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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by Chuck


[Expired] Ends Today: Amalgamated $150 Checking Bonus – Available Nationwide

[Reposting this on 6/30 since the deal ends today.]

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct Link  Update: here’s a better link which gives you a choice of charities

  • Open a Convenience+ checking account with Amalgamated Bank and get $150 bonus after receiving a $500 direct deposit within 60-days

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.28.52 PM

[Update: they’ve now added in wording of “a recurring direct deposit” (underlining is mine). Could be they now want it to come monthly.]

Aside from the $150 bonus for you, Amalgamated Bank will also donate $50 to Color of Change (or one of five other charities).

The Fine Print

  • To qualify for this bonus of $150, you must open a Convenience+ Checking Account between April 15 and June 30, 2016, using the URL provided or by mentioning this special offer when you apply by visiting a branch
  • “Direct deposit” includes ACH credits of payroll, pension or government payments payable to you
  • Bonus will be deposited into your Convenience+ Checking Account within 30 days of getting the direct deposit
  • The value of the bonus may have to be reported to the IRS; consult your tax advisor
  • Offer is limited to one per customer, is subject to withdrawal at any time, and is valid only for accounts in good standing

Avoiding Fees

There is a $10 monthly fee on this account. The only way to get it waived is to have a monthly direct deposit of any amount.

“A qualifying direct deposit is an electronic deposit of your salary, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income to your account. Transfers from one account to another, or deposits made at a branch location, ATM or through a mobile device, do not qualify as direct deposit. The monthly service fee will be waived for the first statement cycle to allow you to receive direct deposit to your account. After the first statement cycle the monthly service fee will be assessed unless your account received direct deposit.”

Geographic Availability

Amalgamated Bank allows anyone to open an account with them online. The offer landing page will bring you to an application page for anyone in the USA.

Credit Card Funding

The system gives the option to do the initial account funding with a Visa or Mastercard, credit or debit. Max funding is $500. You can view what coded as a purchase or cash advance here.

If you open a savings account at a different time to the checking account, you can fund that account with another $500. Thanks to reader, Charles.

Hard/Soft Pull

A friend opened the account and reported that he did not get any hard pull. It’s probably a Chex inquiry or a soft pull. More data points here.

Our Verdict

This offer hits most of the right buttons: it’s a soft pull, it’s available online, it’s available nationally, it comes with $500 in credit card funding, and it’s $150 which is decent.

The downside is the direct deposit requirement; it requires an initial direct deposit of $500, and – subsequently – a direct deposit of any amount to keep it fee free. This obstacle is somewhat mitigated by the fact that the bonus is promised to post within 30-days of receiving the $500 direct deposit; you can probably get away with just one or two direct deposits before closing out the account. There’s no mention in the fee schedule of any Early Termination Fee, and we thus assume there is none.

We’ll add this bonus to our list of the best bank bonuses. Check out our full list of bank account promotions here.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

Hat tip and thanks to friend Allen for letting us know about this offer and for providing other necessary information

316 Responses to [Expired] Ends Today: Amalgamated $150 Checking Bonus – Available Nationwide

  1. leo says:

    Any data on what methods will trigger DD?

  2. Maury says:

    So there is no restriction on more than one per household, right?

  3. steven says:

    Is it required a one-time DD larger than 500 USD? is it possible to have two DD larger than 500 USD within a month? since my pay is low, only 490 USD per bi-weekly payroll

    • Sa says:

      Says in the fine print: “At least one qualifying direct deposit of $500 or more must post to your account within 60 days of account opening”.

      • Sandy says:

        Sorry not related to above but wanted to share that.. now the bank says even if your DD came on first day of acnt opening we will review the account only after 60 days and then within 30 days the promotional offer will be credited in account.

        • Skyriver says:

          Was it official on their website or was it from a representative you talked with? I was just about to wait for 30 days before attempting other ACH methods, if the bonus doesn’t show

          • Sandy says:

            The executive over phone informed me about the new understanding then I escalated it to their manager about the terms and conditions mentioned with the offer on the website but she also said that many customers have got confused about it but the management has taken that call and we can not do any thing. However, they took my Name and Cell # and said we will discuss it internally and will keep you informed. To my surprise the amount was credited to account within few days of this conversation and within 30 days of first DD 🙂

    • Bob says:

      to Steven

      If you have easy access, change your withholding just to qualify for the offer and later change it back. Then, look for another job or a promotion where you are.

      I assume that since you are here you are trying to better yourself. Best of luck to you.

  4. Fiby says:

    Just opened using a Citi Double Cash for $500. I have a cash advance limit of $0 so looks like Citi Mastercards are good.

    The pending charge actually shows up as MISCELLANEOUS / SPECIALTY RETAIL STORES.

    Thanks for the great content as always DoC!

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks for the data point, will add.

    • Tom says:

      Did you get immediate approval.
      Mine went to “We are processing your applications. We will notify you once we are done.” three hours ago.
      Funded with Chase Southwest card.
      Chase shows pending activity to “Amalgamated Bank Inc”

      • Tom says:

        Took them 48 hours for them to finally send me an approved application email. Took a total of 6 days for the charge to finally clear and show up as a purchases on the Chase Southwest card. For a whole day the charge was not present as pending or cleared on the Chase account. Like it vanished.
        So far so good, I guess.

  5. JJ says:

    It gets so annoying to verify by drivers license, they only give the option of 20 years (2036) but mine expires way after that…

  6. johnny says:

    any ACH pushes will work for this? i dont have an employer payroll dd at the moment

  7. SS says:

    How easy would it be to close the account? I am hoping they would do it on the basis of online request. Any idea?

  8. Daniel says:

    Did this earlier (I got a mailer in the mail). Used Chase CSP and it posted as a purchase.

    While you need one DD within 60 days to trigger the bonus (I used a “real” direct deposit from my payroll), the DDs to keep it free and avoid the monthly fee can be in any amount. I changed my $500 payroll DD to $1 after the first one.

