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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on July 8th, 2016 | by William Charles


What Banks & Credit Unions Do/Don’t Pull ChexSystems?

One of the main limits to signing up for bank account bonuses is the fact that they usually pull your ChexSystems report, this is similar to your credit report that is maintained by Experian/Equifax/TransUnion but tracks deposit accounts instead. Some banks & credit unions won’t allow you to open an account if you have too many new accounts on your Chexsystems report, but not all financial institutions look at your ChexSystems report and these won’t show up. I thought it would be useful to have a dedicated page to this.

The easiest way to find out what financial institutions do/don’t pull your ChexSystems is by requesting a free copy of your report and then comparing that to the accounts you’ve signed up for recently. If you do this, please share your results in the comments.


Banks & Credit Unions That Do Pull Your ChexSystems



  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3


  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3 (did not do additional pull for savings account opened later)

American Eagle

  • Does pull: 1

Andigo Bank

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Avidia Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Bancorp South

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3

Bank of America

  • Does pull: 1, 2

Bank of Maine

  • Does pull: 1

Bank Of The West

  • Does pull: 1, 2,


  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

BMO Harris

Bank of Colorado

  • Does pull: 1

Bank of the West


Does pull: 1

Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue Hills Bank

BrightStar Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Cambridge Savings Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Camden National Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Carver Federal Savings Bank

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Centennial Bank & Trust

  • Does pull: 1

Central Bank of Oklahoma

  • Does pull: 1

Central Bank of the West

  • Does pull: 1

Chartway Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3


  • Does pull: 1

Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU)

  • Does pull: 1, 2 (seperate pulls for initial checking and a later CD), 3


Credit Union Of Colorado

  • Does pull: 1

Dedham Savings Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Dollar Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Eagle Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

East Boston Savings Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Eastern Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Elements Financial

  • Does pull: 1, 2 (pulled for both checking & savings), 3, 4, 5

Elevations Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Fidelity Bank

  • Does pull: 1
  • Doesn’t pull 1 (cash management account)

Fifth Third

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3 (combined into a single pull for checking & savings on same day), 4


  • Does pull: 1, 2

First Bank Financial Center

  • Does pull: 1

First Citizens Bank

  • Does pull: 1

First Financial Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

First Merchants Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2

First National Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2 (did not do additional pull for new account opened in 2017), 3

First Niagara

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3

First Tech Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3,

First Tennessee

First Trade Union Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Five Star Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Florida Community Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Fulton Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2,

Goldman Sachs Bank

  • Does pull: 1

HarborOne Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3

Home Savings Bank

  • Does pull: 1

HomeStreet Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Hometown Community Banks

  • Does pull: 1

Hudson Valley

  • Does pull: 1

Iberia Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Ideal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1, 2

Justice Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Lake Shore Savings

  • Does pull: 1

Leader Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2

LegacyTexas Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Liberty Bank For Savings

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
  • Doesn’t pull: 1 (old dp), 2, 3

Marquette Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Memory Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Mission Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Mountain America Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

My Banking Direct

  • Does pull: 1, 2

Nationwide Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3,

Nevada State Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Newtown Savings Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2

Northpointe Bank

Northwest Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3,


  • Does pull: 1, 2

NuVision Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Old National Bank

  • Does pull: 1

OneWest Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Parkside Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Penn Community Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Pinnacle Bank

Popular Community Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3,

Power Financial Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Provident Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3

Rockland Trust Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Salem Five Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Sandy Spring Bank

  • Does pull: 1


Scient Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Seacoast National

  • Does pull: 1

S&T Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Stanford Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Star One

  • Does pull: 1

Sterling National Bank

  • Does pull: 1

Stoneham Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2,

Sun East Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1

Sunflower Bank

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Tech CU

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3, 4

Thrivent Federal Credit Union

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Doesn’t pull: 1 (savings)

Town and Country Bank

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Union Bank & Trust

  • Does pull: 1, 2


  • Does pull: 1

US Century

  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Westfield Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3

Wisconsin Bank & Trust

  • Does pull: 1

Banks & Credit Unions That Don’t Pull Your ChexSystems


  • Doesn’t pull: 1

Bank of America

  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2 (existing savings account), 3
  • Doesn’t pull with existing account: 1, 2 (credit card)


Consumers Credit Union

  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2,
  • Does pull: 1

Greensboro Municipal FCU

  • Doesn’t pull: 1

Hancock Whitney

  • Doesn’t pull: 1


  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2, 3 (both personal & business), 4,

Old Missouri

  • Doesn’t pull: 1

Regions Bank

TD Bank

Banks & Credit Unions With Mixed Data Points

With banks in this section, it’s probably important to look at the date of data points, stuff that is more recent is more likely to be accurate as some financial institutions have transitioned away from relying on ChexSystems.

