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Published on March 30th, 2015 | by William Charles


25 Things Everybody Should Know About American Express

Each & every card issuer is slightly different in what they offer and how they handle different things. I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at 15 different things everybody should know about American Express. You might know some of these already, but hopefully you’re able to find one or two useful gems that you didn’t know before.

  1. If you don’t already have an American Express card, wait for a good offer to come along. American Express is very aggressive when it comes to acquiring customers that don’t have any American Express issued credit cards and they offer large sign up bonuses to try and entice these customers. If you don’t already have an American Express card, chances are you receive a lot of targeted sign up bonuses from them. When you decide to go for one of these offers, make sure it’s a good one because you’ll receive far fewer after that first sign up. There is also some anecdotal evidence to suggest that you might be able to get these good bonuses to reappear by cancelling all of your American Express cards.
  2. They have application rules. You’re limited to one approved credit card every 5 day rolling period and two approved credit cards every 90 rolling period. Note that this only applies to credit cards and not their charge cards.
  3. American Express refunds the annual fee on your card as long as you cancel within one statement period after it posts. If you cancel after that time, they used to prorate the annual fee, but since September 1, 2016 they stopped doing so. Downgraded cards will still be prorated.
  4. You can increase your credit limit by up to three times it’s starting limit. American Express make a lot of money from interchange fees (part of the fee merchants pay to accept credit cards), because of that they want their cardholders to spend a lot of money. One of the easiest ways to increase spending on a card is to increase the credit limit. If you request a credit limit with American Express, they’ll usually approve an increase of up to 3x. E.g if you started with a $2,000 limit you could get it increased to $6,000. This is very useful as your credit utilization is another factor in most credit scoring models and other card issuers typically don’t like to extend you more credit than what you’ve been extended. Some cards have a minimum credit limit (e.g Visa Signature cards require a limit of at least $5,000) so having a higher limit with American Express could help you get approved for these cards.
  5. You can only get the sign up bonus on American Express personal & business cards once per lifetime. In the past it was possible to get the sign up bonus multiple times. On May 1st, 2014 American Express cracked down on this practice for personal cards, they then extended this to business cards on February 25th, 2016 and now you can only get the sign up bonus once. This means you really need to think long and hard about applying for a card before you do so, to make sure you’re getting the best possible bonus. However, you can sometimes get a separate bonus for each business with a unique EIN/SSN.
  6. You can reallocate your credit limits with American Express online. Sometimes American Express will not want to extend you any more credit, but you might want to put more spend on an existing card. Reallocating your credit limit allows you to take some of your credit limit from one of your other cards that you rarely use and add it to the card that you want a higher limit on. There is no hard pull to do this either, which is very nice.
  7. You can view what personalized credit card offers you have online. American Express allows you to view all of your targeted personal & business card offers online, you can also check CardMatch but they are not always partnered with American Express and typically show the same offers even when they are.
  8. American Express doesn’t officially match higher sign up bonuses if you apply for an American Express credit card and then see a higher sign up bonus for the same card a couple of days later. However, they are good about giving ‘goodwill’ points for such a thing upon request.
  9. American Express will expedite shipping on their credit cards. If any of your American Express credit cards are lost or stolen, American Express will expedite the shipping on those cards. They will also automatically expedite shipping on some of their premium products (e.g Platinum cards) for new applications. For lower end cards you can call and request this expedited shipping, but not all customer service representatives will do it.