  9. M. Smith says:

    I can confirm that the credit card funding it limited to $500 TOTAL. I tried to open a savings account as well and it forced me to do $500 between the two accounts.

  10. AE says:

    That is one highly one-sided political bank… do a little looking around… make sure one supports the nature of this bank….

  11. Roger says:

    Thanks DOC! The account was opened very easily. Does anybody know if there is early closing fee?

  12. Ken says:

    Do we know yet what counts as a direct deposit for Amalgamated for either the initial $500 or the monthly ongoing DDs?

  13. dan says:

    anyone knows that ach push from discover will count as a dd? tia

  14. benjinito says:

    Thanks DOC! Opened with Citi Prestige (cash advance set to $0) and charge went through, currently pending as MISCELLANEOUS / SPECIALTY RETAIL STORE

  15. AJ says:

    is this only for US citizens? in application, at the last they ask if I am a US person?

    • Sa says:

      Resident Alien here, was able to open no problems.

      • AJ says:

        yes but at the end they again ask US Citizen : Yes/No.
        Being a resident alien,not sure if we can say Yes.

        • Sa says:

          resident alien is us person, it just means that you pay taxes here. You can say yes to us person. No to US citizen, and it will ask you your state of citizenship and move on to the next.

  16. Alan says:

    Submitted applications
    We are processing your applications. We will notify you once we are done.


  17. Eddy Cue says:

    Thanks DoC.

    Applied with Chase Freedom at $0 CA limit, charge is pending – description “Amalgamated Bank Inc”. Received email with “We are processing your application”

  18. Florian says:

    I got a decline message ” because we could not verify your identity or other personal information. Please visit a branch to complete your application ”
    Is there an email address I can send the document to ? Thanks

  19. Kris says:

    If I walk in a branch, can I apply in the branch and still get the $150 bonus? Thanks.
    Online app sometimes could not verify my identification.

  20. Nikole says:

    I am going to use square to dd the 500 since they are offering 1000 in free credit card processing. Will report back after the 30 day requirement has been met.

  21. JJ says:

    Wouldn’t accept Chase Marriott

  22. Ryan says:

    If and when anyone figures out what works as a DD (cap One 360, Discover, etc.), please let the world know.

  23. Annex2982 says:

    Just successfully opened an account. Currently setting up this account on my Ally Bank Savings account and will definitely share that information if that counts as DD.

  24. Prashanth says:

    you can choose one of the 6 causes. use the URL

  25. M. Smith says:

    Someone from the bank left me a voice message at home today. He was not at his desk when I called back. Hum.

  26. Hardy says:

    Can I use CapitalOne Quick Silver, Credit Card to do initial funding of $500?

  27. Tim says:

    Opened checking and savings account and funded with Barclay Arrival+ with no issues. I set my CA to $1 and charges posted as purchase. I opened a checking and savings hoping that I could deposit $500 into each, but it is $500 max total. Savings is fee free so there was no risk, just unnecessary.

  28. Eric says:

    Is anyone else receiving the “Outdated Browser Warning” message? I see there is a note on their main page that says the site will be down starting at midnight. After a few seconds the warning message comes on.

  29. Eric says:

    I just opened with a Bank of America MasterCard. It appears to have gone through as a purchase. I’ve never seen an account open quicker.

  30. Eric says:

    My Fidelity account wouldn’t let me link this. This offer started almost a month ago. Does anyone have any data points of what works for DD?

    • Nick says:

      Same here with Fido. Just filled out their paper form for linking external accounts and will mail that out tomorrow.

      Already added to Ally and Discover, so hopefully one of those works!

      • Wyle says:

        You might want to call before you mail forms. The ones they point me to require a Medallion Signature Guarantee, so I just drop them at the local office and they stamp them (or maybe just verify ID) and forward them on. I asked about mailing. They actually gave me prepaid envelopes, but said the forms would have to be stamped before I mailed them … and that they could do it. “If I’m going to come here to get them stamped, why would I … nevermind.” I just took the envelopes, said thanks and left.

        It does say you don’t need the Medallion if you attach an account statement or voided check, but that doesn’t help much with a new account when a statement is a month away

    • Wyle says:

      Wouldn’t let you link it or wouldn’t let you do it online? After my first Netspend link, Fidelity has not allowed me to link any bank accounts online. Paper request every time, but they go through after a week or two. I’m not sure if it was Netspend or if I’ve opened too many bank accounts recently. Fidelity uses doesn’t use ChexSystems, but gets similar info from Early Warning.
      Of course, I talked to Fid and they say Early Warning gives the thumbs up or down. Called Early Warning and they said no dings on my report and they only provide data to Fidelity, no decisions. Fido’s own pop-up says, “… Early Warning provided us with information that influenced our decision not to link your bank account. Early Warning played no part in our decision …”, so its fairly obvious which rep is clueless.
      It continues to be an annoyance, but the local office is 17 miles away and I’m usually +/- 5 miles from them every couple weeks, so I just plan ahead.
      For me, Fido has ALWAYS worked as DD. They also administer pension plans and even ACH’s from brokerage accounts post as PPD, so I think it’s tougher to distinguish a push from a true DD. YMMV.

      • Eric says:

        Online. They did give me the option of mailing it in. I figured I would only do that as a last resort. Since you’ve had success maybe I’ll try it. In your response to Nick you wrote that “They actually gave me prepaid envelopes,” Were you referring to the PO or Fidelity? How will I know if I need this stamp? Can I still print the forms even though I closed the window yesterday or would I need to try to link the account again to get that option? I spoke to a Fidelity rep months ago about this issue and he told me that some banks they have relationships with Fidelity so that’s why they can link some online but not others. Which banks have you tried to link online and gotten rejected? Have you opened this account yet?

  31. Jason says:

    Chase Marriott Business come through as purchase.

  32. Drew says:

    Tried to fund with Arrival+, transaction would not process, as 500$ is above my cash advance limit.

    Eventually funded with CSP.

