Posted by William Charles on July 25, 2016
Checking Accounts

Published on July 25th, 2016 | by William Charles


[CA only] $150 Tech CU Checking Promotion

Update: Offer now restricted to Californian residents

Extended till August.

Update: Tech CU have added the following fine print to the offer:

Maximum total credit $150. Credits are posted to Tech CU savings account as of the end of the month in which the verified qualifying transaction occurs, but will not count toward the balance available for withdrawal until nine months after account opening. If account is closed within nine months of opening, credit posted under this offer and any dividends accrued thereon will be forfeited.

Basically you need to keep the account open for a minimum of six months now. Not sure when the new terms came in, but they were there on the 15th of January at the very latest. Given their is no monthly account fee, it’s not really a big deal.

[Originally posted on 9/16/14. We’re reposting today, 1/1/16 since the expiration date got extended until 7/31/16. It’s been confirmed to be a soft inquiry and $1k in credit card funding, plus easy direct deposit requirements. We’ve updated the credit card funding and direct deposit data points as well.]

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $150
  • Availability:
    • Offer now restricted to Californian residents
    • Anybody can become a member if they join Financial Fitness Association first ($8 fee). Or sign up directly if you live, work, worship, or attend school in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, or San Francisco Counties or are an employee of their tech CU member companies or are related to or live with existing member
  • Direct deposit required: $500+, recurring, see what counts here
  • Additional requirements: Online bill payment
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Up to $125, Visa/MC/Amex/Discover
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: Nine months, bonus forfeited
  • Expiration date: December 31st, 2015 July 31, 2016 August 17th, 2017 December 31st, 2017


The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $150 when you open a Tech CU checking account, with promo code: moveon. The bonus is broken down as follows:
    • $100 for establishing a recurring direct deposit of at least $500
    • $50 for performing three Tech CU online bill payments or other automated Tech CU payment

techcu 150 promo

The Fine Print

  • Requirements must be completed within 90 days of account opening
  • Bonus will post at the end of the month in which the requirements were meet
  • Offer valid only for new-to-Tech CU personal checking accounts. Not available on UTMA, HSA, IRA or business accounts
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Their basic checking account doesn’t come with any monthly fees. I wasn’t able to find any mention of an early account termination fee in their fee schedule. But given there is no monthly maintenance fee, it’s probably a good idea to keep it open at least six months.

They have added fine print to the bonus that says the bonus is not available for withdrawal for six nine months.

Our Verdict

We don’t really have enough information to know whether this is a good deal or not, if it’s soft pull and can be funded with a credit card than yes, but if it’s a hard pull forget about it. If anybody has any experience with this bank, please let us know in the comments below.

Update: It’s been confirmed in the comments that it’s a soft pull and that it can be funded with a credit card up to $1,000, even with Amex (now only $125 and no amex). The direct deposit requirement also seems like an easy one. Since this in nationally available, it should be a popular bonus.

Direct link to offer

424 Responses to [CA only] $150 Tech CU Checking Promotion

  1. Josh says:

    2nd time in as many days that I tipped you on something but you didnt HT. Im happy to provide info for you to disseminate to others, I would just appreciate a thank you.

  2. star says:

    I wonder if this is related to First Tech CU? I just signed up last week and it also required financial fitness membership. This one I can actually qualify for without that since I’m in the Bay Area, but my credit report is a war zone of hard inquiries so I don’t think I’ll go first… 😉

  3. jay says:

    emailed them. They were fast in replying back. Its a chexsystem inquiry. They also proactively alerted me about the promotion and requirements to meet for the $150 bonus. I think I might go for this if one of band DD counts for them.

  4. happyfeet says:

    I saw that Tech CU allows CC funding for up to $1,000. Does anyone know if the CC, like Chase or Barclays, will count it as CA?

  5. chasinthetiger says:

    Maximum funding amount is $1,000 and you can use Visa, MC, AMEX, or Discover.

  6. star says:

    Apparently there are referral links!

    From the FAQ:
    “Simply go to this link and refer your friend to Tech CU. If your friend opens up a checking account, you’ll receive $50 and they’ll receive $100.*”

  7. Sam Smith says:

    I just e-mailed them to ask if ACH counts as direct deposit. Will await their reply.

    Someone else should ask about the credit card funding, whether it’s cash advance or not.

    • There is no need to ask them this sort of question, ACH is never supposed to count as a direct deposit. It’s a flaw in the system.

      • Ron says:

        I was told by one of their reps that an ACH transfer from a bank will count as a direct deposit and will report back here when I confirm that.

        In my experience have found that most credit unions still accept ACH transfers as direct deposits while banks do not. Don’t know how long that will last but taking advantage of as many of these bonuses as I can while the getting is good.

        • IOException says:

          Keep asking bankers stupid questions, I’m sure they’ll never get wiser *roll eyes*.

          • Raul says:

            Right. I wonder what the conversation is like. I imagine it going something like ” hey I’m trying to game ur system but want to know if u can give me more info on how to game ur system.”

    • Daniel says:

      Wtf? Unbelievable!

    • info says:

      I seriously hope your trolling,…

      • Ken says:

        You’d be surprised how incredibly clueless and common sense-lacking people are. Not just some people, LOTS of people. And these people sincerely mean no harm, but they don’t realize the harm they could do.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          I completely agree. You could argue that those lacking common sense are more dangerous than those who are aware and doing it maliciously. Just look at idiot drivers in the rain. At least the guy with a drivers license for 20 years knows he’s driving stupid and *may* act safely in certain circumstances. If I had to be near him or a 17 year old who hasn’t seen rain in California since he got his license, it’s a no brainer I’d avoid the 17 year old. People without common sense are extremely dangerous.

          I had someone on DoC argue with me over contacting support being common sense or if it’s a newbie thing. You’ll never get me to agree that calling support and asking about circumstances not stated in the terms (when looking for loopholes to exploit) is just a newbie thing. No, it’s lacking common sense. It just requires people to think (and perhaps perform a few seconds of work). I’d like to think it’s more a matter of laziness and not an inherent inability to comprehend on a fairly basic level.

  8. Douglas says:

    Called in, they said it’s chexsystems and soft inquiry, but no hard inquiry. Also said a savings account is needed for becoming a member. $25 must be deposited in the savings and kept there at all times.

  9. JOHNJON says:

    has anyone confirmed how much you can fund with cc????

  10. Jason says:

    Just signed up. Limit is $1,000. For credit card funding.

    • Douglas says:

      Did it post as a purchase? Mind giving a data point on what card you used?

    • Miles Hustler says:

      Did it result in a hard credit pull?

    • Eric says:

      Did they allow Amex or only MC & Visa?

      • Douglas says:

        I want to say it wasn’t just visa and mc but I could be wrong. They are also trying to make this as easy as possible. Bill pay shows credit cards as an option. Can fund with credit card for $1000 and use bill pay to pay it right back, though you probably don’t want a closed loop.

    • Cody says:

      Just attempted to fund with a credit card today, currently limited to $125 per account for savings and checking.

      • David_07259 says:

        Me too—$125 max. Easily opened though, and there are several orgs in the member list that are free.

        • David_07259 says:

          Oh, and I was just called by CS to verify that I was “an employee” of the organization I chose. I told him that it didn’t explicitly say I had to be employed, but could be a member of an organization. He accepted this and moved on. I didn’t use the association listed above, so I don’t know if this will be problematic for anyone else.

          • David says:

            Update: These people audited my account and despite the fact that I joined one of the organizations clearly listed in their drop-down menu, because I don’t work for them my account was rejected and closed.

            Be aware before you waste time.

  11. Don says:

    PNC worked as a DD. I can confirm Soft Inquiry

  12. Austin says:

    + Used AmEx EveryDay CC to fund the initial 1k (no CA).
    + Used Ally external transfer (ACH) for DD
    + Used a Bill Pay to pay $51 toward a credit card.

    Received $100 + $50 bonus deposits within a week of the requirements posting. 10/10 would do again.

  13. Douglas says:

    Setup Alliant as external and test deposit triggered $50 bonus. Will pay credit card for bill pay and collect rest.

  14. M. Smith says:

    I used my Citi Double Cash card to fund with $1000. Posted as purchase! Waiting for it to clear in the CU account so that I can bill pay it back out. Anyone know the routing number for this bank?

  15. jay says:

    Are you forced to use CC in your name for funding? Trying to meet someones minimum spending meet.

  16. Steve says:

    i was required to deposit 25 dollars in savings account, is there a fee associated with savings account, cant seem to find this info?

  17. J. Grant says:

    For those that have nothing to do with Cali, Bay Area and what not, did you join the Financial Fitness Association first? Is there a page that asks you to validate your membership, or eligibility to join this CU? Thanks!

    • Ron says:

      I asked that same question of their customer support before signing up with Tech CU and yes, you have to sign up with Financial Fitness before signing up with Tech CU as there is no way to do so when signing up for a Tech CU account.

  18. jay says:

    anyone did cap one external transfer to this account and got the bonus?

  19. chasinthetiger says:

    Has anyone tried funding with a Chase card?

  20. chasinthetiger says:

    Dropped my Cash Advance limit to $20 and was able to fund with my Chase BA card.

  21. jay says:

    Has anyone used cap one to transfer funds and was it counted DD? how long does it take to see first $100 after the successful DD?

    • Douglas says:

      I’m still waiting for the $100 to post as well. Tried Alliant, got impatient, and tried Ally. Neither has shown up yet.

    • Ron says:

      I’m still waiting on my bonus also. According to TechCU

      “Credits are posted to Tech CU checking account as of the end of the month in which the verified qualifying transaction occurs”.

