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Published on August 12th, 2016 | by Chuck


Apply for Citi Cards until August 28th under the Old Terms

Citi recently put new language in the terms for signup bonuses that groups all products of the same family as one for signup bonus restrictions, leaving us to getting just one of the group per

I reached out to our Citi media contact to verify when the new terms went into effect.

She got back to me clarifying that they haven’t yet gone into effect. They’ll start on August 28th.

This change will take effect on August 28

If you recently opened a Citi card or closed a Citi card, and there’s a card from the same family with a nice signup bonus, it makes sense to apply now before the new rules go into effect on August 28. Once the new terms go into effect, it will be a two-year wait before you can get the bonus on a card from the same family.

Just remember that Citi does limit us to applying for one card per 8 days and two cards per 65-days. Don’t forget that in your haste!

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Unfortunately, the Premier card doesn’t currently have a signup bonus.

90 Responses to Apply for Citi Cards until August 28th under the Old Terms

  1. Tim says:

    Does the 2/65 limit also include business cards, or just personal?

  2. ted says:

    got mailers at home, and they don’t expire until later this year. will they be impacted after 8/28?

  3. Bob says:

    This means everyone can apply for the CSR on 8/21 and still get one more Citi card before these rules take effect.

  4. John says:

    Is the Citi representative of a level that even if the landing page has the new rules, you would go ahead and apply believing old rules apply?

    • W says:

      This is my concern too since the T&C have been updated.

    • Mark O says:

      My questions too! It is written the other way so it seems like a big gamble to me.

    • It’s a risk, personally I think it’s worth it but up to you. It’s directly from their media department and they are usually careful about what they say before sending us information.

      • Ian says:

        Reminds me of when Chase United bumped up the bonus offer from 30 or 50k to 70k miles in June or July ’16. SM requests for upgrades were denied (there was DP SM requests worked; but more days into the offer, there were more decline for bonus bumps.)

  5. brian says:

    This is confusing cause on the landing page it mentions the “American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles are not available if you have had any Citi®/AAdvantage® card (other than a CitiBusiness®/AAdvantage® card) opened or closed in the past 24 months.” but it doesn’t state August 28. How do we confirm this?

  6. johnny says:

    any must have citi cards to get before this change? opinions welcomed. i plan to give CSR a go on 8/21 so i would throw a citi card in but i have no real need for any. i already have a citi double cash from feb 2015 and a premier from feb 2016. should i put in an app and if so which card? or should i just not force it

    • brian says:

      what does CSR mean?

    • Glenn says:

      As always it depends on your situation. IF you want some more TYP points, AND you would use them at the 1.6 rate of the Prestige rather than your current 1.25 AND you would do it before next July when the Prestige devalues THEN you might want to apply for a Prestige card now. BUT it’s got a high annual fee and you MAY not be able to get the value out of it to justify that.

      Etc. Do you have any use for more AA miles, more HH points, etc? Do you have the spend? Do you have other places to put it that work better for you?

  7. NinjaX says:

    love all the comments here… just goes to show why this happens…

  8. Bodiddely says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a working Premier link!

  9. bellevuemike says:

    Same thing for the Hilton cards. The new restrictive language is present.

    Would be nice to get real confirmation.

  10. Tom says:

    Any idea if the AT&T Card, which is also based on Thank You points, is considered part of the Premier/TY family?

  11. Guy says:

    Would love clarification on the effective date, as others have mentioned above, the language is on all new online applications right now

  12. Dom says:

    I just got a targeted email offer for Citi AA spend $750 in 3 months for 30k, spend $5k in 6 months for additional 10k. It doesn’t have the new terms and expires Sept. 15.

  13. Abey says:

    Everything can be so much better
    And it would be BREAKING NEWS
    If downgrading your citi card doesnt count
    As an open or closed account within 24 months.
    Just for an example Four months ago
    I downgraded Citi AA Platinum into Citi AA Gold
    So if downgrading doesnt count then i could apply for Citi AA Executive in 8 months since its 24 months from when i opened the Platinum
    But If downgrading does count then i better apply before 8/28 for the Exectutive or i will have to wait 20 more months.
    So its a huge game swinger if a downgrade resets the clock or not.

    (by the way not sure where to write this
    But i wanna share
    I curently have 8 Chase personal cards
    Freedom, sapphire, ihg, hyatt, marriott, southwest, fairmont and united.
    The sapphire and united i downgraded a few months ago.
    Then i applied for the new chase freedom unlimited but i got a letter that i was denied because of too many credit inquiries and too many credit card applications.
    TODAY Just for the heck of it, as i was bored and anxious i applied for the new Ritz Carlton card.
    And gues what! i couldnt believe it myself.
    And thats my 9th personal open card with Chase!