    • Logan says:

      I funded $500 using Arrival + on 5/11/2016, however I had called previously and set cash advance limit to $1. Processed successfully for me…

  33. Shaun says:

    I think I’ll wait for some DD datapoints on this one. If ACH doesn’t count then you get a $10 fee instead of the bonus.

  34. Luke says:

    Used Southwest Chase card and posted as purchase.

  35. Aaron says:

    Just opened an account. Funded $500 with Chase FU card. Made two small deposits from my CU into checking and will report back if those post as DD or not. Should take a couple of days to verify. I’ve had good luck with external transfers into other banks from my CU posting as DDs, so fingers crossed.

  36. The DJ says:

    Funded account with BoA Alaska – I had reduced the advanced cash line to $200 (the minimum). I just changed my payroll to make things easier.

  37. payyoutuesday says:

    Does the name on the credit card have to match the name on the account? For example, can we use my credit card to fund my wife’s account? Thanks!

  38. Steve says:

    Did anybody else receive a voicemail from them an actually call back?

    • Fiby says:

      Yea. It was just a bank employee at an actual branch who wanted to tell me that stuff is coming in the mail, I can sign up for online access, and they have a mobile app. Nothing to fear.

    • Tim says:

      Just a welcome call and to find out how I heard about them.

  39. Cynthia says:

    Also got declined because apparently they couldn’t verify my ID. I feel like there’s a bug in their system.

    I actually applied for a Santander account <1 hr beforehand, and it uses the exact same application system. I got the same identification questions and answered in the same way and was not declined with Santander. The woman on the phone for Amalgamated told me that I would have only been declined for answering 4/6 questions incorrect which I definitely did not do. Does it even make sense for one bank's info to be wrong? Is it more likely to be a bug?

    The only ID question that I could have gotten wrong was "How long *have* you lived at (PREVIOUS ADDRESS FROM 6 MO AGO)?" I answered with the time that I *had* lived there. Was I supposed to notice the conjugation (have vs had) and say, "AHA! Trick question! Have implies that it is my current residence so the answer is not applicable!"? I feel like I'm the only one really pedantic enough to worry over the difference between have/had in wording.

  40. Charles says:

    data point: Chase Marriott posts as purchase for $500. CA set to $100.

  41. scott says:

    I used my Barclay Aviator card to fund the account. The $500 charge went through as a purchase.

  42. Kyle says:

    Chase Hyatt posted as Sale

  43. Info says:

    Probably should change the link to so people can choose the charity from a list rather then the color of change directly.

  44. Ryan says:

    Does anyone have their initial funding as available balance?

    It posted, but it doesn’t seem to be available for withdrawing.

    Anyone in the same boat?

    • Matthew says:

      This is typical when the opening deposit is by credit card. It usually becomes available after a week.

  45. Nick says:

    Anybody receive a call from Amalgamated after account approval/opening?

    I opened the account on 5/12 and various opening deposits have already come in, but just got a voicemail asking to call back. When I did, they were closed already. 5pm EST, it appears.

    I called their 800-number and they had no idea what it’s about, said my account is fine. Maybe a courtesy/welcome call of some sort?

    • mk712 says:

      Same here. I won’t call back since I don’t really want to talk to them and I already have everything I need, like you said it’s probably just a welcome call. If they have something important to tell me they can mail me a letter or something.

  46. Charly Chang says:

    Offer is limited to one per customer

    Does that mean both me and my wife can open an account and both get $150?

  47. Prashanth says:

    Applied on 17th and approved today 19th after sending in driving license and utility bill. Funded with Chase IHG and came as a purchase.

  48. Pablo says:

    Used my Chase Freedom Unlimited card to fund the account. Funded $500 and it looks like it went through with zero issues! My cash advance limit was set to $20.


  49. Hongchang says:

    Funded with Barclaycard Arrival+ without issues. CA limit was set to $100.

  50. Andrew says:

    Funded with BofA Cash Rewards – no issues here either. CA was set to $10.

    • Keith says:

      How did you set the BofA Cash rewards CA to $10. I have tried and the CS told me that minimum they can set is $200

  51. Ken says:

    Can anyone report what the purchase posts as on their CC? Does it say “Financial” anywhere in the description, and what category does it show?

  52. Rusty says:

    Datapoint: I applied online, it went to pending status after I answered the security questions to confirm my ID and I did not get any messages for six days. I called today and was told that I was rejected because I have a fraud alert on my credit report. Good hunting to those who got approved, but this silly rabbit will take a pass on a bank that cannot come up with security procedures to verify an applicant in case of a fraud alert on their record.

  53. Jake says:

    I applied online and was instantly approved. I funded the account with a Metabank-issued Visa GC without any problems.

    Thanks DoC!

  54. JR says:

    Great idea, I was able to fund with US Bank $500 Visa GC. (Using my 5% Old Amex Blue to buy the GC at the grocery store).

  55. Ethan says:

    WOW those are some extreme liberal/communist causes.
    I think I am gonna pass on this one.

  56. Patrick says:

    Chase freedom cleared with sales. Any DP on the $500 DD?

  57. Tom says:

    Went thru the process to set up the External Transfer Account by verifying the two small transactions amounts per usual. Then set up a transfer of most of my initial deposit back to my external bank. They subsequently “blocked” that transaction until I called to verify that I indeed wanted to make that transaction. Irritating.

  58. dan says:

    lol charities? i would hardly call these political groups charities. Happy to take $150 from this bank

    • Alex says:

      Good point. Only half of the listed organizations (The Center, YWCA, and Jobs with Justice) are actually registered 501c3. The others are political activist organizations. Would be nice if they would let us put it into any 501c3 of our choice, but then again it’s their money and they don’t even have to let us have any say at all.

      My questions is whether you can actually sign up for an account without directing the $50 to any of those orgs – purely out of curiosity.

    • adam d says:

      Ironic you look down upon groups that take free money lmao

  59. al260513 says:

    DD $500 with Ally and posted as ALLY BANK/P2P. I assume this will NOT trigger the dd requirement.