Associated Bank

  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Does pull: 1


  • Does pull: 1

Capital One 360

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2 (already had checking), 3,

Charles Schwab

  • Does pull: 1, 2,
  • Doesn’t pull for brokerage ONE investment account: 1

Citizens Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2,
  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2,


  • Checking, does pull: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2 (savings), 3 (savings), 4 (savings), 5 (savings), 6 (aaa savings), 7 (savings)



  • Doesn’t pull: 1

Lake Michigan CU

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3
  • Doesn’t pull: 1

M&T Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
  • Doesn’t pull: 1



  • Does pull: 1
  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2

TCF Bank

  • Does pull: 1
  • Doesn’t pull: 1

U.S. Bank

  • Does pull: 1, 2, 3 (also reports that they have signs up saying they specifically do use ChexSystems)
  • Doesn’t pull: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

Wells Fargo

Final Thoughts

Resource pages like this are as useful as readers make them, if you can contribute then please do so to increase the knowledge base for everybody. I’ll be including a link to this page on every bank bonus post to encourage people to share their data points. We’ll also add a section to the quick glance bit for whether they do/don’t use ChexSystems to give quick access to this information as well. If you found this page helpful, you might also enjoy the following pages:

142 Responses to What Banks & Credit Unions Do/Don’t Pull ChexSystems?

  1. TE says:

    M&T bank does pull your ChexSystems

  2. edrossi says:

    TCF doesn’t do a pull.

  3. Skyriver says:

    Does not pull ChexSystems:
    1. Key Bank
    2. Huntington
    3. Bank of America (saving account)

    Does pull:
    1. Amalgamated
    2. Alliant Credit Union
    3. Citizens
    4. Fifth Third
    5. Citi

    (Less relevant) Soft pull Experian:
    1. PNC
    2. Bank of America
    3, Tech CU
    4. Citi
    5. Discover

    • Bill says:

      When you see a soft pull (SP) on your report, keep in mind that many financial institutions want to see what other services that you might qualify for while opening the checking account.
      Huntington, for example, will SP your Equifax report. If you accept their preapproval offer, they will place a hard inquiry on the report. (you’ll see both). Citizens places a SP for the initial preapproval process, and as of July 2016 does not place a HP if you accept their preapproval for their credit cards.

    • With Bofa, did you already have an existing checking account?

    • Also: Thanks, added.

  4. MB says:

    Provident CU Justice Federal CU, Homestreet Bank, 1st TN, Tech CU, Nationwide Bank, and Mission Fed CU all pull ChexSystems.

  5. Jeff H says:

    Not on your list – Nationwide Bank DOES PULL ChexSYSTEMS.
    Source: ChexSystems report pulled June 28,2016.
    Date of the check by Nationwide Bank 07/25/2014

    This ChexSystems report CONFIRMS NorthPointe Bank pull 03/21/2016
    (DOC promo)

  6. Dan says:

    If you already have a savings account with a bank, will they do a separate ChexSystems pull to open a checking account?

    If you open a savings account and checking account on the same day, do they usually combine pulls?

    • Bill says:

      It depends. Some institutions will request your Chex or EWS for either the savings or checking. If you have an established relationship, some banks won’t recheck. Another factor is that they can review the report much like a traditional soft inquiry if they choose to.
      I was talking with a Fifth Third about why I saw an inquiry on Chex for a savings account that the FSR basically begged me to open a couple of weeks after my initial checking account opening. The FSR agreed that there was no reason to place a second hard inquiry on Chex, but said he could not do anything about the second hard inquiry for the savings account.

  7. anthonyjh21 says:

    Don’t forget Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU). They pull TU.

  8. John says:

    Elevations Credit Union pulled my chexsystems and denied me for it (with a scant 7 bank accounts opened in the past 2 years) even after getting an instant acceptance online. I’m a CO resident as well.

  9. Jeff H says:

    Got MLB MC instantly approved followed by $300 savings account a couple of weeks later (Apr 2, 2016). Some review delay in approval of savings account. BankAmerica does NOT show up on my ChexSystems report dated June 28,2016.
    Not sure if MLB MC was a reason.

    • J. says:

      Hey, Jeff
      Was bofa offering some special for the savings account? I can’t find any offers, only checking account offer.

      • Jeff H says:

        No special offer. I did it for the extra 10% of the MLB MC Cash Back.
        Did the saving account.
        Collected the $200.00 sign up bonus in the savings account … not MC statement credit.
        BAC deposited $220 plus 1.10 times the promised CC rewards/cash back.
        . Hard to beat that kind of return on $300.00.
        Next thing I know, I pulled out my original $300.00 and the MC reward money was getting a decent return. (10%)
        I now have a cash flow backup in case I need to use some of this money for minimum payment.
        It is just important to keep it at $300.00 or more to avoid fees.

    • Did you have a checking account with them as well?

      • Jeff H says:

        No prior account at BAC except FIA Services Fidelity AMEX and Visa CCs which are now transferring to Elan.
        BAC is not active in my market except Kroger 1-2-3 Cash Back CC.
        I got the MLB MC as an App-o-rama credit card on a whim after letting my FICO improve to no active HPs on any credit report.
        After reading up on the MLB CC, I got the savings account as the best terms for me to get the extra 10% rewards possible for that card.
        I only got the $300 min bal savings account to improve the MLB MC cash back rewards.
        Yes, I got the MLB MC for the bonus. After that the savings account just made sense to me PRIOR to collecting the signup bonus for the MLB MC.
        The two made a nice bundle.
        In my case, BAC checking does not make sense due to the minimum balance.

