $200 5/3 rd Bank Checking Promotion. Don’t know whether you posted it already. Thought of sharing.

    Good Luck Folks!

    • this seems like a great deal, i called the bank on this offer,they require a direct deposit,but there is no minimum amount on the direct deposit! so i guess you could make a $10 or $20 and it would fulfill the direct deposit requirement? the new checking account has a minimum of only $50 to open it!
      NOW my only question is what qualifies as a direct deposit with this bank???? my work does not offer direct deposit at this time!
      any info on what i could do?

      • Vijay says:

        From my experience, Discover & Fidelity Bank worked as a DD. Me and my wife both got the bonuses through this.

        Good Luck!

  56. Ben says:

    Santander expired 12/31/15 and no longer shows in the link

  57. Cowboyguy says:


    I’m constantly being denied for checking accounts by every bank or credit union. Most likely its because of Chex inquiries. I have 13 inquiries in the past 3 years. In Chex reports, inquiries exist for 3 years, not 2. I was wondering how is this never a problem with you and so many others here? I saw some people have this issue above though.

    • Have you pulled your chexsystems report? Any flags?

      • Cowboyguy says:

        Yes I did. No red flags. One thing though, that when I call these banks they say they see this error “your SSN is too new”. My SSN was issued in Nov 2011 and I’ve been getting this error ever since. Pls note that I do have accounts with Chase, Citi and so many other banks, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. I asked them if they’ve seen this error in the past and they say yes they’ve seen it quite a bit. I tried to find on internet but couldn’t find any info on this.

        • Interesting, never heard of this error before. I’m contacting a friend that works with deposit accounts to see if I can find out more information about this.

        • Vijay says:

          yes, my wife too has this issue still. When she tried to open First Tennessee & Santander checking accounts, she was rejected stating that ‘the SSN she provided is fake’ & ‘the CHEX report came out for her as 0000’ respectively, but she has many credit cards and banking with leading banks like BOA, Chase and Citi. Don’t know how to correct this. Let me also know if you find a solution on how to resolve this.


          • Cowboyguy says:

            Wow, I have this exact same situation. I got declined by First Tennessee and Santander both. And I have had accounts with some major banks out there.

    • Chuck says:

      I haven’t had a problem (besides, maybe, once). Not sure how many inqiuries I have though. Probably something like 13 in 3-years also.

  58. Darv says:

    Regarding TechCU, unclear what “recurring direct deposit” means. I left my employment DD going for four pay periods but have since stopped. My bonus posted after the first DD and bill pay. The checking account requirements do not mention direct deposit to avoid monthly fees. I like the account and plan to keep it open but recurring direct deposit may not be necessary–as in tying that up for 3 or 6 months. If I run into problems I will post back.

  59. TJ says:

    I’ve done the Chase offer the past five or six years, I got a mailer today with a coupon code for $300 on the checking and $200 on the savings account. When I tried to open it, it says they decided not to open an account base on information in my Experian Credit Report. I could probably open it in a branch, but I’m not

    The last time I opened one in the branch, the banker clearly saw that I open and lcose it every year, I don’t think he cared because he got a commission.

    • Vijay says:


      If you’re not able to use it, would you mind sharing with me (I believe it’s for Total Checking a/c). I plan to open one. If you wish to share with me, you can email me the coupon code @ Appreciate your help!!!


  60. Dan says:

    Signed up for the First Tennessee offer. Must have missed it when you first posted it back in December. Thanks! I’ve made so much extra money just by reading your posts.

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  62. Fiby says:

    I don’t think you’ve posted about this BB&T offer. $150 for $500 cumulative DD in one statement, 3x $25 bill pays. Available for accounts opened online in GA before 2/29.

    I funded this account for $1500 with my Southwest personal premier and it posted as a purchase (I commented that on your bank funding page).

    The promotion code field didn’t auto populate (a CSR said it should) but the CSR told me to use promo code ANBAT. There was a mention of the same promo code on some different site, i think nerdwallet? for this promotion so I’m confident it’s correct.

  63. Brian says:

    There is a separate offer for Associated Bank that has almost identical terms as the one linked. It is for a Minnesota Wild checking account. The primary difference is that the Minnesota Wild offer is available until April 30, 2016.

  64. Nick says:

    $25 for signing up for Zenbanx bank account. Only have to link another bank account to get the bonus–should post in two days after verification. You have to use a referral link–here’s mine:

  65. pingo says:

    Hey doc –

    Sadly think the BMO Harris one is dead (over the phone at least). The rep said it ended in January, and also said that they were receiving a lot of calls about it. Did say to look back in July.

  66. Mark says:

    3/5 bank minimum DD is $100 + 3 bill payments for $200 bonus credited next billing cycle according to the bank rep at 866-671-5353

    • mom says:

      opened the student no fee one for my son and the trial deposits from Cap 1 360 triggered the bonus. Had already completed the 3 bill pays. Bonus paid with a week of the trial deposits

  67. Phil says:

    The First Niagara bonus needs updated to say $200 instead of $250. I got excited for a second and went to apply but it was down to $200. I know the post about this says $200 but the bank bonus master list hasn’t been updated.

  68. Pingback: [CT, NY, NJ, PA] Valley National Bank $150 My Choice Checking Bonus (17-25 Only), No Direct Deposit - DAD CC Cards

  69. fafa123 says:

    Looking to switch my current business bank checking account, would like to open one with a bonus BUT also with the opportunity to set up DD into other accounts. I’m a solo practitioner and my current bank says my balance is too low for that (although it isn’t that low). Any info on whether any of the above accounts can be set up to sent DD to other banks?

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  71. RM says:

    Currently Regions bank is offering $200 for new checking account. Anyone has tried that. What kind of DD and debit card transactions work?

  72. Mike Carter says:

    Anchor Bank extended their bonus until the end of this week (until 3/4/16). They told me this yesterday (3/1/16) when I applied for an account in-branch.

  73. jasmin says:

    what’s the best bank account to open with a chase ink?

  74. Stephen says:

    Huntington is now mailing out promotional coupons for $250/$300. The terms are considerably different than last year and do not require a direct deposit. You receive $150/$100 or opening the account and $100/$200 for depositing $5,000 into the account within 60 days of opening the account. It would not appear you need to keep that money in the account. Expiration on the ones I have seen is 4/22. I sent you a ZIP file with images of the offer, but have not heard back.

  75. arch says:

    The headline for First Tennessee $250 Bonus should be NC instead of SC

  76. sl says:

    Citizens Bank In Supermarket Branch $150 Bonus doesn’t work anymore. please update. it’s should not be on for march 2016

  77. Ken says:

    Can you generally churn these bonuses? And if not, can you repeatedly open accounts just to put initial funding on a CC?

    • Eventually you’ll be denied due to many chexsystems inquiries, churnability rules are usually in the fine print.

      • Bill says:

        The number of inquires on Chex that a bank will accept depends. Some banks (e.g. the NYCB family of banks) have a risk department that overrides any decisions made at a local branch and will close newly opened accounts.

  78. Ron says:

    Does anyone activate debit card for every checking account bonus? Thanks in advance.

  79. For the state-specific bonuses, must one reside in the state listed or would it work if you happen to be traveling to a state and stopped into a branch and opened your account?