      Since I made my direct deposit using Ally Bank on Oct 1 and a bill pay on Oct 15, should see the $150 bonus at the end of this month.

  22. jay says:

    Just got both bonuses deposited few minutes ago.

  23. Eric says:

    Has anyone had success funding with a Fidelity Amex?

  24. nab says:

    Data Points: Opened account around Oct. 15th. Funded account with Citi Prestige. ACH transfer from Synchrony bank for direct deposit. Paid credit card bill for bill pay. Got bonus a few days after fulfilling requirements. VERY EASY AND QUICK!!!
    You can do the whole thing within a week or 2, so ZERO money tied up. Free $142 (plus up to $1000 credit card spend).

  25. Raymond says:

    Hey all – I funded the account with $1000 on my Barclays A+ card – no CA fees. Can confirm that Discover Cashback Check ACH push in to the Tech CU checking triggers the ACH DD bonus. Did the bill pay. Both bonuses (100+50) hit on 10/31 (at the end of the month in which the requirements were met).

    Great deal and would definitely do again.

  26. Tinker says:

    Hey all, just to share – I funded the account with $1000 on my BoA Alaska, posted as purchase.

  27. M. Smith says:

    I got the $50 bill pay bonus in October. But even after three $500 ACHs from Quorum FCU, no $100 DD bonus. I only have about three weeks left to complete. I may either do a one-time DD from my next paycheck (in two weeks) or try from my Discover checking, since that worked for someone else. Maybe I should do both as I am running out of time!

  28. Jay says:

    offer now showing available until 7/31/16 (see terms at the very bottom of the direct link page)

  29. ENOTTY says:

    Received my bonus on Dec 31. I funded the account from a CC for the maximum amount, did a Schwab ACH push of $500, and a bill pay to another CC. Very easy bonus!

    Also the bank itself is pretty fast with showing ACHs and funds availability. The web interface is pretty bad. But all in all, not a bad credit union!

  30. Johnny says:

    techcu website is down right now?

  31. Leo says:

    What exactly is a “recurring” DD requirement? You have to make several deposits totaling 500, not just one deposit?

  32. jason says:

    I just signed up for the financialfitnessassociation. When I tried to login, it shows “You have been temporarily locked out of this system. This means that you will not be able to sign-in or use several other features that may compromise security. Please try back in a short while.” Anyone have the same sisuation?

    • chris says:

      Same here. But it doesn’t seem to matter. After waiting awhile and still being locked out I just went ahead and went through the whole app process on the TechCU site for the checking/savings account and they still verified I was a member of the FFA. So as long as you’ve registered and paid your $8 you apparently don’t need to log in for any further bank verification purposes.

  33. Mark Zhang says:

    Will a student checking qualify? I saw the option and did not know which one to choose from the “products”. The terms states that “To qualify for offer, a new membership and Tech CU checking account must be opened by July 31, 2016”. There seems to be no restrictions on which kind of checking account.

  34. Mark Zhang says:

    Another question. As I attempted to pay the Financial Fitness Association membership fee, I noticed the description said “One Year Membership with Financial..” So do people outside the area have to keep paying the membership fee in order to keep their Tech CU account? I know it is possible that many would close their accounts in a certain period of time. Just curious about how this affiliated membership requirement works with CUs.

    • Win says:

      Mark, once you’re approved and a member of Tech CU you retain your membership even if things change; see at link below:

      This is fairly common among credit unions.

      • Win says:

        ! Update to my comment of January 8, 2016 at 12:41 pm.

        The link is incorrect (to a similarly-named credit union), but I phoned the correct Tech CU and the representative confirmed that once a member you remain a member as long as your savings account is open in good standing, even if you leave their field of membership. Sorry for the error.

  35. anthonyjh21 says:

    Anyone with data points re: Capital One and whether or not you’re charged for a cash advance? Can’t find any data points on DoC or via Google.

    • Shaun says:

      Just used my Venture to open the account. Coming through as a pending purchase so far, as “other services.”

      It did trip a fraud alert though. Capital One declined the charge at first and I immediately got an email asking if it was fraudulent. I tried again and it went through, they then deactivated my card and made me call to confirm the charge.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        Thanks for that data point. So at this point the charge cleared, no cash advance charge, and your account is back up and running? Sounds like a positive outcome despite several annoying hurdles.

  36. Joe says:

    I didn’t sign up for Financial Fitness Association at all, I just chose it during the registration for the checking account and it didn’t ask for anything to verify my FFA membership and my Tech CU checking account was successfully opened about 15 minutes after I submitted it. So I don’t think it actually matters to register with the FFA

  37. Shawn says:

    8$ financial fitness fee is refundable within first two months. Any data on early termination for Tech CU?

    • John says:

      Where does it says its refundable?

      • shawn says:

        When you click Join now on financial fitness website, under “our guarantee to you” it states:

        “If you are not satisfied with your membership, you may contact us within the first two months of your membership and we will gladly refund your $8.00 membership fee, no questions asked. Simply make your request in writing and we will take care of it. “

  38. Simple says:

    Is signing up to FFA absolutely necessary? I was able to go through the application process without doing so. I’ve been approved, but still waiting on accounts to be opened. I paid for FFA membership afterwards.

    I didn’t have the option to CC fund through AMEX. I did have the option to do it through Discover, but was unable to link my card (which I use fine everywhere else).

  39. harry says:

    how to do ” recurring” for this condition? deposit 500 every month?

    Direct deposit required: $500+, recurring

  40. Darv says:

    Did employer DD, one bill pay. Bonus posted next day. Funded with Freedom, purchase. I like their website, nice and clean. I plan to keep the account for potential loans.

  41. Jim says:

    My checking account was approved shortly after I applied but I can’t login. It’s prompting me for a “security question (ie: what is your favorite food)” but I was never asked to set any questions during registration. This is pretty annoying.

    Anyone else seeing the same problem?

    • Shawn says:

      I had this happen. After application approval, you will have to sign up for online banking from the main page. From there you will set security questions.

    • Dave says:

      Yes – If I try to login with the username, it will ask some obscure question like that.
      The fix for me is to log in with the email address instead.. Good luck.

  42. Pag says:

    Can we use a debit card for funding?

  43. EP says:

    Alliant ACH triggered both DD bonus, bonus posted same day. No hard pull.

  44. Harry says:

    Like Simple, I also was unable to fund with Amex. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are all listed as options, though.

  45. Elliot says:

    Thanks Will! Started signing up for bank bonuses this past year after learning about them from DoC and appreciate all of these.

    I’m trying to set up a transfer from another bank to meet the DD requirement, and noticed that my checking and savings accounts have the same account number, with just a slight modifier at the end – e.g, A12 for checking and A13 for savings (not the actual modifier). I’ve never had a bank account number with a letter in it before, and was confused if this is just an internal Tech CU differentiation or if I can/should include that in the account number I enter on my external bank’s website to set up the transfer. Thanks!

  46. John says:

    Can anyone tried to use AMEX as funding? I can’t see AMEX in the list while applying

  47. Charuhans says:

    How long did it take from opening the account till it was functional to set up bill pay etc.?

  48. mk712 says:

    When I opened the account online I was asked for a handful of security questions sourced from my credit report (such as “which is the nearest hospital?”, “first two digits of your SSN”, “how long have you been living at that address?”, etc.). A bunch of banks use those. My application went to pending and I received a call today telling me that I answered one of these questions wrong and since they couldn’t verify my identity I would have to go to a branch in person to open the account.

    I’ll go tomorrow but it’s a hassle. I hope that doesn’t affect the CC funding (there’s been a temp auth on my CC since I applied).

  49. Amos says:

    Opened it today, paid financial fitness fee, everything went smoothly – funded with Chase Hyatt. Bank just called to tell me the promotion “moveon” ended on the 31st of December and there was nothing she could do….she also confirmed there are no monthly minimums, deposit requirements, and there is no early termination fee. This helped me hit the minimum on my Chase Hyatt, but I probably won’t keep around for much longer if there’s no early termination…

    • Tucknology says:

      The person you spoke to was misinformed. The promotion is extended until July 31, 2016. This is clearly stated in the fine print on their website for the promotion:

    • Added data point about Chase Hyatt, rep you spoke to was wrong though.

      • Amos says:

        Thanks for pointing the date out – called back, spoke to a different rep about the issue who then put me on a 10 minute hold. After which she said she’d have to research the issue with her IT department in case the date is wrong?? I asked if she saw on the website July 31, 2016 and she said yes but she still needs to research the issue and would call me back in the same business day (which she never did)… Very confused by the customer service at this bank.

  50. Question says:

    What happens if you don’t followup with the recurring DD? Will they yank the award?

  51. Quan says:

    I am required to open a Saving account with the basic checking. Is this the same for everyone? Any fees for the saving account?

  52. David says:

    Nice and easy bonus! Made my billpay on Dec 3rd and my ACH from Capital One 360 online account on Dec 14th and my bonuses posted Dec 31st. 2 Thumbs up.

  53. Alan says:

    Ugh – I got one question on the chexsystems wrong – I know – stupid error and called in the bank – they said they would research it for 30 days and then I could call in after that to see if I could re-apply…

    I said no – please pull it and forget about it…. learn from my stupidity… do not make this mistake- it took 30 minutes on the phone for them to even figure out what to do with me since I was not around a brick and mortar…

  54. Marco says:

    Has anyone been able to bypass the saving account requirement? It just bundles itself directly during the application and no way to remove it.

  55. Jerad says:

    Data point: Attempted to fund credit card with Citi Business AAdvantage Platinum Select card, but would not work. Funded instead $1,000 with Chase Ink Plus.

