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Published on February 28th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Back Again: Citi American Airlines 50,000 Offer without 24 Month Language

Looks like this has unfortunately expired again. Follow us on Twitter and we will update when it’s available again.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard is offering 50,000 miles after $3,000 in spend within the first three months.


Card Details

  • Annual fee of $95 is waived the first year
  • Does not contain 24 month language

Our Verdict

This exact offer and link were available last month, then died, and it’s now back.

This offer does not contain the 24 month language that would exclude you from getting the bonus if you’ve had any other Citi American Airlines card within the last 24 months. Before applying read these things you should know about Citibank.

Please don’t draw unnecessary attention to this offer by calling in and asking if you will be eligible for the bonus or not. All that does is alert Citi that you aren’t eligible under the normal and make it less likely you’ll get the bonus. It’s also possible to get matched to the 60,000 offer as well.

There’s also a similar 50k bonus on the AA business version of the card. Just keep in mind that you can’t apply for more than one or two Citi cards total within 60 days (including all Citi cards, not just AA cards) so that will be an impediment for many people.

We’ll add this to our list of Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses for February.

Hat tip to r/churning for letting us know

82 Responses to [Expired] Back Again: Citi American Airlines 50,000 Offer without 24 Month Language

  1. DCjoe says:

    For those wondering, people who applied on 12/27 and then in early/mid-January for 2 of these AA cards are getting approved again for the their third, now that it’s more than 60 days after 12/27. Multiple DPs on reddit already.

    • JL says:


      Just to double check, you can have in your possession more than one active Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card? (and cancel / product change down the line when the annual fee is due).

      Is that the right interpretation?

      • DCjoe says:

        Yes! Jjust approved for third card, got the first one on 12/27 and second one in January. Multiple DPs on reddit with similar outcomes. The only thing to worry about with Citi if they have approved you in the past is being past 6/6 (6 hard pulls in the last 6 months) with whatever agency they pull for you. for most it’s Experian, but not all.

        • TJ says:

          DC, what is the source of this 6 month rule and why haven’t I seen it in “17 Things Everybody Should Know About Citi Credit Cards”?

        • Irvineguy says:

          Hey DC,

          I thought you have to pass the 65 days for the 3rd Citi card. But in your case, it’s only 63 days from your 1st to 3rd.

          • DCjoe says:

            The actual rule seems to be 60 days, but the advice has been give it an extra 5 days because it’s Citi. I was getting anxious to grab this again and once I saw DPs from reddit, I went ahead. Good confirmation that 60 days is the actual rule, as people who applied 2-24 for the Business card as their 3rd were about 58-59 days out from their first application and were denied. But those who applied on 2-28 were 62-63 days out and approved.

        • Ken says:

          This isn’t entirely true. Citi pulls EQ and EX for me and I’m way over 6/6 for EX but under for EQ. As long as one is under it seems like they’ll approve. I need to freeze EX one of these days…

      • Abey says:

        Yes. I currently have two AA platinum cards.
        And i also have two AA Bronze cards.
        (One bronze downgraded from a platinum card and one bronze downgraded from a AA gold card).

  2. if the Doctor ordered you NOT TO CALL, plz follow the Rx……because I tipped this to a coworker last time, and she called–only to the surprise of the agent that she had one already…and she didnt get the bonus. Waste of an inquiry.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Citi is doing this on purpose. The code and language for these applications cannot be so difficult that they accidentally leave off language that allows this credit card to be abused, over and over again.

    I wonder if they leave the main links up with the 24 month language to reduce the abuse but leave random non-24 month links up to keep their application numbers up.

    Just a theory.

    • Laura says:

      I noticed Citi pushing write a check and no APR for x # of months on purchases type offers hard these last couple months in physical mailings (at least to me, although I’ve never taken them up on one so maybe that’s why they’re pushing?). They can start making their money back real quick on these offers if anybody takes them up on those offers and doesn’t pay the money back before charges start racking up.