    For example, I live in Florida, but I see the Key Bank bonus available and am planning a trip to NY. If I walked into a branch, would I be able to open the account there – with my Florida ID/address – on the premise that I plan to move to the area in a few months?

    • Bill says:

      YMMV, but I’ve had good success as a NJ resident opening accounts in FL, PA, NY, OH. I have relatives or have worked in these states, so it wasn’t a special trip, just a brief step into a branch while nearby.

  80. AE says:

    Doc – Any info on: $150 checking offer – available nationwide?

    and available nationwide

    • Looks to be the same as the other $150 bonus associated is offering, any advantages to this one I am missing?

      • adam d says:

        no, just the longer expiration date of 12/31/16. This $150 promo seems to be year round, alternating from packer/brewers/jdpower link etc; When I called to request a new debit card I opted for the plain green debit card not affiliated with a WI team.

  81. Matt says:

    The TechCU account only allowed $125 CC funding when I did it two days ago.

  82. Greg says:

    The CapitalOne360 checking account for a $200 bonus is back until April 30. Good bonus with easy-to-meet requirements but also a great bank that you might actually want to stick with!

  83. Prasanna says:

    First Niagara offer is no longer available online. The link prompts you to call a 1-877 number or visit the branch for promo.

  84. Daniel says: Requires a direct deposit within 60 days (any amount) and it seems as if you must be a Connecticut resident (at least if applying online according to the rep).

  85. toknowjoyman says:

    PNC Bank $50-$300
    Offer only available to residents of: AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV

  86. mu says:

    Bank of the West promo seems to have expired back in March.

  87. Umashankar says:


  88. JJ says:

    Talmar Bank promo expired. When I click link it is not found

  89. Jeff says:

    In ref to “Associated Bank – $150 Bonus – No Direct Deposit – IL, MN, VA & WI only”, A VA zip is not allowed to sign-up online. I did not bother to call to ask as they do not list “VA” anywhere on their site.

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  91. Steven says:

    $1000 Tech CU funding with Credit Card is now outdated. Capped at $125 now.

  92. Vijay says:

    Hi William,

    Came across an BOA $300 Personal Checking account offer (targeted). Thought of sharing.

  93. annex1982 says:

    There’s a targeted offer for Bank of America checking account opening and get $300 bonus. See this link for more details.

    I saw this on my Bank of America credit card on the Alerts section.

  94. Sandy says:

    Guys .. Any thoughts on BankESB $ 150 offer .. pros / cons ..
    Seems to be hard pull .. is it good enough to be tried ?

  95. El Guapo says:

    Associated Bank does not appear to be offering the reported bonus anymore.

  96. Bobby says:

    Anyway around the address requirement if you don’t live in those state?

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  98. Jeff H says:

    I yielded to temptation – Pinnacle Bank $100 Bonus – KS, MO, NE, IA, WY, CO
    AARP Visa $500.00. Assuming it goes thru as a purchase, I can fund some IRS quarterly 1040 Estimated on a card with 0% APR to next April when the taxes will be filed without going to the purchased debit Visa route.
    Does anybody know if additional CC funding as a purchase can be done later?

  99. Julien Pierre says:

    Looks like CapitalOne $200 checking bonus has been extended to July 31, 2016 .

  100. Tricia says:

    Anybody else having trouble with the US Bank online application. I have tried for a few days on my tablet and on my PC and it lets me fill out the whole application, but then says I have timed out (which I haven’t).

    • Banks pay ME says:

      I have recently figured out that some banks’ systems don’t register your keyboard activity when you are working in a pop-up window. They will then time out on the original page and whatever you were doing in the pop-up won’t go through or gets lost. I have experienced this with at least two banks and just reported it to one recently.

      My workaround is to copy/paste what I have entered into a Word or Wordpad file before I hit send, in case it doesn’t go through. Then, if you need to do it again, you’ll be able to paste all your hard work back into a new form and “send” before it times out again. Also, you can check the original page (behind the pop-up) every 5-10 minutes and click something so it stays “active”.

  101. aharw says:

    I can confirm that a transfer from Santander worked as DD. Bonus posted this morning.

  102. Patti says:

    I’ve gotten checking account bonuses before (Cap One 360 & Discover) but until finding this website have never pursued them so aggressively. We still have Cap One accounts but closed the Discover account around 1.5- 2 years ago.
    So around 2 years ago we changed banks. Then a month ago I signed up for the M&T bonus for myself and my husband, and got them right away.
    So before Friday’s expiration date we’d like to get the Chase checking bonus for both us and we’ll likely have to use the dd option x 6 months to keep them fee-free.
    I can easily split my dd but before I change my husband’s non-splitable dd to Chase, I’d like to go for the Santander bonus, then leave the dd going to Chase for the 6 months.

    Do you think signing up for M&T in June, then Chase and Santander this week will send up red flags with that Chex system?
    I read about people signing up for 6 in one month but I don’t want to be humiliated at Chase while having to sign up for that in person.


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  104. AK says:

    Anyone looking for referral, drop me a mail, we both get $50 when I refer you. This is on the top of $400 bonus. So, the deal is even sweeter now!

    Email: vettoridank1 at gmail

  105. 007 says:

    State/location specific but $300 visa gift card to maintain $250 in account with no direct deposit requirement and soft pull seems like a good deal (would be even better as cash though 🙂 ):

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  110. Jeff H says:

    Confirmed Pinnacle Bank has extended their $100.00 checking account sign up web page.
    CC initial deposit ok
    Go Paperless to avoid fees

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  112. Lisa says:

    I realize that these are a complete beginner questions, but that I am. 1) How do you retrieve your money once the requirements have been met if there is no local branch? 2) How do you officially “close” an account once the funds have been removed? Thanks.

    • Patti says:

      To answer #1, it would depend on the amount and if I “borrowed” those funds that were earmarked for something else. If I borrowed from my car insurance fund, I would use my Capital One 360 account (free transfers in and out of their accounts) to just pull the funds back to CO360. First they require some small test deposits in order to verify that you have a legitimate right to link to this external account before any transfers can be made. Once the link is verified just schedule a transfer.
      If there’s only say $5 remaining and/or I don’t need to return borrowed funds, I would just schedule a credit card payment (we use a cc for everything for rewards) for $5 and within a day or 2 the funds are gone from the checking account.

      As for question #2, I would first try an online chat or secure messaging if available. This worked for our Discover checking accounts. If not, I would write and snail mail a letter to their headquarter branch. Maybe even have it notarized so there’s no doubt of our identity.
      Our local banks offer free notary services for account holders.

    • Jeff H says:

      Answers vary depending on where you live compared to the bank you are dealing with.
      Where are the no fee ATMs? What I list here are just examples and may not fit your game plan.

      Some banks like NorthPointe Bank will reimburse fees of ATM fees up to $10.00 per month. Real money funding,

      Pinnacle Bank has branches and ATMS near me. Initial deposit was CC funded. I do NOT intend to use that bank to pay the CC back. I use my main bank to repay the CC. I have multiple options to get money out.
      Regarding banks not so close. Many of them will issue a Debit Visa or MC. Go to the grocery or Walmart taking out some cash over and above your spending.
      Santander Bank ($150 bonus listed above – also CC funded with a different CC) will ACH money in or out without a fee. They also issue a debit MC. There are none of their banks anywhere near me. Because of the ACH feature, I may just keep them with a nominal $$ amount … just remember to use it once a month to avoid fee.