  56. Dave says:

    Opening deposit via CapOne Quicksilver showing as Other Services.
    That is the same catagory as buying a gift card via Groupon.

  57. chris says:

    Another potentially dumb question but does it make a big difference whether you pull your DD from your outside bank into TechCU or push your DD from your outside bank into TechCU? I linked my Schwab account with my new TechCU account via trial deposits from TechCU into Schwab so I have to initiate the transfer from TechCU and I realized that would be a “pull” and I’m thinking I need a “push”, or initiate the transfer from my Schwab account. So I would need to add TechCu to my Schwab external bank options in that case. Or am I over-thinking this?

    • Over thinking it, should code exactly the same but a push would look more natural than a pull in terms of looking like payroll.

      • chris says:

        Thanks. In the future I’ll just remember to initiate a link from the external bank instead of the bonus bank.

      • Don says:

        I normally always do an ACH push from another financial institution.

        Before the push this time, I pulled some funds from another credit union using Tech CU, and I can confirm this pull triggered the bonus.

  58. Win says:

    I was only able to fund $99 into savings and checking via credit card, even though the card funding limits are higher, and this isn’t the only occurrence; it seems that the application site’s validation is limiting entry to two digits(!). Has anyone else experienced this? One day I’ll try applying without Adblock Plus active…

  59. Primo says:

    Declined an account as I failed the verification. Asked a bunch of house questions, but I’m staying with relatives. First Tennessee asked for documents (pending approval), Tech outright declined. Only option is to go in branch, but I’m nowhere near them. After calling in, rep said apply again in 30 days.

  60. Jay says:

    Just applied for basic checking and savings and chose to fund $1k with ink plus ($975 checking, $25 savings). Got through verification and to the very end where it says congratulations but also says both checking and savings accounts are “pending review” and “We will contact you in a couple of days when we’ve reviewed your application. If you have any questions before then, just give us a call at (800) 553-0880”. On the bright side, my card was just charged $1k. Anyone else run into this?

    • Jay says:

      edit: during the verification process I was asked to submit a copy of my photo id so I took a pic of my DL and uploaded it to them

      • Jay says:

        alright I got an email today to call them so I did.They wanted to verify where I was when I submitted the online app (was at my workplace) and the isp (comcast) for some reason, but once I did that she put me on hold for a minute then said the application was approved and I got 2 emails shortly after saying accounts opened.

  61. Derek says:

    Will Capitol One treat this as a CA? When I spoke w Cap1 customer service they told me they couldnt lower Cash Advance & also depends on whether the bank processes this as purchase or cash advance.
    With the success everyone is having its seems to be treated as purchase but Cap1 suprised me with “we cant lower your Cash Advance” nonsense.

  62. Charuhans says:

    Could someone who did the DD through Discover Checking account confirm that the push is done by doing Bill Pay and entering Tech CU in the Name Field and your Tech CU checking account number in the Account field? TIA!

  63. Charuhans says:

    I intended to do the ACH but how to do it from the Tech CU online account? I looked at all the options but couldn’t figure it out.

    • Ken says:

      You’re trying to do an ACH transaction FROM this Tech CU account to trigger the direct deposit requirement? I’ve never heard of this to work. Ever. ALWAYS do a push form an external account into the account you’re trying to trigger a bonus in.

  64. Dave says:

    They’re holding the initial credit card deposit for eight days before I can use those funds.. What the hell..

    • M says:

      That’s why you time the account funding right after the statement has closed on the cc, so that you don’t have to pay the cc off right away.

      • Dave says:

        “That’s why you time the account funding right after the statement has closed on the cc, so that you don’t have to pay the cc off right away.”

        Paying on it is irrelevant to me, and just wanted to use the funds right away.

        • Steve says:

          Yea, be careful, I didn’t realize the CC funds weren’t available right away and was hit with a $28 NSF fee after making a $60 CC bill pay.

    • Ken says:

      That’s nothing. It was over 30 days before I even had access to my PNC account where I had funded $2k in two accounts. $4k is no problem for me to float, but there is no reason for that in today’s age. It is pathetic. Not to mention PNC’s terrible customer service every time I called them. I will never keep my money with them longer than it takes for them to pay out the bonus.

  65. kraja says:

    Any idea how to give account no to initiate a direct depost from another bank to tech cu. I can see only a 10 digit account no. THe below link mentions a 2 digit account id. Its too confusing

    • Eddy says:

      Very confusing. The DD form explains it better.

      1=deposit account

      So your checking account number is 13 digits: 111XXXXXXXXXX.

  66. Sergey says:

    I applied for TechCU checking account 0n 1/6/16. I got alert from credit monitoring service, that TechCU pulled EQuifax 2 days later. I thought it would be a soft inquiry. BTW, after opening my account, they called me and told that according to report (I don’t know which chexsystems or EQ), they cannot give me a free checking account, for such special cases they can provide ‘rebuild checking’ (or something like that) that costs $10/month. I was shocked. Yes, I had in the past that Citi closed my checking account, but after that I was able to open few checkings without any problems.

    • info says:

      did you choose overdraft protection?

      • Sergey says:

        I’m not sure, but I choose default one (if I recall correctly, overdraft would be taken from savings account)

        • IOException says:

          You had to specifically check Yes or No, IIRC. You probably hit Yes, I accept since everything else required a Yes, I accept.

    • I’d pull your ChexSystems report and see what it has to say.

      • Sergey says:

        Already ordered.

      • Sergey says:

        Just received my ChexSystems report. Everything is OK, no marks. Called TechCU again, and asked again what was wrong and on which basis they decided not to give me a checking account. Rep took a long pause, consulted his manager and told me that even my report is clear, for them I did opened many checking accounts in the past (true, but during last year it is listed only 3, while I did opened ~8) and they don’t want go give me their checking. As for credit pull they did, first she was surprised, but again, after talking to manager she told me that when I agree to their T&C, they have a right to do a credit check. They nicely offered their unknown checking for ‘poor customers’ with $10/month fee, but I gladly refused. Told them to close my savings (which wasn’t affected) and comes with checking, and mail my $1K back. They were surprised that I didn’t want to keep a savings (are you kidding me?).

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Your experience doesn’t surprise me. I was approved but my wife was declined. After exchanging emails regarding what needed to be done to complete the account being open the application was simply denied. The amusing part was it was declined less than an hour after their latest correspondence. Who knows it if was coincidence or they opted to close it right after telling me to call in to complete the application.

          My overall vibe is that of a disorganized credit union. Sucks too, they have no fees and they’re a local CU (here in Northern California). I was going to leave my account open in hopes that there may be future value but at this point I’m not even sure I’d want to do other business with them.

  67. Chris says:

    I understand your initial funding source for a new account must be in your own name (ie., credit card, bank account..etc.) but is it permitted to have my wife or brother or friend link my personal Schwab checking with their new TechCU account for purposes of me pushing an ACH from my Schwab to her TechCU (in hopes of satisfying the DD bonus requirement)? Or do all linked accounts for transfer purposes need to be in the name of the TechCU account holder? (Probably the same requirement for all banks if that’s the case, I’m assuming.)

  68. John says:

    Did anyone had double charges in their CCs?

    • Dave says:

      No, not at all.

    • L says:

      I see two charges pending on my Chase CC, one for the total amount funded and another for the amount funded to the checking account. Had lowered cash advance limit just in case previous to signing up. Assuming that one of them will drop off. Didn’t do anything that I’d think would trigger something like that (manually back out of a page, for example)

  69. Bob says:

    So, is it recommended to check ‘No’ for overdraft protection?

  70. AD says:

    Also noticed that American Diabetes Association is on that list. Membership is $7.50 and includes 6 months of Diabetes Forecast… For those of us that hit the apps harder than the gym, anyway.

  71. mike says:

    Got my $100 so far

    • Isac says:

      @mike – How did you meet the direct deposit requirement? A real salary automatic deposit or ACH transfer from other bank?

  72. bruce w says:

    “If you are not satisfied with your membership, you may contact us within the first two months of your membership and we will gladly refund your $8.00 membership fee, no questions asked. Simply make your request in writing and we will take care of it. So what are you waiting for?”

    anyone cancel?

  73. shawnie says:

    my account says, balance “975” (funded with CC) on checking but available “0”. I can’t move the money! How come? I can move $25 from my saving account btw. Oh, in other news, you also HAVE to open saving account. The minimum you need for saving is $25.

  74. Matt says:

    I just applied and my application was declined due to not being able to verify my identity. I called into the CU and they said they could not reverse a declined app only pending/reviewed status applications. I had uploaded my DL after the fact, but that was no help. CSR said to try and re-apply after 72 hours as any apps within 24 hours would be an immediate decline.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Had this happen too. The question is whether or not they’ll pull Chexsystems again. Not exactly excited at the idea of having to burn two inquiries, let alone the fact that it STILL may not go through. I had no issues with my personal account but I did with my wife’s. Seems there’s quite a few people experiencing these issues with TechCU.

    • Shal says:

      My online app was declined as well fir identity verification issue. I reapplied in branch and was approved. Funded with Chase Marriott. According to the branch manage it seems they flag newer SSN and system automatically declines app.(My SSN is only 2 years old.)

  75. KKat says:

    I signed up early January and was approved, however there are a couple hoops I’ve had to jump through: 1) they didn’t automatically order me a debit card, so I had to call and order it myself 2) when I applied, I set up online banking w/ user name/pwd, but they didn’t work later, so had to set it up again 3) they do not do text alerts, only email alerts, which I find annoying and 4) their routing number was nowhere to be found, so I had to call for that to set up dd.