    Now that i calmed down i wonder if i can push the envekope for the Chase Sapphire Reserve or thats pushing it to a whole new level…

    I do wanna add that when i downgraded my Chase United a few months ago, i also asked to lower the credit limit from 10K to 1K because i felt that im reaching or reached the limit of overall credit chase would approve me for and i might have a better chance for another card if i have a lower overall credit. But it didnt work to get approved for the freedom unlimited so that is still a mystery if it helped for the Ritz Carlton.

  14. joe says:

    I received a Citi AA plat. card in Feb. was automatically changed to world elite shortly afterwards and received 50k bonus. If I apply for the Citi AA plat. again will I get the bonus? TIA

  15. fathiss says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I already have the Hilton Hhonors card but was able to pick up the Hilton Hhonors reserve last night. Had to call in as usual, but was approved after about 10 minutes.

    • W says:

      When did you get your no fee Hhonors? Do you qualify for 2 free nights from Reserve?

    • dan says:

      lol, if the new language was on the appl, confirm in writing if u will get the sign-up bonus for the reserve

      • PG says:

        And let us know here!

      • fathiss says:

        Lmao, written proof? When did cc issuers start giving written confirmations of bonuses in approval emails? You must be new to this. They did confirm to me on the phone I would receive the $100 statement credit after spending $100 at a Hilton, and I would receive two free nights (I think weekend nights) after spending $2500 on the card. I think I can rely on it. Besides, my comment was to offer my thanks for the heads up, that’s all.

      • They gave lots of people confirmation (SM + phone) about the Citigold bonus previously, don’t see why it’s ridiculous for this.

        • fathiss says:

          Your experience is different than mine. I get approved for 20+ cards per year between me and spouse from different banks and have never been given a written confirmation email of the bonus. Only over the phone. Can you show where you have gotten a written confirmation of the bonus in the past from Citi?

      • jon says:

        Datapoint that I was able to get approved for the Citi Hilton Hhonors card today even though I was approved for the Hhonors Reserve approximately a year ago. The new language was on the application and I plan to get written confirmation. I did that with the Citigold bonus earlier in the year and it came in handy. Fingers crossed…

  16. ed says:

    Citi has been difficult to get points out of lately even if you qualified and met requirements, so applying for a cc with terms that expressly state you won’t get miles if you had any variety of the card, based on a rumor that says you can, is taking a huge risk. But, you’ll get the card if approved, but just may not get the bonus. So, unless the annual fee isn’t waived maybe some won’t think of it as a risk. I’ve had many apps in the last year so adding another in hopes Citi ignores their own posted terms would probably not be worth it to me. Besides, wife and I already signed up for a lot of citi items early 2016, so we’re in good shape. It took a cfpb complaint this year just to get them to honor a bonus.

  17. Leo says:

    How long after you cancel a card can you apply for the same card under the old rules?

  18. ryan says:

    The link online has the language but if you call, the language isn’t there. I applied for the hilton reserve last night over the phone and the rep confirmed that I can get it as long as I have not had the reserve before. I do have hilton visa signature right now. I will have them confirm in writing of the bonus later once I get the card.

  19. Mike says:

    I currently have the Citi AA Visa (got it many years ago) and Citi AA Platinum MC (got it on 11/4/15) and also have an Barclay Aviator White (no fee). Since the Barclay Aviator Red has the same benefits as the Citi Platinum I am thinking about upgrading the White to Red and cancelling my 2 Citi AA cards. If I cancel the cards prior to 8/28 when would I be able to reapply for a Citi AA card and be eligible for the bonus?



    • You wouldn’t be able to apply for the Cit AA Platinum card, as the current rules are you can’t get the bonus on the same card you’ve opened or closed within the past 24 months. You could get the Citi AA gold or executive before the 28th.

  20. Mike says:

    William – thanks for the response. However, my questions is not with what I can get now but timing for a new card with sign-up bonus in the future. The current rule is 24 months since opening and the new rules is 24 months since opening or closing within the same family. So based on that, does that mean that if I close my AA platinum prior to 8/28 and do not open or close any AA cards that I could get a new AA platinum with bonus after 11/4/17 (the 2 year anniversary of when I opened my current AA platinum) but that if I close my AA platinum after 8/28 and do not open or close any AA cards that the 2 year clock for getting a bonus for any new AA card would be 2 years from when I closed the card? If that is the case, then it would seem to me that people should close cards that they do not need or were planning to close prior to 8/28 or risk a longer period before one can get a bonus again. Thoughts. Thanks so much for your time. Much appreciated!!!

  21. Ryan says:

    So I just spoke to someone from Citi and he told me, in no uncertain terms that he was told today (8/16) that this change is effective immediately.

    I suspect there has been an absolute bum’s rush to try to beat this deadline.

    I applied for the Executive card depending on this post and I’ll still wait to see if I am eligible once the card comes, but I’m not optimistic.

    Anyone with similar recent experiences (or the opposite), please respond.

  22. Andrew Tomlin says:

    I just called the Citi Prestige toll free number. I have a Prestige and Premier Card since 9/2015, my wife a Premier since 10/2015. We received large thank you bonuses on each card. I asked when the new bonus rules go into effect. The Citi representative said that the new rules do not have a start date, that they are in effect immediately. Apply at your own risk.