  10. CGID says:

    Hello all. I am re-posting below a comment I submitted on April 20 to a similar DoC thread (“Banks & Credit Unions That Are ChexSystems Inquiry Sensitive”, March 29).

    The gist is that ChexSystems is not the only CRA that banks use. There is a competitor called EWS (Early Warning Services) that many major banks use. Focusing only on CS might lead a person to believe that some banks aren’t pulling this kind of report, when in fact they are.


    First off thanks so much for initiating this kind of thread. It’s a great idea and could be a tremendous resource for those of us who open bank accounts for bonuses. (And when a person combines the bank bonus with funding a credit card, the bonus can be really high.)

    I note that you are focused on ChexSystems exclusively here. I’d like to suggest that you rework this resource, if you have the time, so that it discusses both CS and also EWS (Early Warning Services). EWS is a competitor CRA to ChexSystems and there are some banks that only report to EWS, some that report only to CS, and some that report to both. The idea of reporting only to one is especially common when all that is being reported is an inquiry or a new account.

    Thus, when you identify Wells Fargo and Chase as very CS-friendly, that’s because they are part of the consortium that created EWS and uses it heavily. I have opened two different Chase bank accounts and two different Wells Fargo accounts and two different Regions accounts in the last 10 months — all on six different days. None of them appear anywhere on my CS report and all of them appear on my EWS report.

    Thus I am not surprised that Chase might not care if I have 20 inquiries on my CS report. That’s because they aren’t pulling it. Much more interesting would be to hear about a person’s EWS report who gets approved or denied at Chase.

    So what I think might be helpful is to revise your resource as follows:

    * Make it a resource that explains the concept of CRAs that track inquiries and new accounts for consumers opening bank accounts.

    * Give a short description of ChexSystems and EWS as the two main CRAs for this.

    * Encourage people to post data that indicate whether a particular bank reports inquiries and/or new accounts to (a) Only CS (b) Only EWS (c) Both

    * Encourage people to post data about sensitivity. The idea datapoint would give give the bank applied to, the refusal or approval, along with the number of inquiries at that time in both EWS and CS.

    You are definitely doing all of this, but because your resource is based on the idea that CS is the only relevant CRA, it is less helpful than it otherwise might be.

    Thanks as always for your awesome website.

    • CGID says:

      “[EWS] is owned by seven of the country’s most respected FSOs – Bank of
      America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo.”

      I can confirm that PNC reports to both (it appeared on both my CS and EWS report). Citi and Discover also appeared on both for me.

      My BOA, Chase, and Wells Fargo appeared only on my EWS. Same for Regions.

      I have no accounts with BB&T, Cap One, and US Bank, so I can’t see from personal experience whether they report only to EWS, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true.

    • Jeff H says:

      Early Warning consumer web page:

      I called. They claimed not to have anything on me which is interesting since I have WF accounts. They sent me a form which I can fill out including Identifying information and they will recheck. After processing the form they will send me a report or verify that they have nothing on me.
      All my comment are based on telephone call to telephone number on the website I supplied.

    • Yes, we will have a separate source on EWS.

  11. JP says:

    BB&T does hard credit check. Yuck. Stay away unless big bonus.

    • Jeff S. says:

      A BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust) inquiry is on my ChexSystems report. The report is dtd 16 June 2016, but the inquiry was back in February 2014. BB&T may have changed their policy, or screening everyone for the “overdraft protection” service and creating a credit check.

  12. LOL says:

    Banks & Credit Unions That Don’t EXIST:
    * Washington Mutual

  13. Logan says:

    Sunflower bank is a chexsystems inquiry.

  14. Eric says:

    In 2004, Associated Bank pulled my chexsystems and denied me a deposit account due to an overdraft and account closure from BankOne(maybe it was chase, they merged).

    They said I could take a money management/finance seminar and then would be allowed a new account.

  15. Nick says:

    Ok so I just pulled mine last week after KeyBank denied me. Here we go:

    -Discover Bank (10/14)
    -Hudson Valley FCU (7/15)
    -Northpointe Bank (3/16)
    -PNC Bank (4/16)
    -M&T Bank (3 times! Approved, 5/16)
    -Popular Community Bank (5/16)
    -Technology CU (denied, 5/16)
    -NRLFCU (approved, never opened after waiting two weeks for sign up, 5/16)
    -KeyBank (denied, 6/16)

    Didn’t Pull:
    -Chase (1/16, already have credit card though)

  16. kd says:

    US bank DOES pull your chexsystems record. I opened my account today at the branch for the $150 promo (the online opening gives me trouble), The banker told me they do use chexsystems. She even has a disclosure sign on her desk that says: “We use Chexsystems blah blah blah…”

  17. Tbradnc says:

    Stanford Credit Union – confirmed Chex pull

  18. Skor says:

    This is an awesome post! DoC, your blog is getting better by the day.. and for me it is already the best out there! Thanks for your efforts!

