Posted by William Charles on October 23, 2017

Published on October 23rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Amazon: Get 20% Off When You Use One American Express Membership Rewards Point ($50 Maximum Discount)

This deal has expired and is no longer valid. View all current Amazon promotions by clicking here.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (our affiliate link here and below, thanks for supporting the site. Don’t forget you could go through JetBlue and get 3x points instead)

  • Amazon is offering 20% off when you shop with American Express Membership Rewards points. Maximum discount is $50. You only need to use one point to get the discount.

The Fine Print

  • Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. (PT) October 23, 2017.
  • Offer only applies to products sold by (Look for “sold by” or “sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC” on the product detail page). Products sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer, even if “fulfilled by” or “Prime Eligible”.
  • Offer does not apply to digital content.
  • Offer good while supplies last.
  • Shipping charges and taxes may apply to the full value of discounted promotional items.
  • Offer may not be combined with other offers.
  • The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $50.
  • Offer applies only to the purchase of items made with a Membership Rewards eligible American Express card, where Membership Rewards points are used for at least a portion of the purchase and the promotion code is applied at checkout.
  • Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
  • Offer discount will be allocated proportionally among all promotional items in your order.
  • If any of the products or content related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies.
  • Promotional discount may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards or third-party gift cards.
  • Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  • If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.

Our Verdict

This deal is basically 20% off Amazon up to a $50 discount when you use a single Membership Rewards point. It doesn’t seem to work on gift cards unfortunately, but still a fantastic offer. To get the full 20% discount you need to spend $250. I’ll list any interesting items below.

Remember to stack this with other Amazon deals:

You can also get $25 off $50 when you use at least one Membership Rewards point. As always view all of the ways to save money on Amazon here.

Hat tip to perpetualChurner

69 Responses to [Expired] Amazon: Get 20% Off When You Use One American Express Membership Rewards Point ($50 Maximum Discount)

  1. Bruce says:

    not be targeted so sad

  2. Andrew says:

    20% off is one the *second* purchase you make! You have to make first purchase with MR points to activate 20% off. Isn’t it?

  3. vipul says:

    Can’t you just use 1 MR point to get 20% off the entire order? Where does it say that the discount amount is linked to how many MR points you are using?

  4. Hari says:

    This one still works for 1MR point redemption. But I don’t see it working for gift cards. I tried adding an echo for 45$ then applied 1MR it automatically showed me 9$ discount as Amex promo

    • Oh wowowow, way better!

      • Hari says:

        To make it even better, you can add funds to amazon account where it says reload $100 get $10. Ofcourse with a card that earns better rate. Then use this balance and 1MR to get 20% discount on the product. To max out, you would spend (230 – 50amex promo = 180$) to buy 250$ worth of items

        • vipul says:

          Can u use GC balance to pay for the remaining? I have tried that in past but never worked. It seems you have to put the remaining amount on the amex card. How did you do it?

          • Hari says:

            No, not the gift cards. The amazon account balance. After the promo discount amazon balance applies first to your order. Then reward points applies then the remaining on credit card (if any). You can reload your account for exactly 199.99$ then add 250 worth of items then apply 1MR. Finally it becomes 0 charged to your credit card

          • vipul says:

            I thought its the same thing: amazon balance is the same as gift card balance:

            “When you reload your balance, you are purchasing an Gift Card in the selected amount that will be automatically added to your Gift Card Balance. View Terms and Conditions”

            Do you have another link to reload balance? Thanks.

        • Josh says:

          No, it does not work

        • Jim says:

          Nice! This works perfectly as long as some amount is charged to the Amex. This worked for me to trigger the 20%:

          1 MR
          $199 GC balance
          $1 Amex

  5. Mark says:

    I had a big order to place tonight and happened to check here first. Will, you saved me $32 and may have earned me a few JetBlue points. Tried to use your affiliate link too, but I’m not sure which one will apply.

    I love this blog 🙂

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks Doc!
    I recently placed an order. With this, I canceled it – and reordered with 20% off.

    For the person asking about usage of GC, I’m not sure what you’re asking, but I paid the remaining balance due with my giftcard balance on Amazon.

    • Hari says:

      Yes you are right. unable to reply him as there is no reply button. Just load your amazon account balance and then buy items. It applies automatically

  7. Avi says:

    Just saved $49.80 on an order! Thank you!

  8. gene says:

    can this be combined with the amex prime offer in one transaction?

  9. Edward says:

    too bad it won’t work on the third party gift card…don’t know what to buy…

  10. Nicky L. says:

    I did not get targeted; however, SO was targeted.

    JetBlue was down for maintenance, so I used the affiliate link. Thanks for all you do! Just saved me $50 off a couple things I have been planning to buy anyway, for my daughter.

  11. Curmudgeon says:

    I’m not eligible. 🙁

    I wonder if it’s because I used this deal the last time it was offered?

  12. Laurence Hughes says:

    Does/should this work if I’ve already done the $25 off $50 promo? I can’t get the 20% discount to show up, but I remember it was tricky last time so I might not be jumping through all the right hoops…

  13. juanbeny says:

    I was daydreaming combining this one and $10 Discover promo…

  14. NinjaX says:

    very surprised there are no minimums. so you can just buy whatever to get 20% on next order? sounds crazy.

  15. Chris F. says:

    Is there any way to search by seller? I’ve tried 5-6 items that are sold by, but on checkout it shows “ LLC”, so the offer is not applying.

  16. Mike says:

    I don’t know if anyone on here is a Carolina Panthers fan but I keep looking for Cincinnati Bengals billiards balls and they are always $175+ but for some reason Carolina’s are $52 and it seems like it is from Amazon so another $10 off. Incredible deal again if you like Carolina.