      I have a bank that I have been with for years. After setting up ACH withdrawals for the bonus banks (trial deposit procedure likely) from the new bank with a signup bonus, I can withdraw funds inside a few days to my main bank.
      CC funded banks, I make a point of keeping the CC deposit in the new bank for a few weeks and then drop the balance with an ACH into my main bank without a fee.
      In case you did not notice, I choose to select bonus banks with small balances allowed.
      Closing has not been a problem for me, but others have had problems. The few that I have closed have either been in person or telephone calls. The bank that you want to close can tell you how they close out. Keep notes who you talk to and what was said.
      Generally keep bonus bank accounts open a few months beyond the offer period with small balances.
      Personally, I am not very aggressive about going after various banking offers. There are central reporting agencies that track that like Chex Systems. Banks that you apply to may pull reports from various services.. I do not want a reputation as someone who moves around a lot on such reports.
      Some people have switched around so aggressively, no bank will touch them.

    • Jeff H says:

      Lisa …. shame on me …. I should have pointed you to the article here on DoC
      Beginners Guide to Bank Account Bonuses


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  114. A says:

    Wells Fargo direct link is dead. Did it move, or is the offer gone?

  115. Mendel says:

    Hi Doc

    Thx for all your efforts and info u provide!

    1) Wouldn’t u say it makes the most sense, when u list best accounts to open it should be in order by how much u need to put out and get in return?
    Ex. Citi may have a $400 bonus but u need to deposit $15,000 Where as Astoria Bank u only need $2500 for a $300 bonus?
    Am I missing something?

    2) When u list best by state, is there a way just to search a specific state.

    Thx again!

    • 1. Astoria offer is probably better than Citi, but Citi is nationwide and that’s why it appears higher. I don’t spend that much time thinking about the ranking of these offers as everybody has different requirements. E.g, an offer with no direct deposit requirement but only $100 might be worth more than an offer for $400 that requires a DD depending on the person.
      2. Use ctrl+f and your state to find the offers, although it shouldn’t take long to manually check.

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  117. Pingback: [NY only] Suffolk Federal Credit Union $100 Referral Bonus ($50 For Person Signing Up) - No Direct Deposit - DAD CC Cards

  118. Pingback: [WI only] Northern Paper Milles (NPM) Credit Union $100 Checking Bonus For People 24 & Under - DAD CC Cards

  119. Justin says:

    Great stuff, as always. You know what would be a really helpful post? A post detailing how to file taxes regarding BUSINESS bank account signup bonuses for sole proprietors. I would imagine the vast majority of people doing business bank accounts on this website are sole proprietors.

    • I don’t feel comfortable giving tax advice on this website. I’d probably accept a guest post on this by a tax professional if they wanted to put their name and business name behind the post, but I feel like few would want the risk associated with it.

  120. BH says:

    only available in Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

    • Gotta be targeted: These offers are only available for new customers and cannot be transferred

      • Ian says:

        Are you considered a NEW customer IF you never opened up a CapitalOne in-branch account, but you do have the online Capital One 360 (opened when it was ING direct)??

        • Ian says:

          Darn it..are they strict about this: These offers are only available for new customers and cannot be transferred. If you’re an existing or former Capital One Capital One Bank or Capital One 360 customer or a Capital One Associate, you won’t be eligible for bonuses. To receive any of these cash bonuses, your account must be in good standing (not in default, closed, or suspended). If you open an account through a business, it may be subject to closure/conversion. Each customer is eligible for only one checking account opening bonus and one savings account opening bonus. These offers are only available in Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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  123. PD says:

    Isn’t the big $400 Citi bonus over now? I thought it expired August 31 and can’t find it on the website anymore.

  124. Pingback: Citi $400 Checking Bonus Extended Until October 31st, 2016 - DAD CC Cards

  125. Pingback: Citibank $400 Checking Bonus with $15,000 Initial Deposit - No Direct Deposit Needed - DAD CC Cards

  126. Jeff H says:

    Pinnacle Bank changed the featured checking account, but there is one now.
    More details – compare accounts

  127. Jeff S. says:


    4.1 & 4.5 are duplicated on your list above. I assume 4.5 is supposed to point to M&T’s $150 offer. On their website M&T is also offering a different $160 bonus, but only to a few specific counties in NY state.

  128. Erin says:

    Navy Federal is now offering a small signup bonus. $50 for the new member plus $50 for the referrer.

    I can give my code if anyone is interested. erinhayden42(at)gmail

  129. Pingback: [WI only] Bank Of Sun Prairie $300 In Branch Checking Bonus - DAD CC Cards

  130. Pingback: HSBC $350 Checking Account Bonus - Nationwide, Easy Requirements - DAD CC Cards

  131. brandon says:

    Does anyone know what is working for Chase as of now?

    • Chuck says:

      I haven’t heard that anything changed recently.

    • Patti says:

      Do you mean what counts as a direct deposit? In mid-July we signed up and used Capital One 360. We also scheduled monthly transfers back n forth between our Chase checking and C1 360 so that we don’t get charged the monthly fee.

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  134. Pingback: Keybank Checking Bonuses Now Available In PA, MA & CT - DAD CC Cards

  135. bahab says:

    HSBC is a scam, it is collecting all personal data including bank source for funds. then decline.

  136. Pingback: Brightpeak Financial $100 Savings Bonus - Nationwide [Excluding AR, GA, NV, OK] - DAD CC Cards

  137. Pingback: The Road Less Traveled Challenge - TJ Pridonoff

  138. Eric says:

    Is there any reason not to sign up for one checking account, wait however long is necessary to receive the bonus, the open a new one for a new bonus?

    • Gadget says:

      Nice try, but typically the t&c rules state you cannot have had an account within “X” amount of days or time frame – some say one-time bonus, for like FOREVER, like capital one/ING. For ones who set a specific time frame, what I do is call the bank after I have closed to get the official date they marked the account was closed. It’s not the day you called or went to the branch – it’s when they OK’ed the closure and deactivated the account.

  139. Gadget says:


    4.25 TruStone Financial appears dead.

    4.16 “Associated Bank – $150 Bonus – No Direct Deposit – IL, MN, VA & WI only” Link above, and the quick summary on this page, states “VA”, but VA is not a state they service. “Full post” is correct.

    Thanks for all the work that you do to keep up with all these promotions!

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  141. Linda says:

    I highly do NOT recommend the Citibank option unless you have a local Citibank office. I have had nothing but nightmares with then since day 1 – i opened two accounts with them a month ago and to this day i cannot access it online, by debit or check. This is 30K folks – not $30….