  60. Ken says:

    Both my wife and my accounts have been opened this morning. In that email it asked us to setup online access, but it then asks for the account number which we don’t know because it’s not in the email and I don’t remember seeing it on the confirmation page. How do I get the account number?

    • Jeff says:

      Ken, the account number and routing number can be found on your “my applications” status page, which you already made a login for. It’s the page that shows whether your application is pending/accepting/etc.

  61. jack says:

    trying to setup online banking is so tedious with this bank. you have to call to reset the password? forgot your username? i even had to call to get approval for an online banking account. no way i’m keeping this account after the bonus.

  62. Charles says:

    Data point: after the initial checking account is set up with the $500 CC funding, you can do another application to add a savings account for an additional $500 CC funding. You just can’t do both at the same time. I don’t think there is any bonus for that but the CC funding is what I was after. My savings app was 5 days after my checking app.

  63. adam d says:

    To those who think the $50 to the mentioned political organizations are too liberal some of that is true. I chose the YWCA because I’ve been to their offices, its not really political at all just helps women get back on their feet with job placement and other help. Choose that one, seems the least liberal/communist if you feel that way.

    • Daniel says:

      I hadn’t realized this board was so dominated by the right. Two people made casual references to this bank supporting “communist” causes.

      • Ken says:

        While I don’t agree with most of these causes, they’re certainly not “communist”, and I certainly have no problem taking the bank’s money either. $150 is $150. I don’t think these people know what Communism really is.

      • sam says:

        are you surprised? this type of thing would naturally attract fiscally conservative people who, in turn *gasp*, usually tend to be politically conservative.

  64. Jeff says:

    Does anyone have any possible data points on what works for a direct deposit yet? I tried Serve and am waiting to see if it works.

  65. nh says:

    I spoke with representative from Amalgamated Bank on the phone this morning regarding the Direct Deposit to keep the account fee free. I asked if a brokerage account (Motif Investing) would count. She checked on it for me, and basically stated that the direct deposit has to be above a certain amount. It sounded like if there was a monthly deposit of $500 or more, it would work. I will need to follow up if this is actually true (and also if it counts for the bonus). Just wanted to share this information on the post.

    • Ken says:

      I hate when banks pull this crap. When they say “have a direct deposit each month to waive the monthly fee” it’s completely different from “direct deposit at least X amount each month to waive the fee”. Do they expect us to read their minds? Fine print is there for a reason, and it’s worthless if they don’t adhere to their own terms and conditions. A deceptive bank is a worthless bank and should be avoided like the plague, because who knows what else they aren’t telling us.

  66. Nikole says:

    Popmoney from citibank is not considered as a DD and seen as a transfer. It comes in as a citibankxfer first and last of receiver and first and last name of sender.

    Hope this data point helps,


  67. Jun_Liu_Austin says:

    I tried Ally can it shows ALLY P2P in Amalgamated bank.

  68. Jun_Liu_Austin says:

    I tried Ally and it shows ALLY P2P in Amalgamated bank.

  69. Aaron says:

    Did anyone else get a phone call from Amalgamated? A guy saying he was from Amalgamated just left a VM for me. Number showed from the DC area. Didn’t say what it was regarding. Just wanted me to call him back. As far as I know, account is in good standing. Funded $500 with CC and transferred $500 P2P from my CU hoping it would post as DD. It didn’t. That’s been the only activity.

  70. Josh says:

    Bill-Pay to my credit card that I funded the accoutn with, and pushed $500 from my USAA Savings account. Still haven’t received any bonus from either action, did anyone else receive a bonus since today is a new month?

  71. Ken says:

    After my wife’s account was opened I tried to login to the application to get the account number like I did for mine and it kept saying the password was incorrect even though I copied and pasted it. Reset password and it still said it was incorrect, and then the account was locked. What a PITA. Do they include the account number when they mail the welcome packet?

    • The DJ says:

      They provide you with the account number and routing number as soon as your application is approved – I just saved this info and used it for my direct deposit as well as enrolling in online banking. If you remember your username/password that you created when you first opened the application you can log in and check the status where you will find your account number. I have no issues so far with this bank…just waiting on the bonus now.

  72. The DJ says:

    Was able to fund with BoA Alaska and it posted as a purchase. Thanks for the tip on opening/funding a savings account. Was able to do that with this card as well.

  73. Sean says:

    Funding with Capital One Venture posted as a purchase (“Merchandise” from “Amalgamated Advertising Inc”).

  74. George says:

    I transferred from my Chase account does this count as a Direct deposit? Amalagated showed this “JPMorgan Chase/Ext Trnsfr”

  75. Aaron says:

    Anyone know if Amazon payments from your seller account will work as direct deposit?

    • Ken says:

      I did this and my >$500 payment went in today, so it will be some time before we know if this works. But in the past AZ payment has always worked to satisfy the DD requirement.

      • Ken says:

        My AZ payment finally posted and it looks like it does in other bank accounts. No mention of payroll or direct deposit. Transaction type is listed as deposit, but I’d guess everything going into the account is listed as a deposit.

  76. LT says:

    Mine appears (under account activity) as:
    Transaction type: DEPOSIT

    Would be nice to have other data points of a real payroll deposit to see if the transaction type changes from ‘DEPOSIT’ to something else.

  77. Charuhans says:

    sign up 🙂

  78. Charly Chang says:

    I opened the saving account last night, but since then I was not able login into their banking system, due to “cookies are not accepted by the browser”.

    Apparently I have played with my browser settings, used IE, FF and Safari, used different computer. NONE worked. I am pretty sure I set the cookies properly.

    Is that just me or there is a website issue? I was able to access my online account before opening the saving, but right after it, I lost the access.

    • Charly Chang says:

      The error is

      We are unable to complete your request.

      To log in, you may need to set your Internet browser to accept cookies or go to our website to begin the login process. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

      Reps are not helpful at all.