    And no I’m not a newbie, so these things should be fairly simple but I had to make a couple calls.

  76. Jay says:

    Reading the fine print again it seems there is now a 6 month deposit requirement otherwise clawback:

    “Maximum total credit $150. Credits are posted to Tech CU savings account as of the end of the month in which the verified qualifying transaction occurs, but will not count toward the balance available for withdrawal until six months after account opening. If account is closed within six months of opening, credit posted under this offer and any dividends accrued thereon will be forfeited.”

    Another discouraging thing is that it states the $150 bonus earned cannot be withdrawn until six months after account opening, although its unclear if you can use it to do bill pay.

  77. M says:

    Citi Prestige MC posted as a purchase.

  78. Sam says:

    Their routing number, 121181976, is at the bottom of the offer page at

  79. hardy says:

    can I open bank accounts online, on weekends or on federal holidays? does all the system work at that time? or I have to do online application during normal business hours only?

    • Dave says:

      Apply anytime, but if the system determines that something requires a review,
      you won’t get a call until [at least] the nexst business day, maybe longer..

  80. Wyle says:

    Can anyone confirm whether ACH from Fidelity triggers the $100 DD bonus?

  81. kraja says:

    Citi double cash posted as.purchase

  82. sue says:

    After I get all the bonuses, how long do I have to wait before I am able to close it (and still keep all the bonuses and get all my deposited back) ?
    Thank you

  83. EG says:

    Got a call from them saying checking account cannot be opened due to CheckSystems (would not give me further details). So only have the savings account open and now don’t qualify for any bonus. Anyone else get this? Other than having opened a couple of accounts recently, my CheckSystems should be totally fine and clear.

    • Dave says:

      EG – you can order a CheckSystems report for free now, since you were denied. I have an infraction on record from August 2011, yet this bank allowed me to open an account regardless.
      Can’t wait for this August to come, and that Citizen Bank issue will be off the record 🙂

  84. George says:

    Hi all, just got the Discover deposit into TechCU. Curious: Was the exact transaction name “ACH Deposit DISCOVER BANK”? I want to make sure because I’ve had trouble in the past with different accounts.

    • Rob W says:

      The transaction name for my Discover deposit that just posted today is
      ACH Deposit ROBERT W—-
      That is to say, my name… it doesn’t even say that it’s from Discover!
      also it says TYPE: P2P
      Do you think it will still work?

  85. Aaron says:


    Was declined due to them being unable to identify me. Probably didn’t help that Santander, First Tennesse, and Tech CU all used the same system. The weird part was I passed the Santander verification, First TN asked me the same questions, but needed a DL and a utility bill. For Tech CU, new set of questions, I got all of them right but that one was straight up declined 🙁

    Since it’s open now until July, I’ll probably wait until I get the bonuses posted from Santander & First TN and then give Tech CU a shot again…

  86. David says:

    Has anyone opened an account this month and received the $150 bonus?

  87. weedibix says:


    2 hard inquires from Tech CU apart appeared on my credit report. Not Chex, credit.

    They also denied a checking account saying that they could not verify my identity.

  88. Tim says:

    Data point:
    $100 and $50 bonus just hit. I opened the account at the beginning of the month with $1000 from CSP ($20 limit cash advance) that posted as a purchase. Pushed $500 from Ally and paid a $50 bill. Ally posted as P2P too.

  89. PN says:

    Confirmed. DD from Discover $500 on 1/14, bill pay 1/20 and $150 bonus posted today 1/31.

  90. David says:

    My two bonuses just posted as well. ACH from Alliant on 1/14 and billpay to Chase on 1/16.

  91. Dave says:

    Showing “new account bonus: $100”, and “ach bonus: $50” 🙂

  92. Shaun says:

    My two bonuses posted today, too.

    They both went into checking and are listing as available, which contradicts the fine print. I wonder if I got in under the old terms.

    I’m wondering if that means I can close it and not get it clawed back.

    • Karl1402 says:

      let us know!

    • Mike says:

      Same. Mine look like they are available.

      What would happen if I just emptied out my accounts by transferring to another checking acc and then asking Tech CU to close my accounts now.

      Id prefer to just close them now and move my 150 bonus. I don’t see how they could claw it back if I’m already able to withdraw/transfer it?

  93. mike says:

    just got my $150 bonus!

  94. Seamuson says:

    [Data Point] Bonus posted 10 days after fulfilling DD and bill pay requirements. Both $50 and $100 bonuses were listed as part of the available balance as well, and I scheduled bill pay with the bonus.

  95. chris says:

    Bonus posted. Schwab ACH worked as the DD even though in details of the deposit it was further classified as a P2P.

  96. Tucknology says:

    Bonus posted. Discover ACH worked.

  97. Eddy Cue says:

    Bonus posted yesterday. DO I still need to do the recurring $500 “direct” deposit? I know I need to keep the account open for 6 months

  98. shawn says:

    I opened account before the fine print changed to the 6 month requirement. I emailed asking about this and received this response

    “For your account, you can close it at any time without forfeiting the MOVEON bonuses. “

  99. Frank says:

    bonus posted Citibank ACH also worked for DD

    • Shafee says:

      How does the Citibnk ACH work? When I want to send money, it goes through Popmoney. Is it a special service reserved for certain type of accounts?

  100. karl1402 says:

    I just emailed them to close my account and mail me a check for the remaining balance (I opened before the TOS change). Will update.

  101. Steve says:

    To clarify on Frank’s Citibank ACH post – transfer from my Citigold account counted for DD.

  102. Mark says:

    so once you get the $150 bonus can you withdraw it and then you just need to keep the account open 6 months? or can you not take out the $150 bonus without getting penalized until after 6 months?

    • Mark says:

      to elaborate on this, i see that you cant withdraw it for 6 months…well what happens if you do withdraw it? do they charge a fee or what, does anyone know? i dont really see what they could do to stop someone from withdrawing the bonus before 6 months and just curious what the repercussions would be

      • Tony says:

        Take a look at your Available vs. Balance amounts. On my wife’s account her bonuses are only reflected in the Balance amount. My account shows them both in Available and Balance. My guess is that if the bonus appears in both accounts, you can withdraw the bonuses. Personally I won’t take the chance, wondering if there might charge the bonus amounts to the credit card I used for funding. I’ll just wait the six months.

  103. Sam says:

    From TechCU’s Truth In Savings Consumer Account Rate Sheet they show a $25 minimum for savings and $0.01 for checking to maintain each account. So as long as my accounts are above these balances, will I avoid fees and be able to withdraw the bonus after six months?

  104. timothy brown says:

    Who has a Referral Link to this Bank?

  105. timothy brown says:

    Where Can I find a Referral link to this bank ? Does anyone belong to the bank?

    • Steve says:

      The referral offer only earns you $100 instead of the $150 available from this promotion. Referral is a little easier to meet the requirements, as you only need a direct deposit of $250 instead of $500. If you would like a referral link reply here and I’ll send you one.

  106. Matt says:

    Datapoint: Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard coded as a purchase on February 2, 2016. Citi Fraud Prevention called and wanted to verify charges, so I confirmed a “mortgage” charge from Tech CU and all was good.

  107. Mark Zhang says:

    Ally ACH is recorded as P2P and my account name is also detected and listed. Is this a sign that this ACH push from Ally might be a failure to meet the DD requirement?

    • Harry says:


      Did this ally P2P work for DD requirement ? Mine also got posted as P2P today and I was wondering if that is enough.

  108. Steve says:

    Can anyone else get $1000 funded by a credit card on a recent app? It allows a max of $99 savings and $99 checking. I tried Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari

  109. Steve says:

    Was anyone able to fund $1000 with a credit card on a recent application. It only allowed my $99 for savings and $99 for checking. I tried firefox, IE, chrome, and safari

  110. John says:

    So the membership fee for financial fitness is $8 annually? I saw in their main website ‘We charge just $8 for an entire year’s membership, which helps us research and compile the….’ Anybody tried asking for refund?

  111. Funded with Capital One Spark Business Select and it coded as a purchase. Oddly enough I got $15.01 cashback on the $1,000 lol. Extra 1 cent for me hahaha….

  112. Matt says:

    Might be a dumb question, but how do you apply for an account here?

    When I click the Join Now button, it asks me to verify if I’m employed or live in the Silicon Valley area. It doesn’t let me move on without selecting one of those choices.

    Their membership eligibility page says you can join with a membership to that $8 fitness club, but the Join Now page doesn’t seem to have a choice for that.

  113. Gina says:

    Bonus posted yesterday. DO I still need to do the recurring $500 “direct” deposit? I know I need to keep the account open for 6 months. Anyone?

  114. Craig says:

    FYI, Tech CU mobile app loves MO. Both WU and MG work.

    • Roy says:

      When you deposit the MO, did you leave the receipt attached? For some reason, when I try to deposit a MO, it keeps telling me that it cannot locate the 4 corners of check. Did you have this problem before?

      • Matt says:

        I had the same issue, and I was not able to resolve it.

        I confirmed via SM that MO deposits were accepted on the app, but I could not get the stupid thing to deposit. I tried about 100 different rotations, backgrounds, light levels, etc. I always got an error – either that it couldn’t locate the 4 corners, or that the number on the check didn’t match the amount I typed in for deposit (even though they very clearly matched).

        I just gave up and deposited by Wells Fargo ATM instead.

  115. chris says:

    opened my account on 1/22, at least that’s when the initial funding was credited, got a statement on 1/31, $500 direct deposit was posted on 2/1, which is after the 1st statement, just wonder if i’ll still qualify for the bonus or was I supposed to do a $500 direct deposit before the January statement as well. thanks.

