Posted by William Charles on October 3, 2017
AmEx Offers

Published on October 3rd, 2017 | by William Charles


American Express Blue Business Plus Now Showing AmEx Offers For Some

When the American Express Blue Business Plus card first launched American Express sync offers were not showing on this card at all. A number of readers are now reporting that these sync offers are showing up as normal, others are reporting they have some but not all offers showing. It looks like they are being slowly rolled out to all cardholders. There was some speculation that this card would never receive the same amount of offers due to the high earning rate but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As mentioned yesterday some people have also been targeted for the 20,000 point offer.

15 Responses to American Express Blue Business Plus Now Showing AmEx Offers For Some

  1. Chuck says:

    I don’t have any offers.

  2. JL says:

    nothing interesting yet, but certainly a positive development!

    showing the following offers for me: – spend $100, get $15 back
    -blink fitness – spend $125, get $25 back
    -the james new york hotel – spend $500, get $100 back
    -turbo tax – save $10-20 promo code (this one has always been shown)

  3. Bobnoise says:

    I saw some offers show up in the android app and I added them all. Baer’s Furniture, Giorgio Armani, ExxonMobil (1MR extra), Lacrema, KJ wines, Mori luggage, Lanier islands, Fanatics, Hamptons by Hilton, Doral Arrowwood Resorts, The James New York, and Blink fitness. These were all new apart from several other 1 extra MR points offers.

  4. David L says:

    Both on the website and app I had: Blink Fitness,, Turbotax, Kendal-Jackson Wines.

  5. Jags says:

    I have on my BBP:

    Baer’s Furniture $100 back on $500 spend
    Giorgio Armani Beauty: $25 back on $125 spend
    ExxonMobile extra MR point
    More Luggage $40 back on $200 spend
    Lanier Islands $20 back on $100 spend $15 back on $100 spend
    Hampton Inn & Hilton Garden Inn: $35 back on $175 spend
    Doral Arrowwood resorts: $50 back on $250 spend
    James New York: $100 back on $500 spend
    Blink Fitness: $25 back on $125 spend

  6. Blue says:

    Fanatics, Paul Martin, Blink.

    I do have some offers that supposedly ended up on the card when I added them on the website (?) for other cards–1 extra MR for, westelm,, Gap family online, and However the one did not fire for me on a purchase–just got the regular 2x spend in MR.

  7. Stvr says:

    It probably didn’t have Amex offers during the signup bonus period. So you wouldn’t get confused about statement credits messing with min spend. So they wouldn’t get sued. My two cents.

    • JL says:

      I think it was more of an IT issue. this is a new product, and they couldn’t get the amex offers loaded onto the product in time for launch, and kind of just pushed it off.

      amex offers are on all the other products during the sign up period. and $ spent even if some of it results in statement credit still counts towards minimum spend (providing that it meets other restrictions, ie no gift cards).

  8. tinytavosa says:


    I got two offers when I just checked.
    Fanatics and Blink Fitness. Thanks for the heads up.

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