  79. Daniel says:

    Tried with Chase and I get:

    Description: JPMorgan Chase/Ext Trnsfr
    Transaction type: DEPOSIT

    I don’t think this will work

  80. Fiby says:

    I’m doing a real direct deposit, but one suggestion: a sell order from a brokerage (just buy and sell money market). I had success with that for Santander in the past.

    • Matt says:

      Hey Fiby,

      When your real direct deposit posts, would you be able to reply back here with the description of that transaction? That would be a nice benchmark to use for testing DD data points, since It seems like there haven’t been many confirmed DD triggers yet, since it’s so soon.


      • Sa says:

        Real Direct Deposit of mine shows up like this:

        Completed on: XX/XX/2016
        Description: COMPANY NAME/DIRECT DEP
        Amount: $XXX.XX
        Transaction type: DEPOSIT

  81. Jeff says:

    I guess we’re all still waiting to see what works for the bonus. I myself tried Serve on 5/25. First statement closed on 5/31. Assuming statement will close the last day of every month. I’m wondering if they’re more lenient with what counts as a DD for waiving the monthly fee (like Chase) as I’ll have to try something for June. Except we don’t know what works yet… anyone have any thoughts?

  82. kt says:

    Submitted the application on 6/4, but as of today 6/10 it still shows “Under Review”. Are they normally take this long?

    • Ken says:

      For both my wife and I it took less than one business day to open both accounts. You might want to call them, they’re open 24 hours for online support.

  83. dvice1 says:

    Successfully opened a checking account with $500 from Chase IHG and then opened a savings account a few weeks later for another $500 with Bank of America Major League Baseball World MasterCard (cash advance limit set to $200). Both processed as purchases.

    • Eric says:

      Did you receive a 2nd Chex inquiry when you opened the savings account?

      • John K says:

        How can you review your Chex inquiries?

        • Don says:

          You can get one free ChexSystems report every year (they mail it to you).

          No real time update website/apps [as with Credit Inquiries] that I’m aware of

        • Wyle says:

          From the ChexSystems web site …
          “If you have been denied an account and ChexSystems was used in the decision process, you can request your consumer disclosure report to help you understand what led to this decision.”

          I believe this is in addition the the free yearly report.

  84. Jeff says:

    What is everyone trying to waive the monthly fee for this second statement? They waive the first one, but for those of us who opened an account in May, the next statement may charge a fee this month.

    • Fred says:

      Customer service advised me that they are waiving the monthly fee for 60 days, the same time needed to establish a direct deposit.

    • Barb says:

      I have a small amount of DD that posted yesterday for June statement. Account was opened 2nd week of May, there was no fee charged and I earned a penny. I’ll keep an eye on this discussion.

      • Barb says:

        I sent inquiry via SM since it’s over 30 days and my bonus has not posted. Reply I got seems like a canned response that didn’t specify whether my DD complied with their terms or not. It would’ve been clear if they said NO, your DD does not comply with the requirements and it has to come from exactly what was under our terms and conditions.

        If by 6/30, my bonus doesn’t post, I’ll close this account.

  85. Vadim says:

    Any success stories with ACH to trigger DD requirement?

  86. Jim says:

    Applied over the weekend and got an email today saying I was denied because they couldn’t verify my identity.

    Applied again just now, and was instantly approved at the end of the application process. Weird. I know I answered all the credit report questions correctly…

    • Wyle says:

      Someone familiar with that application software posted that there is also a time limit in completing the questions and, even with all correct answers, if you took too long looking up info the ID check would fail. Personally, I love the … “on or around May of 2009, you opened an account with …”. I’m thinking, which day during that May, because there’s no “all of the above” answer.

  87. Daniel says:

    Got an email about “still time to earn a $150 bonus” — I presume this means my DD attempts did not pass muster. Will probably close my account before the end of the month to avoid that pesky fee.

  88. Dave says:

    Easy sign up process today. I used BoA Cash Rewards for $500

  89. Steven says:

    The fine print has changed – they’ve now made it a RECURRING $500 deposit. This after I received a call from a bank rep saying I qualified for the bonus and recommending that I download the app. Does anyone have an older version of the fine print without the word recurring?

    • Jeff says:

      “Recurring” doesn’t matter. Most banks use this just to deter people from trying ACH transfers. The fine print still states “At least one qualifying direct deposit of $500 or more must post to your account within 60 days of account opening.”

      • Steven says:

        The fine print, as linked above, now specifies “recurring”. I would love to have the original wording on hand. As with Seacoast, the terms are also subject to change. I suspect they are experiencing a similar remorse, especially with the easier avoidance of fees on their checking accounts.

        • Chuck says:

          Pretty sure it didn’t say that. Looks like a change. Let me add that in.

          • Wyle says:

            I took a screen shot of the page when I applied. “… open a Convenience+ Checking Account between April 15 and June 30, 2016, using the URL provided or by mentioning this special offer when you apply by visiting a branch, and you must set up a qualifying recurring direct deposit (including ACH credits of payroll, pension or government payments payable to you) (hereinafter “qualifying direct deposit”) of $500 or more. At least one qualifying direct deposit of $500 or more must post to your account within 60 days of account opening.”

          • Wyle says:

            PS: That was from 5/11/16.

    • Eric says:

      Did you use an employer DD? If not, what did you use to trigger the bonus?

  90. KB says:

    Funded with Barclays Arrival + and it posted as a purchase.

  91. Tech_Mo says:

    Was told by the banker today that they will be doing a manual review of each account after the 60 days since the account opened. Based on that they will determine whether or not the account qualifies for the bonus.

    In other words, it’s not automatic, so they may not be very lenient with the requirements.

    • Jeff says:

      That’s ridiculous because it is nowhere in the terms. Plus, the terms state bonus is supposed to post 30 days after meeting requirements. Now this is extra time – 60 days after account opening?!

      You spoke to a phone CSR?

    • Jeff says:

      Also, this gives us no wiggle room to try different DD methods, as the window for the bonus closes at 60 days. Starting to regret trying this bonus.