  10. If you apply for multiple American Express cards the hard inquiries will be combined. As long as all of your applications are approved on the same day, multiple hard inquiries will be combined into a single inquiry. The catch is that you can only apply for one credit card per day, so you’ll need to add in charge cards to be successful doing this tactic. It’s possible to mix applications for both business & personal cards as well.
  11. If you’re declined for an American Express card you should always call reconsideration. American Express will often approve you after asking a few basic questions, you can always view the American Express reconsideration number here as well as the opening/closing hours. If you’ve never called reconsideration before, I’d recommend reading our post on tips for your first call.
  12. If you have an American Express card with a high annual fee, consider downgrading it.  American Express has a lot of credit cards with high annual fees, most of which aren’t worth keeping after the first year (when you’ve gotten the sign up bonus). You can downgrade these cards to a no annual fee card, I think the best option is the AmEx EveryDay card which has no annual fee and also earns American Express Membership Rewards points. This allows you to keep those points rather than having to redeem them/transfer them until you’re ready.
  13. You should call American Express every 90 days asking if they have any retention offers on your account. Most people only call retention when their annual fee is due (which you should do as well) but it’s worth calling every 90 days, you’d be surprised at how often they’ll give you 5,000 points just for being a cardholder or offer you a spending bonus.
  14. You can make some serious money from American Express Sync offers. Last year I made about $150 per American Express card just buying gift cards and reselling those, but you can also just get some great discounts on purchases you’d planned to make anyway as well. The basic premise is that American Express will release offers (e.g receive a statement credit of $20 when you spend $100 or more at <merchant>) and then you can use Twitter to sync these offers to each card. I personally recommend using OffersBot to do this, but you can set up your own system just as easily. Not all offers can be synced via Twitter, so it’s worth checking the website every week or so to see if there are any individual offers you can take advantage of.
  15. They run Small Business Saturday every year. Small Business Saturday is basically a way for American Express to increase the number of smaller merchants that accept American Express cards, every year they offer a bonus to card holders. Last year you could receive three statement credits of $10 when you spent $10+ at any small business Saturday participating merchant (basically any small business that accepts American Express). Lots of people were able to make lots of small $10 purchases and get some goodies for free (or almost free if they were above $10).
  16. You can have a maximum of four American Express credit cards at one time. This only applies to credit cards issued by American Express and only credit cards (e.g you can have as many charge cards as you like).
  17. If you’re an existing cardholder and apply for a new card and American Express denies you – they will usually only do a soft pull. This is because they’ll usually check the credit report they already have on file for you.
  18. Amex is known to sometimes give out the new credit card number instantly, at the time of approval, so that you can use it for online purchases. This is very YMMV; sometimes you’ll get it and sometimes not.
  19. If you’re not given an instant credit limit when promised, you can sometimes get a bonus. This isn’t always the case, but worth asking for one and seeing what happens.
  20. Amex business credit cards do not get reported to the personal credit bureaus which is useful for keeping your credit report cleaner.
  21. If you closed out an Amex card and change your mind, you should be able to get the account reinstated with no hard pull provided you make the request within 30 days.
  22. American Express periodically offer upgrade offers to their credit cards. Read more about that here.
  23. You can check your credit card’s application status online.
  24. They will adjust your auto-pay and you’ll only pay what is due. This is useful for people that pay off their card mid cycle.
  25. You can often get a bonus for adding an authorized user card, so it’s worth waiting for one of these offers. You can view previous offers by clicking here.