  142. Vijay says:

    Hi William,

    Why Suntrust $200 bonus for personal checking account is not listed here? I believe I saw it being listed here a while ago. Just pasting the link.|NEW_G_RLSA_%24200+promo_NB_Banks_Broad|RT|GOOG|&s_kwcid=AL!4238!3!140555609276!b!!g!!bank%20account%20com&ef_id=V8WbSwAABEDwBwnr:20161004235443:s


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  144. Anita says:

    Yesterday you had a post for a TD Bank $300 checking bonus which you marked as expired. But I found a live landing page and provided a link to it, You responded that what I had found was an “affiliate link”. And now the original post and all comments is gone entirely.
    Where did the post go? And what is the significance of it being an affiliate link. Does that imply it will not work? (I WAS able to apply for the account) I’m confused by that terminology.

  145. Vijay says:

    Hi William,

    Saw a new Chase $200 Total Checking link where it doesn’t need ‘Chase login’ to get the coupon code. you can simply enter your email id to get a coupon code which has an expiry date of 1/15/2017. Thought of sharing.

    [link removed as it’s an affiliate link].

    $200 Chase total checking is almost always available now, I’d recommend getting a $300 one from eBay or just waiting for a public $300 link

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  147. Rose says:

    I just opened my checking account with Santander and can only fund the account via credit card up to $25. You cannot do more than that.

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  150. strema says:

    Looks like the M&T $150 bonus is back!

  151. MikeyBee says:

    Forgive me if I missed this on your site. I have a checking account at Standard Bank in the Chicago area that is paying 1.5% when I make 12 debit card purchases (posted as credit) and one direct deposit or direct debit each month. Balances over $15K earn a much lower rate. They also waive foreign ATM fees up to a monthly $12 total. May want to check it out:

  152. DirtyLilRat says:

    The BMO Harris link leads to a promo that ends Oct 31. Is it expired, or were you trying to link to another promo?

  153. Pingback: Try These Last Minute Christmas Savings Plan Ideas if You Need Cash

  154. barschools says:

    Bank of America as several checking account bonuses that expire Dec 31st.

    $300 targeted checking. Requires 4k in direct deposits in 90 days
    $100 consumer checking. Requires two direct deposits of $250 or more in 90 days

    There are also business checking bonuses available. I apologize if these are already on this site, but I don’t see them

  155. Pingback: Best Posts Last Week: New 80k Sign Up Bonus, Free Uber & Lyft & More - DAD CC Cards

  156. Ron Berquist says:

    I did a CITI BANK $400.00 checking bonus, and it is the worst experience I have ever encountered in dealing with a bank.

  157. Curmudgeon says:

    HSBC deal died in November. Shouldn’t be on December’s list.

  158. Pingback: Best Posts Last Week: New 60,000 Mile Offer, Deal Mania & More - DAD CC Cards

  159. Jeff H says:

    Very interesting that December opportunities are so slim compared to previous months.
    On the other hand, I applied for HSBC November 2. After three phone calls, December 7, 2016, They withdrew the initial deposit. I hope it does not turn into another Pearl Harbor.

    Tis the season for taking a holiday from what we do.

  160. MikeyBee says:

    For those scheduling their HSBC bill payments, better allow extra time for them to post on the creditor’s records. I scheduled a payment December 5 for HSBC to pay Kohl’s on December 12. HSBC “processed” it yesterday, December 12, but it’s still not shown as received on Kohl’s web site as of today, December 13. Nice scam, HSBC has the use of my money for at least an extra day. I don’t have that problem with any of my other payment vehicles, such as Little wonder HSBC is being investigated again for monkey business.

  161. Jesse says:

    BancorpSouth $150 Failed – Nobody Can Tell Me Why

    After completing all of the steps to open an account, including a final step for identity validation (that truncated information like street names, leaving me to guess), I was shown a screen with a “Notice of Adverse Action, based on information contained in consumer report.” I’ve called 4 different numbers, and nobody can tell me what the information was, what report it came from, or what the basis for the decision was.

  162. MikeyBee says:

    I can’t find the Doctor’s tips for how to close a Citi checking account. I think it said to downgrade to basic checking first, but I can’t recall why or when to do it. I still have a $10K balance, after keeping $15K in for the required 30 days. Anybody know?

  163. Pingback: [FL, NC, SC, TN, VA Only] First Tennessee $150 Checking + $50 Money Market Promotion - DAD CC Cards

  164. Frank says:

    $170 checking account bonus from SECU in MD. Only valid for students though… Still a pretty good deal for basically no requirements.

  165. Pingback: Best Posts Last Week: $30 In Freebies, New 40,000 Mile Card, Chase Class Action Settlement & More - DAD CC Cards

  166. Josh says:

    Seems like we had quite a few large nationwide offers and now nothing really over $200. Do you notice a trend when these are offered? Something like they die off at end of year but pick back up in the new year? I am in the midst of using up all of the FL eligible offers and not really wanting to invest time/energy into the <$200 items. Its been a fantastic 6 months start looking to pull just under $3k by month 8. Thank you DoC!

    • It’s probably just because when you started you hadn’t done any of the more common offers I guess, still looks pretty good to me but obviously the more you do the less that are available.

  167. Pei Guo says:

    Key bank is terrible.

    Anyone who is interested in the key bank 300 bonus offer notice this: I opened an account with the $300 promotion code, but the branch manager told me I HAVE TO enroll in the “KeyBank Relationship Rewards” program which costs me $40 a year. I asked him if this is an official requirement. He said yes, your bonus will be canceled if you don’t enroll. I can not find any terms on the official promotion page about the rewards program. This totally ruined my afternoon!

    • Don't believe everything you hear says:

      I don’t think that is correct. I just got the Key Bank bonus last week and didn’t enroll in that program – just had to meet the stated requirements. Did the direct deposit on 11/7, bonus posted 12/20.

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  169. Pingback: Why Do Banks Offer Better Bonuses In Branch? - DAD CC Cards

  170. Josh says:

    BMO Harris has a select state $200 offer up. Looks like low DD needed, phone or branch opening. Expires 2/28/17. Lowest tier account qualifies fee free with minimal ADB. I don’t see any current promos mentioned but did see expired ones on DoC. Curious as to your take.

  171. dale m says:

    Citi — NOT an easy process – citi sign up screens were very tedious and time consuming, then codes and types of accounts to be selected among (none of them obvious), and after about a week for activation, the deposit process was when the real fun began, with deposits (not insignificant amounts) rejected due to verification hiccups … had to start all over with account verification — it took a week of constant attention and repeated trials to get it in place … it’s now been 60 days and am told it will be another 60 before any chance of the bonus posting and an honest agent pointed out they’ve been running behind on current postings and to expect delays. Among the harder $400 (- taxes) I’ve worked for in a long time.

  172. Mo says:

    Hey Doc, how’s every little thing?

    Did you see this:

  173. Pingback: Best Posts Last Week: $1,350 In Nationwide Bank Bonuses, Chase Sapphire Reserve Bonus & More - DAD CC Cards

  174. Jon says:

    There’s a $50 bonus available when opening a City National Bank checking account in-branch. Obviously it’s a small bonus, but some people might want it. This is a different bank than the one that has a Visa Infinite card — this bank is very regional around West Virginia. Their checking account comparison page is at but the bonus doesn’t appear on their web site. I found out from a post card they sent which doesn’t indicate an expiration date. I just thought I’d let you know because you’re the most complete source of info I know. I was going to leave this comment on your master list of bank account bonuses, but there doesn’t appear to be a comment section there.