  19. Saurabh says:

    Guys need a bank account so badly I messed up so badly . I live in Pa. If you can let me know where can I get an account

  20. GJ says:

    No ChexSystems Pulls from:

    TD Bank
    Bank of America (current customer w/ existing checking account)

    ChexSystems Pulls from:

    First Niagara Bank (now KeyBank)
    Five Star Bank
    M&T Bank
    Citizens Bank
    Popular Community Bank
    Northwest Bank
    Northpointe Bank

  21. Tim says:

    If an account is opened at a bank that does not use chexsystems, does that bank still show up as an opened account on chexsystems?

  22. marty says:

    Does golden one use chex system?

  23. GRR says:

    Ordered ChexSystems report and the following were reported as pulling a report

    Citi 2/xx/2015
    Citi 2/xx/2015
    Sun East FCU 7/xx/2015
    PNC 12/xx/2015
    KeyBank FKA First Niagara 12/xx/2015
    M&T Bank 12/xx/2015
    First Tennessee 01/xx/2016
    BMO Harris 02/xx/2016
    Penn Community Bank 04/xx/2016
    Santander 05/xx/2016
    Citi 06/xx/2016
    S&T Bank 10/xx/2016 [Denied due to “out of market area / 50 miles]
    TIAA-CREF 11/xx/2016
    Citi 01/xx/2016

    No ChexSystems pull. May have used soft credit pull against one of the 3 major bureaus

    TD Bank
    Bank Of America [but existing CC customer, YMMV]
    Chase [Opened in person, 2 forms of ID presented]
    US Bank

  24. Amber says:

    I didn’t see it on your list, but Regions doesn’t pull Chex. In fact, in my area they are listed in the BankOn program for the underbanked and say they use an “internal process” to open accounts. I know their bonuses are currently dead but I’m sure someone would want to know this the next time their bonuses roll around.

  25. Samuel says:

    I just received my ChexSystems report and here are the inquiries listed:

    Citibank 5/11/14 & 7/27/15
    BMO Harris 12/5/15
    Santander 2/22/16
    Amalgamated 6/3/16
    TIAA 8/28/16

    Not listed were:
    US Bank July 2015
    Associated Oct 2015
    HSBC Sep 2016
    PNC Bank Dec 2016

  26. Matthew says:

    Received my report last month, included:

    11/2016 – BMO
    11/2016 – HSBC
    09/2016 – TIAA
    06/2016 – CITI
    03/2016 – CHEMICAL, formerly Talmer (missed bonus too, grr)
    09/2015 – CITI
    12/2014 – DISCOVER

    Missing banks were Associated, Chase Business, and PNC.

  27. Dave says:

    Got my report. Santander pulled. Wells Fargo did not.

  28. NN says:

    from my report received last week, list of banks that pull:

    Santander (denied for unable to verify)
    Cap1 360
    Central Bank of Oklahoma
    Citi (also denied for unable to verify)
    Discover (for the credit card, not banking)

    Do not pull:

    US Bank
    Wells Fargo

    I’m in LA by the way

  29. Rusty says:

    Banks that pulled my Chex report:

    – Bancorp Bank (applied for Simple)
    – Synchrony Bank (Savings)
    —–> Pulled twice a couple of weeks apart
    – Santander
    – Capital One 360
    – Quorum

    Didn’t Pull:
    – Chase
    – Wells Fargo
    – Discover (Savings)
    – Insight Card
    – Barclays (Savings)

  30. Shatecia C Harmon says:

    Sound Credit Union does Chex system for checking accounts. I don’t think they do it for saving accounts

  31. Don L says:

    Recently pulled Chex Systems report – noticed that no business checking accounts opened had any inquiries.

  32. Don L says:

    I update the spreadsheet (DoC Bank Account Quick Reference Table) [and as self-appointed proof reader in chief :)]. Here are some potential corrections:

    The following banks are listed twice under two different categories:
    Citizens, TCF, M&T.

    I think the evidence around KeyBank pulling is very strong (maybe they didn’t in the past), but in addition to the DPs on this page, multiple reports on the CS Sensitive page of denials. Unless that one DP found a non-pull method/workaround.

    Quorum – I can confirm Rusty’s comment above – Quorum pulls. Looking at it now – I think Rusty’s comment has a few missing DPs.

    Thanks again for maintaining this list (all the lists), huge time commitment, but they are so valuable.

  33. MMa says:

    Not sure if this is an exception, but my recently ran Chex report showed Bank of America doing an inquiry. I’d applied for a biz checking acct (thinking they wouldn’t pull Chex). Again, maybe this was an aberration, but might be worth further research, as this page has BoA as a “does not pull”.

    Other interesting tidbit, Blue FCU pulled it w/o my asking several weeks after I’d been approved. Seems like they may be checking in intermittently on (new?) customers.

  34. Lincoln A says:

    I currently bank with Regions and have for six months, they check EWS not Chex. I did verify this with their staff prior to applying. I am happy overall, has anyone else been able to confirm that Huntington does not pull Chex?