Sorry for the click bait headline, again I hope you learned something new. If you didn’t consider sharing this post with somebody just starting out as I’m sure they’ll find it useful. Is there anything about American Express that you think I missed? If so, share it in the comments. If you did find it useful, let me know what number tip/trick you found the most useful.

I’ll do a similar thing for the other card issuers in the coming weeks.

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150 Responses to 25 Things Everybody Should Know About American Express

  1. Russ says:

    Small Business SUNDAY?! If you go on Sunday you’ll be a day late to the party.

  2. sheila says:

    I currently have Blue Cash Preferred® Card. When the annual fee is due again, should I cancel it and then apply for the Blue Cash Everyday® Card to get the sign up bonus since they are different cards? Or should I just do the downgrade? Will I get the sign up bonus for the downgraded card?

    • You won’t get the sign up bonus if you downgrade. The sign up bonus on the Blue Cash Everyday is quite small usually but it might be worth waiting for a decent offer on that card rather than cancelling.

  3. DannyOcean says:

    Doc, do you know if the ‘backdating of age of account’ works if you cancel all your cards? For instance, I sign up for a couple Amex cards in 2003, 04 and 05. By 2008 I have cancelled them all, but in 2009 I apply for a new one. Does that 09 card still show as being open since 2003?

    • Yes it will continue to work. It’s just based off when you were first approved, doesn’t matter if you cancel close or product change that original account.

    • saronne says:

      Danny, it’s a big mistake to cancel credit cards- first of all, you are lowering your credit line, secondly, you’re shortening the length of time of your active credit cards, both of which will impact your credit scores negatively,.

      The ONLY times to close an account are if the card is raising the interest rate and you’re carrying a balance, and you can’t afford this, or if,for instance. you are in a bind and need some other kind of loan where the creditor requires this.

      Sometimes when applying for a credit card with a credit union, if they feel you have too high a credit line (they feel that if it’s all used your income isn’t sufficient to pay the amt of your full credit lines (the sum total of all your card credit lines). There is a card I really want but my credit lines total far too much and they won’t grant me a card unless I cancel several and I am NOT about to do that! I have a very high FICO score with all 3 credit bureaus, owe just a few hundred dollars, and a perfect payment history, In spite of this, they don’t feel my income could support the fully-spent credit limit I have. Of course there’s no way that I could make sufficient payments if all were used, but I want a large line for dilution purposes, which helps your credit score.

      Tremendously important is the ratio of credit used to the amount you have available. I’d love to have several hundred thousand $ in combined cards, because then a usage of maybe $10,000 would be a very small percentage of what would be available to me. It’s not gonna happen, however. LOL I am close to $200k, but even the use of $6k is still 3% and even that low a percentage does make a difference re a credit score, no matter if your record is perfect over 20 years.

      • saronne says:

        Re the second paragraph in the above entry:I should have added that if you close the account you still have to make at least the minimum payments until the card is paid off, but the interest rate is frozen at the level it was at the time you’ve done this,

      • Elena says:

        You’re making a very interesting point, I didn’t think that closing an account would have such a big impact. Thank you for writing it up!
        Now I’m wondering, what if I close and account and CL is decreased by 10K and then open another one for 10K, does it even things out so the credit score is not effected?

  4. Audrey says:

    You’ve more than once mentioned that Amex is risky for MS. How so? (If you’ve addressed this in more depth elsewhere, sorry, didn’t catch it).

  5. Glenn says:

    Great post. Might want to clarify that the limit of four credit cards INCLUDES Business cards, which is not what most people think.

  6. Adam says:

    great post, thanks for the rundown will!

    gotta bookmark/save this for future reference!

  7. Dude, you are on fire. Da zone!

    • Thanks, this seems to be a fairly popular post so I’ll do something similar for the other card issuers. Nice to have all of this information in one place I think.

      • saronne says:

        If this is your site it is deeply appreciated! :o) You’re a drink of water in the vast desert of dirth of knowledge re the different lenders.

        I am so grateful to have found the site!

        Sure wish I had discovered it before I asked for my last credit increase with AMEX. I asked for (and was granted) $5k more, but would have asked for far more according to the 3x “rule”.
        Of course that would have made my line $120k and no way would they have granted that! LOL

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  9. bluecat says:

    I think your #12 is incorrect or, at least, incomplete. Can you please look this over and tell me if I have it right?:
    If a person is looking to downgrade a card with MR transferability (like Amex Gold), the Everyday card does NOT provide that. It lets you “put the points in the fridge” but you cannot use them like you can with the Amex Gold (transfer to BA, for example). To me, this is not useful because, if you want to “take them out of the fridge”, you need to be able to find another Amex MR card (and maybe you no longer qualify for any with bonuses) and wait to get approved.
    To find a cheaper card than Amex Gold, you could go to Amex Green ($95 versus $175).
    Is all that right?