  175. Pingback: You Might Be Eligible For Another Santander $150 Checking Bonus - DAD CC Cards

  176. Marco says:

    There is a $250 checking account bonus offer for new checking customers from Wells Fargo


  177. Marco says:

    Wells fargo online offer is NOT targeted. It is for everyone.

    • sam says:

      This is targeted offer! IF they spot you – they will ask your bonus code (from official promo email, or mail which they sent you) if you don’t have it – they might say – no bonus!! But if they have issues with their PROMO department and I.T. they might honor automatically bonus to all who applied!! If they want they could check everyone and see who got bonus and who is not!!

  178. Ken says:

    You have FirstBank on there twice.

    • Saphira2021 says:

      it worked for everyone who did it last month but there are no reports of receiving it for those that did it this year. either they got slower at posting the bonus or it’s over unless targeted. unknown. I deposited 2 checks on 12/31 and got my bonus on 1/4. i was NOT targeted.

  179. Pingback: How To Split Your Tax Refund Into Multiple Accounts For Triggering Bank Bonuses & Other Purposes - DAD CC Cards

  180. RTC says:

    Stupid question time, but these are uncharted waters for me: so I assume if I open a PNC account, fund the $2k with my CSR, I can then use the PNC account to pay whatever bills just like my normal bank account [ie, I’ll have a valid routing/account # for AQH]? Not like a Bluebird/Serve that wouldn’t work that way??

  181. David Chen says:

    Thanks for sharing this. There is a lot of useful information between your post and the comments below. Also, appreciate the attached links for extra references.

  182. Peter says:

    KeyBank – $300 Bonus – PA, MA & CT, AK, CO, ID, IN, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, or WA is dead.

  183. Vijay says:

    saw this $50 Citi savings account offer when signing off, but not worth as $10k needs to be maintained for 90 days where you will get much better value when you deposit somewhere else OR with other bank offers. Still posting if someone wants.

  184. Pingback: Star One Credit Union $120 Checking Bonus + $60 Per Referral, No Bonus Requirements [Santa Clara, CA only] - DAD CC Cards

  185. Saphira2021 says:

    I received this offer from a recently closed Citi checking account (the one that paid $400 bonus). I am wondering if this is a good offer in your opinion and if there is a catch that i am not seeing? I can’t find anything about the interest rate they pay and i see that you really need $50K to avoid fees. Is this worth it? any advice? thanks


    More interest. More savings with Citi Priority®.

    Dear xxx

    There’s nothing quite like watching your savings grow. And you can watch it grow faster, with up to $500 in bonus interest on your savings after you upgrade to The Citi Priority® Account Package and fund a Citibank® Savings Plus Account. Here’s how it works:

    1. Enroll in this promotion and upgrade to the Citi Priority Account Package by clicking here.

    2. Make a qualifying deposit into a new or existing Citibank Savings Plus Account with a minimum of $25,000 in new-to-Citibank funds between 1/1/17 and 4/14/17.

    3. Maintain a $25,000 minimum balance for 90 consecutive calendar days from the date the minimum deposit of $25,000 was made and you can earn ten times the interest on your savings for this bonus period: up to a $500 bonus.*

    We appreciate your business, and look forward to welcoming you to Citi Priority. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t wait to make the most of your savings.

    • Ken says:

      It’s crap. Citi tries to bait people with this 10x interest crap. what they fail to tell you is that their starting interest is so low that you’re better off with a straight 1% account.

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  187. Ryan says:

    Just a note on the FirstBank $200 bonus:
    $500 direct deposit
    $500 in debit card purchases in 60 days

    One really odd thing about them, they charge a $10 debit card fee per year after the first year, so don’t forget to close the account out!

    Here are the T&Cs:
    Cash offer is not available to existing FirstBank consumer checking customers or those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or closed with a negative balance. Offer valid for new personal checking accounts opened between January 1, 2017 and March 10, 2017. The account must be opened online at or bring in this advertisement to any FirstBank location to receive the $200 offer. Limit one gift per household, per lifetime. Limit one gift per account. The cash offer will be given if the account opened is in good standing, and the customer enrolls for online banking, and one direct deposit greater than $500 posts to the new checking account. Direct deposit must be new to FirstBank and must be payroll, pension, Social Security or other government benefits. Direct deposit cannot be multiple direct deposits combined that exceed $500. In place of the direct deposit requirement, the customer may conduct $500 in net (purchase debits versus return credits) Visa Debit Card purchases during the first 60 days of the account being opened. Requirements must be met within 60 days of account opening and the cash offer will be deposited into the new checking account within 90 days of account opening. We reserve the right to substitute gifts offered at any time with an item of similar value. Limited time offer. The $200 cash offer is considered interest and is subject to IRS and other tax reporting. The cash offer is considered a bonus that can be revoked if the account is closed within six months of opening. FirstBank employees are not eligible to receive the offer. Online Banking plus direct deposit or Visa Debit Card purchases required. The Visa Debit Card is free for the first year after which an annual fee (currently $10 per card) applies. Other conditions and restrictions apply. See branch for details.

  188. Curmudgeon says:

    Santander has a $225 bonus offer, but it appears to be targeted only since you need a code from a mailer.

    Might be worth a side note in the Santander write up

    • Saphira2021 says:

      Yes, this one is targeted and with very narrow conditions: same address but no checking accounts and only sent to those who already have Santander accounts. Surprisingly, i met the terms.

  189. Curmudgeon says:

    Suntrust Bank $100-300 bonus|get250

    Valid 1/10-3/30/17

    Valid for AL, AR, GA, FL, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV, DC

  190. Moruaa says:

    Santander bank extra $50 if you use the refer link
    [stop spamming your link everywhere]

    This can be combined with the current $150 offer

  191. Curmudgeon says:

    Bank of the West $150 bonus
    valid until 3/3/17
    requires one direct deposit of $250+ (multiple deposits adding up to $250 don’t qualify)
    10 debits/mo for 2 months, min debit purchase $3
    Valid one per household
    bonus pays out by 6/30/17
    $8 monthly fee, waived by $1000 min balance, direct deposit >$250 or 10 debits.

    Probably restricted to states where they have branches:
    New Mexico
    North Dakota
    South Dakota

  192. morua says:

    Now you can get $250 ($200+$50) account opening bonus from First Tennessee Bank:

    1. $50 extra referral bonus

    2. $200 offer
    Al through it says only available to residents of Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky, people who are not in these state still got the offer in the past.

    You can always combine these two offers

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  194. boomX says:

    I opened citibank checking account more than a year back, which offered some bonus at that time. At the time of opening I already had a credit card with citi. After 7 or 8 months (maintaining more than 10K balance each), I closed the bank account.

    Since I closed bank account, it has been more than a year that I gave gap to try opening the bank account again.

    Citi keeps denying my application to open the account stating something in my equifax report or something only citi knows. There is only a soft enquiry in my equifax and in reviewing my equifax report, everything looks good – no negative information. Its 3 times now, that Citi denied my bank application. Funny part is that there is no issue with opening a credit card account with Citi.

    I fail to understand the reason. Am I under any block list under their banking, that I keep getting denied?