  35. Eduardo Baez says:

    Based on my my last two ChexSystems reports:
    Westfield Bank, Leader Bank, TIAA-CREF, Banco Popular North America, CitiBank, Northpointe Bank and US Century Bank pulled ChexSystems.
    HSBC pulled Early Warning in September 2016 and ChexSystems in November 2014 for two different checking accounts.
    Discover Bank pulled ChexSystems in August 2014 for a checking account. There is no ChexSystems pulls for the two savings accounts I opened in January 2014 and October 2015.
    CitiBank pulled both Early Warning and ChexSystems for a checking account I opened in March 2016.
    Regions, Wells Fargo and Chase do not pull ChexSystems, they pull Early Warning.

  36. Eduardo Baez says:

    Goldman Sachs Bank also pulled ChexSystems in August 2014.

  37. Eduardo Baez says:

    Amboy Direct did not pull ChexSystems nor Early Warning for savings account opened in October 2016. Old Missouri Bank did not pull ChexSystems for a Kasasa Cash Checking account opened in late February 2017. Since last Early Warning report is from early February 2017, I don’t know if Old Missouri Bank pulled Early Warning.

  38. Eduardo Baez says:

    TD Bank did not pull ChexSystems nor Early Warning for a checking account opened in July 2016.

  39. RJ says:

    My ChexSystems report dated March 28, 2017
    Nothing negative on report

    US Bank 02/07/2015
    Consumers Credit Union 05/18/2016
    Citibank 07/30/2016
    Citibank 07/31/2016
    Santander 02/15/2017 (denied, unknown)
    Bank Of The West 02/25/2017
    Santander 03/11/2017 (denied, unknown)
    Evansville 03/18/2017 (same day denied twice, unknown)

    Wells Fargo did not pull
    Chase (in branch) did not pull
    Capital One 360 March 10, 2017 also not on report

  40. "John" says:

    My ChexSystems report dated April 4, 2017 (Only adding 2016 & 2017 for reference)
    Citibank 2/25/17
    Centennial Bank & Trust 12/15/16
    Bank of the West 7/22/16
    Pinnacle Bank 3/22/16
    Citibank 3/21/16
    Santander 3/10/16
    First Tennessee 1/14/16

    Hooray, did not list:
    Chase (in branch) 2/24/17
    Wells Fargo 2/21/17
    HSBC 10/5/16

  41. Bob says:

    Chex report 4/6/17
    01/17 Alliant
    02/17 M&T x3 (2 accts same day combined for 1, 3rd was separate day)
    02/17 Santander x2 (1 was online deny, 1 for in branch open)
    03/17 Webster
    03/17 BMO
    04/17 HarborOne
    04/17 Flushing

    Not pulled:
    01/17 Chase
    01/17 TD
    02/17 Wells Fargo
    02/17 Citizens

    I think DP for M&T combining pulls is really important, at least to me! Basically means I’m doubling up on future apps

  42. PD says:

    Just got my Chex.

    Old National Bank
    TIAA (Money Market)
    Fifth Third (combined pulls for same-day savings & checking)
    Christian Community Credit Union (separate pulls for initial checking account and later CD)

    Not Pulled:
    Wells Fargo
    KeyBank (this is contrary to the DP above)
    Huntington (neither personal nor business)
    Discover (Savings–corroborates above)

  43. Win says:

    Newtown Savings Bank in Newtown, CT pulls a ChexSystems report for checking account applications.

  44. Gadget says:

    Does Pull Chex:

    M&T (1 or 2 times per account, opened 1-2 weeks apart)
    First Bank (Strasburg VA)
    Westfield Bank (OH)
    First Merchants Bank (IN)
    Quorum FCU
    BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust) [additional pull for savings opened later]
    New York Community Bank (aka My Banking Direct)
    Union Bank & Trust (VA)
    Sandy Spring Bank (VA)
    Mountain America Credit Union
    BMO Harris [additional pull for savings opened later]
    Associated Bank (WI)
    Wisconsin Bank & Trust
    First Tennessee Bank
    TIAA (Direct) FSB
    First National Bank of PA [did not do additional pull for new checking opened in 2017]
    Amalgamated Bank [did not do additional pull for savings opened later]
    Santander Bank
    First Horizon (Was First Tennessee Bank, in 2015)
    Discover Bank
    Chartway FCU

    Does not pull Chex:

    Wells Fargo
    Schwab Brokerage “One” Investment acct (with check writing & debit card, but not FDIC)
    Capital One MMA (already had checking though)
    Suntrust (this is contrary to old DP on another site)
    HSBC (this is contrary to one DP above)
    TD Bank
    US Bank
    Bank of America (only have savings acct though)

    • I love and hate you for all of those DP, took a bit to add them all but very much appreciated!

      • MarcoPolo says:

        It’s all your fault for educating us 🙂
        Now the cat is out of the bag and expect a lot of DPs once more people starts getting their CHEXsystems and EWS reports.

  45. Raphael says:

    Just got my Chex report.