  116. arch says:

    CSP worked as purchase, no problem

  117. ZiggyZ says:

    I recently opened up an account with Tech cu. Oddly enough, I opened it without checking DOC first.

    I only opened up the accounts so that I could apply and get approved for the credit card that they offer. I was approved for the with an $8,000 credit limit.

    As far as data points are concerned with this account opening:

    They require both opening a checking and a savings account.

    I initially used my Discover card for funding for $1,000. Discover Card reported back that was a cash advance. The following day I withdrew my application and they allowed me to reapply. I wasn’t going to be stuck paying a fee and interest on cash advance.

    I reapplied and used my debit card through Cap1 360 for $26.

    Another datapoint to add, is that if you’re an out of state customer, they do put a hold on ALL funds deposited, big or small, regardless of the amount and type of deposit for 7 days. This includes direct deposits & Ach’s. This restriction lasts for 90 days, then it is lifted.

    I talked to 2 reps over the phone about this restriction, because I did not feel that for at least a direct deposit, that it was very fair to hold my money for one week. Apparently there’s nothing they can do about it, unless I’m willing to come into the branch in person within that 90 day time frame.

    • Why’d you want a credit card with them?

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Because I wanted to get a new card with a lender that only pulls from Experian, not all 3 bureaus.

        Plus they had a very attractive interest rate.

        Interest rate I have is 10.24%. Unusual number, however, I’m sure it has to do with First National Bank of Omaha who appears to underwrite the card. So I’m sure since there’s more than one hand in the honey pot, that has something to do with the interest rate being odd.

  118. chris says:

    bonuses posted today. opened account on 1/22, used capital one 360 as direct deposit on 2/1 and paid a credit card bill on 2/2.

  119. Vic says:

    I got my bonus too.

    2/01 – Account open – 2/1
    2/05 – Real DD
    2/19 – Bill pay – 2/19
    2/29 – Bonus posted

  120. Ryan says:

    Got declined for this (applied for the Santander the same day, so that may have been the reason).

    800 Fico. Crazy.

  121. thershope says:


    I am not sure if the following is true.

    “but will not count toward the balance available for withdrawal until six months after account opening”

    Both of my bonus posted and included in Total Balance shown on the account.

  122. payyoutuesday says:

    Has anyone received bonuses for two accounts at the same address?

  123. Nate says:

    Anyone get this message during the application process: “Our system is analyzing your information to determine if you qualify for the product you requested.”??

    It’s been like this for like 10 minutes…

  124. jose says:

    Got both bonus made Direct Deposit using Capital One 360.

  125. Rob W says:

    I did my direct deposit using a push from Discover Cashback Checking and it appeared like this
    on my TechCU Basic Checking account: ACH Deposit ROBERT W——
    – ACH Trace –15 digit number
    – CO: ROBERT W——–
    – TYPE: P2P ID: –9 digit number

    So, it seems to show as a peer-to-peer transfer with my name on it… I’m concerned that it won’t work for the bonus requirement as such. But others have said that it works. Is this the way it appeared to any of you who have used Discover successfully?

    • payyoutuesday says:


      Mine said:

      – ACH Trace (15-digit number)
      – ACH ECC PPD

      It worked.

    • Matt says:

      Hey Rob,

      I just did a push to Tech CU from my Discover Cashback Checking account, and it appeared exactly like yours did. I have the same concern you do, since several others have said Discover would work. Your bonus hasn’t posted yet, by any chance, has it?

  126. bernie says:


    Just read the fine print. It says limit to one per calendar year. If I got this bonus last year that I could go for it again correct?

  127. Kevin says:

    This bonus has been a nightmare for me. First, they wouldn’t open my account without manual verification since I applied at work and the location I applied from didn’t show up as the same as my home address. I offered an explanation and they seemed to accept it.

    Then it took 3-4 days to actually get my account/routing number.

    To put the cherry on top, they couldn’t process my CC funding. Except… the charge posted to my CC account anyway (and my statement just closed), but was reversed on TechCU’s site as:

    Deposit Adjustment

    And when I called in, they said CC funding was no longer an option. Hopefully getting a refund in 3-5 days… or maybe it’ll post twice based on their track record so far.

    • dan says:

      what? no longer accept funding with CCs… effective today or since when? thought about opening 1 this week

      • Kevin says:

        Could be they just won’t accept it after the “gitch”, which seems like a convenient way to avoid the CC funding altogether. I’d try it but don’t be surprised if it comes back as rejected.

  128. Kevin says:

    Just saw the recent fine print at the bottom of the web page:

    “To qualify for offer, a new membership and Tech CU checking account must be opened by February 29, 2016. $100 credit for establishing, within 90 days of opening Tech CU checking, a recurring Direct Deposit to Tech CU checking of at least $500 in one transaction per month. $50 credit for performing a Tech CU online bill payment within 90 days of opening Tech CU checking account. Maximum total credit $150. Credits are posted to Tech CU savings account as of the end of the month in which the verified qualifying transaction occurs, but will not count toward the balance available for withdrawal until six months after account opening. If account is closed within six months of opening, credit posted under this offer and any dividends accrued thereon will be forfeited.”

    Is this offer still good? You’re still able to enter in “moveon” as the promotion code on the application with no problems even though Feb 29, was 10 days ago.

  129. Matt says:

    So far, it’s been a nightmare to open a new account for me too. Sorry in advance for the long rant.

    Completed the application online on 2/21. After I submitted, they e-mailed me the next day, and said I had to call to finish the application. Once I called, a lady answered the phone and said they needed a utility bill for proof of residence.

    I just moved recently, so all of my utility bills have my old address. I still have to wait for them to send my first bills to the new address, once the billing periods end, which is in another week from now. By that time, the application will probably be expired.

    I explained all of this to the customer service rep, and offered to provide any other document with my new address. A signed lease, driver’s license, credit card statement, anything. She insisted that it HAD to be a utility bill for them to process the application, and it couldn’t be ANYTHING else.

    So I guess if you happen to live with roommates who have utilities set up in their name, you’re just not eligible to join this credit union. That’s especially surprising, since they’re based out of Silicon Valley, where you have to have roommates or pay $5,000/mo in rent to live by yourself. None of that applies to me, but still.

    Anyway, I eventually got the power company to send them a letter saying I lived there. Now my online application says “Approved”, but it’s been a week since it updated, and I still haven’t heard anything. I called today, and another lady said there I would need to submit another application from the beginning, because they couldn’t open my account due to a “technical glitch”.

    She said my information was lost, but before she would even speak to me, she asked me to verify my name, address, employer, and driver’s license number. So the information is in there somewhere, and I even told her that. She said they couldn’t do that, I have to re-enter it all myself from the beginning online. No explanation why, and no apologies from either of the service reps.

    I’m an obsessive masochist that wants $150, but if I was a normal customer, I would just take my business elsewhere and not even bother trying to re-apply again.

  130. pcgeek says:

    Credit card funding is now limited to $125 total for checking and savings

  131. Jason says:

    Same thing happened to me: $125 limit for credit card funding. I called see if they could process over the phone, and they couldn’t.

  132. Eric says:

    Yes, same here, $125 limit total between checking and savings. Ouch.

  133. Matt says:

    For people who have gotten the $100 DD bonus already, would you be able to share an example of how your transaction appeared on the online banking portal?

    I ask because I made a push from Discover Bank (since several data points said that would count for DD), but I’m afraid that it won’t count, because of how it posted:

    ACH Deposit MATTHEW —– (my last name)
    – ACH Trace ############### (15-digit number)
    – CO: MATTHEW —– (my last name)
    – DATA: ONLNE TRNSFR######## (8-digit number)
    – TYPE: P2P ID: ########## (10-digit number)

    It says P2P and detected my name, so I’m guessing that means it won’t count for DD. I saw another commenter say the same thing a week or two ago, so maybe Discover Bank doesn’t count for DD any more. Will report back after the statement closes at the end of the month.

  134. Jacob says:

    How did you input the account number into Discover or another bank when verifying the account?

    Did you end in 0011, or S11 as shown when logging into the TechCU site.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for your reply, Jacob.

      I actually did not use either of those methods. I had to finish my original application over the phone, and I was given a 6-digit member number when my application was approved. The phone agent said to use 1110000XXXXXX as the checking account number for setting up direct deposits (and 1000000XXXXXX as the savings account number).

      Now that you point that out, I do see an S00 and S11 on my online banking page, at the end of each number. Is that what I should have used instead?

      I can’t say I’ve ever seen an account number contain a letter before – makes me wonder if that would cause an automated check to trigger on the Discover site (or any other bank, really), and then be rejected as an invalid account number.

      • Jacob says:

        I’m not sure which to use. To add further confusion, I have never seen the 6-digit code that the agent gave you.

        When my application was approved online, I logged in and it showed my account numbers for checking and saving. Both were the same except the savings account ended in 0000, and the checking in 0011.

        When I setup online banking, it shows the S00 and S11 that you see.

        • Matt says:

          Thanks for your quick reply, Jacob.

          I wonder if it makes a difference that my application was never approved online. Mine never got past pending, they said I needed to call them and verify some information, and then they opened the account while I was there on the phone. I don’t see why that would make a difference, though.

          Here’s a link on their website about direct deposit account numbers:

          It sounds like we have exactly the same numbers, but in a different order. Mine follows the guidelines listed in that link.

          Very strange…..

  135. Tim says:

    I called TechCU to ask about the whole credit card funding today. I’m thinking about opening one of these accounts if I can’t naturally meet my min. spend on my Marriott CC once it arrives.