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Maybe there’s an issue with your ChexSystems report? DoC has a resource here:


      • boomX says:

        I got a targeted offer from BofA couple of days back, applied online right away – went to pending initially, got approved mail in couple of minutes. So guess, its not an issue with Chex Systems? And something citi doesn’t want customer like me who opens for a bonus ;)?

        But will look at the DoC report on Chex Systems though. Thanks!

    • savemesf says:

      Equifax generates the ID verification questions (former addresses, etc) and they often have wrong information.

      In the past, I was denied for a Citi checking account due to incorrect Equifax ID information, but was then able to open it by applying after I was logged in to my Citi online account (for exisiting Credit card).

  195. Pingback: Wells Fargo $250 Checking Bonus Adds New Targeted Language - DAD CC Cards

  196. seth says:

    Got a targeted offer via email from Bank of America today. $300 bonus for opening BoA Core Checking or BoA Interest Checking and funding at least $4k via direct deposit within 90 days. expires April 15

  197. Pingback: Not Following Us On Twitter? You're Missing Out - DAD CC Cards

  198. Ben says:

    Just got a SM response from Wells Fargo about the 1099-INT form for a $100 sign up bonus I earned in Feb 2016. I specifically told them it was from a sign up bonus and told them the exact date that I earned it so they’d be able to verify it. The SM response told me that I would not receive a 1099-INT form for the $100.

    I’m waiting on other 1099’s but if I don’t receive anything from them by mid-Feb then I won’t be claiming that $100 as interest (1099-INT’s are required to be sent out by Jan 31st, hence my mid-Feb comment).

    Does anyone know if Santander does or does not send out 1099-INT’s?

    So far in 2017 I’ve received one from every bank account bonus I received in 2016 EXCEPT Wells Fargo and Santander.

    • Blake says:

      I got mine from Santander this past week. Some of mine have been post-marked on the 27th and are just arriving. It will come.

    • Wyle says:

      Same situation for me with Wells Fargo. Feb 2016 checking bonus, but no 1099. Looked online and can see tax documents for 2010 (yes, long closed account), but “no tax documents for 2016”.

  199. Tortoisehell says:

    It looks like the link for the Key Bank bonus is expired.

  200. Curmudgeon says:

    Smaller, local area only promos. Most are pretty easy but area limited.

    $150 at Sandy Springs Bank
    MD & VA residents
    apply in branch/on phone, get e-statements, 8 debits

    $100 at HomeStreet Bank
    Direct Deposit $500
    WA, OR, HI, ID, CA, AZ only

    $150 at LegacyTexas Financial
    promo code MAX1, direct deposit $300
    Collin, Dallas, Denton, Parker, Tarrant, Wise counties in TX only
    Also provides a 1% interest checking

    $100 at 1st United Credit Union
    promo code SIMPLER, Direct deposit $500, make 1 debit purchase
    Work in / resident of Alameda, Contra Costa, Kings, San Joaquin, Solano or Stanislaus Counties CA, or have family member with account there

  201. Curmudgeon says:

    $200 at One Nevada Credit Union
    direct deposit $1200
    promo code CA060
    must live/work in Clark, Washoe, Nye counties, NV or reside at Nellis Air Force Base

  202. Curmudgeon says:

    $100 at Ascend Federal Credit Union (Nashville, TN only)
    Open account, make 10 debits
    Open at LaVergne branch only by 2/28

  203. Pingback: Are Checking Account Bonuses the New Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus? – OUT AND OUT

  204. Curmudgeon says:

    $100 or $350 at Webster Bank
    NY, MA, RI, CT residents
    Complete 1 direct deposit OR 10 debits OR 5 bill pay
    Min deposit $500 for Premier ($350 bonus) or $100 for Value ($100 bonus) checking
    Avoid fees with $1000/$10,000 min bal (Value/Premier)
    expires 3/10/17

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  208. John Galt says:

    Oops! Correction: End date is 2/28/17

  209. Steve says:

    You have FirstBank listed twice (with different descriptions).

  210. Jab says:

    Keybank 300 offer is expired

  211. JuicyJosh says:

    Here we go for FL, TX, AL, MS and LA. Hancock Whitney Bank. $200 gift card for business account.

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  213. Pingback: CIT Bank High Yield Savings Account Up To $200 Bonus + 1.05% APY [Nationwide] - DAD CC Cards

  214. mlkdecow07 says:

    I didn’t see this on here, but with Pinnacle Bank you can also cc fund their savings accounts with an additional $1000.

  215. Ryan R says:

    When you close any of these accounts after meeting the bonus requirements, should you withdraw your money prior to closing, or have the money withdrawn while closing?

    If withdrawing prior, I’m concerned about getting hit with a monthly fee for having too low of a balance and then an overdraft fee. Should I have any concern about this? This is my first time churning bank accounts for bonuses, so appreciate any help!

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Its been my experience to always wait until the statement cycles after you receive the bonus. If you have a Hub account (ach transfer account) its a breeze. Receive bonus, wait for new statement period, ACH funds out, once funds hit hub account, call or chat online and close bonus account. With a 0 balance they rarely try to fight/retain you.

  216. Pingback: [Targeted] Bank of America Cash Rewards For Business Credit Card $500 Bonus - DAD CC Cards

  217. Superchurn says:

    Just saw a no-DD-required Citi $500 bonus offer. It has a “prospectID” so it might be targeted

    Small print
    To qualify to earn a $500 cash bonus, you must open a new eligible consumer checking account in The Citi Priority Account Package between 1/1/17 – 4/14/17.
    Within thirty (30) days of Account opening you must complete the following:
    Make a qualifying deposit of $50,000 or more in new-to-Citibank funds into the new checking Account or your new or existing Citibank Savings Plus or Citi Savings Account, and maintain a minimum balance of $50,000 for sixty (60) consecutive calendar days following the date you made your qualifying deposit:
    Enroll your new checking account in Paperless Statements.

  218. Pingback: Wells Fargo Extends $250 Checking Bonus - DAD CC Cards

  219. rick says:

    Bonus posted even though technically I shouldn’t be eligible. Closed WF checking in August 2016 after getting $100 bonus, and applied for this one AFTER the new, more restrictive language appeared on offer page.

    2/1: Applied, approved immediately & received account number (used Ally checking acct. for $25 opening deposit)
    2/13: Received final approval emails, called to get online access
    2/16: Ally ACH push of $502 arrived
    2/17: $25 opening deposit finally posts
    2/21: $250 bonus posts (listed as pending transaction currently)

    Thanks DoC and commenters!

    • Eric says:

      The terms only state that the bonuses, not the account closing, need to be 12 months apart. When did you receive the $100 bonus?

  220. JC says:

    Thanks William for the site. If I am new at opening checking accounts, How many may I open and how much time apart from each other in order to be approved and not have any issues?

    Thanks in advance!

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  222. PD says:

    Is it worth noting on the page that there are usually Chase business checking coupons on Ebay? Some are for Total checking, with simpler requirements; others are for Performance checking (less worth it). I suppose they are technically targeted though Chase doesn’t seem to care as long as the code is unique and unused.