  10. Dima says:

    i didn’t know about the ability to transfer credit limit online. Could you elaborate on that? I’ve poked around and can’t find it. Under Credit Managemebt, it only gives me the option to increase line of credit, not to transfer it

  11. Kurt says:

    Have you heard anything about backdating going away? There’s a whole thread going on at my fico.

  12. dan says:

    I believe you have some good information, but some wrong information as well. I have 5 american express open credit cards, and 2 bank sponsored american express credit cards. So your information about having a maximum of 4 amex cards is incorrect.

  13. Dan says:

    I don’t understand point # 10 if you say you can only open 1 card per day. So how are you going to be able to do this? Do I apply for a business card and on the same day apply for the personal or vice versa?

    Also, I have a regular Green Amex card going back to 1996. How do I know if I’ll be restricted for a brand new card?

    • You can apply for multiple charge cards in one day, so you could apply for one credit card + a charge card and it would only be one pull for example. Your green amex card shouldn’t restrict you at all, you just won’t be able to get a sign up bonus on that card again.

  14. David says:

    Hi Will,

    I just got a letter from Amex offering credit limit increase on one of my cards but it’s not 3 times increase (max increase)….should I take it or not? I worry it would be a hardpull….

    • David says:

      Hi Will,

      Appreciate your advice on my question above …… really in dilemma now and don’t know what to do. any advice will help. Thanks a lot in advance.

  15. Kris says:

    Hi, I have a question about the downgrade. The AF of my Delta Gold card has just been posted and I wanted to downgrade it to Amex Everyday or Hilton HHonor card. If I do so and then apply for their annual fee card (Everyday Prefered, Hilton HHonor Surpass), do you think I will be able to get the signup bonus? I called Amex today and the rep said no because after the switching I will already have one card of the family so I won’t get the signup bonus of the other card of the family…

    • Rep was wrong, you won’t be able to get the bonus on the card you downgrade to, but if you get the annual fee version you should be fine.

      • David says:


        Sorry didn’t mean to double post here but just wondering if you get or seen my question in the comment that I submitted before Kris’ comment above since I saw you replied to Kris but I still haven’t get your response. Appreciate if you can please advise.

        I just got a letter from Amex offering credit limit increase on one of my cards but it’s not 3 times increase (max increase)….should I take it or not? would it be a hardpull/hard inquiry?

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  18. zach says:

    Amex will only approve two cards max (personal or business versions) within a 90 day period. Any application before 90 days (from the date the first application was approved) will get denied.

    • thershope says:


      That information seems incorrect. I got more than 2 cards in 90 days of period last year.
      I got total of 4 cards in 90 days of period (3 in one day). All are Personal (3 charge+1 credit)

  19. Dizzy says:

    What are the easiest AMEX cards to get approved for in general? How about for low income? Short history?

  20. Bhanik says:

    Does AU cards count towards the 4 limit ?

  21. Tony says:

    does AMEX charge card also limit to 1 sign on bonus life time

  22. Paul says:

    I have three questions. One is I have the gold rewards should I consider the platinum ( if so I would wait for new bonus to come out). The second is a pref cash cli request being denied. Nothing was diff on cred report from initial app except score was 25 points higher (735). Third is I applied for recon after denial on Hilton surpass card and again was denied.. Could the “90” day wait after a denial have affected my surpass application as I applied during the 90 day period? Sorry for the long winded summary

  23. Mo says:

    One thing I believe you didnt address. Does AMEX allow you to change closing date easily?

  24. mishyq says:

    Hi DoC

    I am not clear if the “one-bonus-per-lifetime” rule is only relevant for card applications made since May 2014 (when the rule came into effect), or is it relevant for card applications made for ANY years prior to today.