    I asked the CSR a handful of questions and expressed interest. Then I asked about the credit card funding and she said she was not aware of ANY limit. I had her check with a supervisor and she said $1,000 max. I went partially through the account opening process and it seemed to be letting me do $1,000 (although I didn’t submit as I don’t have my Marriott card yet). Not sure this really qualifies as a DP but I will follow back up here if I open the account to see if they’ll let me go through with the $1,000.

    If anybody else opens an account and tries credit card funding please report back on if the $125 is the limit or if they’ll still go $1,000.

    • Jack says:

      Looks like I got here too late regarding credit card funding – at least through the online option.

      Initially, it looked like it would allow me to fund up to $2000 ($1000 to the basic checking, $1000 to the basic savings). However, after submitting, it created an error message stating that the sum total of both accounts credit card funding had to be $125 or less.

      Shame missing out on that free $40 worth of cash back rewards. Guess I’ll have to be content with $2.50.

      Good luck churning!

  136. Pablo says:

    So $500 must be DD per month into the account? I guess after it has been DD’d, I can transfer to a different account right? Thanks.

    • Pablo says:

      Also, does online bill payment have to recur each month? Like 1 bill payment per month or just one time only? Thanks.

  137. Matt says:

    Confirming the website now limits credit card funding to $125 when signing up, and did not give an option for AmEx in the dropdown menu. I tried my AmEx with Visa selected and this did not work.

  138. Skyriver says:

    I pushed $500+ from Citi, Discover, and Serve, not sure which one triggered the DD bonus, though only Serve was coded as PPD, the other 2 were P2P.

    My question is that I bill-paid a cc for $25, and didn’t see the bill payment bonus posted. Does that amount need to be more than $50?

  139. Matt says:

    I also did a $25 CC payment with their bill pay, and I have not seen the bonus post either. The fine print doesn’t seem to mention a requirement for a minimum payment amount.

    I pushed $500+ from Discover, First Tennessee, Ally, and Consumers Credit Union. I haven’t seen a bonus post for DD either.

    These were both done in March, so it should have posted yesterday according to their fine print.

    • Skyriver says:

      Hey Matt, in my case, ACH from discover posted on 03/28, citi on 03/29, serve on 03/31, $100 bonus showed up in the saving account 03/31. Bill paid $25 on 03/23 but no bonus yet. I’m not sure if I should call — after all, I didn’t do real DD, and I’m afraid calling them will draw unnecessary attention to my account.

      • Matt says:

        Hey Skyriver, I have the same exact dilemma. I don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention either.

        I have seen multiple data points that say Discover counts, but it has not counted for me. If you scroll up to March 21st, I made a previous comment with the description of that push. It’s apparently different from the other data points – mine had my name listed and said ACH ECC WEB.

        CCU posted as ACH ECC PPD, but it had A2A listed further down in the transaction description.

        • Skyriver says:

          My discover and citi posted exactly as you described in the March 21st comment. The one from Serve was slightly different: 1) ACH ECC PPD (not ACH ECC WEB); 2) TYPE: EXCHANGE (not P2P). Have you tried Serve?

          I noticed the $50 bonus was posted just now, so you should be fine with the bill pay part as well. In other words, these 2 bonuses will not necessarily be there at the end of a calendar month.

          • Matt says:

            I haven’t tried Serve yet, I’ll see if that works and reply back. Guessing that’s the one that triggered it.

            No dice yet on the bill pay bonus either, but I will keep checking.

            Thanks for your helpful reply, Skyriver!

          • Matt says:

            Hey Skyriver,

            If you’re still out there, I’ve got a question for you. It took a while to setup, but I just opened a Serve and completed the DD. How did the transaction appear for you? This is what it looked like on my end:

            ACH Deposit SERVE ENTERPRISE
            -ACH Trace *************** (15-digit number)
            -ACH ECC PPD
            -TYPE: EXCHANGE ID: XXXXXXX*** (7 X’s, followed by a 3-digit number)

            This is the first deposit that showed up for me without mentioning P2P or A2A anywhere in the description. I tried Ally, Discover, First Tennessee, and Consumers Credit Union last month, but I did not get the bonus, so I’m guessing they must not have counted.

            I’m optimistic your tip will be correct. Hopefully Serve will count for the bonus. I’ll make sure to reply back at the end of the month, but in the mean time, I’m curious to see what it looked like for you. Thanks, Skyriver!!!

      • Matt says:

        Hey Skyriver,

        If you’re still out there, I’ve got a question for you. It took a while to setup, but I just opened a Serve and completed the DD. How did the transaction appear for you? This is what it looked like on my end:

        -ACH Trace *************** (15-digit number)
        -ACH ECC PPD
        -TYPE: EXCHANGE ID: XXXXXXX*** (7 X’s, followed by a 3-digit number)

        This is the first deposit that showed up for me without mentioning P2P or A2A anywhere in the description. I tried Ally, Discover, First Tennessee, and Consumers Credit Union last month, but I did not get the bonus, so I’m guessing they must not have counted.

        I’m optimistic your tip will be correct. Hopefully Serve will count for the bonus. I’ll make sure to reply back at the end of the month, but in the mean time, I’m curious to see what it looked like for you. Thanks, Skyriver!!!

        • Skyriver says:

          Yep that’s EXACTLY how it showed in my account. Good luck, Matt!!!

          • Matt says:

            Thanks for all your help, Skyriver!!! I’ll be back in a few weeks with an update!

          • Matt says:

            Good news, bad news.

            The good news is that I did finally receive my $150 bonus! Hooray!!!

            The bad news is that I can’t confirm any data points, sadly.

            The bonus did not appear on its own, so I sent an SM and asked about the status of my bonus. They said that the promo code was not applied correctly to my account when it was opened. I believe it, because there were several other problems and glitches when I tried to open the account. They had to do some kind of manual approval, not quite sure how that happened honestly.

            The CSR did say that I met the $100 DD requirement before sending the message, but they did not say which transaction it was that met the requirement. Obviously I’m not going to go out of my way to ask, since I did not do a real DD. I’m assuming it was Serve, since all others had A2A or P2P somewhere in the description, but I don’t know with 100% certainty.

            Regardless, I’m all good to go, and the hold will be released on the $150 in September (they back-dated it to when I originally opened the account in March, fortunately). So thanks again for all the help, Skyriver!!!

  140. John says:

    More data points, opened accounts 2/17, $50 ACH bonus posted 2/29, $100 posted as new account bonus on 3/31, holds on bonus until Aug 2016…frown…but nice to get the bonuses!

  141. howard says:

    Has anyone canceled the Financial Fitness membership, got the $8 refunded and still managed to keep the bonuses?

  142. Kevin says:

    Does anyone know if you have to keep doing the $500 deposit each month? This has been asked multiple times, but with no answers.

    I could simply push $500 each month and then pull it a few days later, but would love to avoid doing that if possible.

    • Matt says:

      The fine print says it has to be recurring, but I have no idea if they’re actually enforcing that or not.

      Did your bonus post already? If so, has it already been made available to you? Or is it on “hold” in your savings account, where you can see it but can’t withdraw it?

      It seems like they would have more leverage if they’re actually holding the deposit. If they’ve already released it to you, I have a hard time believing that they would try to come claw it back, I doubt they would notice or follow up on it.

      That’s just my guess though. Pure speculation, not a data point, since it hasn’t posted for me yet.

  143. z says:

    Both of my bonuses posted about a week ago, but neither bonus is “available”. Do I have to wait six months before the bonuses are available? Checking account currently has $0 in it.

  144. Ethan says:

    My Discover DD of $500 and bill pay of $800 triggered the $100 and $50 bonus after a week.
    It is posted as on hold in the saving account, not checking!

    • Matt says:

      Hey Ethan, would I be able to ask you for a quick favor?

      If you don’t mind me asking, how did your Discover DD transaction appear in your online banking statement? I ask because I saw several data points saying Discover would work, but it has not worked for me yet. On my end, the Discover DD actually showed my named in the transaction title, and said P2P in the description.

      Here’s what it looked like for me:

      ACH Deposit MATTHEW —– (my last name)
      – ACH Trace ############### (15-digit number)
      – ACH ECC WEB
      – CO: MATTHEW —– (my last name)
      – DATA: ONLNE TRNSFR######## (8-digit number)
      – TYPE: P2P ID: ########## (10-digit number)

    • Matt says:

      Hey Ethan, would I be able to ask you for a quick favor?

      If you don’t mind me asking, how did the Discover DD transaction show up for you in your online banking statement? I ask because Discover DD did not trigger the bonus for me, even though I’ve seen several other data points saying Discover does count. On my end, the Discover DD transaction actually showed my name on that account, and said P2P in the description.

      Here’s what it looked like for me:

      ACH Deposit MATTHEW —– (my last name)
      – ACH Trace ############### (15-digit number)
      – ACH ECC WEB
      – CO: MATTHEW —– (my last name)
      – DATA: ONLNE TRNSFR######## (8-digit number)
      – TYPE: P2P ID: ########## (10-digit number)

  145. Ivan says:

    Does the $500 DD need to be recurring even after you got the bonus?? Anybody tried to stop DDing?

  146. JM says:

    Data point: Funded account using Capital One Quicksilver ($125). Coded as “Other Services/Personal Services”

  147. Steve says:

    Direct Deposit from TD Ameritrade worked. Bonus posted after my 1st deposit. It showed up in my Savings account at the end of the month.

  148. Urden says:

    Just opened today online…maximum CC funding of $125 with Citi Doublecash Mastercard. $1000 max no longer allowed?