  23. Milo says:

    Looks like the rule is applied already.. THis is what happened..

    After reading the post here on the rule, I converted my citi premier to prestige…. As within the same day we received another news that it is not enforced, I applied for prestige and planned to cancel the upgrade but I am yet to do that.

    However today I received the letter for the new card(not the card) which doesn’t have the bonus language. I immediately called the Customer service and the CSR initially told I did not get the bonus language because I opened AA card recently… After some push back she put me on hold for 5 minutes and said since i received bonus for Premier last year the bonus was not attached to my account..

    I am entirely not sure whether the rule is already enforced or I messed it by upgrading the card…. If anyone applied with the new language and received the have the bonus attached to the account?

  24. Alex says:

    I have a Citi AA Platinum Visa that I’ve had for over 2 years. Do i understand this correctly that I can open a AA platinum MC before the rule takes effect on the 28th and still get the bonus? But I won’t if I get one after the 28th?

    • Chuck says:

      If you haven’t opened any other AA cards since over 2 years ago, there’s no need for you to open the new card now. Even if you open after the 28th, you’ll be eligible for the bonus.

  25. dan says:

    just recd letter for the approved hilton reserve card earlier this week showing the similar sign-up bonus for free 2 nights & $100 stmt credit as the phone cfm with the agent

  26. why1818 says:

    Hi All,

    The following are my Citi cards status:

    AA Executive closed – 8/20/14
    AA Platinum opened – 2/26/16

    1. Assuming Citi’s new rule takes effect on 8/28/16, I would be eligible for signup bonus for AA Executive card if I’m approved before 8/28/16. Is this a correct thought?

    2. I never had AA Gold. Would I be eligible for the signup bonus assuming the new rule takes effect on 8/28/16?

    Thank you!

  27. Mark O says:

    Has anyone been able to confirm getting a bonus even though the rules have changed on the Apps?

  28. why1818 says:

    Hi, I am planning to apply for Citi Exec today. Do we have any recent data point confirming that the new Citi 8/28 has not been kicking in as of today? Thanks!

  29. PG says:

    I’d love to know as well if the new rule has taken affect yet. Looks to be so from some of the previous comments.

  30. claudiu says:

    I’m also planning on applying for the Hilton Reserve and I would like to know if the new terms are being enforced.
    Is it possible to get a confirmation?
    Thank you

  31. why1818 says:

    I applied for a Citi Exec card on 8/24/16, and it was approved. How do I check if I will receive the signup bonus after meeting the required spend?

    I am worried just because of the new Citi 8/28 rule, and wanted to make sure before actually spending $5000 on that card. Not a small amount after all! Thanks!

  32. Steve says:

    I applied for Citi Visa (regular) with the 75k offer on August 13. CSR responded that I was ineligible due to previous account closed in 2015, and online tracker doesn’t show the new account bonus 🙁

    • Steve says:

      Forgot to ask my question… Is there anything we can point to about the media contact suggesting rules weren’t in effect until August 28? Or have others successfully received bonuses on Hilton cards when applying before August 28?

  33. Peng says:

    I was wondering does change product considered as close the account under this new term? Thank you.

  34. khoa says:

    Hi! I applied for citi gold on aug 27th but did not get approved until sept 6th and this is when my account was opened. When activating my card I was told that the gold card falls under the new rules and i don’t get the bonus because i opened a citi aadvantage platinum 8 days prior to that. Thoughts? Think i can escalate to supervisor citing that I applied before the rule change?? thanks.

    • Chuck says:

      Your situation is tough because approval didn’t happen before the 28th. Personally, I’d don’t think I’d fight it if bonus didn’t come automatically.

  35. rr says:

    See attached SM from Citi (my message and there response saying the 24 month rule has veen in effect many months I applied on aug 27 and was instantly approved…no points though

    Subject: Re: Bonus Offer
    Date: October 6, 2016 7:26 EST


    The 24 month rule is not a new qualification to earn bonus miles, this
    requirement has been part of the terms and conditions for at least 6

    Although we are unable to accommodate your request, we appreciate the
    opportunity to explain our position.

    Sr Account Specialist
    South Dakota

    Subject: Bonus Offer
    Date: October 6, 2016 7:10 EST

    To Whom This -May Concern, I signed up on 8-27-16 for an AA executive card with a 60k bonus offer. On 8-28-16 there was a new rule implemented that if you had any AA card within the last 24 months you are disqualified for an offer on any AA card. I recently had a Platinum card which under the new rule I would be disqualified. I signed up before this rule was implemented and there for qualify for the bonus offer. Please instate the bonus offer to my account being that I reached the spending limit for the offer. Thank you so much for your understanding

    • Chuck says:

      The 24 month rule has been around for long. The change was only to group all cards in the same family to one bonus per 24 months.

      Did you apply for a different card in the same family?

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