    • Nick says:

      I think the notion that this offer is a “goof” and CITI doesn’t know what they are doing isn’t plausible. CITI knows there is a small subset of applicants who actively communicate on this and other blogs. So, they save on marketing costs because they already know that word will spread quickly. Almost all offers for this card in the most prominent locations (I.e. the CITI website) haven’t changed. So why would this “special” link suddenly appear (or disappear and reappear)? The most likely reason is a short-term need for applicants, or for the MasterCard fee revenue from the $3K spend. Or there may be a quota of total applications that has to be met. None of us knows the exact cost of AA miles to CITI. But it’s reasonable to assume CITI will take some kind of hit on cardholders who only meet the $3K spend and then cancel. But CITI still recoups at least some of its costs from others who continue to hold and use the card. And as for applicants who take the bonus and run, CITI could develop a database for the future of who not to approve for ANY card. For that reason (and the same would apply to the $250 Wells Fargo checking offer) if you obviously exploit these deliberate “loopholes” (I.e. closing the account shortly after receiving the bonus) you do so at your own peril.

      • Ryan says:

        This is exactly what I’m saying.

        This link guarantees a ton of applications today and until it disappears.

        Citi can keep the 24 month language in the public links and “accidentally” let out a link like this when they need a bump in applications and revenue.

  4. James says:

    Got denied last time and just denied again ughhh!

  5. Moe says:

    Was declined for the card due to too many recent cc inquiries. I had 9 inquiries in past 3 months. When do you think I can reapply?

  6. JL says:

    Went to further processing…Should I wait it out or call in to offer move credit line from another card? Thanks for your advice here.

    • Logan says:

      I always call, just dont mention the bonus or any other card you have with them. Even if they say specifically “you dont qualify for this bonus but I can approve you”, ignore them and accept it. This isn’t enforced by a CSR, its enforced by the system unless manually reviewed and CSR does not typically do this. GL

  7. Curmudgeon says:

    Woo! AA card #3 approved. Application went pending, then got a text saying to call them. Ignoring the “do not call” advice I did, since my past experience has been that when this happens I am approved, but need to move credit lines around.

    A few minutes later, new card approved!

    I need to start closing Citi accounts otherwise I’m going to end up with 45 accounts with $1000 limits…

  8. Abey says:

    Im in dielama. What should i go for this Citi card again or the SPG business? (which i never had)
    So its 53K AA miles after $3K spend vs 43K SPG after 8K spend.

    • Bryan says:

      Keep in mind MS limitations with Amex…

      • Ed says:

        100% agree to proceed with caution with AMEX for those planning to actively MS. I am eligible for the SPG but am backing off for this very reason, it also doesn’t help that the larger major purchases I make are from vendors who only take VISA/MC.

  9. Bryan says:

    One other thing to consider about not getting instant approval is that Citi usually just needs to confirm details, or shift credit. I have had to call for every Citi card I’ve applied for in the past 2+ years. Always just to shift credit

  10. Drew R says:

    Applied last month and Citi gave me a legendary $1,500 limit. On the same day, Barclays gave me $11,000. I’m thinking Citi doesn’t like me much and my chances of approval for another are slim.

    Anybody ever apply for two of these within a couple months with a super low limit and still get approved?

    • Brandon says:

      I’ve been approved for two AA platinum cards in January with 1.5k limits each. But that was after reducing my credit lines in between the two apps. I’d recommend reducing at least 2k total before applying again.

  11. kkkk says:

    Applied personal and business card today. Personal card approved instantly, business card went to pending.

    Will wait for the result

  12. Abey says:

    Love this online comment:

    If Citi didn’t have the 2/65 rule I’d just live on an airplane.


  13. JK says:

    I was recently approved for the bus version and have seen lot of DPs of people getting approved for both Regular and Business AA cards however have not seen any DPs about folks getting the bonus. Has anyone gotten the bonus?

  14. Glenn says:

    The obvious warning… When the Citi Exec card with the 100k AA bonus became rapidly churnable back in 2014 it presaged the obvious–AA was going to devalue. They did. SAAver level inventory is near zero now. Just imagine what is going to happen going forward. Take that into account.