  149. M. Smith says:

    One of the drawbacks to canceling an account via SM… You message them to close your account, you get an email saying, “there’s a new message in your account”, but you can’t login because the (apparently) deleted your online account as well. I will just have to assume they are going to mail me my $25 savings balance. (You can’t have less than $25 in an open savings account so, I couldn’t clear it out first.)

  150. Cy says:

    Funded $150 with CSP and opened account in April. One DD with pay check and one billpay to a CC with in a week. Bonus posted at the end of the month.

    But there is a hold on bonus for 6 months from account opening date. Will close after the hold is over.

  151. M says:

    Additional link for the offer:

  152. Michael says:

    Credit Cards from this bank too? Hoping they’re something better than a 1% card 🙂

  153. Michael says:

    Credit Cards from this bank too? Summer 2016? Hoping they’re something better than a 1% card 🙂

  154. payyoutuesday says:

    PSA — just got the following email from Tech CU — looks like you have to have some bill pay activity every 60 days to keep the account active:

    Dear Member,

    It looks like you haven’t used Bill Pay to make a payment in the last 60 days. If we don’t hear from you soon, your account will be deactivated during the first week of the next month.

    Create automatic payments for both recurring bills and one-time payments.
    Review, change or cancel upcoming scheduled payments.
    View up to 24 months of payment history.
    While some companies charge your account when the payment is sent, we don’t charge your account until the due date* you select, allowing you the benefit of a few extra days cash flow.

    To keep your account active, simply log into Online Banking and schedule a payment.

    • payyoutuesday says:

      Actually, I guess the warning comes at ~60 days. My last bill pay was early March, so the inactivation would take place at ~90 days.

  155. Lauren says:

    just tried funding for 1k with INK+. max funding aloud is $125. $25 of that has to be for the savings.

  156. John says:

    I just did a search for the word “recurring” on this thread. It looks like there is a question that is being asked over and over again (in a recurring fashion, one might say) with no one giving a definite answer. Namely:

    *** Given that the fine print states that the DD must be “recurring”, is everyone here making their DD truly recurring for each of the first 7 months, assuming that Tech CU might revoke the bonus at the end if you close without a history of six DDs?

    I am myself doing a push/pull, but I agree with at least one other person that this is aggravating (including a $500 monthly hit on my primary bank account) and ultimately it has made the taxable $150 not quite worth it (in retrospect).

  157. Adam D says:

    I have $1850 total in bank bonuses ($1000 pending.) Of all the national and state-specific ones Ive done so far this bonus, and bmo harris seems to be the biggest headaches and not worth the time needed. Anybody close their account without having a monthly $500 DD after their bonus posted and did they keep the bonus?

    • Darv says:

      I did a true payroll deposit for about two months. After that I did recurring bi-weekly deposits the same dates as my payroll had been going in. I did Ally transfers for the bi-weekly deposits. I had no problem. Also when I closed this over the phone, the CSR said it did not have to be open for six months. I waited six months and one day. Unsure what issues others are having but these folks were great; my bonus posted quickly last December and never had an issue, plus closing over the phone took maybe 5 minutes.

      • John says:

        Thanks Darv. I have been pretty confident (based on the original DoC post) that payroll deposits were not needed (ACH transfers are enough). What I have been trying to suss out is whether a person needs to keep a full RECURRING dd or transfer going, as per the fine print of the promotion. Or whether, by way of contrast, you can turn off your recurring transfer once the bonus posts.

        That’s also a question that many other people have asked.

        It would be great to find out whether someone has turned off his recurring DD after a month, closed his account 5+ months after that, and received no attempt by the bank to revoke the bonus due to a failure to make a recurring DD.

        In your case you made recurring DDs (or transfers) the full six months).

        • Eddy Cue says:

          Hi John,

          Been following your questions and comments for a while now and definitely got me interested. I did the initial DD and got the bonus pretty quickly at the end of the same month in which DD posted (Jan 2016). Since then I did not initiate any more DD till date. My $150 showed as being available for withdrawal as well at the time it was posted but i havent withdrawn it

          My initial plan was just to close after 6 months but the discussion about recurring DDs got me intrigued and scared. So i am initiating my DDs again for a couple of months

          I also called the bank (i know – i wasnt supposed to call). I didnt ask directly but talked about other stuff and then put this to the guy i spoke with towards the end of the phone call. He said the bonus wouldnt be taken back/revoked (i didnt ask about if the recurring DDs were a factor or not) if I closed my checking account but i needed the $25 in the savings to maintain my membership. If i wanted that back, then my membership in the CU would be terminated.

          I think these are my 3 options:

          1. Just withdraw the bonus and leave the $25 in the savings account (maybe call in 6 months to ask for that)

          2. Call to close both savings and checking account

          3. Do a few DDs (maybe 2-3) and then try to close the accounts to hedge my bets

          • John says:

            Hey Eddy C. Until I hear several reports of people who (a) only made a few DDs and (b) closed their accounts six months later with no attempt by the bank to claw back the bonus, I will keep up my recurring deposit.

            I don’t like the push-pull since it means I have to watch my primary bank account close to that time each month and make sure there’s well over $500 in it.

            But unless I can definitely hear otherwise, the plain wording of the fine print seems to say that the DD has to be recurring and they also seem to be going out of their way to stress that they will claw back money under certain circumstances.

          • Eddy Cue says:

            I get your point John. but the bank can still revoke your bonus if they do their due diligence on you because technically you didnt have any DD. 😀 (just kidding)

            Is there any data point of anyone’s bonus being clawed back for any reason? I havent seen any. I think that most people who took part on here are mostly waiting for the 6 months (with or without recurring DD) – I predict that by July/August we will know what happens.

            If it’s bad news (claw backs etc), folks will definitely come back here to report but if they are successful in withdrawing their bonus and closing their accounts, we may not get many data points (especially those elaborating on whether they had recurring DD active)

            I guess it’s just a wait and see. For me, it’s not a big deal especially since there are no fees and no additional hoops to jump through – other than the recurring DD of course (minimum balance, debit card spend etc)

    • kt says:

      I know BMO is a pain in the butt, but Tech CU too? please elaborate.
      I want to go for this offer but not sure if I should.

      • John says:

        Hi KT. If I were you I would just decide whether $150 (maybe $100 after taxes) is worth the work. Remember that TCU is only permitting $125 in CC funding, so that’s no longer a reason to do it.

        If you decide you want to do it, I’d plan to set up a recurring ACH transfer of $500 every month (pushing money into the TCU account) and then another ACH transfer back to your external bank account.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Based on my experience you don’t need to continue the $500/mo. I only did the $500 for two months until the bonus posted. Haven’t had it set up since March and there’s been no fees or issues going forward.

          I have $150 sitting in the account though, not sure if that matters.

          • John says:

            Hey Anthony. There’s no question that the bonus will post after a single DD — you don’t need to have several DDs in a row before it will post.

            The question is whether TCU will claw it back when you close the account if you did not do what the fine print required — namely set up a “recurring” DD.

            They have added some text that says that in certain situations they might revoke your bonus at account closing. Since the fine print does indeed specify a recurring DD for the bonus, I can’t be certain that they will let a person take his bonus if he didn’t meet the terms.

            I suspect that they will let him, but if I were advising someone who was trying to decide whether to open a TCU account, I’d tell him to err on the side of caution and make it a recurring DD.

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            Ah, valid points and I stand corrected. I agree it’s wise to set up the DD and leave it alone. Although at this point I’ll probably just stand pat seeing as I’ve already missed a few months worth and if they decided to look I’d be on the naughty list either way.

  158. Darv says:

    Does anybody know how quickly this can be churned? I closed up this month (May 2016).

  159. Michael H. says:

    Looks like the credit card funding has been reduced to $125 now.

  160. William Galbraith says:

    BofA Cash Reward CC funding $125; Used Citi ACH push as well as Paypal; Got the bonus

  161. Erin says:

    Well, I messed up but fixed it. Word of warning, call them back if they call you.

    Signed up a few weeks ago before I went on vacation. Finally was able to call back yesterday, and they’d cancelled my app and sent a refund check. They needed to verify my eligibility. I live out of their area but do work in their area.

    Re-signed up yesterday, got a call this morning with the same question of my eligibility. I explained, and got my member ID and account info over the phone right away.

    Shows Disc as a funding method, but it kept saying there was a problem with the card. Had to use my visa. 🙁

    I’ll update with info once the bonus posts. 🙂

    • Erin says:


      Opened June 12
      DD via CapOne 360 push on 06/28
      Bill pay on 06/30
      Both bonuses ($50 and &100) posted to savings on 06/30

      Very quick turnaround. Now to let it age…

  162. Abigail says:

    I tried applying for this account today, but was told on the application that an error occurred and that I needed to call them.

    When I called, they told me I had submitted my application multiple times and therefore would have to wait 30 days to reapply- even though I only submitted it once in one sitting (it didn’t time out). All I was told was that the system couldn’t be changed and that there was nothing they could do.

    I have time within the promotion to wait, but I’m pretty skeptical about putting any money in an account with them given their service.

  163. sonia says:

    Almost time for me to close this savings account. Will they give me back my $25 deposit..?

  164. Michael says:

    Tech CU: Paypal

    I believe this counts as DD per description below.


  165. John K says:

    Opened account on 3/29. Deposited $500 as an ACH from my payroll 5/9/16. ACH Withdrawl to pay a Discovercard bill on 6/7/16 for +$75. Still no bonuses posted. Any data points on what I should be expecting?

    • kt says:

      maybe because it’s the holiday long weekend. they usually post the bonus in the saving, and place a hold on it until 6 months later..