    For example, if you have had this card (Amex Gold Delta Skymiles, Personal version) before back in year 2010 (when 1x bonus per lifetime rule hasnt existed), and had received the sign-up bonus back then, but have since cancelled the card long ago (E.g., year 2011), could you apply for the Amex Gold Delta Skymiles Personal version offer and receive the 50K bonus again?


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  26. moses says:

    I was just told by a amex rep that there is a 2 card limit per 90 days but only for lending cards and not for charge cards

  27. moses says:

    The reason for our decision is that you have reached the maximum number and type of Cards that we will approve within the period of a few months. Please know that your prior application(s) has been approved and your Card has been sent to you. If you have not already done so, you can confirm you have received your Card at or by calling the phone number on the back of your Card. You may then use your Card immediately and start enjoying the benefits of Card Membership.

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  32. DH7 says:

    Would a Wells Fargo count as one of the 4 Amex limit, or is Amex not considered the issuer if it’s from another bank?

  33. Judy says:

    Hello! I have a question on the “deals” (targeted or public) put out for Amex cardholders. Do deals go out on Amex cards that are bank issued? Or are they reserved for Amex issued cards?

    Also, can you tell me the difference between a credit card, and a charge card? I have never heard a distinction between the two before. Thanks!!!

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  35. Mordechai says:

    Is there a new rule where you need to wait 12 months to downgrade charge cards to the green? Three reps said this to me recently.

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  39. Josh says:

    #2 correct? I just canceled my SPG personal (10/10) and got a prorated AF refund. I paid the AF when it was due and intended to canx when I got home, but forgot.

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  42. gabe says:

    Verified now you can have 5 cards. As for reinstating a card, what if i closed a card and the credit limit was transferred to a new card, can they still reinstate it?

  43. Wyle says:

    BCP and BCE cards have “annual” limits to the 6%,3% cash back from grocery store purchases. Is this based on calendar year or card anniversary?

    • Wyle says:

      Wouldn’t you know. Search for 20 min, find nothing, post question, find answer 2 min later.
      For clarification, if you can call it that, … “An annual reward year is 12 billing periods in a row beginning with the one that includes January 1st; if your billing cycle changes, the length of your annual reward year will also change.”

  44. Sol says:

    I just got all my Amex card cancelled. The cancelation was automatic with no way to reinstate them. The reason given is they found a Plastiq charge I made out to my own business. Now I have to start all over.

  45. Abey says:

    I love this page with all the links to each bank,
    And i bookmarked it. But you left out Barclaycard
    So maybe add it with this Link


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  49. Deep says:

    Just got approved for the AMEX Biz Plat, and turns out they don’t actually automatically expedite shipping. Called in to request and was informed that they can’t do that once the application has been approved, so looks like I’m going to have to wait a week!

    Any idea if its possible to request the card number before it’s received?

  50. WR says:

    I’ve read online about the rule that AMEX will only approve you for a maximum of 2 credit(not charge) cards in 90 days. Can you confirm that this is true? If so, that might be something to add to the list.

    • sirtheta says:

      It is true (though there are some isolated DPs of 3 in 90 days). Additionally, you cannot be approved for 2 credit cards in 1 day. If you apply for 2 credit cards in one day, the second application is automatically set to pending for 5 business days, then evaluated.

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  52. Darv says:

    Anybody have more than four Amex charge cards? I’ve read elsewhere that four is the limit. I hope the info here is accurate, probably is just double checking. I have four personal charge cards, would like to get a business charge card.

    • DGS says:

      My understanding is that Amex will not permit you to have more than one of the same Card. So you have four charge Cards, one each of Green, Gold, PRG and Platinum? Amex will not limit the number of charge cards that you can have as long as you don’t have more than one of any type.

    • travelmom says:

      I have 6 amex charge cards currently… prg, gold, green, biz plat, schwab plat, ameriprise gold. All recieved within last 5 months.

      I applied for 3 of them on the same day with incognito… prg, gold, and green.