    06/15 Astoria Bank
    09/15 Citibank
    10/15 PNC
    04/16 OceanFirst Bank
    08/16 Alliant Credit Union
    01/17 Santander

    Not Pulled:
    03/15 Chase
    12/15 KeyBank (phone app)
    06/16 Lake Michigan Credit Union
    07/16 TD Bank
    09/16 HSBC (in-person app)
    02/17 PNC
    02/17 Wells Fargo

    Astoria, OceanFirst, and LMCU would be new to the list.

    However, the most interesting data points are probably the two conflicting ones for PNC, so I’ll provide some more detail there. The checking account I opened in Oct. 2015 — which did result in a Chex pull — was my first-ever account with them. I closed that account in Sep. 2016 and had no active account relationship of any kind with PNC between then and Feb. 2017, when I opened a new checking account with them. My Chex report wasn’t pulled this time — instead, Early Warning Systems was pulled. I’m not sure what led PNC to pull a different agency for me the second time, but I should mention that I moved from NY to NJ during the period when the first account was open.

  46. Gadget says:

    S.O.’s accounts, all 2017 except as noted:

    Verified Chex Pulls –

    M&T (1 for each, except recent “online channel” failures)
    BMO Harris

    Verified EWS pulls (via –

    US BANK (2016)
    WELLS FARGO (2016) (DP: Wells Fargo did NOT re-pull for new account in 2017)
    HSBC BANK USA (2016)
    PNC BANK NA (First ever “denied” application – so I can assume that PNC is EWS inquiry sensitive – maybe a limit of less than 5 per within a year, or less than 2 per quarter?)

    Santander was the only bank of hers that pulled both Chex & EWS.

  47. Neesie says:

    Any info on Space Coast Credit Union in FL? I called a couple of years ago, and was told they pull Chex. Well, I applied a couple of months ago, and was denied because they couldn’t access my credit reports(frozen). I was told they would do a hard pull on Experian. I have not reapplied as of yet, wondering about any other experiences with them.

  48. SkydiverEMT says:

    DPs from my recent Chex report, all from 2017 unless otherwise noted:

    DOES Pull:
    First Bank Financial Center personal checking
    First Tennessee personal checking
    BMO Harris personal checking
    5/3 Bank business checking
    PNC Virtual Wallet personal checking (2016)
    Lake Michigan Credit Union Max Checking & savings (2015)

    Does NOT pull:
    Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union personal checking
    Wells Fargo personal checking
    Regions personal checking
    Chase personal checking & savings (2016)
    Chase business checking (2016)

    1st Bank FC and BMO were done using a WI address, all others are NC.

  49. Max says:

    Does pull:

    HarborOne Bank
    East Boston Savings Bank
    Blue Hills Bank
    Elements Financial Credit Union x 2 (note even if you have one account with them they pulled Chex when I opened another, first Savings then Checking)
    Bank of the West (Chex Sensitive)
    Stoneham Bank
    New York Community Bank (aka My Banking Direct)
    Thrivent Federal Credit Union (… I don’t remember this one tbh)
    Capital One
    Eastern Bank
    Key Bank
    Tech CU
    Discover Bank
    BMO Harris

    Did not pull:
    Chase Biz, Chase personal, Wells Fargo, US Bank, TD Bank, BoA

    • Thanks, added all of these in!

      • Max says:

        Hey Will,

        Since then I have more DPs: Cambridge Savings Bank and Dedham Savings Bank both pulled Chex and denied me based on excessive inquiries.

        On the other hand Santander accepted me despite a million inquiries.

        I think the most important thing is whether banks are Chex-sensitive or not. I don’t care if they pull Chex (which almost all the smaller ones do) but if they’ll deny based on it.

        • Added those DP, how many inquiries did you have when they denied you?

          • Max says:

            For all intents and purposes, infinitely many. Probably about 20/6. I hit every bank account I can.

          • Added those here: /banks-credit-unions-chexsystems-inquiry-sensitive/

            Also useful if you let us know what banks AREN’T inquiry sensitive.

          • Max says:

            (Replying to your later comment) Sure whenever I post I always include “yay got approved for this despite a million inquiries.” I’ll go through those now.

            Denied in branch when I had a lot of inquiries (eg 15+): Cambridge Savings Bank, Bank of the West.

            Denied online due to Chex when I had a lot of inquiries (eg 15+): Northpointe, Dedham Savings, Thrivent, Blue Hills.

            Denied online when I had relatively fewer inquiries (5 ish): Key bank, Eastern Bank

            Approved online when I had loads of inquiries: Stoneham, Discover, Elements, Mybankingdirect, BMO Harris, TIAA, US Bank.

            Approved in branch when I had loads of inquiries: East Boston Savings, Blue Hills (note I had been denied with fewer inquiries online), Santander, Webster, Citizens, TD, and the major banks.

          • Thanks, added all those DP

          • Max says:

            More DPs: Bank of Canton denied me online.

            Dedham Savings Bank has an override functionality in branch and so did approve me.

            This is with a lot of inquiries, which I can quantify slightly more accurately as at least 10 in the last 6 months and 20 in the last 12 months.