  15. WM says:

    Question–can or should I close my open Citi AA card before applying for this to free up credit (was approved only after shifting credit)? Or should I keep it open and apply anyway–and shift credit again if necessary?

  16. Abey says:

    Meanwhile US bank is sending out targeted offers
    For their Korean Air skypass busines credit card, 50,000 bonuus points. It looks like this.

  17. Pat says:

    Approved for 2nd personal card after calling in. Will try for the third one in 9 days.

  18. irshad says:

    I just saw a 100 dollar statement credit + 40,000 bonus miles offer online (with 24 month language ofcourse). If I apply for that card, do you think citi will match that offer with 60K bonus miles offer?

  19. G says:

    the landing page of the offer has a 2017 copyright, however, the terms and conditions page linked to the offer has a 2014 copyright. I wonder if that means anything…

    • g says:

      I wonder if citi has an ulterior motive for ‘leaking’ this offer. It makes me think that perhaps it was deliberate. Wanna speculate the reasons why citi would want to do that?

      • David says:

        This wouldn’t surprise me. I had to call in, the only thing they wanted to verify is that “you will not get the bonus since you opened a card in the past 24 months, do you still accept?”

  20. P says:

    To anyone who can answer, thank you:

    Applied for Citi Business on 12/6/16, instant approval. Hard pull on Equifax; soft pull on Experian
    Applied for Citi Pers on 1/10, denied (don’t recall the reason). No hard pull on Equifax/Experian. Soft pull on Experian
    Applied for Citi Pers again on 1/30, denied as a duplicate (didn’t pursue why that is). No hard pull on Equifax/Experian. No soft pull showing either.

    For my previous application, Citi usually hard pulled both Experian and Equifax. I don’t know if there’s a pattern on Biz cards since the AA was my first with them.

    Anyway, given the recent denials, what are the chances I could get approved for this one?

  21. Dan says:

    I have an open citibusiness AA card that was opened like 6 years ago. I did not close it yet.
    Would I qualify for a new one under this link?

    Same question with a citi AA non business, I have both.

    If duplicates do not qualify and my current card is a VISA will I be eligible since this offer is a MASTERCARD?

    • Chuck says:

      From what I read, it sounds like you can’t have two of the same version at the same time.

      Visa and MC are likely considered separate products.

  22. Mark says:

    I applied for the card on 2/17 and it went pending. Was approved on 2/20. Received the card yesterday and the CSR said I did not qualify for the 50,000 miles bonus since I had another card within 24 months.

    • Abey says:

      I had the same thing with my 2nd card
      They said i will not get the bonus
      And i said sure no problem
      And not only did i get the bonus. But i even got matched to 60K 🤣

  23. T says:

    I got two cards around the start of the year with the last offer. did this offer and it went pending (just like both of the other cards did). called in and after waiting on hold for around 20+ minutes was approved for a third card. CSR mentioned that i would get the bonus (50k points after spending 3k) without me saying anything about it after she said congrats on getting approved.

  24. Kamal says:

    I got an upgrade invitation to Citi Premier can I take advantage of that and apply for this card at the same time ? Is that considered no go for 8/65 rule?
    Also I took advantage of the Citi preferred early last month for 15K

  25. Rob says:

    Question for DOC
    1) Applied for 2 PERSONAL cards on 1/27 and 2/7 – approved (both still open)
    2) Applied for BIZ card on 27th Feb – pending but approved on 28th without calling

    Am I eligible to apply for 3rd personal card?

    • Abey says:

      Your 3rd personal will be over 65 days.
      The Business doesn’t count as a 3rd card for the personal. Its a seperate 1/95

  26. Jon says:

    Approved, will keep me eyes out in about 60 days. Currently at 2/6 on EX and 0/6 on TU

  27. Abey says:

    Still debating back and forth:
    Since i dont MS, What should i go for?
    Citi AA (x3) or SPG Business?
    63K AA points vs 43K SPG points.
    3K spend vs 8K spend.
    New account on report vs non reported.
    AA link expires soon SPG offer expires 4/5
    I need help 😆

    • Abey says:

      Update: Data point:

      I went for it! Applied for this Citi again (3rd time since Dec) and i got the usual pending, Called up and was approved for $1,500!
      transferred some credit from Bronze card to get it to $5,000.