  223. JuicyJosh says:

    Hey DoC, Whats the deal with the Key Bank promo? I see the non transferable language but it does mention the code on the page. $400 is pretty sweet and pretty easy requirements. I would like to hear your take.

    • Ken says:

      You also need a reservation number and they only send those out on targeted mailers. Rarely people have had luck calling a branch or going into a branch.

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  226. ELAINE WAHL says:

    Re: Chase $300 checking offer

    I just called my bank contact, asking if she’d be available on the 7th of March when my coupon expires, can’t get the sixty miles (PA to NJ) to her before then, she said no problem, come in on the 8th. Made the appointment, good to go.

    Worth a phone call if you can’t make expiration date?

  227. Vijay says:

    If someone doesn’t have an PNC bank nearby, you can use the below link for $300 offer.

    doesn’t have any state restrictions…

    • Jon says:

      This is good to know. Anyone verified if they could successful enrolled outside its State territory? DOC please publish this link so other people can try it. thanks.

      • Ken says:

        I’ve gotten PNC bonuses living in CO which is outside their territory in the past. Haven’t tried this new one yet though.

    • Sean says:

      Great info. Thanks! CO here and I’ll give this one a shot.

  228. Pingback: Best Posts Last Week: $25 Off $50 On Amazon, New American Express Platinum Benefits & More - DAD CC Cards

  229. Ken says:

    Keybank has a new $200 public offer that starts today. I don’t see any state restriction in the terms either.

  230. Vijay says:

    This is state restricted after you receive the coupon code in email.

    1 Offer is available to clients who do not have or haven’t had a KeyBank Hassle-Free Account® or a KeyBank checking account during the past 12 months. Only residents of Ann Arbor MI, Alaska, Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, Dayton OH, Idaho, Indiana (Central and Northern), Maine, Toledo OH, Utah, Vermont are eligible for this offer.

  231. Vijay says:

    Let me know if you didn’t get the code and I’ll email you my code, which is of no use to me.

  232. Pingback: Easily Track Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses & Bank Account Bonuses with these 2 Spreadsheets

  233. JR says:

    DP: Fidelity EFT to WF coded as DD

    3/3 WF sends DD notification from Fidelity EFT
    3/6 Bonus pending

    • cocoaj says:

      I’ve read that some banks charge to receive the EFT…did Wells Fargo charge you for that transaction? Or was it totally free from both parties? Thanks for the DP!

      • Ken says:

        I think you’re thinking of wire transfers which are totally different from a regular ACH that we’re all using. No fees ever for receiving an ACH that I have ever seen with any bank I’ve ever used.

  234. Nicole says:

    How do you set up an EFT to count as a DD for WF? Thanks!

  235. Ender says:

    Is MT&T bonus available in OH? I remember seeing someone opened account in OH, but your post excluded OH.

  236. Pingback: Do you like free money? Yeah, me too... - Frequent Miler

  237. MarcoPolo says:


    New Chase offers (expires 4/16/17):

    1. Get up to $350 with a new Chase checking and savings account

    2. Get $300 when you open a new Chase Premier Plus Checking account

  238. Joseph says:

    When I go to any links for the Wells Fargo $250 checking account promotion, I get a page not found message. If I go direct to there is no mention of the promotion. Has it been rescinded?

  239. Pingback: Best Posts Last Week: Credit Card Spreadsheet, AmEx Changes, Chase Changes & More - DAD CC Cards

  240. El Ingeniero says:

    I have an Ink bold and an Ink Plus with Chase. What is the risk of losing them if I go after the Chase bonus?

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  244. Pingback: Alliant Cashback Visa Signature Credit Card Review - 3% Cash Back First Year, Then 2.5% ($59 AF Waived First Year) - DAD CC Cards

  245. El Ingeniero says:

    Can you make it so we can filter the list of offers by state and minimum bonus amount?

  246. BillF says:

    My first post somehow didn’t take. I am a newbie to this and would like to know if there are any detrimental affects of opening up more than one bank account?

    I see that these are normally soft pulls, so that’s good. I’d like to take advantage of these deals and open up a few of these. Thanks!

  247. BillF says:

    I didn’t even give him an amount to lower. I have $20K with $4K Cash Advance, and he said they are tied together. Maybe I got a bad CSR. I’ll try again with somebody else tomorrow. I couldn’t do it online as this was uneditable.

  248. Patti says:

    I’m not sure it really matters what your CA limit is.
    I used my CSP card to fund opening accounts with Wells Faro, Santander & M&T and they all posted as purchases without changing anything.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Lowering your cash advance limit is a free, easy and quick way to keep from being charged a cash advance fee in the 1% of bank promos that might post as a cash advance.

      It’s just insurance against bad things and unlike most insurance you don’t have to pay for it. 🙂

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  250. Pingback: [Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL] Bridgeview Bank $300 Business Checking Bonus - DAD CC Cards

  251. Dan says:

    I was getting denied applying online (not sure if I’m answering the credit questions wrong or something else) so I filled out the online form to get a coupon emailed to me.

    The $300 coupon says: “Offer ends June 30, 2017”. It appears the offer has been extended?

    • Dan says:

      I walked into a PNC branch and evidently I’m on the Early Warning system now. Probably because of a recent churn of the WF $250 offer. Great.

  252. Pingback: Don't let the SPG bonus float by - last chance - Frequent Miler

  253. John says:

    The Wells Fargo link isn’t working. Are you sure this is still valid in April?

  254. Pingback: [Expired] Fifth Third $200 Checking Bonus [FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, NC, OH, PA, TN, WV] - DAD CC Cards

  255. Pingback: CIT Bank High Yield Savings Account Up To $400 Bonus + 1.05% APY [Nationwide] - DAD CC Cards

  256. Ryan says:

    DP: CapOne360 still works as a DD.

    This is my second time I got this bonus, albeit having waited a year to do so, the bonus posted after one day.

    Setting my calendar for 2018 for my next $200 now….

  257. DWood says:

    Can we remove Wells Fargo for April 2017 or update the link? Current link (as of 4 April 2017) no longer works.

  258. Someguy says:

    Wells Fargo $250 is expired to this website, and the Wells link leads to an inactive page

  259. bernie says:

    Santander seems to have ended their bonus

  260. JD says:

    For those who partake in bonus offers with banks that don’t have branches in their cities, how does the cancellation process typically work?

    Do you call, mail, or secure message and they send you a check? Do you liquidate via ACH and then ask them to cancel?

    I got chided from AMEX customer service on the phone a few years back for opening a CC just to “get the bonus”. Since then I switched to always cancelling CCs via a postal letter.

  261. Ming says:

    Why isn’t BoA 300 here? Expires April 15th

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  263. Vijay says:

    Hi William,

    Fifth Third $200 bonus is back with an expiration date of 6/30/17.

  264. KK says:

    City National Bank has a $100 offer for VA residents.

  265. Steve says:

    New CapitalOne offer came in today. $400 bonus using code PLUS400.

    Looks like it’s targeted, but if you already have a CapitalOne account and live in Mass it let me start the process.

  266. JarJar says:

    OneWest Bank is having their $200 prepaid bonus again until May 31.