  53. Abey says:

    You can now have 5 Amex personal cards, (some say the 5th card needs to be approved by a senior specialist).
    Also Amex has a 2/90 rule, 2 amex cards within 90 days.

  54. Joe says:

    Do business cards count towards the Amex 2/90 rule?

  55. Lenny Williams says:

    I know this question is very specific but hopefully someone knows the answer.

    I was approved for 2 Amex cards in the last 90 days the oldest of which was approved on 11/17/16 – I have a BRG targeted offer for 75k MR that expires on 2/22/17.

    If I apply for the BRG on 2/16/17 will that work because it is exactly 91 days after my first card was approved or does it go by month so 2/18/17 or does it even go by approval date – because, if not, then 3 months later would be 3/1/17 after my offer expires.

    • sirtheta says:

      Lenny, the Business Gold Rewards is a charge card, not a credit card, so it would not fall under the 2/90 rule and you should be able to apply at any time.

      Were it a credit card instead of a charge card, and if I am understanding you correctly, 2/16/17 would be the correct date because it is (a) over 90 days (b) from the first of two credit card applications (c) in a 90 day rolling window.

      • Lenny Williams says:

        Thanks for the response. Didn’t realize it didn’t apply to charge cards – definitely going to apply for the 75k just need to wait for my credit score to recover a little – opened like 10 accounts over the last 3 months.

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  57. Abey says:

    Apparently if you are an existing American Express cardmember and apply for another Amex card, your credit won’t initially be pulled. Instead Amex uses whatever data they have on file for you at first to do a soft pull to determine if you qualify. Then after you’ve been conditionally approved for a new card they actually do a hard pull, to confirm that there haven’t been any major changes (at which point you could still be denied, but it’s unlikely unless there have been major changes).
    (View from the wing)

  58. JoeBlack89 says:

    Hello everyone.

    I opened two credit cards with Amex recently and want to add the SPG business card, which would be my first business card, and it is a real business. The problem is that my 90 days is not up until late April and I see the current high offer for the SPG business card expires on April 5th.

    Is there a way around this? Might they approve me for a third card within the 90 days, if I apply on the 5th?

  59. AFD2930 says:

    I had PRG and recently upgraded to Platinum in response to a spending offer. Could I apply for another Platinum card and get the sign up bonus?

  60. FindAWay says:

    What is the difference between Nos. 17 & 23?

  61. JJ says:

    Accidentally applied for 3rd card within 90 days (SPG business) on Feb 18, my 90 days are done on March 15. Do I have a chance if I call reconsideration after the 90 days?

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  63. Darv says:

    I will report that the 2/90 rule is not firm. I was approved for three credit cards over a 45 day period. I had to recon but was not told anything about 2/90. My issue was five credit card limit. They asked me to close a card which I did, still not approved but ultimately was next day. Analyst I spoke to said five card rule is strictly enforced. Also, the recon number you post more than likely will not get you to an analyst. That number goes to front line reps who refer issues to analysts.

    Please note I am in fact speaking about credit cards, not charge cards.

    Good luck folks.

    • J T says:

      I’ll expand on this point a bit: auto-approved for 2 credit (not charge) cards on the same day this week. One business and one personal, in that order and inside an hour, so perhaps there exists an exception for personal + biz.

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  65. RW says:

    Just got off the phone with Amex after receiving a 2nd Platinum Business card for a different ein, totally different business. I did not receive the bonus and they said it was because I had received one before even though it was a different business several years ago.

  66. Shea Travels says:

    All of my current MR-earning cards have annual fees coming up soon. I’m thinking about downgrading my EveryDay Preferred to an EveryDay with no annual fee. I have never had the EveryDay card. Will downgrading my EDP to the EveryDay prevent me from getting a bonus on a new EveryDay card if I choose to apply for one in the future?

    Also, I’m currently at 5 credit cards with amex. How long should I wait between cancelling one and applying for another?