    • Barb says:

      This doesn’t sound good, they’re also evading inquiry on the bonus via SM. Instead of saying my $500 DD via ACH does not meet their terms, they’re saying I still have time to comply with the terms to get my bonus. I’m not inclined to put more money if their terms keep on changing.

    • FB says:

      I’ll be setting a real dd for this; don’t want to lose out, and have opened an account for no bonus.

  92. Jeff S. says:

    DP – Funded with Barclaycard Arrival (non +) CC – posted as purchase, “Merchant Category: MISCELLANEOUS AND SPECIALTY RETAIL STORES “. I had set my cash advance limit to $0 prior to funding.

  93. Charly Chang says:

    what is wrong with their web service? most of the time I cannot login.

  94. Alex says:

    Has anyone’s bonus posted to their account yet? If so, was it a real DD or did you transfer from another account?

  95. Daniel says:

    Was able to close my account by PM, looks like I avoided that $10 fee

  96. chris says:

    Just received my bonus. Roughly 5 weeks after DD. I used my Serve for the DD. Ranks up there with one of the quickest and easiest bonuses yet.

  97. Zee says:

    It seems like my “JPMorgan Chase/Ext Trnsfr” (ACH from a chase Biz Account to Amalgamated) set off the bonus. 33 days after the Deposit.

    I did have to call the bank on day 31, and tell the rep that since my account was opened under the original T&C’s, they would need to pay out the bonus within 30 days of the direct deposit, not “within 30 days of 60 days of account opening”

    $150 showed up to my account, but there was no transaction accompanying it in the transaction history.

    Anyone else that got the bonus not have it show in the transaction history?

  98. 262 says:

    Just received my bonus too, also about five weeks after DD with Schwab Investor.

  99. Daniel says:

    Finally! Mine posted with a transaction date of 6/22, 5 weeks after a “real” payroll DD on 5/15.

  100. Steve says:

    Just got the bonus…

    Here are my details:

    5/13/16 – Account opening, $500 purchase on Chase Freedom
    5/27/16 – $500 DD from employer
    6/22/16 – $150 bonus posted

  101. snwbrdguy says:

    Bonus received today

    5/11/16 – Account opened
    Couple transfers from Alliant
    6/22/16 – Bonus deposited

  102. Skyriver says:

    Bonus posted on 06/22, Bluebird on 05/23

  103. annex1982 says:

    I also just saw the bonus posted on my account. I did used Ally Bank, Huntington Bank Bill Pay (BP), and Chase external account transfer. I’m not sure which one counts, but I’m just sharing this information.

    Opened: 05/12/2016.
    DD: 06/01 (Ally Bank), 06/06 (Huntington BP), 06/13 (Chase)
    Bonus: 06/22

  104. Jeff says:

    Bonus posted for me today too!

    Serve Withdrawal: 5/25
    Bonus: 6/22

    Was starting to get worried with all the recent comments. Great bonus!

  105. David says:

    Opened 5/12, ACH of $500 from Schwab on 5/17, Bonus on 6/22.

  106. PeaceandPost says:

    bonus received 6/22. opened 5/15 discover ACH push of $500 on 5/25 triggered bonus.

  107. Wyle says:

    Opened 5/11, ACH pushes from Fidelity of $520 on 5/27 and 6/17 (0 fee + couldn’t hurt), bonus posted 6/22.
    Looks like they did batch processing.

  108. Adam D says:

    Of my 10 checking accounts and 11 credit cards currently open, this crap bank is the only one which will not let me login abroad, no security question option allowed, and since I dont use my US cell # abroad I have no way to sign in unless calling customer service which isn’t 24/7. Im thinking of just cutting my losses with this bonus, not sure if fidelity will trigger and if its $500 needed reoccuring forget it, Im aat $1550 checking bonuses so far this year with $150 still pending from santanderm which seems to be the longest bonus to hit, along with talmer bank.

  109. peter says:

    maybe not, or I got unlucky. Made a $500 payroll DD 5/23, no bonus, SM response was “Thank you for contacting us today with your inquiry. We are currently in the process of reviewing accounts to ensure the criteria has been met. The $150 bonus will be credited to your account within the coming days. “

  110. Nikole says:

    Bonus posted on 6/22 and used Serve as a DD.

  111. mike says:

    Amalgamted Bank bonus just posed on 6-22. Did Huntington bank transfer that coded as “P2P” and Serve x2.
    Looking at Nikole’s post. Sounds like Serve is the DD source, not the huntington bank. good to know.

  112. JM says:

    Used CapitalOne 360 for DD, bonus posted on 6/22

  113. al260513 says:

    Bonus posted and email sent stating I received the $150 bonus.

    Dd with paypal.

  114. Nick says:

    Bonus posted on 6/22 – I used direct deposits that were over $500 from my brokerage firm.

  115. Yosh says:

    Has anyone received the $150 bonus and closed out their account? If so, were you charged an early termination fee?

  116. JP says:

    Got declined too. Anybody had success in opening account without visiting branch?

  117. dan says:

    thx for a reminder, DoC. opened 1 each for both mine & wife’s. cap1 venture is coded as merchandise. about the saving acct, we can open 1 & fund it with a CC after the chkg acct is available, correct?

  118. Pag says:

    Is there online banking working correctly? I enrolled in online banking after opening the checking account, but when I try to login it says it needs to verify by sending a text message to one of two phone numbers I don’t even recognize. I never entered those numbers – not sure what’s going on.

  119. Pag says:

    Is their online banking working correctly? I enrolled in online banking after opening the checking account, but when I try to login it says it needs to verify by sending a text message to one of two phone numbers I don’t even recognize. I never entered those numbers – not sure what’s going on.

    • DJ says:

      I had the same question about the online banking – the user id / password you create while creating the application is only for the application, not for online banking. This can be used to save your application and resume later.

      For online banking, you may need to “enroll” later on, with your checking account number. I did that and a message said the online banking will be enabled in 1-3 business days.