  267. Will says:

    Found this promo for ridgewood savings bank in NY:

  268. Mike says:

    $300 First Tennessee offer is back: (promo code COF300 )

  269. Ken says:

    Do anyone know how do i get the tax form for the bonus from banks such as Wells Fargo, Capital One and Chase if i close the account after receive the bonus and then my address changed? Thanks!

  270. Kyle says:

    I know you had the $300 KeyBank one up for a while. It is running again until the end of June.

  271. Jeff H says:

    Deposit $15,00.00 for $100 bonus?
    I don’t think so.
    I can make that in MS activities in a short time using less money.

  272. Du Zhao says:

    The “Read our full post” and “Soft pull” links point to the same page for the “East Boston Savings Bank $150 Bonus” one.

  273. David says:

    Capital One 360 checking: 200 bonus, 2 direct deposits, open to everyone, can apply online:

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  275. dan says:

    hey Mehul, are you from the Boston area by any chance?

  276. Daniel S says:

    Hey Doc, there’s a new santander business checking bonus 4/1/17-6/30/17
    $250 for opening a business checking and $500 for merchant services. I can send you the flyer

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  279. Harry says:

    Just providing a recent DP and reconfirming previous DP: Topcashback ACH transfer of about $50+ April 2017 triggered Chase Checking Bonus. Took about 5 days after posting of deposit for the bonus to trigger.

  280. Shaidester says:

    KeyBank has a $400 checking account bonus that expires 6/30/17:

  281. Scarlett says:

    Bank of Colorado bonus expired April 30 2017. Was waiting to see if they extended it to May like they did for April, but it’s not looking like it.

    Pinnacle Bank has a $100 bonus good through May 31 2017

      • Scarlett says:

        I emailed BoC customer service to see if the $200 diamond secure checking account offer was still going on, since it’s advertised on their home page but the fine print says it expires April 30, 2017. The CS rep who emailed me back said they were extending the promo through May. However, the website STILL hasn’t been updated to reflect that, so I’m not sure how I could guarantee getting that bonus.

      • zalmy says:

        Kearny Bank is offering 2.01% APY on up to 25,000. No monthly fees, 1$ minimum balance, all you need is 10 debit card transactions and either a direct deposit or automatic bill pay every month. Sounds like a great deal! I don’t know whether it’s state specific, but I know they’re located in New Jersey

    • Thom says:

      Bank of Colorado bonus extended to August 31, 2017.

      • Scarlett says:

        Now there’s a bunch of hoops to jump through though. Before you just had to open the account now:

        ·A $50 bonus will be paid if the account remains open for 90 days with no overdrafts.
        ·An additional $100 will be paid for 4 direct deposits or ACH credits totaling $1,000 or more within 90 days.
        ·If you use your debit card 20 times within the same 90 days, we’ll give you another $50.
        ·If you open a savings account simultaneously with your Diamond Secure Account, we’ll add $50 more. A savings account requires a $200 opening deposit.

        I mean, it’s still easy money, but not as easy as it once was 🙂

  282. dood says:

    BMO expired on the 4/28, not seeing a current bonus

  283. rab says:

    Is there a list which tells us which banks enforce the state restrictions?
    Like, M&T which apparently does not enforce state restrictions?

  284. Michael says:

    WesBanco $250 Checking Bonus

  285. calwatch says:

    Was there a reason why the OneWest deal isn’t on the list? Other than rejecting people with too many Chex inquiries it seems legit for the millions of people in the SoCal market.

  286. bullfrog23414 says:

    Just got a flyer for KeyBank $300 Checking + $200 Silver MM promo. $300 checking seems pretty easy (1 $500 DD). $200 MM requires $15k for 90 days (and then $5000 until 180 days to avoid ETF). My flyer had both an offer code and reservation number, so may be pretty targeted. Also appears that you have to open via phone or branch – I don’t see the offer on the website, nor do I see a place to enter a promo code (at least on page 1 of the application – didn’t go further). $7/mo fee waived with $500 in deposits or 8 transactions. $25 ETF/180days.

    Thinking about jumping on the $300, but the $200 is just not that great.

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  288. Hey DoC, what’s the best way to let you guys know about bank bonuses? Twitter?

    Santander Business Checking/Business Checking Plus Offer for $250
    -open account between 4/1 and 6/30
    -maintain average daily balance of $1,000 for first 90 days
    -must be open/not have negative balance to receive bonus
    -Business Checking (better for offer) $15 monthly fee waivable w/ one Santander Merchant Services payment deposit, pay $50 or more in Account Analysis Services, or 3 business debit card transactions
    -Business Checking Plus $50 monthly fee waivable w/ $40k average daily balance, $60k combined deposit balances, one Santander Merchant Services payment deposit, or pay $50 or more in Account Analysis Services
    -bonus deposited within 30 days of meeting requirements
    -additional bonus for Merchant Services enrollment

    I’m in the Boston area, but looks nationwide to me

  289. Nicole says:

    I’d appreciate an explanation of the differences between ‘ACH’ and ‘TRIAL DEPOSIT’. For instance, with TD Bank I don’t find an option for ACH but only an option to ‘transfer to external account.’ Is that what ACH means?

    • Saturn says:

      Automated Clearing House is a network for money transfer between banks. Send money from one account to the other, and you have used ACH. Think of the trial deposit as a test transfer of pennies that your bank does with the other bank in order to check whether the transaction is possible and legitimate. These pennies will be pulled back automatically after a few days.

      So before you make a transfer from your main account at, say, Wells Fargo to your second account at TD, WF will verify accounts and amounts through those trial deposits. You don’t control those directly but have to confirm they have worked. WF will prompt you to enter the exact penny amounts. Only then will you be able to make the real deposit, your actual transfer, meaning there is a delay of a few days for you at the beginning.

      Occasionally it happens that those trial deposits are already enough to trigger a bonus for a Direct Deposit.

    • Yet Another Redditor says:

      Used to be $50 last year.. Banker said she added an “MGM” code to my account. Almost kicking myself for not using this for new Citi referrals this year.. But it took 157 days after the referral to post after a ton of follow-up and requiring to keep my account open that long after my bonus had posted.

  290. johnson says:

    Location: Mountain View, CA
    Bank: US BANK
    Deal: $75 Checking account bonus if you sign up and spend $75 total using your debit card within 3(? I believe?) months. Not sure if it’s Santa Clara county or just Mountain View.
    Date: 5/28/2017


    • m says:

      they seem to do this regularly. about 1-2 times a year in their safeway branches. I went to a branch in contra costa, so it’s probably statewide? if your branch doesn’t do it maybe try another one.

    • Yet Another Redditor says:

      Any way to do that $400 promo without the reservation # or a way to get the reservation #? I am in VA. Or do we do the $300 one without a reservation code online?

      • Mother Mary says:

        Via online chat, Key $400 requires a reservation. number which was sent by snail direct mail. No dice if you didn’t get one. Try the $300 one.

    • dan says:

      I tried to enter my zip but said i had to go in branch from NY.

    • Avi says:

      Via online chat – you need to be in one of the listed states to open an account with Key Bank. You cannot open an account if you’re living in a different state.

  291. Yet Another Redditor says:

    Direct link for Huntington Checking is It is correct in the post, but has “2016” on this page