  67. Robert says:

    If I’ve put some decent MS on my spg cards should i still call every 90 days for a retention offer or would I be better off not bringing attention to my account? Should i call for offers on both the person and biz spg’?

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  70. HariOm says:

    Does RW’s March 1 post above disprove the concluding sentence of #5 on the list of 25 things to know? While #5 states: “you can get a separate bonus for each business with a unique EIN/SSN”, RW was denied the second bonus by Amex in that exact situation. Is it time for an update to this item, or do we have other evidence in favor of going for it a second time with different EIN?

  71. Frugal Nellie says:

    26. Amex excludes gift cards in its terms of funds that qualify for min spend. Amex has been known to take back points after they have been given, on the basis of gift card spend. Amex receives 3rd level data (specifically what items you have purchased) from CVS, Office Depot/Max and perhaps others. It is also not recommended to make purchases for min spend from businesses with gift card in their name: giftcardmall,
    As of today I do not see any third level data listed on my Amex Bus Platt card from: Fred Meyer (a Kroger store), Walmart, Walgreens, Safeway, Sam’s Club, PPDG (shows up as business/internet services category and “e-commerce services” as purchase type, though “gifts in the name might be worrisome, or SVM (shows up as business/internet services selling “non-durable goods.” I do not know about Staples or the Post Office- which also sells gift cards.

    • Nik says:

      Hi Frugal:

      Thanks for the information. So, is it a certainty that if I purchase Visa GC at Office Max with my SimplyCash Business Plus, that will not a) count toward the min spend b) earn 5%?

  72. crisco says:

    Datapoint: A card must be at least 13 months old before you can reallocate available credit to another card.

  73. Daniel says:

    Thanks, but numbers 17 and 23 are the same.

  74. Juan c says:

    I got approved for Bussines and blue American Express and was only one hard pull my score it’s 705

  75. Gloria says:

    If you’re an AU on an Amex credit or charge card, does that mean you’re not eligible to receive the sign up bonus later if you decide to apply for the same card as a new applicant? Thanks!

    • Matthew says:

      I’m pretty sure you still qualify, especially if they don’t have your social. Probably best to verify via chat if you can.

  76. Machinator says:

    Four personal cards and just got approved for a business card here. Time to update.

  77. MontyFC says:

    I have PRG but when I login, I see offers for PRG and Platinum (in the same list as Amex offers). The terms don’t contain the exclusion language for the welcome bonus but do contain the text that they are prescreened offers.

    Does anyone know if I will be eligible to get the welcome bonus for a card with such terms?

  78. yu says:

    Will there be a problem if I buy several hundred(say 2x$200) visa giftcard to meet the Amex card spending requirement to get the bonus now? Will this type of transaction to be counted as qualified transactions? Will this trigger the account closure?

  79. Manny says:

    I like to know if anyone can get the American Express card back after 11 year bankupty

  80. NBG says:

    I should read this post in its entirety first before applying. Here is my q’n: My wife applied for both the amex Everyday(25K pts) and the Blue cash everyday($250) today in a span of 5 minutes using incognito mode. Both were approved instantly and online account setup. I see one of the rules is 1 app/day. Now, will amex cancel one of the card?.

  81. chaseaholic says:

    Dumping info here which I personally think is worthwhile for others (and myself) to know:

    1. To get a 5th [maybe more?] AmEx CC – if the CSR is resistant, I believe the correct language is to “send it in for manual review”. Don’t try arguing with them if they say you can’t have more than 4. Just ask if they can send it in for manual review please

    2. Hard pull vs Soft pull – I and others have not received hard pulls for PERSONAL, AMEX Branded cc’s for ~1 year. BIZ cc’s still do a HP, so if you are trying to avoid high inquiries (for citi/bofa) BIZ will likely result in a HP. AmEx Branded have not been an issue, haven’t tried cobrand.