  120. Bill says:

    Funded $500 with TD Ameritrade Client Rewards VISA — posted as:
    Merchant: Amalgamated Bank Inc
    Type: Mail/Phone Order

    Another bit of data to add to your knowledge base on this TD card —- I called to reduce cash advance limit and was told that this limit is hard coded to 30% of total credit limit and cannot be changed.

  121. info says:

    hmm interesting. It looks like the bonus posted just after my 50 cent verification deposit from my bank. I made a $500 transfer yesterday but it didnt post yet..yet I show a $150 pending credit. maybe they are not even verifying deposits and just waiting a month after opening..

    unions … takes them 15 days to open my account .. and they don’t even bother to check that the terms are fullfilled before paying out my bonus.. amazing 🙂

    • sonia says:

      same here. was about to initiate DD but saw the $150 so 🙂

    • Ken says:

      I don’t think so, at least not in my case. I opened my account May 25th, and I haven’t received the bonus yet.

      What bank did you do the trial credits with? I did Schwab and they posted 2+ weeks ago. I did a $500+ DD from my Amazon seller account June 2nd.

  122. Nancy says:

    Received my $150 bonus today, 7/1/2016 after a direct employer payroll deposit of $510 on 6/24.

    • Tech_Mo says:

      Strange, I did my direct deposit back on 06/01 and still no bonus for me… wonder why they didn’t accept it. Could it possibly be because I pulled it out right away?

  123. Pablo says:

    Data Point for DD:

    Did an ACH Push from Santander Bank to Amalgamated Bank a little almost a month ago.

    saw a mysterious $150 added to my checking account but no transaction info about the $150. Also did not get any email of meeting the requirement and getting the $150 like some other people here mentioned.

    I guess ACH works with a Santander account?

    • Pablo says:

      Yup! Its definitely the $150 Bonus – New Account Promotion. Shows in my transaction history now. So it looks like ACH works (at least with Santander) as well as from Paypal/Serve (according to the above users who tried it with that method).

      Also, will we be able to edit our comments in the future? Would be nice!

    • Abigail says:

      How do you do the ACH Push from Santander- through bill pay or as an external transfer? Trying to initiate this transfer to Amalgamated to trigger the bonus.

  124. Hongchang says:

    ACH from Chase on 6/2, Payroll DD on 6/15, $150 bonus posted on 7/1. Not sure which one triggered it.

  125. Steve says:

    With no mention of an Early Termination Fee, are people just going the route of closing right after the Bonus posts?

    It looks like I might just drain my account down to $0 and let it auto-close after 30 days, as an above post suggests…

  126. Ramiro says:

    SERVE counted as DD

  127. Ben says:

    received bonus 7/1. Payroll DD on 5/31 and 6/30.

  128. Yosh says:

    Anybody tried converting their Convenience Plus checking account to the Affordable checking account to avoid having to meet the DD requirement? Then perhaps we don’t need to close the account right away.

    CSR said $500 DD must continue monthly until bonus is posted. Not sure if this is true. I assume we can decrease to $1 DD once bonus posts to avoid the monthly service fee. Any thoughts?

  129. Tom says:

    Payroll DD $500 on June 1st
    Payroll DD $10 on July 1st
    Bonus also posted on July 1st

  130. Simon says:

    employer dd on 6/30. bonus posted on 7/1.

  131. John K says:

    Opened/funded account 5/23
    6/6 Direct Deposit of five dollars from employer
    6/20 DD of $5 from employer
    7/1 $150 Bonus deposited
    7/5 $500 direct deposit from employer
    I did schedule the $500 direct deposit last week, but obviously it didn’t post until afterwards. Huh.

  132. Adam D says:

    Opened 5/23. First payroll DD was $490. subsequent ones were less. Recieved bonus 7/1. Maybe the $500 is combined monthly? Still going to send over a chase $500 ach for safety.

  133. Mikey says:

    Just got the bonus and used Ally for the direct deposit.

  134. Prashanth says:

    got the bonus today. DD from payroll $500 and then $100. Plan to keep the account to make use of fee free ACH push/pull.

  135. FB says:

    Open on 6/15 with $500 cc deposit.
    Bonus posted 7/1
    I haven’t made any dd into account yet.
    Made a few billpays already.
    Everything working well.

  136. Keith says:

    Did anyone do multiple people in the same household and have the bonus post for them in both? I opened for myself and wife but bonus only posted to my account and not for the wife. Both were open on the same day.

  137. K. says:

    xfer Discover triggered the bonus.

  138. beatgammit says:

    Another data point: my Arrival+ was treated as a purchase. I had set my cash advance limit to $200.

    I’m opening a money market account now and it’s pending as a purchase, so I’m not worried about it being treated as a cash advance. Once the bonus posts, I’ll probably try to open more savings accounts and see if I can fund them all with credit.

  139. Charles says:

    what the what? I sent $550 from etrade 7/8. Logged in on amalgamated today to see if it had posted. I found the $150 bonus had already posted on 7/1 with NO deposits at all. The only thing I ever did was open the account with Prestige. Time to empty and close it!

  140. AndrewG says:

    Re: Amalgamated Bank $150 Convenience Plus checking offer.
    $501.02 direct deposit hit account on 06/13/2016 via paypal.
    Received $150 bonus on 07/08/2016

  141. FB says:

    Great bank so far. I’ve asked them various questions via email & chat,
    and they’ve responded promptly. They also called me with some follow up
    info to a question that was asked via chat. Nice to have support like that.

  142. Eddy Cue says:

    I dont know why my bonus hasnt posted yet. DD from employer of 500 was on 6/9.
    Several data points of deposits after mine have received their bonus. Not sure whats going on. Maybe they are on a particular schedule we are not aware of?

    I havent called to ask about the status yet. Tempted to wait till early August maybe (but i think i read you get the bonus within 30 days of DD – might be wrong)

    • FB says:

      Call them Eddy. I wouldn’t wait. They have great support, and should clear up whatever problem there may be.