          • Thanks, added those!

  50. Derek says:

    Hey, which Credit Unions does not pull Chex and EWS? Both Chex and EWS reports are a mess. I live in the Lehigh Valley part of PA.

    I have two or three accounts that are unpaid from TD Bank.
    A few accounts that all monies are paid.
    A lot of inquiries.

    One account from Wells Fargo. Another Wells Fargo account could be reporting to EWS.

  51. Derek says:

    The moderation on this site are ignorant fucking assholes.

  52. Matt K. says:

    Received my wife and I’s ChexSystems reports in the mail on 6/20…

    Inquiries that showed up:
    Santander (8/2015)
    Citibank checking
    BMO Harris checking
    Northpointe checking
    Ideal CU checking and 2 savings
    NRL FCU checking
    Central Bank of the West
    HSBC checking
    Westfield Bank checking
    Christian Community CU (1 for checking, 1 for CD)
    M&T (if ACH funding – 2 per acct. If I clicked the box for check in mail – 1 per acct. )
    Elements Financial CU
    First Tennessee Bank (1/2016)
    TIAA checking
    Bank of West checking

    Did not receive an inquiry:
    Associated Bank checking (still denied though)
    BofA checking (had an open CC)
    Discover savings (had an open CC)
    Citigold savings (back in the up to $100k CC days. Opened 3 for each of us and no inquiries. Only hit on the checking. Had open CCs)
    TIAA savings
    US Bank Checking (had open CC)

  53. noturbizniss says:

    Received my and my wife’s chex reports this week.
    On Chex
    Ally (2014)
    Santander (2015)
    Citi and BMO Harris (2 weeks ago) – strange thing is they showed up once each on consumer initiated and 2x each under non consumer initiated, although i believe those do not get reported to other banks
    Elements Financial

    Did not show up:
    PNC Bank

    First Tech CU (2016)
    Santander (2015)
    Citi (2 weeks ago)
    BMO Harris (2 weeks ago)
    Elements Financial

    Did not show up:
    PNC Bank

    I also applied to M&T and got approved, wife did not. I don’t remember if they were on the reports. will check back and update

  54. Gadget says:

    Fifth Third did pull Chex. Regions did not. Both pulled EWS. (June 2017)

  55. John says:

    Navy Federal CU pulled EWS
    Orange County, CA 7/2017
    In need of a CU that doesn’t pull EWS.

    • Gadget says:

      I would look at the Zelle website, and if you see a bank or credit union listed, it’s likely an EWS bank/CU. That’s because EWS owns Zelle, and I would bet they are pushing integration to the banks. Although not currently the case, I predict all of those banks will be using EWS soon, either in combination with Chex or exclusively.

      Also see: /banks-credit-unions-dodont-pull-early-warning-services/
      Assuming you want a “local” CU, I would use the NCUA website to search. There also is a competitor blog that lists CU’s the “anyone” can join. Usually requires a fee of some kind to join a club/group. Be aware, many CU’s do hard pulls of one of the big three CRA’s though.

  56. Jeff H says:

    CHEXSYSTEMS report dated July 30, 2017 Pulled at my fax request.(May include items from, my remarks a year ago when my last Chex was pulled at my request)

    Bank of the West – Applied on line in Nebraska. Chex says pulled by San Ramon, CA office 07/12/2017 CC funded and DDs via Fidelity Investments – account not open long enough to be paid bonus

    NorthWest Bank – Applied on line in Omaha, Nebraska – on line App not handled well – Actual bank sign up terminated by mutual agreement controlled by me, but Chex pull 07/05/2017 by Spencer, Iowa office In other words, this bank did NOT decline me.

    BMO Harris Chicago Illinois – applied on line Chex says pulled 06/04/2017

    CitiBank applied on line Chex says pulled ny Milpitas, CA office 10/25/2016
    Bonus ($400) was successful account now closed

    Central Bank of the Midwest (DoC lists as Bank of the West) Applied on line – declined by bank for not living in trade area – Chex says pulled 08/16/2016

    Santander Bank Chex says pulled by Dorchester, Mass office 07/2016
    Bonuses ($150 and $100 for CC) paid – Account now closed

    Pinnacle Bank Chex says pulled at Gretna, Nebraska office (part of Omaha, Nebraska area) Chex says pulled 07/07/2016
    Bonus ($100) paid. – Bank shut me out for Walmart MoneyGram MOs =$6000.00.

    NorthPointe Bank Chex says pulled Grand Rapids, Michigan office 03/21/2016
    Bonus paid DoC promo – account now closed

    HSBC Bank applied on line Chex says pulled Buffalo, NY office 11/01/2016
    Bonus ($350) paid – Account remains open – HSBC did not grant approval until late December 2016

    BankAmerica does NOT show up on my ChexSystems report dated June 28,2016.nor July 30, 2017
    I obtained BAC savings account about Apr 2, 2016.