    3. Upgrade offer DP’s per reddit /u/imhere2stay who received ED->EDP 25k/$2k and Green->PRG 15K
    AFTER having held both of the upgrade cards already (i.e PRG/EDP)

    Cards were – open >12 months, did NOT currently hold upp’d versions of cards (PRG/EDP), and offers were only available over phone NOT via chat.

    Source for upgrade info:

    in case anyone else was wondering why they don’t get upgrade offers, this may shed light – since I don’t personally recall seeing a DP for <12 month AmEx cards

  82. Gadget says:

    DP for #9 – Expedited card – My PRG was automatically sent in two-business days, even though automated line said no later than 10 business days (NLT specific date). At least that’s what AMEX told me when I called requesting it to be here sooner.

    • Gadget says:

      Checking status online shows “Congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days.” Hopefully what the phone CSR said was correct – she sounded confident.

  83. Aaron K says:

    William – First time writer, long time reader! Thank you for what you do as I’m sure everyone on here can attest to you making us all much more financial savvy with our personal finances. Cheers!

    I’ve got a question/predicament because I’m pretty sure I dropped the ball on something. I’ve been building my credit over the last couple yrs & a coworker was approved for a AMEX gold card & sent me a link to apply so I could see if i would be approved for the gold card & the accompanying 20,000 points (I think he gets 15k for referral). Given i am still somewhat rebuilding my credit I thought it was a long shot yet to my amazement I was approved. After doing some more reading etc a couple hours later I said screw it (I will only have 1 hard pull on my Credit reports since it’s the same day) & applied for the Platinum card which had a 60,000 point bonus. To my extreme AMAZEMENT I was approved AGAIN!

    Right now all i have is a CapOne Quicksilver card with a $12k credit line that I have set to auto-pay the entire balance monthly. What turned into a mental “this is awesome, I now have another card on my Credit History to continue building my credit & I’m now an AMEX member” etc etc turned into a “Ut-ohh what does this mean now that I will have the Gold & Platinum card?!?!” type situation. I can’t find much out there regarding any other dips like myself who have done this.

    Is there anything you would recommend and or thoughts you have regarding a situation like this? Should I try to call AMEX and see if they can cancel the gold card so I can just have one charge card & get the platinum card with 60k points? Is it ok having a gold & plat card? Should i just go ahead and try to put in for one of their Credit Card offerings (SPG,etc)? – Again, thank you for any insight. It’s very much appreciated. I’m actually laughing at myself for being such a dip regarding this situation I put myself in yet I am very fired up to finally be a AMEX member and have another card (or 2) on my Credit History.

    I really appreciate any insight you could provide that is going through your head as you read this and/or

    • Those offers are both very low, you can get 100k on Platinum for example and American Express is once per lifetime. Also keep in mind the high annual fee on the Platinum card as well, you should be able to call and cancel the cards if you like but I think that would make you ineligible for any future bonuses on those cards. Hope that helps.

  84. Sean says:

    For number 4, I chatted with Amex and to increase the limit they’ll pull your credit. Any DPs whether this is a hard pull or soft pull?

  85. ppd says:

    If I have a BlueCash Everyday opened without receiving a bonus, and a BC Preferred that I got the bonus on but plan to downgrade to a BCE in the future, would I get a new account bonus for a third BCE in the future?

    I read that the 6k 6% grocery spending bonus cap of the BCP resets after the first statement cycle each calendar year. The annual fee, though, if waived during the right promotion, is for the entire first 12 months. So if the 1st-year fee-free BCP is acquired in Feb., does it effectively mean the BCP could be had with no annual fee for 23 months?

  86. Ric says:

    I haven’t experienced it firsthand, but I’ve seen several posts on MyFICO from people who have gotten approved for two revolvers on the same day. I’m thinking the 1/5 rule is not a thing anymore.

    I do know firsthand, though, the 2/90 rule is definitely still in effect.

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