      • Eddy Cue says:

        Thanks FB. I did call. I may have screwed up or they screwed me over.

        Rep reviewed my account and mentioned the lack of recurring DD (when I signed up it wasn’t in the fine print and I just saw the notes on here a few days ago – if I had called earlier maybe I would have caught it.)

        Anyway I have a DD hitting my account tomorrow (outside the 60 days) and the rep says maybe I will get the bonus in August. Not keeping my hopes up and I’m writing this off as a 150$ loss and a lesson.

        Funny thing is the rep did not initially see my DD in my list of transactions. I had to point it out to her. Also weird how some DP on here say they got the bonus few days after their DD or even BEFORE the DD hit their account. Makes no sense.

        Oh well. Live and learn

  143. Raymond says:

    Anyone have luck closing their checking and savings via SM?

  144. Skyriver says:

    Just managed to downgrade to Affordable Checking using their online chat feature. It has no monthly fee, from there, you can follow the advice of leaving $0 balance and let the account be closed automatically after 30 days.

    • tgienger59 says:

      Thanks Skyriver, that’s exactly what I’ve just done. Converted to Affordable Checking, removed DD info and will let it close automatically.

  145. M says:

    What is the strategy after being declined for the savings account because of not being able to verify your identity? Apply again in 30 days?

  146. M says:

    It seems they process bonuses on the first of the month. I transferred $500 from Chase in early July and the bonus posted today.

    • Jim says:

      What does the deposit look like in your account? Is it something like CHASEXFER? I transferred 500 in early July as well but have not received the bonus

  147. Stephen says:

    On my account, I received the bonus last month. On my wife’s, everything was done the same, but no bonus posted. My only thought is her 2nd DD was only $10 instead of $500. I may have to do 1-2 more $500’s and wait until September and hope it posts, then may have to call.

  148. Matt says:

    My bonus also posted yesterday (8/1). I did three ACH pushes: Discover Bank, Ally Bank, and Serve. Here’s how everything appeared on my online banking:

    07/06 – DISCOVER BANK/P2P MATTHEW **** (My Last Name)
    07/20 – ALLY BANK/P2P MATTHEW **** (My Last Name)
    08/01 – Bonus – New Account Promotion

    I’m assuming that Serve is what triggered the bonus, since Discover and Ally showed as P2P and detected my real name, but I thought I saw other comments here that said those banks counted, so who knows. Here’s my data point, hope it helps.

    This was a quick and easy bonus, thanks for the heads up DoC!

  149. Den says:

    7/4 JPMorgan Chase/Ext Trnsfr $1000
    7/25 JPMorgan Chase/Ext Trnsfr $1000
    08/01 – Bonus – New Account Promotion

  150. Vasv says:

    Thanks Doc!!

    08/01 – Bonus – New Account Promo… 150.00
    07/14 – ALLY BANK/P2P 501.00
    07/07 – CAPITAL ONE N.A./CAPITALO… 500.00
    6/30 – Initial Deposit 500.00 – funded with One vanilla master card

    7/15 – chat with rep to see if the account opened with checking bonus. msg from chat “Our records indicate you established a Convenience Plus Checking Account with the promotion for $150. We do see that you have established an electronic deposit of $500. and you do meet the requirements for the promotion. Please be advised it takes some time to receive the bonus which is currently in process”

    I guess any ACH should trigger the bonus if the chat rep message is true.

  151. Wyle says:

    Arrrgh. Forgot to set up ongoing DD and got charged $10 fee for July. -face palm-

  152. Kaywei says:

    Opened my account on 6/30 and still no debit card. Called twice and apparently you have to call and ask for one, it’s not automatically sent. WTH? Anyway, I’ve completed a few $500 DD, but have no way to verify or access the money yet, which is super annoying. Hoping to get the card this week and then hunt down my bonus if it hasn’t posted yet.

  153. Eddy Cue says:

    I’m being thrown for a loop by Amalgamated – I have previously ranted baove about the bonus not posting due to my DD not being recurring after a phone call with a rep. I had all but given up and written it off. I decided to chat with a rep online and now she says that my account does not have the bonus!!! What ridiculousness? I believe i followed all the steps but something’s fishy here (she may well be right).

    I haven’t seen any DP of the bonus not posting especially after employer DD so maybe my account does not have the bonus indeed but i doubt that (no way of confirming without screenshots). Will probably try to call again and see if i get a 3rd opinion. After that I might just close the account

  154. dan says:

    opened an acct end of june; since haven’t got a chance to do a DD in july, got charged a $10 fee earlier in aug.; called to inquire about new acct would have 60 days window to do a DD & got a $10 credit back to the acct.

    besides Chase xfer that worked form some folks, did anyone get the bonus from Penfed xfer? TIA

  155. JDoc13 says:

    6/9: Applied for account; funded with $500 from Chase Freedom Unlimited
    6/10: Account opened
    6/16: $500 cleared (coded as purchase)
    6/30: Direct deposit from work
    7/1: $150 reward received
    7/5: Account withdrawn to $0
    7/21: Account downgraded to Affordable Checking
    8/20: No long able to login to online account; it must have been closed

  156. John says:

    6/23: opened account with $500 from SWA Premier CC(posted as a purchase)
    6/26 opened savings account with $500 from CSP card (posted as a purchase)
    7/29 charged partial fee for checking account, about $4 net after offset credit
    8/05 Payroll DD finally hits account
    8/29 $150 “bonus” in account, no notation in account activity, balance just $150 higher than before.
    Not the easiest bonus, but they add up!

  157. Austin says:

    DP: Fidelity brokerage transfer still works to trigger Chase DD requirements as of mid January 2017

  158. Ferris says:

    Just a data point, if you really don’t like what this bank stands for (like myself), I have been opening & closing accounts to MS $500 at a time when I get new credit cards. Obviously you should do this carefully and not too quickly. I’ve probably only done 3-4 accounts over the past year.

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