      Guys i dont know where to begin this is so easy that i dont even tell friends, they will think im stupid or i do something illegal.

      • dw says:

        are you getting the bonus thought?

        • Abey says:

          Well ye. Its automatic from their system. It doesnt even matter what the repreaentitive tells you.
          In addition if you send a secure message to Citi to match to 60K they will credit your AA account 10K even “before” you reached minimum spend. (They did that on both of my last two cards, credited 10K when statement closed).

  28. Daniel says:

    “We’re very sorry. AccountOnline is temporarily unavailable. Please stop by later. For immediate assistance with an existing account, call the number on the back of your card. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. [Citi005]”

  29. JB says:

    2nd card in a little over a month.

    2nd time I got “Your application is pending further review and we need additional information from you. Please call 1-866-606-2787 now to receive an immediate decision.”

    Called, and after shifting some credit around was approved. Didn’t care to ask about bonus, will worry about that later.

    I was matched to the 60k offer on my first application, still waiting to hit the min spend and see whether or not I get the bonus. Will try and get matched with SM to CSR and report back.

  30. Abey says:

    Here is the money question:

    Since the rules are no more then 1 Citi Personal card every 8 days and 2 Citi personal cards every 65 days, does that mean since i applied with this non 24 links, 12/27, 1/6 and 3/2 (and was approved) can i go for round 4 at 3/12??? 🙈🤣🙈

  31. Pat says:

    It expired again!

  32. Cytraveler says:

    Ack! I applied again last night for my husband – it was up and looked active, but when I hit submit, it said “a system error has caused a delay in processing your application.” So maybe it’s because it’s dead… sigh.

    • anne says:

      My application went through on Friday night and I did not get approved instantly, so the system gave me a reference ID. But now I checked my application status and I got the same message when I clicked application link in this post. I called the reconsideration line on Saturday and he could not push the system through for a decision. I did not see a hard pull from Citi yet, so maybe the application did not go through at all. Sigh.

      • anne says:

        Update: Today Citi just called me regarding the application that I applied on the night of March 3 before it went dead. I could not check the status since March 4 because I kept getting the message “There is a system error that delay processing” or something like that and I did not see any credit pull on that day. So I let it go until they called me today and approved it! I hope I will get the bonus.

  33. Becky says:

    “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.”

  34. CuriousDork says:

    applied, was approved. Got approval letter in the mail AFTER activating the card. The approval letter has NO MENTION of the bonus.
    Am I not going to get it? (yes, I had this card cxled less than 24 months ago) Can anyone confirm they had the same situation, YET still got the bonus. Afraid to call since the CSR are ridiculous.

  35. T says:

    I got my approval letter today, bonus language *IS* there.

    Hopefully it shows up again soon 🙂

  36. Brian says:

    “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.”

  37. Raymond says:

    I acted a bit late. Today it shows, “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.” Any update ? Thanks !

  38. Jason says:

    I was approved for this on December 28th 2016, met spend in February. 50,000 bonus miles posted on March 15th proving that the 24-month restrictive language not being there does allow you to get the bonus again even if it’s been only six months since your last bonus posted, for example..

    Thanks, Doc; you rock!

  39. RB says:

    After reading this article, I was able to send a SM and got matched to the 60K miles bonus offer.

    I got this card about a month back and I had already spent close to $3600 (thanks to Regions bank, was able to fund 2K with my Citi AA by opening checking & savings account). I just had a statement generated and also got the 50K miles credited. Was not sure how I was going to spend another $1400 to get the 10K bonus. But this article saved me of the hassle.

    A big thanks to DOC and everyone here for sharing their experience and thoughts!!!

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