      • FB says:

        My account was opened Jan 3rd.
        Bonus posted Jan 29th (into checking account)
        No hold on funds (balance dipped down to $89 on May 16th)

        This has been a great bank by the way.
        I’ve used bill pay & transfers a lot. No problems.
        Can’t decide if I should close it.

    • John K says:

      Update: both bonuses have posted to the Savings account.

      $100 for DD on 5/29.

      $50 for ACH bill pay on 6/30.

      Won’t attempt to withdraw until 6 month window is up. Will update then with results.

  166. Panda says:

    Data Point:
    Citi AAdvantage posted as purchase for funding this account.

  167. Sean says:

    After applying, I got a voice mail from 1-800-553-0880 telling me to call 1-877-988-0471. Turns out they traced my IP address to Seattle, despite the fact that I’m using a normal residential Comcast line in Illinois and other services (like track me to the correct city. They also needed proof of address since my ID is from a different state.

    I had to upload my Comcast bill to handle both issues and they’re going to look at it tomorrow morning.

  168. Ted says:

    Extended till August 17, 2017.

    “Offer valid only for new-to-Tech CU personal checking accounts opened by individuals who have not had any account relationship with Tech CU during the current calendar year and who have never caused Tech CU a loss of any kind.”

    Guess there is no rush now to apply since leaving open for 6 months from now would push into 2017 and would not be eligible to get bonus from them again in 2017

    • Even if you didn’t, I imagine you’d be considered as causing them a loss and thus ineligible anyway.

      • Stephen says:

        I work in the industry and this in incorrect. “Causing a loss” simply refers to having a charged-off loan or checking/savings account. It has nothing to do with a marketing bonus which didn’t pan out like this.

  169. Austin says:

    Any information regarding their fine print “who have never caused Tech CU a loss of any kind.”? If we have received a bonus before I would assume that is considered a loss. Any data points?

  170. Ted says:

    Hey Will, terms on offer page says “*To qualify for offer, a new membership and Tech CU checking account must be opened by August 17, 2017.” But you’re saying it’s 2016 instead of 2017. Wanting to clear things up, do you know if the offer page is a typo? Thanks!

  171. bellevuemike says:

    Not sure if I understand HOW MANY direct deposits need to be made. One of $500? More? Every month?

    I read the offer and I still am not sure.

    • Terry says:

      Diabetes Assn does not work. I had to call and they they close the acct and refund my money. Joined the other listed group while on the phone and got back on track.

  172. Panda says:

    Data point:
    $500 ACH from Ally during first week of July
    Bonus posted 7/31

  173. Max says:

    Had a terrible experience with this application. I applied online and submitted photos of state ID and bank statement as proof of ID and address. Got an email from them, turns out they wanted more documentation. After a few back and forths, I had submitted W2, bank statement, state ID and lease as proof of address, and they accepted nothing. Turns out the only thing they would accept was a utility bill, which I do not have. Hours of my time wasted. I hate dealing with credit unions, their support is just horrible.

  174. Cashback Pal says:

    Expiration date is August 17, 2017 (according to fine print).

  175. Steve says:

    8/7/16 – Opened with $100 (BOA MLB, purchase)
    8/19/16 – Bill payment
    8/25/16 – ACH transfer of $500 hit account (small local CU)
    8/31/16 – $150 bonus posted to Savings ($100, and $50 separately)

    So can I just drain the Checking down to $0 and the Savings down to $150 and wait 6 months???

  176. abc says:

    Anyone get a message saying that they are not eligible for checking account (only savings account) after filling up the first page? I’m not based in CA, and I used the financial fitness membership

  177. Terry says:

    Another confirmation that a ACH deposit from Capital One 360 worked to trigger the bonus for DD.

  178. Terry says:

    The current offer says that you need 3 bill pays to get the $50. I don’t remember or see that as the offer I signed up under in August. I paid one bill and got $25 only. I will pay a couple more and see what happens.

  179. Erin says:


    Opened June 12
    DD via CapOne 360 push on 06/28
    Bill pay on 06/30
    Both bonuses ($50 and &100) posted to savings on 06/30
    Both bonuses released today (Dec 17)

  180. smbayguy says:

    Opened today(Jan 5, 2017) and was able to fund 25(Savings) and 1(Checking) only. I live in Bay Area and didn’t need to join any other organization for membership eligibility.

  181. Elvis says:

    10/25 account opened
    11/18 DD posted
    12/5 thrid bill paid
    bonus posted but not available until 7/22
    cancel billpay and wait for the bonus now, not sure if it worth the wait/hussle

  182. Ferris says:

    How long does it take for your application to be approved? It’s been about 2 weeks and I spoke to them on the phone and made sure to upload everything they needed.

    • Ferris says:

      never mind, they called again today and was able to finish opening it. apparently they had no record of me calling them about a week ago saying I uploaded the documents, weird.

  183. lingua says:

    Does this need to be corrected to 1k?:

    Credit card funding: Up to $125, Visa/MC/Amex/Discover

    I see 1k in your italic notes but couldn’t find any posts referencing 125…

  184. Alan T says:


    I emailed Tech CU regarding mobile money order deposits and their response was as follows:

    All money orders that are drawn off of a US bank are acceptable via the Deposit a Check service of Mobile Banking.

    However, for the money order to be accepted for deposit, the Mobile Banking app must be able to recognize it as an acceptable deposit item. If the Mobile Banking app is unable to recognize it as an acceptable deposit item, it will not be accepted, and the money order will have to be deposited a different way.

    I am assuming this means that money orders from USPS, Western Union, & Moneygram cannot be deposited via the mobile app?

    If so, I will probably be closing the account shortly as I just vested the $150 bonus.

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer my inquiry. 🙂

    • borntobehermit says:

      Have you tried to use ATM? Or is it inconvenient for you? For mobile deposits, then you should check Alliant CU. It seems to work for both USPS and Moneygram. Not sure about WU.

  185. Will Ryan says:

    After being denied by Bank of the West and offered a ‘Fresh Start Checking’ account instead, I was also denied by Tech CU and offered a Savings account instead.

    I have opened roughly 5 checking accounts in the last month. I must have hit some sort of limit that banks screen for. Anybody know anything about this? Or how long I’ll need to wait to start getting approved again?

    FWIW I have no ChexSystems or other banking issues. I’ve never had problems being approved before.

  186. DirtyLilRat says:

    I was going to close it, but I’ll probably keep it since you can’t churn the bonus anyway and it seems like a pretty decent checking account.

  187. Daniel says:

    Attempted to open a checking account and received an email that my account request was under review. Received a phone call a few days later verifying my info. I provided all my basic info but then femaile rep started asking where I was and where I applied from. I’m like “I’m at work and I think I applied from work”. LOL… By then I was annoyed, she then said I would need to send proof of my social, employment verification, and why was I so many accounts with different institutions. That’s when I politely said “at this time I no longer wish to continue with application, please decline it.”. Geez Louis! Way too much drama for $150! Nevertheless, that’s the game we play when we are after the free money!

  188. Saf says:

    5/4 – Opened Acc
    5/12 – ACH From Cap1 360
    5/8 to 5/25 – 6 Bill Pays (3 required, and 3 to get $500 ACH out)
    5/31 – $150 Bonus

    One of the easiest bonuses to get. Will keep $500 ACH coming in and using Bill Pay to pay off CC’s because looks like you have to keep the DD reoccurring, or they could claw back. Considering I can’t transfer the $150 bonus out of savings account they might actually do it. Anyone else have this issue?

    • MontyFC says:

      I don’t think there is any monthly fees associated with these accounts. I have checking and saving open and haven’t done any transactions since the bonus was posted (letting them sit idle until 9 months are over).

      Do you see otherwise in the terms?

  189. seespotjump says:

    Push from Capital One 360 Money Market did not trigger the bonus. It posted on 6/2. 3 bill pays completed between 6/2 and 6/12, bonus did not post at the end of the month.

    Just pushed $501 from Chase and will do another 3 bill pays and hopefully it triggers. I still have another 45 days or so to complete the bonus requirements.

  190. mistike says:

    The verbiage has changed and it’s now 9 months instead of 6:

    >Maximum total credit $150. Credits will post to the membership savings account at the end of the month in which a requirement is met, but will not be available for withdrawal until nine months after account opening. Credits and any dividends accrued thereon will be forfeited if accounts are closed within nine months of opening.

    They also require 3 bill pays for the $50 portion, not just one.

  191. Dean says:

    “New-to-Tech CU.” Does that mean brand new, once in a lifetime? Or welcome back after yearlong absence?

    • Chris says:

      Why not contact them and ask, then come back and tell us? “Be the data point you want to see.” (I don’t think that falls under the “don’t call the bank” rule, since it’s a perfectly legitimate question for a prospective customer.)

  192. Radster says:

    I “successfully” opened the accounts yesterday. Today, I received no fewer than 3 separate phone calls from them of increasing intensity in vetting my application. Ultimately, they asked for my mobile device provider (relevant, how?), a copy of my SS card and a utility bill. I refused and asked them to close my account and refund my deposits. They also asked about other recently opened accounts – so they appear to be a little sensitive to this.

  193. Dean says:

    They closed my account after a few days and mailed me a check for the $125 balance. They said I was not eligible for the moveon promo. I successfully opened an account last year and got their bonus.

  194. Dan says:

    After 9mos of account being open, I was only auto-credited $100 of the $150. Called today to inquire and they credited the remaining $50 without any hassle. Thanks, DoC!

  195. CC says:

    Tech CU website had some problem with safari. Chrom works.

  196. borntobehermit says:

    DP: Transfer from Chase checking account worked as DD and I was able to get $100 by the end of the month.

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