  17. Steve says:

    I wasn’t eligible for this offer, but while I was browsing I was presented with a different offer for $25 off of $50 when shopping with MR points.

  18. Lantean says:

    is Amazon Echo Show worth it at $159?

  19. pesets says:

    Above commenters give incorrect information about possible use of gift card balance with this 20% discount. 20% will not work if your available gift cord balance totally covers the full order, unfortunately.
    Only if you still have to pay some part of the order with AMEX (because your available gift card balance is not enough)– only in this case you can still get 20% off and use the gift card balance.This is really annoying, and so you do not want to put too much into your Amazon gift card balance. That has nothing to do with how much you pay in MR rewards, but you need to pay some, I paid $0.05

    • paster says:

      I don’t believe this is correct. I was able to place a basic order of about $32, use 1MR point and pay the balance due with my previously available account’s gift card balance (which is over $32) with no issue at all. I did start (but not complete) a second order and see that the requirement to use at least 1MR point to earn the 20% credit applies to each amazon order you place.

      • Wany says:

        It worked at first. I had one order that received 20% off and paid the remaining balance with Amazon gift card.

        Now it looks like Amazon changed it that you will have to pay the remaining balance with your credit card.
        I have placed an order with the promo, then went in to apply my gift card balance on the order. That removed this 20% discount.

        • Jason says:

          Maybe the way apply gift card balance interacts with pay with points in the post-ordering order details screen differs from the checkout flow? I was able to apply both the AMEX 20% offer and GCs on an order as recently as Oct 12. Entire GC value was applied during checkout flow.

    • Devon Pack says:

      Can’t you just choose not to use any of your Amazon gift card balance and use a credit card? Seems like a simple way around it.

  20. Chris says:

    Can’t get the Yi Home with the 20% discount, as it is not sold by Amazon.

  21. Tyler says:

    Used the above promotion on some Bose headphones! (used your referral link as well)
    I actually saw the promotion on twitter from someone else but knew you’d provide good information on it. Thanks for being a go to source for these promotions!

  22. madgoat says:

    Scored the new Sony wireless ANC headphones that I was eyeing (and just in time for my flight Friday!). Stacked with Amazon GCs from MPX on my plat and clicked through the JetBlue portal. I’m happy with just the $50, but assuming everything else posts its a great deal on these. Thanks for your work, your blog has saved me a ton of money and earned be a ton of points.

  23. Ivan says:

    Looks like the 20% with MR promo and the ‘ECHO3PACK’ code can’t be stacked together. Only one promo shows up at the checkout, the other one is automatically removed.

  24. Nicky L. says:

    Does anyone else see this offer?

    Up to $40 off a Fire Tablet if you apply at least one MR point.

  25. 2ndMouse says:

    I tried the 3 echoes but it wouldn’t let me stack both $50 discounts. Originally I entered the echo promo code and it showed $50 off, then when I applied 1 MR point it showed $50 off but this time w/ different verbiage (20% off Amex or similar). Tried several times, no go, so bought them anyway w/ the echo promo. Still a nice savings and I still have the Amex discount to use on whatever. Thx FM! 😊

  26. Brett says:

    I’m having trouble getting the discount. Was approved for this and the one for $25 off of $50 but when I went to check out with roughly $82 worth of stuff in the cart, it stated my discount would be for $9.99. SO I’m not getting the $25 off of $50 or the 20%.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks!

    • Sara G says:

      The 20% off only applies to items that are sold and shipped by Amazon. If your discount was $9.99 that would imply that there were only $49.95 worth of items in your cart that qualified. I’m not sure the $25 off $50 offer stacks with the 20% off one, but even if it did, it sounds like you were $0.05 short of reaching $50 sold/shipped by Amazon so that deal wouldn’t apply here anyways.

      Hope that helps!

  27. Will says:

    Sonos is coming out with updated speakers. They now have Alexis integrated in them. I was able to get a Sonos: One for ~$170, coupon took off $44 ($40 + $4 tax).

  28. Adam says:

    damnit amex aint showing me no love… often get this dreaded msg for these promos: Thank you for your interest in this offer. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.

    • Shaun says:

      Do you have your Amex card and Membership rewards connected to your Amazon account? I wasn’t eligible for this offer until a couple days after I added my card.

      • Adam says:

        Yep I am now. Just added it over the wkend tho when I realized my old AX cards weren’t enrolled for pay w MRs. I’ll wait another cpl days, hopefully it’ll kick in then but so far, nada.

  29. Lantean says:

    Still considering getting Fire TV with this offer… I just wish they would bring back some good bundles, not just the one with the antenna…

  30. phrost says:

    worked on my wife’s account. worked on steam gift cards.. i need to get myself another AMEX with rewards points, unfortunately i think i’ve already done all the sign up offers for their no annual fee cards. 🙁

  31. AC says:

    Order Summary

    Items (10): $253.46
    Shipping & handling: $0.00
    Your Coupon Savings: -$0.75
    $10 to -$10.00
    Your Coupon Savings: -$10.00
    Your Coupon Savings: -$2.00
    Your Coupon Savings: -$10.00
    AMEX 20% Discount: -$50.00
    Total before tax: $170.71
    Estimated tax to be collected: $5.07
    Total: $175.78
    Gift Card: -$6.34
    Rewards Points: -$0.01
    Order total: $169.43

  32. Wyle says:

    Shopping for dryer parts and checked here for Amazon deals before placing order. Didn’t come anywhere close to saving $50, but with 20 minutes left, I’ll gladly take a few dollar savings I wasn’t expecting. DoC always comes through (even though I forgot to go back through the affiliate link ).

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