    Nationwide Bank DOES PULL ChexSYSTEMS.
    Source: ChexSystems report pulled June 28,2016.
    Date of the check by Nationwide Bank 07/25/2014 –
    NOT ON JULY 30, 2017 CHEX Report

  57. Collin says:

    @ William Charles,

    William, update this post. Citizens bank does hard pull on chexsystems( checking and savings accounts).

    First National Bank of Omaha does Hard Pull on Chexsystems and their subsidiary bank that is part of First National Bank, which is FNBO Direct( online banking version for people who live outside the geographic locations, but want to join First National Bank of Omaha).)

  58. Leonel says:

    Capital One 360 – Opened account and it appeared on my Chex Report. Opened Online for the $400 offer. Got the Bonus.

  59. Gadget says:

    Got a current Chex copy today. DP for July/Aug 2017:
    KeyBank did pull chex. (denied)
    Fulton bank pulled Chex (approved)
    M&T pulled – (approved, bonus fail QJ)

    Citizens Supermarket (PA), Associated Bank (Supermarket), Chase, Huntington, all DID NOT pull Chex. All pulled EWS instead, except Associated Bank.

    Associated Bank: I had an account last year and closed it over 6 months prior to applying for this account. They pulled Chex for my new account last year. So, I would assume they don’t pull again for “additional accounts”, even though my account was closed for awhile. Or, it could be because it was in supermarket? Banker error?

  60. Arnold says:

    DPs-Lots of them! I just got a free Chex copy today after being denied by two banks on same day, and these are the conclusions:

    Santander-Pulled Chex, don’t know if inquiry sensitive since I opened this with almost no inquiries
    M&T-Pulled Chex, approved with 6 inquiries
    Northwest-Pulled Chex, don’t know if sensitive
    Key-Pulled Chex, opened with not many inquiries
    Cap One 360-Didn’t pull
    PNC-Didn’t pull, approved for workplace banking with ~15 inquiries
    Wells Fargo-Didn’t pull
    Chase-Didn’t pull, approved wit ~15
    Wesbanco-Pulled chex, approved with around 10, banker told me 10 is the threshold for approval
    Huntington-Didn’t pull
    Fulton-Pulled, approved with ~12
    Citizen’s Bank-Didn’t pull
    First National Bank of Pennsylvania-Applied online with around 5 inquiries in April and was denied, was approved in branch in June with >10, pulled chex both times
    Peoples Bank-Pulled chex, denied (my first)
    Union Community Bank-pulled chex (actually the banker printed out a mini chex report for me) and flatly denied
    TD Bank-Didn’t pull, used passport to verify, approved with 18 inquiries yesterday

  61. Michael says:

    Got my Chex copy today. DPs:

    Did show:
    First Tennessee – 04/08/2017
    M&T – 03/23/2017 (listed on here twice for the same account)

    Did not show:
    US Bank – 07/07/2017 (Applied through “Because You Earned It” program)
    Elevations Federal Credit Union – 08/11/2017 (Received a targeted bonus offer as an incoming University of Colorado student.)

  62. kirk says:

    appeared on my chexsystems report:
    Capital One 360 Checking
    Bank of the West Any Deposit Checking
    Citibank Checking
    Alliant Checking and Savings (2016)

    did not appear:
    US Bank Gold Checking
    Chase Total Checking
    Chase Savings
    BMO Harris Checking – app declined; geographic reason probably
    Discover Regular Savings
    Discover AAA Savings
    Wells Fargo Everyday Checking
    Fidelity Cash Mgmt Account (2016)

    mostly opened within the last 2 months (Aug/Sep 2017).
    total 9 active new accounts and shooting for a total of 2k bonus. thanks DoC!

  63. payyoutuesday says:

    My Chexsystems report shows the following for late 2015 to date:

    Banks that do appear:
    Capital One 360
    Charles Schwab
    LegacyTexas Bank
    Pinnacle Bank Tx

    Did not appear:
    U.S. Bank
    Wells Fargo

    Inquired two times per application:
    IberiaBank (not sure what happened here)
    M&T (each time I funded an account with an ACH transfer, there was a second inquiry)

    Did not pull when I had an existing account (added savings account later):

    Thanks, DoC!

  64. Joe Mondratz says:

    Applied for TD Bank checking online.

    Apparently does not pull Chex. Appear to use Equifax online verification to confirm identity.

    Responded to TD’s $300. bonus offer.

    This site has been very helpful! Keep up the good work.

  65. Steph J says:

    Based off of the information detailed on your list, I applied online for a checking account with Huntington Bank with no trouble.


  66. titiex says:

    DO PULL:
    Santander (denied twice, same month) 03/2017
    Banco Popular North America 02/2016
    Sterling National Bank 12/2015
    Santander 05/2015 (denied 3 times, same month)
    Citibank 12/2014

    Hancock bank, checking, 10/2017
    Chase, savings & checking, in branch 07/2017
    Discover Savings (2015)

  67. Ryan says:

    Consumers CU (IL) DOES pull Chex, but they didn’t have a problem with 10 INQ (2 double-pulls from the same bank)

    Evansville Teachers FCU denied w/7-8 in past year

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